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There has been a drastic transformation in Indian society as well as the world. In the last 5 years, there has been a lot of changes where people have started traveling. Be it a backpacker group, solo traveler, or anything people have started visiting and exploring new lands to them. They have obviously made their choices and have also given themselves a lot of chances to soothe their body and rejuvenate by making it possible to travel.

Now while you travel, transportation has a lot of options. You can visit some places by ships, some by airplanes, some by cars, trains, and others by your bicycle. So whatever medium you choose to travel there is something that never changes and it is hotels. You always need a better way to stay. Although there are people who are running low on budget and they always look for hideouts and homestays.

But you won't find a decent one everywhere, therefore there is just one source on which you can rely on and that is the hotels. In the entire world, there is just 1 seven star hotel which is located in Dubai and goes by the name Burj Al Arab. So this keeps up down to the most luxurious hotels which are 5 stars. You can get the list of 5-star hotels in India pdf document from Google where you would find each and every hotel.

Now it is very important to know that there are certain parameters that are mandatory for these hotels to meet so that they can be called as the 5-star hotels. Now India is blessed with around hundred 5-star hotels. Some of the top-notch list of hotels are mentioned below.

Best 5 Star Hotels in India

1. Roseate House, Delhi

Now starting off with the capital of the nation, Delhi, we have a huge building which is full of the best services and amenities and is named as one of the best 5-star hotels in India is the Roseate House situated in an aero city near the IGI Airport, New Delhi. The beautifully crafted hotel is an uber-chic hotel that is completely the next generation when it comes to comfort and luxuries.

It is just about 4.5 km from the airport and other hubs and centers in Gurgaon and Delhi. You can use the Trivago hotels promo code to earn some offer.

2. Four Seasons, Bengaluru

From 1st May 2019, the city of Bengaluru got their second five-star hotel which is named as Four Seasons. Located at the Embassy one in Hebbal the proximity of this hotel from the airport is quite efficient and feasible. The opening of the Seasons has made their market touch a top notch level and they have also earned a name of being the third largest hotel market in the entire country. It is the top hotel brands in India.

3. Taj Rishikesh Resort and Spa

In the Yoga capital of the world seats a marvelous 5-star monument that has been serving people with utmost comfort and variety in living standards since their opening and it goes by the name of Taj Rishikesh Resort and Spa. The property is spread over 12.5 acres of land and is surrounded by the Himalayas from all the sides.

If you are coming from the main city of Rishikesh, you need to take a 1-hour long drive to reach here in Singthali. The hotel is completely eco friendly and will astonish you with the architecture as well as location.

4. The Chedi, Mumbai

How can Mumbai be left behind when we are talking about the luxury stays in Mumbai. The Chedi hotel is based on the Singapore General Hotel Management Company. It will be situated in the outskirts giving the best Powai Lake. The entire building consists of 312 rooms and suites. The entire building has approximately 20 stories. The best part of this is that they provide a total of eight different types of suites to choose from.

5. Taj Theog, Shimla

Another beautiful and luxurious hotel that has seen itself as one of the best 5-star hotels in the Taj Theog situated in Tehsil, Theog, Himachal Pradesh. Although this is not the first luxurious stay in the state, yes this is simply the best. This is going to be the third 5-star hotel in the city after Oberoi Cecil and Oberoi Wildflower Hall.

After Oberoi, it is the time for Taj to show some glamour in the snowflaked terrain. The entire building has about 99 rooms and suites which are designed in such a way that it would give you utmost comfort.

6. Six Senses Fort Barwara, Jaipur

After successfully operating 11 resorts and more than 30 spas across 20 countries, Six Sense has now started up their project in Jaipur to make a world-class resort in the royal city of the country. Six Senses Fort Barwara is going to be a next level hotel which will be located about 100 kilometers from the main city.

It is going to be built in the 700-year-old fort which is situated in Chauth Ka Barwara village.This is going to be the best 5-star hotel in Jaipur and is expected to open up doors for tourists in late 2019.

7. ITC Grand Goa Resort and Spa

The ITC Grand Goa Resort and Spa which was also known as Park Hyatt Goa is a fabulous place to stay while going on a trip to this wonderland. Located in Arossim Beach Road in Cansaulim, this hotel is one of a kind and you will like your stay in the place without a doubt. The resort is spread over 45 acres of land and has comfortable suites to relaxing swimming pools.

The name ITC itself is a tag of trust and you would also find the awesome beach view from this hotel.

8. Grand Hyatt, Gurgaon

Gurgaon city is developing at a real pace and it is going to see few of the best buildings the entire region would have ever seen. One of them is the Grand Hyatt hotel which is going to be a beautifully crafted building that is about to set the doors open for the visitors in late 2019. The project has about 442 rooms and you can just imagine the amount of comfort you would get here. This name is surely going to make its mark in the list of 5-star hotels in Delhi.

9. Hyatt Regency, Dharamshala

This is another project that is about to get finished in mid of 2019 and you would get to enjoy a comfortable time inside. With a strength of 90 rooms in the entire building, you are surely going to get what you would have expected.You can get various offers from coupons.

10. Hilton Resort, Goa

Goa is filled with a lot of beautiful and comfortable sites and one of them is the Hilton Resort. It has seen its opening a few days ago and is serving people with full swing. So you might just get yourself comfortable here whenever you visit Goa next.

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  1. I remember staying at the Taj Palace in Bombay and the Oberoi Cecil in simla. Both wonderful chains. Was not aware that taj had a brand new place in simla. Thanks for this list.
    Jerry Godinho

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  5. They all sound like amazing places to stay! India seems like an amazing place to visit.

  6. My son is dating a woman who was born and raised in India. Her family returns a couple of times a year. I suspect one day he will join her for the tip. These hotels may be on their list of consideration, if they don't stay with family.

  7. I have never been to India but I've heard a lot of good things of how beautiful this place is. Those looks like a nice hotels to stay I will definitely save this for my future reference. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow, what a great list of amazing hotels in India! I hope to visit someday!

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