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One of the biggest components of an enjoyable holiday is the food. The chance to explore different cuisines, discover local delights and perhaps even shop for local produce that you can take back home, are some of the reasons why some holiday destinations are more popular than others. It is no different in the famous New Jersey Shore in USA. A holiday here can see you enjoying things such as:

jersey shore family vacation rentals

1. Great Jersey Shore beaches

  • Fabulous amusement parks and boardwalks
  • Historic sites and attractions of different kinds
  • Some of the best possible food in New Jersey
  • Planning a holiday in New Jersey Shore

The best possible way to enjoy your holiday in The Jersey Shore, as it is known, is by looking for the best vacation rentals by owner. You are bound to get a really good deal if you start planning early and compare different locations and different types of accommodations as well.

Once you have booked your Jersey Shore vacation rentals, you can get down to enjoying the various sites and attractions of this location. You can also enjoy the various kinds of cuisines and food that is available here.

2. Variety of Food

If there is one thing that distinguishes the cuisine of New Jersey Shore from most other tourist destinations, it is the sheer variety of every possible dish and cuisine. For instance, some things that you can get to eat when you are holidaying here are:

  • Cuisines of almost every major country and region across the world
  • Vegetarian and vegan as you desire
  • Dishes made of meats of different kinds
  • Traditional American cuisine
  • The food at different prices and budgets from the extremely expensive to the economical

There are also some traditional dishes that have been made famous because of their association with the New Jersey Shore. So do make time to try out everything.

3. Traditional dishes

Most people associate pizza of different kinds with New Jersey Shore cuisine. Probably the biggest advantage of this “dish” is the fact that you can order it even when you stay in the various Shore vacation rentals.

Do take the time to try out salt water taffy which is said to have originated from Atlantic City. There is also the pork roll which is a traditional breakfast of the Jersey Shore. There are plenty of stores and restaurants that serve amazing food and food items which you can pick up and take back your vacation rental.

4. Jersey Shore Boardwalk food

If there is one thing that is associated with Shore vacation rentals, then it is the access to boardwalk food. Considering the fact that the New Jersey Shore is lined with plenty of boardwalks and amusement parks, you are likely to get foods such as sandwiches of various kinds, ice cream of various kinds, something known as funnel cakes and even crab cakes and other seafood dishes.

5. Why you should choose vacation rentals?

An ideal vacation rental can offer a better experience than hotels in Jersey Shore or other accommodation. If you book a hotel you will get limited space but if you book vacation rentals, you will get lots of space that can give you a real vacation experience. Below we have shared some important points why you should choose vacation rentals:

  • Vacation rentals also save your money, and most of the vacation rentals are kids friendly
  • Most of the vacation rentals are pet-friendly too. So you can travel and stay with your pets during vacation
  • Ideal vacation rentals provide you lots of amenities, such as private pool, lawn, car parking, BnB and more
  • Many vacation rentals provide free Wi-Fi facilities
  • If you book a hotel room, you are not able to cook your own food, but if you book a vacation rental you will get these facilities
  • You can save money! Yes, it is possible to book a budget vacation rental.

One of the easiest things that you can do if you are a total foodie and want to try everything when you stay in Jersey Shore vacation rentals, is to ask locals for their suggestions. For instance, you may never hear of something known as Uptake but this is a cake with a difference found in Ocean City and known best to the locals there.
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