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Are you traveling with young children and worried how will you manage with a toddler on a plane or on long haul flights? It is fun to travel with kids only when you are properly equipped and have a good idea about how to manage things. If you need some tips, do not be worried, in this about travel you will find some useful ideas and tips to make your travelling with kids a happier one.

You need to be more optimised and thoughtful when you are traveling along with your kids. Some right ways of packing of luggage and tips for travelling with kids can be very helpful for you to make your family travel an easy one.

Tips for Travelling with Kids

1. Carry your kids favourite snacks

When you are travelling it may not be possible for you to buy or may be what you need is not available at every point. Therefore, pack lots of snacks, mainly your kids favourite ones, and give it to your kid as and when he/she asks for it. Snacks can be the muffins, cookies, wafers, tetra packed fruit juice, etc.

Since everybody in your group is entitled to a carry-on, get your kids to carry cool backpacks. Furthermore they can also carry a travel first aid kit and favorite snacks that they cannot live without.

2. Engage the boredom

Kids often get bored while travelling long distance as they do not get something to entertain themselves. Therefore, carry some good and engaging material for them so that the boredom can be tackled for few hours. You can carry some good story books, worksheets, toys, boardless games to play without cards in free time depending on the age of your kid, games on your smartphones or tablets. This time you have to be lenient and give your kid some screen time. Don't bring plenty of toys but only those that your kids love. Choose simply a favorite one or two.

3. Naptime is important

Nonstop flights are always good when traveling internationally with a family. However, if they do not have the option of price or routing, then there should be at least 1.5 hours for your stopover. Make sure that you have enough time to move around the airport.

And if your long flights involves two flights of over six hours with a stop in between (for example, from New York to Los Angeles to Hong Kong), spend the night in an airport hotel. It will give comfort for everyone to travel.

It is important to allow your kid to nap for a while to have rest while travelling otherwise exertion will make them unmanageable. However, most of the time kids do not nap by themselves when they are travelling, hence make them sleepy while holding them on your lap. They will wake up fresh and enjoy the further part of the journey or activities.

4. Do not forget the Medicines

Many kids suffer from motion sickness while travelling. The symptoms include vomiting and headaches. This makes them more tired and cranky. Therefore, to avoid this unwanted condition of your child always carry some prescribed medicines for this. Always consult the pediatrician before travelling to the long distances.

Apart from this motion sickness medicine, carry some general yet important medicines for cough and cold, diarrhea, and headache.

5. Travel with Short breaks

No matter how much distance you are going to travel, plan your trip considering your kids too. A prolonged hour of journey is going to be too hectic for your and for your kids too. Kids starts behaving irritable and cranky and will spoil your planned fun. Therefore, it is suggested that if you are planning to travel long distance then consider short breaks while travelling in order to re-energise yourself and your little monsters too.

You may have preferred to travel in public transport during your backpacker days to save costs. But when you are traveling as a family, it is always good to be more comfortable and timely. So do not think twice and instead replace it with a more expensive taxi.

But for every decision you make as a family, you can get benefits that may cost a little extra, but also can save you a lot of stress. A little more cost in a hotel near the city and the theme parks and attractions you visit are valuable, so you spent less time moving between two places.

6. Pack what is NEEDED

Prepare a packing list. Carry only those stuff in your luggage which is very much needed during travel, rather than carrying unwanted stuff and making yourself overloaded. Prefer light weight clothes both for you and for your kids, so that it can be easily washed and dried. In addition, it is much easier to pack light clothes than the heavier ones. Remember, the smaller number of luggage, the more comfort and easy handling for you. Also remember that packing cloth is an art, try to know about it and adopt it. Do not forget to put together all of your hand luggage tags together with your passports.

7. Get some hotel inclusions

Prefer to have those hotels for your stay who offer morning breakfast as an inclusion of your stay. This will help you to find good meals for you and for your kid and if you want you can pack few of them with yourself while going for the sightseeing.

You can leave your favorite baby food, wipes and diapers back home as most countries has stores that stock similar stuff. So what you need for the trip is to plan the stock for the first day or two, and buy the rest after reaching. Similarly, do not worry about bringing your own portable baby bed. Most hotels can offer them free and this is another thing that you can quickly check in advance with phone calls or reading hotel reviews.

8. Give some time for rest too

The way to succeed is through exclusion of a few popular spots during a family trip abroad. An international family vacation is probably going to involve a rather serious outlay of money in transportation, passport and visa fees alone. Explore for places that has a balance of offerings from urban and nature to relaxation and arranged activities. Then you'll be able to keep your beach vacations fascinating for everybody.

Also, you do not have to be afraid about the long journey if you can save money during the journey. Bali may require some cheap flights, for example, and once you are there you will be happy to spend $ 10 saved on spa treatment to take away the jet lag. It will be good if you plan your activities for the day time and give your body to relax and rest at evening. It will give you the chance to enjoy the fun time next day as you and your kid are full energised and active.

9. Take help of Stroller

The baby strollers are the safest carrier while travelling. It helps in soothing the baby. Moreover, it will be easy for you to carry all baby accessories. Your baby can sleep comfortably as well.

Travelling with kids can be the most enriching and wonderful experience. It can be a nightmare too depending on the way you have prepared yourself for the journey. Just follow the above-mentioned tips for travelling with kids, and make your journey the most loved one.
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  • Friday, October 05, 2018
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