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Travelling is such an amazing experience and when you involve your family it gets even better! Whether you are a small family with two parents and one child, or you have decided to go on holiday with all your siblings, children, grandparents, you will be making memories that will last a lifetime for you all. Here are few tips to overcome travel blues and plan the dream family holiday.

1. Consider the needs of the group

When traveling as a family, it is important to make sure everyone's needs are met. For example, if someone has a medical condition, have you checked that they can be cared for where you are going? It is a good idea to do some research into the country's medical care system, so you know what to do if an emergency arises.

If you have young children, you need to know that you can take enough of their milk in your case, or at least be able to get it at your destination. Does someone in your party have a food allergy? Check how easy it will be for them to find food on your holiday. It may seem like hard work, but it is important to consider everyone in the group.

Tips for Planning the Dream Family Holiday

2. Do your research

The more you learn about somewhere before you go, the better time you will have. Make sure you read up about standard things like the currency and climate, but also etiquette and laws — the last thing you want is to make a faux pas on your first night — or something even worse. Find out where is cheap to eat, drink and visit. Also look up where are the safest spots or places to avoid, so you are not surprised when you arrive.

3. Save up

If you want to go on your dream holiday you might be looking at quite a pricey trip. Look at ways you can save money in your everyday life to allow you to put more towards spending money for your holiday. For example, could you cut down the number of takeouts you have in a month? Are there any subscriptions you could give up for a few months while you save up? The little things you cut down now will allow you to have an amazing time on your trip.

4. Get excited!

One of the best parts of going on holiday is the anticipation! Let your children get involved in the research; looking at pictures of where you are going, thinking of activities they would like to do, and making a countdown. This will also help them with any anxiety about travel they may feel if this is their first trip away from home. Discuss where you will be staying and what they can expect to help them feel excited.

Tips for Planning the Dream Family Holiday

5. Plan — but not too much

Setting an itinerary is a great way of making sure that everyone gets to see and do everything they want, but if you plan everything too strictly it may take the fun away from it and won't allow for any spontaneity. If you feel as though you are rushing from one thing to another you might not feel able to enjoy what you are doing at the time! Allow spaces for resting, spontaneous adventures and even time for doing nothing at all. You will be glad you did!

6. Think about what you want

Before you travel it is important to think about what it is that you want to get out of the experience. Is the primary reason to relax and recharge? Or are you looking to get active and try new things? Do you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, or get your adrenaline pumping with activities? Make sure that you all know what to expect from the holiday so that no one is disappointed.

If you follow these tips you will have a fantastic time and before you even land at home you will all be wanting to plan your next family holiday! Do you have any other tips? Leave them in the comments!
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