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India is a vast expanse of stunning landscapes which is the perfect blend of age-old tradition and modernity. Filled up to the brim with architecturally magnificent monuments and gorgeous temples, India is an avid explorers paradise. But for a first-timer coming to the country on cheap flights from USA to India, the visit can seem a bit daunting.

Where to begin and what to see first are common questions that plague a first-time visitor to India. So to help you with your India trip, we have brought together an incredible list of the best India travel guidebooks. You can go through one or more of these books to read before travelling to India for a better understanding of this mystical country.

books to read before travel to india


It is a good idea to read this book before you board those last minute flights to India. Known the world over for their exceptional travel content, the Lonely Planet India Travel Guidebook is one of the best books about travel, taking its readers on a magical tour of various Indian destinations.

From maps, captivating pictures, personal experiences, and cultural insights to suggested itineraries and helpful tips on how to save money, you will find it all in this guidebook making it truly one of the best India travel guidebooks ever.


One of the best India travel guidebooks written by JD Viharini, this book is all-inclusive of the hidden, unexplored side of incredible India. Whether you are booking those cheap business class flights to India to stay for a week, a month, or a year, read this essential guidebook before making the trip.

What makes this one of the best India travel guidebooks is that it teaches you how to deal with Indian culture as a local would do. There is never an end to true learning and once you are done going through this travel guide, fly down to India and see for yourself how much of it is true.


This is one of the best books to read before traveling to India as it speaks quite bluntly of the culture and general vibe of the country. Detailing the tradition and cultural habits of a particular place, this is one of the best books for travelling to teach you how to deal with different situations while in the country.

A good buy even if just to read up on the culture of India, this book will teach you the proper way of greeting, communicating and understanding the people of a country you practically know nothing about. It is one of the best cultural guidebooks on India.

books to read before travel to india


A first-time visit to India can be daunting for anyone as the country is so incredibly vast. This is one of the best books to read while backpacking to India to read when trying to plan out your trip itinerary. Detailing highlights of major cities, their top attractions, major monuments, places to eat at, as well as the must-do-must-see list, this India travel book is your perfect travel guide to India.

In fact, it would be great if you wanted to bring it along on the trip as well. This comprehensive guidebook is especially helpful when visiting major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and others.


This is one of the best India travel guidebooks through which you can explore the rich cultural heritage of the country. The book is an absolute thorough guide of do's and don'ts, what to wear, how to behave, important tourist attractions/destinations, and other major-cum-minor details.

This is one of the best Indian travelogues which is informative and engaging at the same time, providing top tips on how to handle a trip to this incredibly fascinating country. The interesting guidebook gives in detail all the information of pretty much every major travel destination in the country in a very easy-to-understand manner.

So this was all about the best books about India to read before traveling to India and if you have read this then don't hesitate to read about some of the best unseen places in India so that you will have idea as to where to go once you land here. Like, comment and share this article if you find it worthy. Don't forget to stay in touch. Adios!
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Chad said...

This is an amazing selection and yes it would prep you well for India. Such a beautiful country.

Myles said...

When we travel to India we'll have to read a couple of these. Which is the one you'd pick of you could only choose one?

Sam said...

This is a great list of books! They cover all the important topics you need to read up on before traveling.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

India is a great ravel destination! I loved it there. I didn't read books instead I talked to my Indian friends for advise

Photography_by_Tina said...

India is such a beautiful place by what I've seen in books and magazines. I hope to visit one day, these books would be really helpful!

Becca Wilson said...

India is definitely on my bucket list for travel. This is a great idea to do some reading before you visit somewhere!

Catherine Santiago Jose said...

You have a great and interesting lists of books to read. I will definitely some of those before going to India. Thanks for sharing!

Yeah Lifestyle said...

These sound like some great books if you are planning on heading to India in the near future.It would be a fascinating place to travel to.

Eli said...

India is actually one of my next destinations that I'm planning a big trip to! These would be some very helpful reads for sure.

Catherine said...

I've never been to India but from what I've seen and heard is it quite a beautiful place to journey through!

Alexa Pilo said...

Excellent article and great help to have a unique travel experience in a country with an exquisite and very spiritual culture.

duffelbagspouse said...

This is a good list of non-fiction books. Are there any great fiction to read before traveling to India.

Natalia A said...

India is such an intriguing and fascinating country, knowing more it is definitely a must so that the visit would be better enjoyed!

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