11 Fun Travelling Hacks To Make Your Journey Memorable

Travelling is an excellent experience for any explorer. It’s a memory of a lifetime, a story that you get to share with your loved ones. But is there a way to make these memories more exciting and unleash your full travel potential? You’ll find a lot of travel hacks on the internet, but this blog deals with tips that will make your journey more memorable.

So the next time you reach home from a long exhausting trip, you will feel more satisfied, and there won’t be just the souvenirs to remember it by. It is a whole new experience, which is quite different from what you have experienced before.

Fun Travelling Hacks

These tips will guide you to a more fulfilling travel experience.

1. Explore Your Surroundings

Don’t be afraid to step out of your hotel, away from your tour guides, and explore the local attractions. There’s immense beauty in getting lost in a foreign country. Take a step out of your comfort zone, and you will be able to create memorable moments. Don’t just stick around the familiar tourist places, go beyond, and explore the unknown.

Explore your surroundings with your loved ones, be it your family, friends or pets. If you are traveling with your pets then you must consider crates for dogs or cats or any other pet you have. It’ll make your journey experience much smoother and hassle free.

This way of travelling will reform your experience in any country. You might be delighted to find a hidden gem tucked away from the crowds of tourists. Once you turn from a tourist to an explorer, you’ll unlock a different way of travelling. There’s always Google Maps to guide you back in case you end up in a wrong neighbourhood. So, don’t hesitate to ask for directions!

2. Avoid Traveling in Peak Time

A trip can easily be ruined if you’re stuck in lines and getting smothered in waves of tourists. During peak travel time, there’s always a hike in the prices of every single thing. Other than that, every area is swarming with people. Although some places can only be visited at a particular season, it is always advisable to avoid travelling during peak seasons as much as you can.

In contrast, during off seasons, you can travel more leisurely. Even the staff and locals will be more welcoming to tourists. There will be fewer crowds in restaurants and hotels, so the services you get won’t be compromised. You can travel at your pace, without worrying about getting stuck in lines. Sounds way better, doesn’t it?

3. Learn the Local Language

If you have planned a holiday, try learning the local language of that country beforehand. It’s always good to know the basics of the language of the country. You don’t have to go ahead and strive for certification in that language. Just basic terminologies can prove to be really useful during your trip. Sometimes locals wouldn’t know any language except their mother tongue. Your basic knowledge can go a long way in emergencies. Even the locals will appreciate your efforts to respect their culture, and they’ll be more welcoming. It will also make interactions way easier.

Just learn the essential words like “Thank you” or “Goodbye” or “Where can I find the bathroom” etc. You can even make unexpected friends with the locals. There’s a lot of plus points in learning a language, and you get to enhance your travel experience. There’s nothing terrible in gaining more knowledge. So the next time you’re greeting a Japanese local during your stay in Japan, try saying “Konnichiwa” instead of “Hello”.

4. Try the Local Cuisine

Is your trip successful if you didn’t try the local cuisine? When you’re in a new country, there are lots of new things to explore. But perhaps the most incredible experience in the local cuisine of the country, because every place has a unique flavour of its own. While all the fancy restaurants might feel safe, try experimenting with the local restaurants and street food. Travel through local transport, eat at local places, and look through the eyes of the people who live there every day.

That’s when you can capture the essence of travelling. Instead of searching for a place that offers a cheap version of food from your country, indulge in the speciality of that country. You might surprise yourself by finding your new favourite dish. Other than that, remember that the closer you are to a tourist attraction, the food will cost accordingly. Try walking a bit to find relatively cheaper places. Don’t be afraid to experiment with street food, a cheat day on your diet will give you the experience of your life.

5. Pen a Journal, Write, and Photograph

While the experience will stay in your memories for a lifetime, it’s always great to have a physical copy of your unforgettable memories. You can pen down a journal, take photographs or shoot video clips, give it a nice voice over and get creative with how you want to document your journey. You can also post blogs about travel hacks, things to know before you travel to a country.

Not only will you remember the experience but can also inspire other people to travel and get out of their comfort zone. It’s totally up to you how you decide to store your experience. So, it’s better to get creative with it.

6. Itinerary

In order to make sure that you fit everything you want into your trip, it can always help to make an itinerary. If you do not like over-planning, that is fine. You could still think about at least having some kind of loose itinerary, so that you can have a rough idea of what you are going to do, when, and for how long.

That will mean that you can then look over the plan and double check that you are actually at least going to do all of the things that you want to do. It is the main thing when it comes to trying to get what you want from the experience on the whole. As long as you can do that, you will find that you can get what you want from the travel experience. So it is definitely a good idea to think about that first and foremost.

If you book all your flights before even starting you have no flexibility. There's many reasons that sucks. For one, you'll meet amazing people at hostels and you won't be able to alter your plans and travel with them. Locals will have amazing recommendations for where to go and you might not be able to fit them in your schedule. Especially if you're travelling alone, there's no good reason to book everything ahead of time.

There's many people that travel with the aim to cross off as many countries from their list as possible. This is almost always a bad idea and most people regret it. Try to spend at least 5 days in each of the major destinations of a country so you're not constantly in a rush.

7. Outsourcing

If you don't actually want to do all the research and planning yourself, you can of course get the professionals to do it for you. This has many benefits, including saved time and the likelihood that their expertise will find you even better deals and more fulfilling experiences on the whole.

If you go with a agency, you will probably find that you are much more likely to have a truly personal and professionally-planned experience. It is one which has everything that you are looking for in that particular foray. This is definitely a great way to save some time, and sometimes even some money, and ensuring that you are going to have exactly the kind of experience you have been dreaming of for a long time.

8. Back-Up Plans

There will always be the little things that go wrong like cancellations, weather problems, even political issues beyond your control. These are always going to affect your holiday plans, so it is important to always make sure that you have a back-up plan. Back-up plans are a great way of solidifying the travel experience.

It ensures that you are still going to be able to have a great time no matter what might happen outside of your control. As long as you plan for all eventualities, you will certainly find it easier to enjoy your travels, and to actually be able to do all the things you want to be doing. Back-up plans ensure that your travel plans are as safe as possible from the chaos of the world.

9. Know your travel mates

If you want to travel in a group, chances are high you won't be knowing your group mates. And this is for certain that when you look back on a trip you won't remember what's went wrong or with whom you had an argument, what you will remember is how you enjoyed scuba diving in the great barrier reef or how adventurous it was while taking skydiving at mission beach.

Travelling is magical, enjoy every bit of it with the people around you to make it a remarkable journey! Group travelling is not an easy task. With a group of individuals having their own set of mind, it is kind of hectic job to cope up. Maybe you will have to wait for too long as someone is taking too much time for shopping, or someone is in such a hurry that you won't be able to complete a tour.

Bad weather could hamper your journey, your flight or train can get cancelled, These all situations are really frustrating, but you have to be calm, patient, flexible and ready to do things you have never done before.


If you show up for the early flight and it's oversold (more people than seats) the airline will probably ask for volunteers to take the later flight - and those volunteers will typically get at least a certificate worth a couple hundred dollars toward a future flight. You might also be able to get vouchers good for food at airport eateries during the time you spend hanging around.

11. Shop when you are there

There is no need to pack anything you will be able to buy when you get to your destination. I am not talking major expenses here but more like essentials such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap and other toiletries. Of course, you might not have to buy anything like this if you are staying in a hotel as you can use the freebies provided.

Sometimes you have to compromise to get what you want, even if that sounds like a cop-out. That might mean compromising with another individual whom you are travelling with. It might even be compromising with your own plans if they are a little out there or unlikely to work as well as you would hope.

By compromising, you make it actually more likely that you will be able to make the travel plans you want, and that you will still have the best time of your life in the end. So this is a very important thing to think about when you are planning your next trip.


There’s a lot of ways to make your trip more exciting. Keep these small tips in mind and your future trips will be nothing but memorable. Remember to stay careful while travelling. Get travel insurance to make sure you don’t end up stranded in a foreign country without money. Be respectful to the locals, and the environment. But most importantly, remember to enjoy your trip, after all, that’s what you’re there for.

Happy travelling!
Kalyan Panja