10 Foods You Shouldn't Miss Out On While in Turkey

One of the biggest traveling tips that anyone can give you is to try the local dishes. This is how you will get to know the country even more! And when it comes to #food, #Turkey has earned a reputation as one of the best food destinations. This is because of its rich and varied gastronomic offer. Turkish cuisine and culinary specialties are sure to make your mouth water!

There are many foods you shouldn't miss out on while in Turkey. It's impossible to spend some time in this country without constantly eating and without accumulating a few kilos, but it is definitely worth it because tasting typical Turkish dishes leaves no one indifferent! Turkish cuisine has many elements that the whole world likes but also includes food and drinks that many people find strange, sometimes disgusting.

From the finger licking street food (that deserves a separate post) to the internationally famous Baklava and Trilece, Turkey is a foodie paradise. Do enjoy some of the street food especially what is considered late night food for clubbing. Turkish food is heavily based on grilled meats. You will find kebaps, döners, koftes, meatballs and more every few steps you take.

They are also huge on breads with the simple classics like the Simits (a kind of Turkish Bagel), Pide (a boat shaped bread often stuffed with cheese and meats, kind of like their version of a pizza), Lahmacun (a thin flatbread topped with a layer of spiced meat often wrongly compared to a pizza) and durums (paper thin bread like rumali roti) often used to make wraps or served alongside kebaps.

Tea is a journey in Turkey. The coffee is something that you will either absolutely love or completely hate. It is very different from most parts of the world. It is like a very strong dark roast espresso shot with the thick pasty sods at the bottom of the cup. There are shops and vendors selling Baklava and Turkish delights wherever you look.

Do also try out the Künefe which is a cheese and semolina based dessert with simple syrup poured on top. Make sure you steer clear of the highly visited tourist spots for the best food. The little holes in the walls where the locals eat will be almost 3 times cheaper and about 10 times more flavorful.

Turkey is a country for foodies! Visiting Turkey is a great idea. This country has many beautiful places that are worth exploring. If you are planning on staying there for a longer period of time, consider getting storage in which you can keep everything safe while you spend your time in Turkey. Make sure you do proper research when choosing storage for valuables.

The one thing we must do when traveling the world is try traditional dishes from the country that we are visiting. Turkish cuisine is quite diverse and different from Western cuisine. There are so many things to try that you will be amazed by the choices and the food quality! Don't be afraid to try it all, as this is a unique chance to do so. To help you out and teach you what you need to try during your trip to Turkey, we have prepared a small guide.

most popular turkish food dishes

Without further ado, here are the top 10 dishes you shouldn't miss out on while in Turkey.

1. Kebab

This one is for meat lovers! You have probably heard about kebabs or even tried one in your country. However, only here will you get to taste the real deal. This is basically meat grilled on a skewer for those who have never heard of kebabs. The word kebab means grilled meat in Turkish. There are different types of kebabs; however, the most famous one is the sheesh kebab grilled on a skewer vertically.

It is made mostly from lamb or goat meat. Before they grill the meat, they marinate it in salt, pepper, and sweet onion for 24 hours. This is what gives the meat a special taste. Thanks to the slow rotation, the meat is nicely caramelized. It is served on flatbread with green peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and sauce of your choice.

Getting a kebab once you have found a safe place to store your items with the help of Verified Movers and flying all the way to Turkey is like a reward! Kebab is one of the foods you shouldn’t miss out on while in Turkey. Şalgam suyu is hot, salty and have a very strong taste but please try it with kebab; fits perfect!

The best time to eat a spicy chicken kabab is when you're feeling brave enough to embark on a fiery flavor adventure! Picture this: The moon is high, the stars are shining, and you find yourself standing at the edge of a culinary precipice. As you sink your teeth into that spicy chicken kabab, your taste buds are greeted with an explosion of heat that could rival a volcano.

Your eyes water, your nose tingles, and your mouth feels like it's doing the salsa dance! It's a thrilling, heart-pounding experience that leaves you wondering if you should have signed a waiver before taking this gastronomic rollercoaster ride. So, my friend, whenever you feel ready to embrace the wild side of flavor and spice, that's the perfect moment to dive into a fiery chicken kabab adventure. Just remember to keep a cool beverage and a fire extinguisher nearby!

2. Manti

Manti is a form of Turkish dumpling. While no one knows when the first time Manti was made, the oldest recipe originates from the 15th century. Even though it is often compared to the Asian dumpling, the taste is quite different. Moreover, it is much smaller in size too. This is not a simple dish that you can make in a few minutes.

It takes a lot of time and patience to make a perfect Manti. Many people say that the smaller they are, the better. Once they are shaped and stuffed with lamb meat or beef, they are boiled. Once cooked, Manti is topped with a sauce. It can be a brown butter sauce, tomato paste, or yogurt. Many spices are used to make this dish which is typical in Turkish cuisine.

3. Menemen

One of the tastiest vegetarian breakfast options in Turkey. This nutritious and balanced meal originated in Izmir. This dish is made of eggs, peppers, tomatoes, and spices. You eat it from a cast iron pan with a slice of bread. Tomatoes have an almost sauce-like texture, making them perfect for dipping your bread. If you want to add some meat and cheese, it is possible. Most of the time, Menemen is served as a meal, but some places serve it as an appetizer too.

4. Lahmacun

Many call this dish a Turkish pizza. On a regular pizza, you would put cheese but not on the Lahmacun. The thin crust is topped with minced meat and herbs. It is quite tasty, especially if you roll it up and eat it burrito style. Since it can be garlicky and spicy, you should avoid eating it for breakfast, as it might be too much for your stomach to process in the morning. You can get it as a snack after a long day of walking around and discovering one of the Turkish cities. Turkish pizza is the best sack after a long day of exploring.

5. Balik ekmek

One of the most famous Turkish street food dishes is Balik ekmek. This is a sandwich made of grilled fish- mackerel, lettuce, and onions. There are other fancier versions of this dish that you can get in restaurants; however, we recommend you try one from a fish boat. The street version is the one that you need to try first—it is simple yet delicious! It is recommended to get a pickle juice or a turnip juice and drink it with your fish sandwich.

6. Köfte

This dish was first made in Western Turkey, and then during the Ottoman times, it became popular in other parts of the country too. This is a simple dish made of grilled meatballs, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and parsley. What makes this dish delicious are the spices that are used to season the meatballs. Whenever there is a football match, you will see a lot of stands that offer Köfte, since this is a popular food during football games.

7. Karniyarik

Karniyarik is a popular main dish in Turkey. It consists of eggplant stuffed with beef and onion that is covered in tomato or yogurt sauce. It can be both fried and cooked in the oven. This balanced dish will not leave you feeling heavy after eating it. The best time to get this dish is in the summer since the eggplants are in season and the most delicious.

8. Ayran

It says buttermilk if you ask Google but no, it has nothing to do with buttermilk. Ayran is something like elixir of life for us; it softens the taste of food you eat, makes you fell asleep easier, makes you feel better when your blood pressure rises, etc. Want a recipe? Ok; a glass of cold water, two tablespoons of yoghurt, a teaspoon of salt (a Turkish teaspoon; it makes 5 or 6 grams). That’s all. Ayran is a perfect match with meat and pastry but dont forget to try with baklava as well!

9. Tavukgöğsü

Tavukgöğsü is a dessert in Turkish cuisine made with milk, sugar, rice flour and chicken breast. It may sound unpleasant for some but you won't understand that a well-made tavukgöğsü contains chicken. Chicken breast is used only for texture. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a tavukgöğsü which contains chicken breast in the pastry shops nowadays because the chicken inside makes the dessert last shorter.

10. Baklava

We had to finish this list with something sweet! Baklava is a famous Turkish dessert made of layers of filo (thin layers of dough) and chopped nuts. It’s pretty sweet, so a little goes a long way. While you can use all kinds of nuts to make this, the most famous and delicious ones are made with walnuts and pistachios. It originated in the 19th century, and back then, it was considered to be a luxury.

Baklava was only made to celebrate a special occasion. Moreover, it comes in different shapes and sizes. You can find them in many restaurants and shops. This is definitely one of the top foods you shouldn’t miss out on while in Turkey! Baklava is one of the foods you shouldn’t miss out on while in Turkey. Eating Baklava is a must in Turkey!


After you try these 8 foods, you shouldn’t miss out on while in Turkey you will fall in love with the country even more! Turkey has many more delicious foods that you must try while visiting. Since the food in Turkey is quite cheap, you will not have to have a huge travel budget, which is a huge plus! Turkish are very generous with portions, so it's hard not to go back home from Turkey without gaining a few kilos. But after all, vacations are for indulging in food and having fun!

Kalyan Panja