7 Best Places to Visit in Somnath

Located on the roaring shores of the Arabian Sea is the ancient jewel of #India, Gujarat. This westernmost state is home to not only iconic temples and remnants of ancient civilization but also the only home for the endangered Asiatic Lions and a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna.

When it comes to Gujarat, Somnath deserves a special mention. Located in the Prabhas Patan region, Somnath temple in itself is a very important place of Jyotirlinga pilgrimage in India. Somnath Jyotirlinga is one of the holiest Jyotirlingas in the world. The architecture of the Shiva temple is considered to be a masterpiece that is replete with defined and fine engravings and carvings.

Standing majestically on the banks of the Arabian sea this temple shares a wall with the open seas. It is at its best when visited during sunset when you can see the sun dip below the horizon and then later on go for a sound and light show that takes place every day after sunset.

Best Places to Visit in Somnath

Other than the iconic temple, there are numerous tourist attractions in Somnath. Here are some of them that will make your holiday in Somnath a memorable one.

1. Somnath Mahadev Temple

Somnath Jyotirlinga is one of the most iconic heritage landmarks of not just Prabhas Patan region but also Gujarat as a whole. Built by the moon god himself and having been through a very violent history of destruction and reconstruction, Somnath Mahadev is a testament to the undying spirituality and a deep rooted feeling of togetherness among Indians.

An architectural marvel, Somnath Mahadev showcases skills of unparalleled brilliance. Along with offering Darshan to the Shivling inside the temple pilgrims can also check out the Somnath museum, spend time by the crashing and roaring waves of Arabian Sea and also check out the sound and light Show.

2. Triveni Sangam

Literally speaking, Triveni Sangam is the place where three rivers meet to form a holy confluence. The Triveni Sangam of Gujarat marks the meeting point of three holy rivers of Hiran, Kapila and Saraswati. The significance of this point lies in the fact that here is where these rivers meet with the mighty Arabian Sea.

It is believed that if people take a holy dip in the Sangam then they will be washed off of all their sins and wrong doings in a lifetime. Pilgrims to Somnath Mahadev make it a point to take a dip in the sangam point.

3. Bhalka Tirth

Bhalka Tirth is probably one of the most important pilgrimage destinations other than the Somnath Mahadev Mandir. The Bhalka Tirth is a humble little place marked with the presence of a temple amidst open spaces and serene surroundings. Bhalka Tirth holds immense religious and spiritual importance. This is the place where Krishna was hit on the ankle by an arrow that was released by a poacher named Jara.

This event is considered to be a life changing one in many sacred Hindu books. It marks the end of the glorious Devprayag and the beginning of the Kali Yug.

4. Panch Pandav Gufa

If a visit to Somnath Mahadev is on your Dwarka Somnath tour package then a visit to the holy Panch Pandav Gufa should naturally be on your plans. The cave is concealed away from the common eye and due to this reason it remained hidden for many years. It was discovered in 1949 by the late Baba Narayandas and ever since then it has become a popular place of pilgrimage.

Once there, you can savour incredibly scenic views of the surroundings. The temple here offers a very serene and calming experience.

5. Somnath Beach

After a long day of exploring, sightseeing and offering Darshan to the temples, tourists need an opportunity to sit back and relax. The best place to do this in Somnath is the famous, relaxing and the perfect spot for watching the sunset is the Somnath beach. Although swimming in this beach is not recommended, it is the perfect place to sit back, relax and spend some quality time with your family and loved ones.

There are interesting activities like camel rides that go around the beach. Visitors can also gorge on some delicious local traditional and authentic Gujarati Foods.

6. Laxminarayan Temple

While cruising by the holy Hiranya River, and adjacent to the holy Gita Mandir, visitors can reach the iconic and very auspicious Laxminarayan Temple. The temple is located in the holy Gaulok Dham region and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and goddess Laxmi, after which Laxminarayan Temple is named. Although small in its outlook, the temple is built in classical North Indian style of architecture.

The entire temple structure stands out remarkably as it is made out of marbles and ornamented with elaborately fine carvings. It is an interesting temple that should be a definite visit to Somnath.

7. Prabhas Patan Museum

Gujarat is the land of Krishna. So what's better than getting to know more about this place? The museum is located just 300 meters from the Somnath Mahadev Temple and offers a lot of knowledge and learning about the state that you may not have known earlier. The museum is home to some of the most unbelievably fragile and intricately made stone engravings, spiritual paintings and many more. The museum in itself is a work of art and a sight to behold for the sore eyes.

These are some of the places visitors can include in their itinerary during their travels to Gujarat or Somnath.

Kalyan Panja