10 Exclusive Tips on Buying Your First Yacht

Buying your first #yacht is a unique life experience. Apart from the fact that not all who will live will get to experience it, it also comes with unique situations and concerns that only a first-time yacht buyer will experience. It can easily get consuming and overwhelming if you're not aware of the ins and outs when it comes to boat buying.

Without a good headspace, buying your first yacht can easily become stressful in just a few days. Don't let this happen. Buying your first yacht is a momentous activity and you should not allow any kind of concern or situation to take the joy and excitement out of it. To help you have a clear and serene perspective on your yacht-buying journey, we collected tips from yacht owners themselves.

Things to consider when buying a yacht

Being aware of the following will help you to be fully in the moment and back in the full glory of buying your very first yacht. Take proper note and duly apply!

Tip #1: Go on a charter first

Clear your head and remove all your concerns and expectations by going on a charter first. Going on a charter is every yacht owner's top tip as it will give you a full, transparent, and tangible idea of how things truly go once you own a yacht. Chartering will give you an idea of factors that truly matter to you. It will give you a clear vision of what you prefer and consider non-negotiable if you'd have a yacht of your very own.

Tip #2: Research and study all your options

The last thing that you should do is limit yourself when it comes to your choices. You probably already have a yacht in mind and it may seem impossible to stray away from it or even be open to other options but you should give it a big pause and permit yourself to explore and discover other boats. You will be surprised at how extensive research and studying will ultimately make you realize that your dream yacht is not even something you truly want.

Tip #3: Impulse buys are not to be worried about.

Elizabeth Brooks, the owner of Heavenly Daze highly encourages first-time yacht buyers to be open to spontaneity. Buying a yacht that you see for the first time is not a bad move at all. It is completely pointless to be afraid of impulse buys as you will easily know if the yacht of your choice is the right one the very moment you see it.

Tip #4: Function over design.

You’re going to waste a significant amount of time if you’d be focused on a yacht’s overall design alone. Design is understandably a major factor in your purchase but it should never be front and center when it comes to your decision making. When looking at super yachts for sale, zone in on features and functions that are relevant to you and true to your needs.

Try your best to not be persuaded just by the way a yacht looks. There is always more to something than meets the eye when buying a yacht.

Tip #5: Be aware of all your limits.

It’s never good to proceed on your boat hunt without first knowing your limits. Knowing your limits is so much more than securing that you don’t go beyond your budget and overspend. Knowing your limit will also effectively save you from hours of checking out and exploring yachts that you won’t even need to consider in the first place.

Knowing your limits when it comes to budget, features, maintenance, and aesthetics will effectively streamline your options and the choosing process itself.

Tip #6: Don’t be too focused on aesthetics.

This is a common pitfall among first-time yacht-buyers. As they have limited experience and are overly excited, they often end up buying a yacht that looks beautiful but is ultimately not their perfect match. An aesthetically pleasing yacht is always a sight to behold but it is not and should never be the sole reason why you’re buying a yacht.

A pretty yacht will end up doing nothing for you if you won’t stay true to the kind of sailing experience that you want. Stick to your core non-negotiables at all times.

Tip #7: Have a working list of all the trips that you plan to make.

How do you want to spend your sailing holidays on your yacht? To have a clear vision, enlist all the kinds of activities and destinations that you wish to explore. Be clear with how you want to sail and who you want to sail with. Only purchase a yacht that can tend to all the needs of your preferred activities and trips.

Tip #8: Be determined and one with your passion.

Don’t easily lose hope whenever you get too close to buying and still end up without a boat. This is very normal. Just always keep in mind that for every deal that doesn’t push through, you’re at least getting closer and closer to having the boat of your dreams that answers to all of your needs.

Tip #9: Know your yacht’s purpose.

How are you going to use your yacht? Will it be for business or for pleasure? Will it be for solo trips or holiday vacations with family? Knowing the very reason as to why you’re buying a yacht together with its very purpose in your life will always simplify every decision-making process in your purchase.

Tip #10: Patience is everything.

Now is not the time to lose patience. Now is the time to be excited and eager for a brand new chapter of your life that comes with a beautiful yacht that answers to all your needs. We guarantee that there will be days when you will lose patience and it is on those very days that you should pause and push through all the more. Always keep in mind that your dream yacht is waiting for you. It’s simply just a matter of time.

Kalyan Panja