6 Best Cities to Study Abroad in Australia

Deciding to go to college is a big step but choosing to study abroad is a whole other story. You need to keep a lot of factors in mind, from getting the right visa to finding a place to stay and funding the entire endeavor. However, once you figure all of that out, you are sure to have an unforgettable time.

Australia and New Zealand also attract a lot of international crowd. The immigration laws in Australia are pretty simple but the education cost and the cost of living is very expensive in Australia. So students have to keep this in mind before opting for universities in Australia and New Zealand.

Studying abroad is something many youngsters desire because of the social, educational, and financial benefits such an experience provides. Living abroad is very different from visiting a place for a holiday. When you decide to study abroad, you get to experience life in that country with all its ups and downs, which prepares you better for life, no matter where you end up living.

As an international student, you are also exposed to new cultures – that of the country where the institution is located, as well as those of the other foreign students who will undoubtedly become your friends.

The curriculum of each university differs and is a function of that country’s education system and the funding available to the institution. Also, if you’re interested in a niche/specialist field, you might not find an Indian institution with a curriculum suitable to further your knowledge. This could compel you to look at a foreign country for higher education.

Best Cities to Study Abroad in Australia

So, if you’re thinking about going to the Land Down Under to study and tick some items off your Australian bucket list, here are the best cities you must keep in mind when making your decision.

1. Be a part of the multicultural hub that is Melbourne

Melbourne is often thought of as the best city in Australia when it comes to studying. Regardless of whether you want to work in the automotive industry, healthcare sector or gain unparalleled qualifications in hospitality, the capital of Victoria has got you covered.

In addition to the education you will gain if you choose Melbourne, you will also get to experience the diversity of the city which is often celebrated through events and festivals as well as food. Seeing as how you are a student, you will probably be looking for affordable but delicious eats so you must consider Don Don, Crossways and La Tortilleria.

Plus, if you are a coffee lover, you will most certainly enjoy your stay in Melbourne as it offers many types of coffee. Sports aficionados can also get their thrill by attending major events in F1, tennis and many more.

2. Enjoy your free time in Sydney

Your first glimpse of Sydney Harbor through an airplane window is all the evidence needed to know you've stumbled onto something special. Fused perfectly with the glorious coastline it inhabits, Sydney's skyline is spectacular to behold. You'd be forgiven for thinking no city could live up to the hype Sydney generates, but thankfully the Aussies cracked city life long ago and this Down Under wonder delivers on every plane.

Nestled within its city limits are some of the planet's great beaches, an eclectic dining scene, masterclasses of urban-greenscapes, and a world-beating infrastructure. Wrap it all up in the laid-back atmosphere fostered by the ever-chilled Aussies, and you'll have no problems understanding why it's one of the most livable places on earth.

The capital of New South Wales is known as one of the best cities in the world but it is also one of the priciest. If you can afford to do so, studying in Sydney is definitely something to consider. With its five universities, you can surely find a degree program that suits your interests whether that is business, IT, science or fashion and design.

In your free time, you have a wide array of activities at your disposal, from discovering all the famous sights of the city to taking short day trips to the nearby spots like Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains National Park and Port Stephens. When it comes to food, you’ll want to check out Frankie’s Pizza, The Horse and Gourmet Noodle House among dozens of other unique and affordable places.

Remember, if you're traveling from the North Hemisphere, Sydney is on a different seasonal schedule than you're used to. If you visit in the American summer, you'll be greeted with a mild Australian winter. It's not going to be freezing, but expect temperatures in the 60s during the day and a drop at night as low as the mid-forties.

Christmas down-under? Leave the sweaters at home. Sydney usually has warm summers but recently has seen temperatures soar up to 110 degrees. For the best time to visit, aim for September through November, and March through May. And please, please, please don't forget the sun's rays are stronger in Australia than anywhere in the US or Europe. Be careful. Sunscreen by the bucket.

Sydney’s public transport system is exceptional. The entire city is accessible via a variety of trains, trams, buses, and ferries, so getting around is easy. Unfortunately, the city as a whole is pricy, and a full day of sightseeing can rack up a bill. On Sundays public travel is capped at $2.50, so if you have a big sightseeing day planned, maybe make it a Sunday to keep costs down.

Also, don’t worry about cash. Contactless is the way forward in Sydney. Just bring a debit or credit card with no international fees.

3. Get off the beaten path in Perth

If you’d rather avoid the crowds and pick a place that is a bit more isolated, why not pick Perth? This city in Western Australia offers various degree programs so you can find yourself studying agriculture and environment or enroll in the screen and media courses that will prepare you for a career in the entertainment and fashion industries.

When you are not busy studying, you can go on numerous adventures and short trips. To learn more about the maritime history of the place, visit Fremantle; to see cute quokkas, plan a trip to the car-free Rottnest Island. Furthermore, there are many wildlife and national parks you can add to your itinerary and see some amazing animals and landscapes.

Finally, you can find some amazing cheap meals at Toastface Grillah & Lil’ Toastface, Pinchos Bar De Tapas and Authentic Bites Dumpling House.

4. Save some money by choosing Brisbane

Brisbane is more affordable than some other cities like Sydney and Melbourne so if you are looking for a bit cheaper tuition, the capital of Queensland might be the right fit for you. With over 9,000 different degree programs, you will get to choose from criminology and law, engineering and business administration among many other options.

Seeing as how you will probably not have a ton of money to spend on entertainment, you’ll want to find some free things that you can do in the city. Brisbane is located near the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast which means that you can also take a day or weekend trip there when you want to go swimming or surfing at one of the popular beaches.

Plus, there are islands, mountains and national parks all in close proximity to the city. Check out The Bagel Boys, Pizzeria Violetta and Remy’s for some delicious food.

5. Meet like minded people in Canberra

One of the most popular cities and the glorious capital of Australia, Canberra is a fantastic place to explore. Lying only on the border of being an offbeat destination, there are scores of attractions to enjoy here. It is best to give a day or two just to explore Canberra and its many attractions which include some of the best and most spectacular Australian festivals.

The fabulous city witnesses a lot of tourist traffic many of which happen to be repeat visitors who can't seem to get enough if this amazing place.

The capital of Australia has strong public and private schools as well as more on-campus accommodation than any other city in the Land Down Under. In fact, over 90% of undergraduates are guaranteed accommodation on campus – meaning that you might not have to look for a place to live.

This multicultural city is full of young people, employment opportunities and excellent entertainment so you will never be bored if you choose to study there. From wineries to museums and galleries, there is something here for everyone. When you want to go out for a meal with your friends, The Ruc, Kokomo’s and Izumi are just some of the many amazing choices you should consider.

6. Adelaide

In addition to these five cities, you can consider Adelaide and Gold Coast as well, as they also rank very high among the best cities in Australia when it comes to studying abroad. The South Australian state library is in North Terrace. It has a lot of history in itself but just as importantly the North Terrace boulevard is considered to be one of the best streetscapes in Australia with the Museum, Art Gallery and University on the same city block. Government House is to the West with 19th century architecture.

Just make sure that the destination you choose offers the study program you are interested in and the rest will be a walk in the park. Good luck!
Kalyan Panja