5 Best Things to Do in Brisbane

If you’re about to visit the Land Down Under, where animals are beautiful, women glow, and men chunder (if we are to believe 'Men at Work', of course), getting to see all of the wonders in Brisbane alone can be quite a challenge. From galleries and museums full of modern art and ancient aboriginal artifacts to vast shopping markets, and animal sanctuaries, this city in Australia represents a vibrant place where you will never be bored.

There's something in this city for everyone, so you can rest assured that whatever your points of interest happen to be (art, culture, animals, shopping, food, you name it), you’ll be able to enjoy yourself thoroughly.

There are many reasons to visit this beautiful and charming country. If you are interested in natural beauty and you want to see the beautiful scenes that show the true beauty of nature then you should surely visit this place.

And if you are interested in adventure in Australia, you can easily find many options there for this type of interest. There are many places in this country like the world’s biggest underwater Reef for people who want to enjoy underwater life.

Tourists can watch the underwater life. There are many more points of attraction for tourists who want to visit Australia. There is Arnhem Land in Australia, which is one of the best places to enjoy beach life near a forest. You can visit the beautiful cities of this country like Sydney and Melbourne.

best things to do in Brisbane

In this article, we're going to list the top things you can do in Brisbane so that you'll remember this enchanting place in Australia for years to come.

1. Visit a Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane

If Australia is well-known for one thing – it’s its rich flora and fauna. Now, even though Brisbane is a metropolitan city, it’s still full of curious animal species that you can look at, pet, and even feed – all in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. As the name of this place suggests itself, it is a Koala-centered place where you can see these cute animals, as well as cuddle with them.

Other than Koalas, this sanctuary located on the Brisbane River is home to other animal species, too, such as snakes, crocodiles, dingoes, and other kangaroos. (You won’t get to pet all of these, of course.)

2. Botanic Gardens on Mount Coot-tha

As we said above, Australia is a place with an impressive fauna as well as flora, and the Mount Coot-tha botanical gardens represent an excellent example of this. Indeed, if you like seeing rare plants and exotic types of flowers, these gardens would definitely be the right place to visit. Now, it's important to distinguish here between botanical gardens inside Brisbane proper and these gardens, which are some 7 kilometres away from the city itself.

Some of the curiosities you can see in the Coot-tha botanical gardens are Japanese gardens, as well as a rich collection of Australian rainforest trees. Also, there’s a special hide ‘n’ seek trail here that can be a blast for the kids.

3. Gallery of Modern Art

Even though Australia is perhaps best known around the world for its fantastic animals, and perhaps that Red Centre of Australia, it’s also a country with vast cultural monuments and with plenty of art collections from all over the world. One of the places, in particular, where you can hope to see these art collections would be the gallery of modern art. Here, there are over 1,700 art installations collected from all over the world.

Mostly, though, the contents of this gallery represent art pieces from the region of Australia, Oceania, and Asia, so you can get acquainted with both the modern-day local culture, as well as learn about the rich Australian heritage and the artifacts of yore.

4. River Cruise in Brisbane

One of the best ways to see much of the city without going through every individual street would be to embark on one of the local river cruises and then sightseeing from off the boat. The great thing about this way of getting to know the city would certainly be the fact that you can do it relatively easy because there are several services in place in this city offering special river cruises for tourists.

These are called CityCats and CityFerries, and you can hop on board one of these whenever you so desire because they work 7 days a week all year round.

Here’s an interesting idea – you can get to the aforementioned Koala sanctuary by means of one of these CityCats, so you can merge these two experiences into one.

5. Queen Street Mall

Representing a vibrant marketplace where over 700 different vendors meet regularly to sell a wide variety of ware, this place can be an excellent venue for finding unique Australian souvenirs and other goodies at bargain prices.

On Wednesdays, this place becomes farm-central of the city, as local farmers and artisans gather to sell their products and items. So, if you're staying for more than a week, for example, you might want to visit here on Wednesdays, because you can get the best fruits, veggies, and other stuff for cheap prices.

Also, for those who plan on staying for a bit longer in Australia, you can rent a property with a local real estate company.

All things considered, Brisbane is a city that is home to breathtaking nature, the beautiful Brisbane river, as well as animal sanctuaries, and vivacious markets. So, whether you’re interested in history, architecture, art, zoology, or just want to enjoy the view and get to know the various wonders of Australia condensed in one place, Brisbane is a place where you want to be.
Kalyan Panja