9 Top Things to Do in Gold Coast, Australia

If you are planning a vacation to the Gold Coast, one of the best holiday spots in Australia, you are most certainly expecting to have an unforgettable time. The best thing about choosing this offbeat destination in Australia is the fact that it offers so many amazing experiences, regardless of whether you are traveling with your family or solo.

A spectacular place to visit, Gold Coasts popularity seems to be soaring even more after the Commonwealth Games since it was the host city. Offering top attractions such as splendid beaches, intriguing theme parks, and awesome rain-forests among plenty of other things, the place is popular not just with foreign tourists but even the locals are flocking to the place in increasing numbers every day.

Gold Coast is the typical mega urbanized beach destination near Brisbane. It has an area of ​​large skyscrapers, surfers paradise, which draws an almost futuristic skyline in front of the ocean. In Gold Coast you will find a tourist destination full of Australians enjoying life.

The Gold Coast is Australia’s premier lifestyle and leisure city. The Gold Coast is a glamorous retirement, honeymoon and holiday destination due to its magnificent Pacific Ocean surf beaches, high rise apartment buildings, canal estates, world heritage listed rain-forested hinterland and theme parks. There is something for everyone – from wildlife lovers and foodies to adrenaline seekers, this place caters to all people.

It’s got many resorts and hotels, and theme parks such as Movie World, Sea World and Dreamworld. The Gold Coast also is an entry point to the rest of Queensland, where you can experience tropical rain forests and most importantly, the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re a luxury-wanting tourist, there are also very upscale hotels.

things to do in gold coast

Take a look below for top attractions in Gold Coast you will not want to miss out on when visiting the second-largest city in Queensland.

1. Try delicious food in restaurants in Burleigh Heads

Seeing as how the Gold Coast is such a hotspot among tourists, it should come as no surprise that it has amazing restaurants as well. In case you want award-winning spots, you’ll find them. Maybe you prefer a bit more alternative route with unique bars and quirky cafes. You can find those as well.

And if you’re looking to party, rest assured that there are plenty of nightclubs for you to choose from. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on some amazing brewery tours that will take you all around the region. Places to consider visiting include The Island Rooftop Bar, Miami Marketta, Kokum Indian Restaurant and Nineteen at The Star.

2. Relax at the gorgeous beaches in Rainbow Bay

Its sunny beaches are by far its top attraction and major draw where you will find lots of people spending quality time together. And its many beaches are full of people sunbathing, playing volleyball, doing all kinds of sports related to the waves, fishing, enjoying scuba diving, while in their parks do not stop seeing people with the skates, running, by bike or enjoying a good barbecue or picnic at public tables.

Here they know how to live well. Regardless of whether you want to sunbathe and relax or swim and surf, you will surely find a beach in this coastal city that will allow you to enjoy the activities you like. For a relaxing family day at the beach, consider Rainbow Bay which has safe swimming conditions and is gentle to surfers.

3. Visit the Burleigh Heads beach

Do a little trekking along the coast. Go to Burleigh Heads to experience the favorite spot among the surfers and head to Broadbeach for a perfect picnic spot. If you are thinking about watersports like kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, you can check out Currumbin Creek and Tallebudgera Creek as well.

4. Try your hand at fishing in Currumbin Creek

In case you are an avid fisherman, you will be ecstatic to hear that this option is also available when visiting this Australian city. Trying out new waters will certainly develop your skills and you might see some types of fish you never encountered before. Look into available Gold Coast fishing tours, book your spot on time and get to experience deep sea fishing.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner or never went fishing before, don’t worry as there are skippers and deckhands that can come along and help you catch some fish. Who knows, maybe you like this activity so much that you decide to keep doing it as a hobby.

5. Get a view of the city from the sky in in Surfers Paradise beach

If the ocean is not where your heart lies, you can also have an exciting Australian experience in the air. For the brave ones, there is the option of going skydiving and feeling that adrenaline rush once you’re free-falling. These amazing vistas are something you will never be able to forget.

However, some people would rather enjoy the view with a nice glass of champagne – if this alternative is calling your name, you can opt for a hot air balloon ride and witness the captivating sight. Finally, you can also decide to take on the SkyPoint Climb. It will take you around 90 minutes to reach the top of the Q1 Tower but the 360-degree view and the photos you will take will be well worth it.

Plus, you can also have a meal after your adventure at the SkyPoint’s Bistro & Bar.

6. See the local wildlife up-close in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Has it even been a trip to Australia if there hasn't been any wildlife involved? Australia is full of amazing and pretty unique wildlife, so it makes sense to capture some of it for your photographs. The wildlife sanctuary in Currumbin, Queensland, is a great spot to find koalas and see other native wildlife in their natural habitat.

When looking for Instagram-worthy places in Australia, you cannot skip the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, especially if you are a huge animal lover. This 27-hectare big sanctuary is home to animals like koalas, wombats, dingoes, kangaroos and many more. From taking a pic with a bird of prey and feeding lorikeet and crocodiles to going on a behind-the-scenes tour and getting a souvenir at the gift shop, this attraction is a must.

7. Whale watching in Tumgun Lookout

Whale watching is something else you can get to experience in the Gold Coast. While there are tours you can go on to see giant humpback whales, you can also save some money by getting binoculars and going to the Tumgun Lookout within Burleigh Heads National Park, Currumbin Rocks, Point Danger and some other places to get a glimpse of these majestic animals. What is more, you might see dolphins and turtles as well.

8. Have fun at breathtaking theme parks in Dreamworld

Did you know that this city is also known as the theme park capital of Australia? From Warner Bros. Movie World full of famous characters walking around and movie-themed rides to Dreamworld which has over 40 different rides, there is something for everyone.

9. Visit Seaworld

Additionally, you can visit Seaworld to see majestic animals and enjoy some low-key rides or choose Wet'n'Wild, an aquatic playground of huge proportions with stomach-flipping rides.

Depending on how long your trip to the Gold Coast is, you can potentially visit all of these places and experience the best that this city has to offer. As you can see, regardless of whether you want to see some local animals, try some tasty food or have an adrenaline-filled adventure, this is the spot to choose for your vacation.
Kalyan Panja