Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Dream Travel Destination

What makes Andaman and Nicobar islands, located at the shore Bay of Bengal one of the best spots for honeymoon in India? Honeymoon is the first sign of togetherness. Everyone wants to make the honeymoon memorable. Various honeymoon packages in India can make your romantic dream come true. It does not matter, whether it is a love marriage or an arranged one, the couple starts their journey of life after having this unique refreshment.

It is a particular time when a newly married couple gets alone after all the hassles of marriage to understand each other more and strengthen their relationship. Most of the couples wait for the special event to take a trial of their married life.

Visiting Andaman Islands is worthy as you get to see many islands and beaches all at shorter vicinity to each other. The climate is hot and humid and usually monsoon starts in mid April and continues till December. Sun rises at 4.00 am and reaches peak by 6.30 am. Literally scorching sun, but the temperature still reads 23–25 degrees Celsius.

Andaman is also a good place to spend time with friends. From Jet Boating to Havelock Island, this place is perfect for riding. The blue water that surrounds these beautiful islands of India is also home to many sea creatures. Therefore, it is also a good place for nature lovers. Don't forget to carry sunscreen and umbrella as you can completely change your skin color and return, if you do not take any precautions. Sun sets by 5.30 pm and is dark by this time.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands located in the south-eastern part of the Bay of Bengal is a splendid tourist destination that would definitely be relished by beach lovers. Unlike other beach destinations of the mainland, here in Andaman, the shores are very enticing to look at and are untouched. The white powdery sand in the beaches would be in stark contrast to that of the lush greenery in the background.

Most of its shores are lined by an innumerable number of coconut trees or other tropical trees. So, even if the humidity of this tropical destination is troubling you, then you could relax by its shades. On top of that, most of the beaches are secluded and have a tranquil atmosphere. Therefore, at times, you could feel that you had just owned that shore all by yourselves.

There are numerous beaches to choose from if you are an ardent beach lover. It could be the Corbyn's Cove beach that could be accessed during your trip to Port Blair or the most beautiful beach on the continent, which is Radhanagar Beach. Each one of them is unique and quite different from one another. Apart from that, tourists who are holidaying in Andaman could also get engaged in those exhilarating sports activities, for which these islands are quite known.

As per your preferences, you may choose between Scuba diving, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Sea walking, Parasailing or Banana boat riding. For getting indulged in them, you may inform your tour operators or hire any reliable service providers of your choice. In fact, Andaman has turned out to be one of the best scuba diving spots in the country. Thanks to the highly transparent ocean waters surrounding Andaman.

There are many places one should visit during their stay here at Portblair, the capital of Andaman Islands. best places to visit Andaman and Nicobar

If you are looking for the most picturesque and dreamy place for your honeymoon and romantic packages in India to getaway to, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands should be on top of your bucket list.

1. Neil Island

With its turquoise blue waters and exciting history, Neil island place is more enchanting than you can even think of. It is 1400 km away from the Indian shoreline and is laden with breathtaking scenery all over the islands. You are not going to regret visiting the heavenly isles, but if you still need a reason to visit it, we provide you with a lot. Take a look.

Neil Island has coral reefs and is located near Bharatpur Beach, teeming with rare and amazing types of tropical fishes. Known for world famous sunset views, Neil Island is quite nearby to Laxmanpur Beach. You can have a view of natural rocks formatted and accessible when there is low tide. The island is located near the pier of Neil village, curving the sandy bay, which is all over dotted with ships.

If you are willing to visit one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, Andaman is the place you can choose. The packages are reasonable, and the beauty of the lands will amaze you. Indian honeymoon and romantic packages start from 3 days to 14 days. Guests are often given the option to customize their packages themselves by adding and removing certain activities.

This provides you an opportunity to make your honeymoon more creative and innovative as compared to boring packages.

2. Mount Harriet National Park

Mount Harriet is called one of the best places to visit in India because of a lot of reasons. This may sound very interesting; it is one of the most beautiful trekking routes in India. The trekking is done from Mount Harriet to Madhuban. The exotic flora and fauna of the place are going to take their breaths away for the people who are enthusiastic about doing treks.

Mount Harriet is the second highest peak present in the Andaman, and it is the image that we see in our 20 rupees currency.

3. Chidiya Tapu

This route takes just opposite to Wandoor beach route and exactly one hour. Reaching this beach is the most adventurous of all other destinations because, the route is through ghat area with provision for only one vehicle (four wheeler) to pass through easily. Over taking is quite dangerous and good chances of falling off the cliff.

All through you get to see the Andaman sea far off from the road, but while you return by evening, you will be surprised to see the water almost touching the path and sometimes overflowing on the road, and if it's full moon, better leave early. All through the way, is a spectacular adventurous route with lot of tall areca nut plantations. It is famous for trekking and sunset point.

They say crocodiles exist in this water. Trekking gets closed by 4.00 pm. Sunset is very best and very bright and intense. Better start return journey soon after the sunset begins instead of waiting to take lot of photos like others, because the route is very narrow and as darkness falls, the travel becomes dangerous and as we cannot overtake the vehicles, the only way is to go one behind the other. Not worth waiting long here.

Apart from that, for the tour to Andaman and Nicobar islands, you can always explore the Bird Island, the anthropological museum that shows all about human evolution, and the many beaches where you can sit by with a refreshing drink or enjoy your life in the water. Like all the other regions close to the sea, Andaman and Nicobar Island specialize in seafood.

If you are not particularly fond of seafood, there are many options available for you as well. If you are a shopper from the heart and love to collect memoirs from the places you have visited them, Andaman and the Nicobar Islands will never disappoint you. You can get a lot of handmade crafts and various from the many beach side markets. They will not only make an excellent gift for family and friends but also yourself.

If you want to do the trek from Munda Pahar beach, ensure that you reach there at least by 3:00. Sun sets early in this part of India because it is one of the easternmost regions in the country. Chidiyatapu is an ideal place to see and photograph the sunset.

The best trek for a wanderlust but fitness freak with a lot of resilience, this trek leads you to the most aesthetic view of the Islands, ironically called “Suicide Point”. A well stacked bag with essentials is a must to enjoy this day long adventure, so you can relax among the clouds, by sunset. This trek is also a birdwatcher’s treat! As one can spot rare migratory birds and common indigenous birds in all their glorious natural habitat!

4. Kalapani Museum

This museum does not appear to be like a museum from outside, but worth visiting. This comes on the way to Wandoor beach which is at a one hour distance from Port Blair. You get to see dioramas of Andaman and Nicobar tribes and the entire history since the discovery of these islands.

5. Wandoor Beach

This is around one hour from Portblair. The beach is small but the sea is very vast and beautiful. It is the most pleasant one with crystal clear bluish waters. Just the sound of water and waves and big trees. Peaceful atmosphere. Get your own food and water here. You can get only coconuts here to drink.

6. Long Island

Long Island is one of the most attractive blue islands of Andaman. Once you visit the place, you will only see greenery and blue sea if you want to explore the essence of the village tourism in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. The beaches are white, and the scenery of the place is fantastic. The tropical forests and the marine life will create an extra mark towards the couple who are adventure loving.

The Island is mostly famous for water sports and cruises. The views of this place remain attractive during sunrise and sunset. You can get an archipelago like feeling here.

It is the place of the ranged taluk, which belongs to the East Baratang Group of Islands. The entire Island is only 18 square kilometres. During the honeymoon, if you want to treat your eyes with beautiful views of flora and fauna, the long Island will be the best destination for you. The swamp forests are evergreen and elegant.

Have you always been fascinated with the indigenous tribes of India? Well, the Andamanese of the Jarawa is going to welcome you with their open arms. They mostly reside in the south as well as the middle Andaman regions and are found in tribes. They have very limited interaction from the outside world and love to keep to themselves.

For thousands of years, they had inhabited the Island and safeguarding it before it opened as a tourist destination. You can, of course, visit them on your honeymoon and talk your heart out if you are curious about the kind of lifestyle that they lead. They are warm and welcoming in nature.

Best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Throughout the year, Andaman and Nicobar islands usually have a moderate kind of weather. So it is a pretty fantastic tourist destination at any time of the year. But if you want a particularly pleasant experience, then the time between October to May is the best to visit. This time spans overwinter and summers, so the sky is usually clear with pleasant weather.

It is excellent for sightseeing, exploring the beach, and feeling the overall place in its full bloom. Monsoons can get a bit unpredictable, so it is best to avoid it during those months. So, you can plan the honeymoon on a budget according to the weather.

In India, there are more than one honeymoon spot present, which provides the best service to you and your life partner, but this island is very different from all. Andaman is the place which you can choose for your honeymoon without any second thought as it is a place where you can have some of the best experiences of your life.

So, making a honeymoon special is really a point that everyone thinks. Some of the couples visit abroad for their honeymoon, where many of them want to start their new life from the land of India. If you want to make your honeymoon more attractive by adding some romantic events to it, you can surely choose the best honeymoon and romantic packages in India.

Remember, you can make your honeymoon only once, so you can definitely go for the best.

There are cottages present to make your honeymoon like a dream. Some special cottages are present for the honeymoon couples so that they can take the essence of the sea from their balcony. The view of sunset and sunrises will definitely amaze you and your life partner. Besides that, most of the cottage contains a candlelight dinner facility on the banks of the sea.

Sea facing cottages are the best places to stay in Andaman while you are visiting this place. Besides that, there is also more than one place present where you can visit at your honeymoon time. Cheap honeymoon and romantic packages in India are designed to make sure that the package is innovative and reasonable at the same time for the guest. Choose Andaman and Nicobar islands for the best honeymoon and romantic packages in India.

So Andaman and Nicobar islands make for a great tourist spot for people who have wanderlust. The region is covered with hills, and the forest density will help you to have a great view of the vegetation. It can also be said as a paradise for nature lovers. Perhaps, it is one of the best places for an exotic honeymoon on earth.

It is just a couple of hours' flight, and that is the only way to travel to a breathtakingly beautiful place. Also, if you are looking for a getaway that is fit for a week, this is the one you should definitely visit. Talk about one of the beautiful places in India, Andaman is undoubtedly the best that you have ever seen.

Who would not love spending their vacation, loving honeymoons chilling on a cool beach on a beautiful island? Everyone will! So this is the time for you to pack your bags, book your tickets, and this is a trip you can't miss.
Kalyan Panja