Maru Koala and Animal Park Tour

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Australia is located in the southern hemisphere and is also one of the seven continents. Australia has a very diverse landscape and is known for having mesmerizing natural beauty. Australia is massive in size and is the sixth-largest country by area and though much of the area is still uninhabited, but it gives for unexplored and untouched beauty.

Australia is so big that it is home to 10,000 beaches, over 500 national and wildlife parks, and numerous islands that provide breathtaking and enthralling views. Australia’s in the Southern Hemisphere, sort of tucked away down under the globe.

There’s something catchy about that phrase, down under — maybe the Australians should start using it to describe their country’s unique geographical location. Oz isn’t really close to anything. It’s got the longest stretch of perfectly straight railroad track (297 miles). The longest fence in the world, almost 3,500 miles of it. The longest golf course (almost 850 miles). Sheep outnumber Australians by almost 8 to 1. Kangaroos outnumber them by almost 2 to 1.

Oh yeah, and the Australians once declared war on emus. And lost. They have their own country music, their own football, and cattle ranches larger than some countries. Oh yeah, and apparently going barefoot in public is totally normal. Australia’s remoteness, exoticism, and all-out weirdness—sprinkled with just enough cultural and historical similarities really bake an American noodle that makes Australia such an interesting place

Apart from a distinctive natural landscape, Australia has also the most unique and diverse wildlife with animals which are only found in this region and no other place in the world. The country is home to a wide variety of animals, birds and reptiles. The most famous animals of Australia are Kangaroo, Koala bears, platypus, dingo, wallaby, emu, inland Taipan, Crocodiles, Tasmanian devil, Wombat, The Sugar Glider, and echidna.

And not only does Australia have a crap-ton of weird animals, but they all have weird-ass names, too. Platypus, echidna, wallaby, kangaroo, bandicoot, kookaburra, wombat, numbat, and quokka. Seriously, quokka? Who comes up with this stuff?

Both the Kangaroos and Koala bears are a symbol of Australia and only native to the country as they are not found anywhere else in the world, particularly the Kangaroos. The Kangaroo population is around 50 million, and the animal has a distinctive feature with large hind legs, and small front legs and females have a pouch for carrying the young Kangaroo baby.

Koala is herbivore animals that are mostly found in the coastal and eastern parts of the country including Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and New South Wales. Although the Koala is called a Koala bear this small animal does not belong to the bear family but is a marsupial, and its closest relative is a wombat.

The koalas are grey and chocolate brown, having a large head and fluffy ears. Koalas have a stark resemblance to the stuffed teddy bears that nearly every kid has in his childhood, and it is also the reason why the animal is so loved not only by residents but thousands of people who come to visit Australia.

If you are planning to go to Australia, then you would love to explore not only the natural diversity but the amazing wildlife. We bring you all the details and information if you are traveling to Australia alone or with family on a vacation tour.

maru koala and animal park

Apart from visiting the Great Barrier Reef and Northern Territory, you would love to go to Maru Koala and animal park tour in Grantville and see the native wildlife of Australia. You will get a chance to pet and cuddle with a Koala, feed the kangaroos, interact with colorful parrots, walk with the Dingoes, and see Golden Possums. You will also see the different reptiles that are found in the country.

Your trip will begin in Phillip Island, which is situated close to Melbourne. The first stop will be Maru Koala Park which is just a 15-minute drive from the Phillip Island and offers animal adventures, from interacting with numerous animals and also includes a dinosaur playroom, a mini-golf, sheep shearing, and a pirate ship tour.

The park is well renowned for helping taking care of orphaned animals and to offer them a good chance to spend their lives. The animals are given proper care and then safely returned to the wild. You will get a guided tour of the park which is a combination of entertainment and wildlife preservation.

There is also a café where you can have light food and drink and at the same time view the animal park. Phillip Island is an one and a half hour drive from Melbourne and the Maru Koala Park is 15 minutes from Phillip Island which itself is quite serene and beautiful.

The main attraction of the tour will be getting close to Koalas and even petting them. You must carry a camera to take pictures and record videos. Apart from Koalas, the other attractions of the park include going on a walk with Dingoes, hand-feeding a Kangaroo, allowing a python to wrap around you, and talking with parrots.

You also have an opportunity to interact with the animal keepers to know more about the activities and fun things about the animals. The animal keepers will also give you information on the orphaned animals that are taken care of, and the wildlife shows that take place regularly.

You will also enjoy taking part in the Pirate Pete's Mini Golf adventure and play in the 18 holes. One of the exciting parts of the tour will be walking around in 30 meter Pirate Ship and entering the gold mine which is under a flowing waterfall. There is a Homestead Bistro in the park where you can enjoy meals and drinks, and it also has an indoor playroom for kids.

The Maru Koala Park is quite famous among the local people, and many families organize birthday parties of their kids in this park. The park has sealed paths with plenty of space for people to walk and take a rest.

maru koala and animal park
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