10 BEST Places to Visit in McLeod Ganj, India

If you want to feel the harmonious existence of nature and culture in your images then, Dharamshala and Mcleodganj should be your next stop for a hippy holiday. This beautiful destination in Himachal Pradesh is covered by 4000 metres high mountains on three sides and a mesmerizing valley on one side.

Mcleodganj is a beautiful hill station in India, visited by tourists throughout the year. Famous as Little Lhasa, this hill station attracts travelers for its amazing blend of Tibetan and Indian cultures existing in harmony together. The town boasts of the spectacular trekking trails, green landscapes, pleasant weather conditions and vibrant culture.

Located in the Kangra Valley, its fresh and clean air, and its quiet environment, provide a respite from the busy hustle and bustle of big cities. In the neighborhoods of Mcleodganj and Forsythganj, you can still distinguish a certain colonial touch, a romantic addition to this beautiful environment. Due to the strong influence of Tibetan culture, this place houses many stunning Tibetan monasteries.

At around 480 km from Delhi and popular for trekking, sightseeing, and photography, the town of Mcleodganj is home to the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama and is surrounded by majestic princely hills, and emerald green vistas. From monasteries to lakes to Tibetan carpets, rugs, and exotic sculptures, head to Mcleodganj for rejuvenating holidays!

Planning a trip to India anytime soon, include this marvelous hill station. Beautiful Himalayan mountains, delectable food, good weather, and cheap treks are what McLeodganj has to offer! Enjoy the simple Pahari lifestyle with a world-class view along with some piping hot momos all at prices which make all your senses happy. You also have a host of cafes that serve excellent Italian food along with other cuisines for not more than INR 150-200.

Places to Visit in McLeodganj

This list of incredible places to visit in Mcleodganj will make you do it for sure!

1. Masroor Temple

It is one of the ancient Hindu temples in the hill town built in the 8th century that one must visit on their trip to Mcleodganj. The temple unveils the elegance of North Indian Nagara architectural style. If you want to marvel the carvings, monolithic rocks and artistic masterpieces in the temple, dare not miss out this attraction from your Mcleodganj itinerary.

Ideal time to visit: March, during Shivratri

Known for: Sightseeing spots

Timings: 6:00am-6:00pm

Address: lahalpur, Masroor,

2. Bhagsu falls

If you happen to visit with a group of friends, or you are not someone who is fond of spending time with yourself, there are some gorgeous places in the vicinity. Like the Bhagsunag Waterfall.

One of the most important places to visit in Mcleodganj, Bhagsu Falls is a popular waterfall for its paradisaical landscape and verdant surroundings. Situated in the peaceful village of Bhagsu, it is a place travelers never want to miss on their trip to this quaint hill town. You will get to shoot some scenic videos and click fantastic pictures. The food at the nearby cafes is also delicious.

Oh, the Bhagsu Lake is the closest thing to milk candy. You can easily get used to the peace and tranquility of this mountain town. Going for a walk in nature, hiking up the Triund hill, or just enjoying the view of the mountains and valleys, while savoring a good cup of tea, are some of the things you can do on your vacation.

Ideal time to visit: March-June

Known for: Sightseeing spots

3. Nechung Monastery

Monasteries are an important part of Mcleodganj sightseeing and Nechung Monastery is among the most visited of all. It is a replica of one in Tibet and offers warm & friendly hospitality, peaceful ambiance and scenic surroundings to the tourists. You will also get to have a jaw-dropping view of Dhauladhar Ranges.

Ideal time to visit: October-February

Known for: Sightseeing

Address: Gangchen Kyishong, McLeodganj

4. Sunset Point

One can also go hiking to the nearby Naddi village for some fresh air, breathtaking views and soltitude! If you are a nature lover (you planning a trip to Mcleodganj proves that already), do not miss going to the Sunset Point. The pleasant weather in Mcleodganj and the setting sun makes it a must-visit place in the hill station. Click photographs, allure the scenery and relish the mesmerizing view of the village.

Ideal time to visit: October-February

Known for: Spectacular views of the village

Address: Naddi Village

5. Triund

If you are into sports or into trekking you can also go for the famous Triund trek. Being an avid traveler, you must be familiar with the Triund Trek of Himachal Pradesh. Trekking to Triund from Mcleodganj will bring you magnificent sceneries and rocky terrains. Night camping here is no less than a treat for the adventurers. Imagine sleeping under the starry sky!

One of the most attractive walks for beginners, this trek starts from McLeodganj or what is lovingly called Mini Tibet. It is a 4-5 hour walk from Bhagsu Nath, the ancient Shiva temple near German Bakery. Largely unexplored by Indian hikers, you are likely to encounter many foreigners along the way.

This is perfect for those wishing to go to the hills before going to the hut with adventure, since their small restaurants and camping equipment are available all the way. Start trekking early in the morning, as you will be in the shade of the pines before the sun sets.

The mysteriously fascinating and always covered with snow of Dhauladhar closes when arriving at Triund. Climb a camp right there, while the stars hang loose on you, just an arm's length away. And yes, in the morning, you can walk to the snow line. With a little luck, the people around will give you snowballs. You need 2 days for Triund Trek.

Ideal time to visit: May-June

Known for: Trekking

6. St. John's Church

Boasting the neo-Gothic architecture, this church is one of the best tourist attractions in Mcleodganj. Dedicated to the Baptist, John, the church is located in Forsyth Ganj in the forest area and is famous for the solid architecture, positive vibes and wild surroundings.

You will think you have traveled to the past when you visit St John's, in wilderness. This small and charming church, with colorful stained glass windows, shelters the remains of the Viceroy of India, Lord Elgin.

Ideal time to visit: October-February

Known for: Sightseeing spot

Address: Mcleodganj Road

7. Guna Devi Temple

A temple of Goddess Kali, it is one of the most religious places to visit in Dharamshala. Guna Devi Temple is nestled amidst verdant Deodar trees, Oak trees and showers mystical significance. You can also capture the breathtaking view of the Kangra Valley. It is a short distance from the town of Mcleodganj.

Ideal time to visit: October-December

Address: Naddi Village, Dharamshala

8. Vipassana Meditation Center

Engulfed in the Dhauladhar Ranges, this center in Dharamkot is a place of tranquility and solace for travelers seeking escape from the busy life and chaos of the city. Amidst the calm Himalayan peaks, you will find your peace of mind and get closer to nature.

Ideal time to visit: October-February

Known for: Peaceful environment

Address: Kangra, Mcleodganj

9. Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake

Also called Pong Dam Lake, it is an artificial lake originated from the reservoir across the Beas River. You can enjoy several fun activities such as fishing, boating and bird watching amidst the awe-inspiring landscape of magnificent mountains.

Ideal time to visit: October-February

Known for: Sightseeing

Address: Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh

10. Dharamkot

This place is perfect for a solo trip. It has the vibes that help to reconnect with yourself the best. And also make new friends! If you make a google search for Dharamkot, it will show you the hippie village of Himachal. And indeed, it is. Most tourists visit Dharamshala and Mcleod ganj, and leave no time for these beautiful places.

Barely commercialized, this place is a hub for mostly Israeli tourists that stay here for a couple of months, practice meditation, yoga, Buddhism and aim at living a peaceful calm life. Dharamkot is full of beautiful cafes that make the village not just serene but also vibrant. You can hike all day amidst the thick of forests. In fact the local autos and taxis do not operate within the village.

Watching the Israelis devour an Indian Thali or Aloo paratha is a popular sight! Also, ginger honey lemon is a popular detox drink that tourists and inhabitants are fond of. The food options available at the cafes are more diverse than what many cities have to offer! Most cafes serve a variety of vegan dishes also.

Where to stay: There are also some good hostels around the area in case you plan on going solo, you can book a bed in one of the hostels and hang out with other solo travelers there!
Kalyan Panja