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America can be a relatively young nation, but it has a diverse and complex history. Nature and progress coexist to perfection in United States. And so much so that this symbiosis has resulted in spectacular American landmarks and monuments erected by man, a symbol of unbridled progress. From trees and landscapes built in the last century to thousands of years old mythological monuments, there are wonderful places for tourists to visit in America.

Great places to visit in USA, including the prominent ones, are Washington DC, Boston, and New York.

The gorgeous and mysterious beaches of the Northwest like Oregon and Washington are like nothing else on earth. Even the East Coast has a couple of worthy spots, albeit with much smaller waves like Siasconset in Massachusetts and North Carolina’s Ocracoke. White sand, black sand, pink sand, normal sand, you’ll can literally find it all in America!

most famous places in USA to visit

Among the famous landmarks in the world, here are some of the most famous landmarks in USA.

1. Statue of Liberty, New York

Among the American tourist attractions, the colossal Statue of Liberty remain undaunted for more than a hundred years at the port of New York. The statue was given by France to the United States on the occasion of the centenary of its independence. Statue of Liberty stands tall on Liberty Island.

2. Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

The nation’s capital. If you are an American history nerd, there are a tons of things to see here. Plus, the downtown area is very nice and upscale. The Lincoln Memorial remains striking even after you have seen it on endless postcards, book readings to a scene in 'The Simpsons'. The monster statue encompassed by the expressions of the Gettysburg Address is an absolute must visit for any American needing to pay tribute to an extraordinary president.

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3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If you are longing for a trip in timeless natural splendor resting in the cabins, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the place for you. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited national park in USA. The immense forest between North Carolina and Tennessee exceeds almost twice as many visits to the second in the top ten, the Grand Canyon of Colorado.

Another attraction is the presence of around 1,500 black bears that roam freely in these mountains. The best time to travel to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina is from April to October. The park service charges a camping fee, but the rates are minimal.

4. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

One of the places that can most impress those of who travel to the national parks is Antelope Canyon in United States. It is located in Navajo territory and is one of the most photographed canyons in USA. It is a complete beauty to the eyes with narrow passages and sandstone walls. It is a spectacular natural landscape located in northern Arizona, next to the town of Page, a town located on the boundary between northern Arizona and southern Utah.

It is about three hours north of the Grand Canyon of Colorado and the recreational park of Glen Canyon, which is considered a tribal park for the Navajo Indians, and specifically, on the shores of Lake Powell. The walls of this small canyon in the middle of the Arizona desert are so full of magic and softness, which through the photographs taken by travelers who visit it transmits an impressive beauty.

In this way, it becomes one of the places where the most beautiful snapshots are taken on the west coast of United States. Antelope Canyon is divided into two zones, the upper canyon and the lower canyon. The most visited and most appropriate in order to take pictures is the upper canyon, whose tour lasts an hour and a half.

It is highly recommended to try to make the visit at noon, about 12 o'clock, because it is the moment in which the light enters more deeply in the canyon, causing the most beautiful scenes. The tour involves riding a large SUV that travels a few miles along a very sandy road until you reach the shore of Lake Powell, from where you can access the entrance to Antelope Canyon.

Of course, it is important to avoid the first hours of the day and holidays. Since for the visit there is usually a large influx of tourists that coincide by the narrow canyon, this can make it difficult to take pictures without people in front. To visit this natural enclave you have the option to sign up for a Antelope Canyon tour from Las Vegas.

Located in the north of Arizona, Antelope Canyon is one of the top ten geological wonders. It is divided into two parts: the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon. This peculiar terrain makes the light here beautiful and strange. Some parts of the valley bottom can only be exposed to sunlight at noon.

The canyon used to be the habitat of pronghorn antelope. Antelope often roamed in the valley, so it was named Antelope Canyon. It is also an Indian reserve. Until now, some old Navajo people still meditate here to complete communication with the spirit of the earth.

5. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is an exceptional sight which everybody must see once in their lifetime. Among the best states to visit in USA, flying over the Grand Canyon with kids during vacation with family is perhaps the best option to admire its immensity. The viewpoints that look out to it are an excellent alternative to cover one of the natural wonders of the world from a privileged position.

6. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Drive the Columbia River Gorge and stop for a good long stroll at every feature including Crown Point, the Bonneville dam hatchery and fish ladder, and every waterfall, then getting a late lunch. For a full day’s visit, the Mt Hood scenic loop includes these and more.

7. North Cascades National Park, Washington

You would love it when you are standing in a 300 acres field of colorful and bright tulips. Millions of tourists visit Skagit Valley Tulip Fields in April to witness the beauty of these flowers.

8. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Park is one of the most visited parks, and rightfully so. Yellowstone boasts crystal clear waters and gorgeous landscapes of mountains. This is the place to be if you have never been there. Grand Prismatic Spring is a stunning and colorful hot spring. It has 121 ft. depth and 370 ft. diameter. You can find an astonishing view of deep blue water and patches of various colors like yellow, red and green. The temperature here can go up to 87-degree Celsius.

The feats of the Yogi Bear made the Yellowstone National Park famous. But the truth is that there are so many natural attractions you have that you would not have needed. Yellowstone has geysers and other geothermal features. Yellowstone is a multi sensory experience where you can enjoy seeing the geysers, and grand prismatic spring, and morning glory pool.

You can feel the sun on your face, feel the wind in your hair, feel the mist from the steam, and feel the warmth emitted by some of the springs. You can hear the wind in the trees, hear the call of the ravens, and the occasional bugle of a bull elk, hear the clumping of the hooves of the bison on the road, the chattering of chipmunks and squirrels

You can hear the glub, glub, plop sounds of the mud pots, the hiss of steam escaping the fumaroles, the splashing and gurgling of springs, waterfalls, and geysers. You can smell the pine trees, the smell of fresh air, earth, sulfur, and wildflowers and you can taste huckleberry ice cream.

Here grizzly bears live with black bears, coyotes with wolves and moose and bison with deer, among other species. But here, too, there are rivers for whitewater rafting, lakes, lush forests, canyons and hundreds of waterfalls dotting this natural space distributed between the states of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Its boasts peerless geological features you can not find anywhere else.

It’s also perfectly accessible, many of its most iconic attractions can be viewed on a comfortable scenic drive. The Golden hour, has pros and cons to that. Unquestionably most landscapes come alive at that time. But the famous Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone’s Midway Geyser Basin will mostly only show off ethereal atmosphere in its vapors at those times. When the sun is the highest is the time its astonishing colors are best revealed.

Unfortunately, that’s when the crowds are the most intense and when parking may not be available. Either arrive earlier and wait, as the world passes you by, or park further away off the road where legal and walk in. By the way, everyone will tell you don’t park at Midway and see it from the boardwalk. The superior view is from the overlook off the Fairy Falls Trail.

There are pros and cons again. Plan ahead; reserve your room in the park a year or more in advance to find a reasonable rate. You’re welcome to stay outside of the park but if you don't reserve that early you’ll be paying the same as in but you’ll also have driving time to the park and you’ll miss out on relaxed ambiance before and after the summer hoards descend.

West Yellowstone, Montana, is the exception, it’s right next to the park but still 40 minutes from Old Faithful and traffic is bad coming out of the park. If you don’t get going early, traffic is bad going in. But if you’ve reserved enough time in advance, you can relax and enjoy it.

Pad your travel time to the park from home. A two-day trip to Yellowstone is sufficient if you don’t plan to see attractions along the way or if you don’t want to be able to serendipitously follow your nose at times. Once you’re past the famous, bucket-list attractions, you can relax quite a bit more and experience the authentic Yellowstone experience.

If you try to see the park in two days you’ll have memories of anxiety, too many traffic jams, Old Faithful was a letdown, the food was expensive, the service was poor and the wildlife wasn’t as prevalent as you’d been led to believe, except for the bison. Many try to see it in only one day.

Once you’re past the competing-with-the-crowds-for-inadequate-parking phase you’ll find the park is huge and full of atmosphere all those competitors are missing like picnic areas, a walk along a gravel beach/bar, steak dinner with a singing cowboy after a horse or wagon ride, fishing, a boat cruise, history, more wildlife than you saw the other day, amazing changes in lighting and weather and more than 1,700 kilometres of hiking trails.

Most of the crowds are on the road, in the parking lots or restaurants or at 5–6 highlight attractions. As for Old Faithful, viewers are kept back more than 100 metres. This is a result of one-viewing-then-on-to-the-next-attraction syndrome.

If you are lodging at Old Faithful and find out from the rangers what else is going to erupt and when, after you’ve seen bigger geysers like Grand, Great Fountain and Beehive, you’ll notice Old Faithful has been regularly performing but in the background, even in the middle of the night. Some eruptions are taller, some are shorter.

You may decide it’s a lot more fascinating than you first thought, once you allow it to be what it is, away from centre stage. But it you lodge elsewhere or camp, Yellowstone will present an entirely different mood than you thought it would have.

This is where the Earth is young and full of surprises. There is so much more going on than five or so famous attractions. The first national park is more amazing than you’ve been led to believe. But, you need to have leisure to relax and take it in. The crowded path by midday to the brink of the Lower Falls has an entirely different atmosphere at 8:00 pm or 7:00 am or in between.

The entire park is that way. It’s like stargazing — not so rewarding to those on a tight schedule. You see a lot more after your eyes have adjusted to the darkness. And, though faint objects don’t look like much when observed directly, avert your eyes just a little. You’ll find they come into focus much better and with more clarity.

From the overlook, you are considerably farther from the brilliant Cyanobacteria in the water going directly under the walkway and within which are animal tracks. Delicately unexpected patterns in the vapors over the spring including rare vortexes are entirely missed by those up on the hill.

And the celebrated visual angle, looking down on the spring, is found looking into the larger Excelsior Geyser from much closer. Missing the yellows and oranges? Excelsior’s are enjoyed on the walk to and from the basin and missed on the hill. You need at least twice the amount of days you thought you need to experience the park.

Lodging inside the park allows you to not only experience the sunrise and sunset lighting but also the middle of the night. Additional, you will be well ahead of the daily masses. Before they arrive and after they leave, even Old Faithful and even in July becomes peaceful, serene and eminently photogenic. Reserve a year in advance.

Try not to buy food in the park as it's very expensive, You can buy a cheap cooler to keep in your trunk with drinks lunch meat fruits snacks. Yellowstone is huge, and if you have kids you will be glad you have food on hand. There are lots of pull offs with picnic tables and areas you can just have a picnic just remember to secure your food. Touch you are in grizzly country.

If you shop for T shirts and such the smaller shops in the Western towns are usually cheaper than the National Park lodges and stores. Also buy gas outside the park and fuel up the night before or early in the morning. There is so much free hiking and geysers and wildlife and just the beautiful scenery to see that doesn't cost anything except for your weekly pass into the park which is good for 7 days. You can also get day or weekly fishing license.

No matter how you decide to do it, it is an adventure of a lifetime. Truly an amazing place. Take lots of pictures and you will have lots of great memories.
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