10 Most Famous Places to Visit in USA

America can be a relatively young nation, but it has a diverse and complex history. Nature and progress coexist to perfection in United States. And so much so that this symbiosis has resulted in spectacular American landmarks and monuments erected by man, a symbol of unbridled progress. From trees and landscapes built in the last century to thousands of years old mythological monuments, there are wonderful places for tourists to visit in America.

Great places to visit in USA, including the prominent ones, are Washington DC, Boston, and New York.

The gorgeous and mysterious beaches of the Northwest like Oregon and Washington are like nothing else on earth. Even the East Coast has a couple of worthy spots, albeit with much smaller waves like Siasconset in Massachusetts and North Carolina’s Ocracoke. White sand, black sand, pink sand, normal sand, you’ll can literally find it all in America!

April can be nice but it can also snow 3 feet in one day. Even if it does not snow it will probably not be green but will be bleak with dead tree, cold weather, and no green grass. States like Massachusetts and places like New York City will have this problem the first 2 weeks of April for sure. Popular northern states like New York and Massachusetts typically clear up near the end of the month. So for your visit you need to start in the southern United States and then possibly work your way north.

most famous places in USA to visit

Among the famous landmarks in the world, here are some of the most famous landmarks in USA.

1. Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

The nation’s capital. If you are an American history nerd, there are a tons of things to see here. Plus, the downtown area is very nice and upscale. The Lincoln Memorial remains striking even after you have seen it on endless postcards, book readings to a scene in 'The Simpsons'. The monster statue encompassed by the expressions of the Gettysburg Address is an absolute must visit for any American needing to pay tribute to an extraordinary president.

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In this way, it becomes one of the places where the most beautiful snapshots are taken on the west coast of United States.

2. Carter House, Tennessee

There you can make a short stop in Franklin. Here take a break from the big cities to visit a small town in the south. Franklin is only about 20 miles from Nashville, but here the pace of life is definitely much slower. Before parking your rental car near the picturesque main street, where the boutiques and restaurants of the town are located, drive around and look at the beautiful Victorian houses in the area.

Franklin is perhaps most famous for being the site where in 1864 the Battle of Franklin was fought during the Civil War. The Carter House and Carnton Plantation has remains of that battle and contain original furniture of the time and a cemetery. Franklin is a place worth visiting, especially to slow down and drive with the windows open or the top down while savoring the true South.

Head north one more time on I-65, and in 30 minutes you'll reach Nashville, the music mecca.

3. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Drive the Columbia River Gorge and stop for a good long stroll at every feature including Crown Point, the Bonneville dam hatchery and fish ladder, and every waterfall, then getting a late lunch. For a full day’s visit, the Mt Hood scenic loop includes these and more.

4. Winged Deer Park, Tennessee

Winged Deer Park is located in the Johnson City area, which is also home to the luxurious Fairfield Inn & Suites Johnson City. Winged Deer Park is a pretty little spot with lots of lovely flowers, some fantastic views, and picturesque walking trails. It also has batting cages for those of you who like to combine pretty landscapes with something a little more active.

5. Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee

Reelfoot Lake in Samburg is the only considerable natural lake in Tennessee and what a lake it is! It was formed by a number of earthquakes that took place along the Madrid fault in the early 19th century, which made the Mississippi River flow backward and fill up empty land in Tennessee. It is home to a number of beautiful bald cypress trees, bald eagles and lots of excellent fishing opportunities.

6. Port Aransas

Are you going on a vacation to Port Aransas? Well, it is one of the most enjoyable places you choose to travel. Going on vacation to Port Aransas is one of the most enjoyable steps to travel. Port Aransas is the city of the northern part of Mustang Island. There are plenty of things to do and enjoy during your stay; the best part is that you will get the chance to stay in a beach front condo in Port Aransas.

This small town has a fascinating history of horses, vessels, and the sea turtle trade. Which you will be able to experience during your trip to Port Aransas. What is a vacation on an island without visiting a nearby beach? During your stay in Port Aransas, do not miss a clean and neat local beach with warm water and parking areas. As one of the most attractive of Port Aransas, you will enjoy the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy the waves, sand, and sun and capture this moment in a binocular or camera.

You can also enjoy classic watersports activities like parasailing, boating, cruise trip, and an excellent place for seafood. Spending your vacation on an island is a different experience, which brings some incredible wildlife sightings. Another famous Port Aransas attraction is to visit the Leona Bella Turnbull birding center. Once you visit this wildlife park, it will be one of the best ways to experience Port Aransas up close.

Port Aransas is a place full of activities for every type of traveler. We welcome you from museums to beaches and are not far from your luxury home rental.

7. Port Aransas Art Center

The art center is a call out for all the artists, aspiring artists, and general art lovers to pay a visit to the Port Aransas Art Centre, free of charge for all public. In addition, several events and exhibitions are conducted to advertise exceptional talent.

8. Port Aransas Museum

Are you an explorer? Or an interest in the histories of different places? At the Port Aransas Museum, you all will be able to experience its history and get a first-hand look at what made this island and what it is today. It was a joint venture by the Port Aransas Preservation and the Historical Association. Along with grants received from several commissions, the community also donated time, effort, capital, equipment, ideas, and most importantly, support to build it.

9. Devil's Tower

The devil's tower appears to the spectators as a large rock coming out of nowhere. What makes it so unusual is its practically flat surface and the singular vertical grooves on its side, so regular that the natives saw in them the scratches caused by a bear's paws.

Looking at it, it seems like it has always been there and apparently it doesn't seem possible to give an explanation as to how it was formed. After all, there is nothing around! In reality, there is an explanation and it is science that gives it to us. Before discovering it, look for it yourself by stopping to think about it for a minute.

Geologists have been studying it since the late 1800s and continue to research the details of its formation today. However, much of the Tower's geological history has been outlined.

About 60 million years ago, a column of molten magma was pushed through the overlying sedimentary rocks and cooled while still underground. As it cooled, it underwent a contraction which decreased its volume, fracturing it into several columns.

Over the course of millions of years, erosion did the rest, sweeping away the more friable layers of sedimentary rock, causing the devil's tower to emerge.

10. Stone Mountain State Park

The park is pretty and has a cute covered bridge and some other cool stuff but the dominant feature of the park is Stone Mountain. The mountain is a big lump of magma that slowly seeped out of the ground about 350 million years ago and solidified into granite and a few other igneous rocks thrown in for good measure.

Stone Mountain is technically know as a Pluton and the word comes from Pluto, the god of the underworld. It’s a thousand feet high and over five miles around at it’s base and just kind of sits there all my itself. It looks like one of those things that just isn’t suppose to be there.

It is just so impressive because it looks so different from anything else. The mountain looks like a enormous zit that came oozing out of the ground and that’s a good as description as any. You can take a tram to the top or better yet hike up the steep and rocky trial. There’s a little building at the top explaining the geological features and selling t-shirts and other trinkets.
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