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Winter is almost on its way out, so if you still want to bust out the skis and break into the comfy hug of warm coats and jackets, February is a good time to go for honeymoon in a romantic getaway, glamping sites in forests, cozy mountain lodges and more. February is the best month of the year to plan a trip to the world class snowy destinations before the spring sun reaches us and all the snow melts. Here in this travel blog are some best places to go for valentine's day staycation and plan a tour.

best places valentine

1. Gulmarg, Kashmir

Can't get enough of the snowy whiteness of the winters? Then head to Gulmarg India's very own answer to Switzerland! An ideal skiing destination thronged by celebrities, tourists and travelers from around the world, Gulmarg is the place to be in February for winter sports lovers.

It is one of the most popular skiing destinations around the world. You can book your stay at the famous Khyber Resort or other ski resorts and luxury hotels that offers stunning panoramic views of the snow covered valleys of the Himalayas and the vast Alpine forests. Enjoy your honeymoon with some with some champagne and chocolates.

2. Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh

At a distance of 13 km from Manali is the amazing Solang Valley. The sight of glaciers and snow capped mountains is fascinating. With incredible ski runs, this valley is perfect for skiing and other winter sports. In the summers, adventure enthusiasts can practice activities like paragliding, parachuting, horse riding and zorbing. If you have little time, you can book a direct flight from New Delhi to Kullu and then take a taxi to the Solang Valley.

3. Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

Munsiari, a small town in the picturesque Pithoragarh district, is a great attraction for trekkers, photographers, adventure sports lovers and peace seekers. The mesmerizing sight of sunrise and sunset in the mountains will surely rekindle your love.

Askot is a village in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. Askote is not only one of the pitstops as it moves towards the Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage, it is also home to one of the rare deer species. Askot is known for its Askot Musk Deer, which is a must see.

4. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

The home of the Taj Mahal, Agra in north India is the most visited place in India. It is quite cold in the winter months. A great time to enjoy winter weather around a city covered by a misty fog blanket in the early mornings, followed by cool, sunny mornings, chilly afternoons and cozy nights by the bonfire.

This is one of the best times to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World – The Taj Mahal, as the entire city celebrates their special celebration of the Taj Mahotsav. Dotted with several historical monuments the city is a mix of the old and new and has a unique blend of cultures. Here is an itinerary that cover 3 golden city- delhi agra jaipur tour. It’s a best way to explore agra with other cities in one trip.

5. Udaipur, Rajasthan

From world-renowned luxurious experiences to the hustle-bustle of the small city life, Udaipur will move you with its exotic charm. You can enjoy your stay to the maximum with an evening boat-ride in the Lake Pichola, fine-dining experience at a luxury hotel, etc. If luxury is not what you are looking for, you can still have a good time by exploring the natural landscape on foot, gorge on the local delicacies and shop your heart out in the city markets. You can then head from Udaipur to Chittorgarh fort.

6. Darjeeling, Bengal

Darjeeling is located in the border with Nepal, which in your guide Lonely Planet guide appears as West Bengal. The normal thing is that tourists (travelers, nomads or whatever you want to define) arrive in Darjeeling from Calcutta, Varanasi or Nepal. The 3 options have as base camp the same city of Siliguri. It is the place from where the jeep will take you to Darjeeling or the toy train that currently only goes to Ghum, first crossing the Batasia Loop where you can visit some Buddhist monasteries or gompas.

Chowrasta area is the upper part of the city since Darjeeling is on a hillside. This is where are all the movies are shot, backpackers, shops, cafes in the British colonial style and everything you need. The biggest tourist attraction in Darjeeling, apart from Kanchenjunga is Tea. If you want to treat yourself to a tea in the best hotel in Darjeeling for honeymoon, you can do it at the Mayfair or Windamere Hotel. It is a British colonial house converted into hotel with several rooms where tea is served with pasta, sandwiches and all the paraphernalia.

The Tiger Hill is located 11 km from Darjeeling to the south. From here you can see Everest, Janu, Lhotse and Makalu.

7. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho is one of the many cities in India. Why is the Khajuraho temple so popular? Why khajuraho temple was built? Why does the famous Lonely Planet guide recommend it? Why is it on all the tourist itineraries of those who visit India? Is it worth seeing the Kamasutra temples? What do we know about the khajuraho mandir? In history Khajuraho was the religious capital of the Chandela dynasty, far away and long ago.

The temples of love are inside a very well maintained green property which is why it is very enjoyable to visit them, take pictures and play to find certain characters within the infinite temple carvings. The Khajuraho sculptures represent scenes of the most varied from musicians, craftsmen, nymphs, mothers, children, lovers, etc.

Legend has it that one day Chandra (moon god) saw a young woman from the sky taking a bath in a lake and was fascinated by her beauty. The young woman was the daughter of a renowned priest from Varanasi. Before her beauty, Chandra decided to descend to earth in human form on a full moon night. In the face of mutual beauty none could resist.

That night they made love as only the gods do. From that union would be born a son, which would be a disgrace for life for the young Hemavati. Chandra consoles her by saying that this son would be a king, that he would create a dynasty and that it would fill her with glory. Months later Chandravarman was born, who was a powerful king and founded the Chandela dynasty.

It is not about the vulgar sculptures of the kamasutra as they are known. On the contrary, they only seek to reflect the daily life of that time. From Khajuraho there is a train that stops directly in Orchha without having to make a combination via Jhansi.

Orchha is a place little visited by tourists. It appears in the recommended travel guides to spend the day just for the architectural wealth. And there are few tourists who come to the city. Orchha owes its popularity to its past. It was the capital of the Bundella dynasty, so its few streets intersect between temples and palaces where gods and kings lived and now forgotten.

Although it is small, there is a lot of movement of people, mainly in the Ram Raja temple, next to the main square. There are two places that undoubtedly stand out above the rest. These are the Raj Mahal and the Jahangir Mahal. Chathurburj is a temple that dates from the ninth century, surrounded by colorful stalls selling tika.

8. Kutch, Gujarat

The district of Kutch is often known as the Far East of India. A unique destination in India, Kutch is the largest natural salt desert in the world situated in the state of Gujarat in India. The month of February is the best time to visit this unique landscape, as the popular Rann Utsav takes place around this time of the year. It is ideal for camping under a tent or entering a white horizon that offers some of the best sunsets in India.

An arid and nomadic place whose main attraction is known as Rann of Kutch, a clayey and salty desert located between the Gulf of Kutch and the mouth of the Indus River. A curious scenario that during the monsoon season is flooded to form different marshes that attract species of flamingos (inhabitants of the Great Rann of Kutch) and even donkeys (the Wild Ass Sanctuary of the Little Rann of Kutch).

Tourists from all over the world throng the place, so you might want to book your travel early in advance to get the best accommodations. Enjoy folk dances, performances, camel races, taste some of the best local cuisine and spend your day in frolic in the vast whiteness of the sandy ocean of the desert to truly discover yourself.

9. Lavasa

Are you and your partner looking for a place where you can get into some action by enjoying some adventure activities. Going for a short hike, savouring some delicious cuisine or just enjoying some privacy in the room from the height of a luxury hotel, Lavasa is simply the place to be. In Lavasa, there is something for each type of party. With lush miles landscapes, some of the best restaurants and bars in Maharashtra, glamorous Bollywood sites and the sun almost all year round, Lavasa is simply romantic and you will never get bored of this city.

10. Amboli, Maharashtra

Amboli is bestowed with best of beautiful waterfall, ancient temples and spectacular sunset and sunrise spots, which makes it one of the best places to visit for a romantic holiday. Due to its location in Sahyadri hills of western India, also known as the world famous Eco hot spot, Amboli is the breeding ground for flora and fauna. Waterfall of Nangartas, Hiranyakeshi, sea view, Mahadevgad and Kavlesaad point are among the attractions of Amboli. Here you will not find luxury hotels to stay, but a decent budget accommodation is easily available.

11. Panchgani, Maharashtra

The place could be quite crowded but the list of romantic places in Maharashtra is incomplete without mention of Panchgani. Nestled in the Sahyadri Mountains in the midst of lush trees, Panchgani has been the favorite refuge of visitors since the time of Britishers. And even today, the tinsel village remains full of people in a hurry of tourists.

Rajpuri caves, Parsi Point, Sydney Point and Table Top Mountain are some of the places in Panchgani, where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you have extra time at your disposal, make a point to visit Wai, a picturesque village, on the banks of the Krishna River, is known for its beautiful temples and ghats.

12. Chorla Ghat, Goa

Located at the tri-junction of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra, Chorla Ghat is a quiet vacation spot for those traveling India as a couple. Apart from its lush carpeted hills with the dark stem of the plant loaded with large buds that, what makes this place even more interesting is its unique blend of bio-diversity.

The Vajra waterfalls and Lasni Temb peak are two popular attractions in this region. Tourist can participate in jungle trekking, hiking and trekking. Couples can also go at night to the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary in the Swapnagandha Valley of Goa.

13. Nersa, Goa

Scenic romantic getaway closer to Goa, Nersa is unconventional ideal for a long trip with your loved ones. Enjoy bird watching and hiking through the thick foliage. Nersa is located in the Mahadayi valley and seems to be a delight for enthusiasts and wildlife birds. In addition, locals say that around 40 bat species have been seen in Nersa. From rocky escarpments to the undulating countryside, adventure lovers can find here a good variety of excursions such as Kongla Bhimgad, Abnali, Jamgoan and Dongargoan.

14. Coorg, Karnataka

Kodagu, also known as Coorg is an amazing place to visit during a romantic weekend. Scenic Coorg appeals to all romantics in the heart as much as it does to adventure. For lovers of adventure, there is no shortage of adventure activities. You can go for rock climbing, trekking and windsurfing.

The Nishani Motte Trek is a off the beaten track, perfect for those looking for an adventure experience. The top offers an incredible view of Brahmagiri and throughout the route you can admire the charm of the meadows and forests. For a different type of romantic experience, visit waterfalls such as the Abbey falls and Irupu falls. Other places to visit in Coorg are Nagarhole National Park, Namdroling Monastery, Burude Waterfalls, Tadiandamol Peak, Madikeri Fort.

During the trip, you will meet native women dressed in their traditional bright saris and men with long coats and a kind of wrap around. If you want a more emotionally charged adventure, rafting in the white waters of Coorg is a good option. You can also go for bird watching or trekking in its forests, or simply relax with a cup of coffee in one of its many picturesque tree houses.

Located in Coorg, Tadiandamol is the sixth highest peak in Karnataka. A combination of scenic beauty but not too strenuous, Tadiandamol is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to go trekking. In general, Tadiandamol offers enchanting views and at the same time does not demand much physically compared to walks like Kumara Parvatha, Mullayanagiri, Bababudangiri, etc., which makes it the perfect initiation trip for anyone who wants to take the trekking seriously.

15. Kuduremukh, Karnataka

For all those couples, whose idea of ​​a perfect romantic vacation is to soak in the beauty of nature and see wildlife nearby then you should consider a trip to Kudremukh. It is because of presence of the national park, this hill station cum mining town is quite famous among visitors. In addition, there are many options for trekking in the region. They are located in five sacred ponds of Naga Teertha, Amba Teertha, Rudra Teertha, Vasishtha Teertha, and Varaha Teertha. Kudremukh offers a fascinating view, lush jungles and solitary stations that cater almost exclusively to couples.

16. Hampi, Karnataka

It's hard not to feel love in Hampi. With its emblematic monuments (Badavai Linga, Achutaraya Temple, Hazara Rama temple), Islamic-style architecture, Hampi is practically built for lovers who are a bit inclined towards history. Because of its temples and large structures, some of which are in ruins, Hampi is even recognized as a world heritage site.

Here, couples can visit many places of interest such as Badavai Linga, Achutaraya Temple, Hazara Rama Temple, Krishna Temple, Vittala Temple, Chandramauleshwara Temple, Mosque of Sunni Muslims, Lotus Mahal, walked tank and Clock Tower. And all those who are yet to find love, then are guaranteed to meet beautiful people. On a romantic holiday to Hampi, a boat ride on Tungabhadra River is a test. Accommodation options are available at Hospet, which is barely 12 kilometers from Hampi.

Do you know the best way to go Hampi in train like the Maharajas express. Check the fare of maharajas express and book your journey from official website of the train and GSA Site.

17. Agumbe, Karnataka

The Cherrapunji of the South, Agumbe is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples. This impressive city is just 379 kilometers from Goa and attracts a number of tourists from all over the world for its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Agumbe is known mainly for its dense forests, therefore, it is often associated with the conservation of forests and medicinal plants.

On the other hand, it is due to its unique topography and adequate temperatures that the region is the breeding ground of King Cobra, the world's longest poisonous snake. Agumbe Rainforest Research Station is one of its kind in the country. Sunset points, Kunchikal Falls, Barkana Falls, Gopalakrishna Temple are the main options in Agumbe.

18. Shimoga, Karnataka

When it comes to deal going for a romantic vacation and honeymoons, there is no better place than a hill station. And when it comes to the hill stations there is nothing better than Shimoga. With varied landscapes and attractive. This impressive hill station getaway has something to offer for everyone! In impressive Shimoga, you can visit the high and mighty Jog falls and jungles of Agumbe.

Make the canoe ride in the Honnemaradu and go bird watching tour to birds of Gudavi. Together with Shimoga, you should also visit a small village, Sigandur. Just 63 kilometers from Shimoga, Sigandur is Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple, which attracts a good number of tourists because of its religious importance.

19. Dandeli, Karnataka

A popular refuge for nature lovers and adventure buffs, Dandeli is just 103 kilometers from Goa. For all couples interested in adventure, go on a safari tour and rapids. Tourists can enjoy birds and fishing. Many camps in Dandeli organizes activities such as night camps, hiking, canoeing, bird watching, tiger and crocodile spots and fishing, picnics, ecotourism and excursions to nearby caves and temples.

20. Shravanabelagola, Karnataka

For a different kind of romantic experience, you can consider a trip to Shravanabelagola, which is known for high and imposing 2300 year old monolith statue of Bahubali, fist Jain Tirthankara, who is 58 feet tall, 26 feet wide and 10 feet long. Located in the middle of the two hills, Vindhyagiri and Chandragiri, Shravanabelagola is a picturesque city in the Hassan region. The city attracts millions of tourists from different corners of the world during the Mahamastakabhisheka festival, which is held once every 12 years.

21. Bijapur, Karnataka

What if you spend your romantic vacation with your partners in the historical heritage, against the backdrop for a romantic getaway? Well, such a beautiful background is what you can expect from Bijapur, also known as Vijaypura or the city of Victoria. Among the most popular places to visit in Karnataka, Bijapur is known for its historical remains such as Gol Gumbaz, Archaeological Museum, Ibrahim Rauza, King Edward VII Memorial, Chand Bawdi and many more places.

22. Yellapur, Karnataka

Cool wind folds the cheeks. Leafy trees dancing in rhythm of the breeze. Yellapur offers a completely different experience. Pure pure, natural fun. Yellapur is a perfect romantic image escape for the avid photographer and a devout worshiper of nature. An ultimate romantic destination, Yellapur is perfect for those seeking serenity at an altitude of 1774 feet! Weekends in Yellapur tend to be less crowded, so if you are looking for privacy it is a perfect place to be. Take a visit to the waterfalls in the area such as Sathodi Falls and Magod Falls and Jenukallu Gudda.

23. Thekkady, Kerala

An ideal winter destination in India surrounded by numerous lagoons that are interconnected with large lakes, rivers and canals that run along the Arabian Sea. If rich wildlife and lush greenery is your calling when vacationing, Thekkady in the rolling hills of Western Ghats is a must visit spot for you.

There are sprawling spice gardens and glistening backwaters. You can hear the chirps of migratory birds and witness the winter flowers in bloom. February is one of the best months to visit Thekkady in Kerala for nature-lovers and wildlife enthusiasts around the world.

Board the House Boat (Kettuvalam). This type of boathouse in Kerala, traditionally a barge to transport rice, is today specially arranged to spend a pleasant cruise. Discover the lives of locals at the edge of Kerala's backwaters, visit the villages or churches that line the canals and rivers and enjoy typical Kerala dishes with sweet spices. In the evening, enjoy a kathakali dance show.

24. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Dive into the crystal blue waters found around the remote volcanic island of Narcondam and watch exotic undersea creatures. Be alert and you never know you could spot a Narcondam Hornbill up close and shoals of Parrotfish Darting under the refreshing sea water.

25. Maldives

Male is the capital of Maldives. Farukolhufushi is an oval island that has an interior lagoon surrounded by impressive vegetation. It is the second largest island of the archipelago and has a diving school of great prestige and with more than 130 bungalows. Of small size, Ihuru has as its main attractions its vegetation and its coral barrier near the beach. The accommodations are arranged in 16 bungalows that are located between coconut trees.

Vabbinfaru stands out for its typical Maldivian vegetation that is in a virgin state. It is also a small island. Bandos has a famous diving school and one of the best hotels in the country. Kudahiti island is one of the quietest and is characterized by being the most exclusive and also the most expensive.

Rihiveli is considered one of the most beautiful islands and also the most welcoming, having managed to preserve the Maldivian lifestyle. Highlights the lagoon of large dimensions in which you can practice water sports. The accommodations on Cocoa island follow the Maldivian style with coral stone houses and palm leaf roofs. It is one of the smallest and has a lagoon and exuberant vegetation.

Villivaru is an island with modern fittings. The vegetation is leafy and is composed of coconut trees and bougainvillea. Embudhu finolhu has an elongated turquoise lagoon. Their bungalows are built on the sea and have the shape of stilt houses. Your beach is very beautiful.

February is also a month for festivals like the chinese new year and mardi gras. Some of the best places to visit in february for honeymoon are the caribbean island, the big apple in the east coast or among unesco world heritage site and cobblestone streets in Europe or a national park near san francisco.
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India is such a beautiful place! I would love to visit all of these places one day.

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they all sound good. I have promised an Indian friend I met in Malaysia that I will visit her one day. She said she will show me around because she is worried because of my love for traveling alone. I hope that it will be this year if not for the Valentines.

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From your list I have only been to Agra and I really liked it. The Agra Fort is so beautiful and the entire city has so many love inspired stories, from the Taj Mahal to the Baby Taj.

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What an interesting list of places for Valentine’s Day. I’m definitely going to add Gulmarg to my bucket list. My husband would love skiing there.

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I love India so much that I am planning to visit the country next year! I have a friend who lives in India so it will be a lot easier for me to travel! - Cez Dela Cruz

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It would be fun to travel for Valentine's Day. So nice to just get away and reconnect. I am not familiar with any of these places but they all sound like great options.

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I love India and been to Gulmarg in the winter, I didnt try out the skiing but did travel with the gondola and also the human sledge. Not sure if they still have the human sledge these day. Pretty amazing memory that I had.

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So many great spot to love in I.dia. I have never been there but I always wanted to visit.

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Never realized how rich the history of India is until I started studying About it last year. It has definitely gotten a spot on my list of places to visit! This article really helps narrow places within the country down.

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Never been to India. But they all sound like great places to visit on vacation

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I had the opportunity to visit delhi few years back but never visited any of this awesome place. Thanks for sharing

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