10 Best Places to Visit in February

Everyone's favourite holiday is about to make an appearance. That's right. Valentine's Day is around the corner - and whether you want to celebrate with your partner, un-valentine with your friends and family, or fly solo, we're here to help you out! Valentine's Day is synonymous with romanticism and traveling is one of the best ways to celebrate love.

But more and more couples leave a single pattern and love is understood in many different ways. February is the best month of the year to plan a trip to the world class snowy destinations before the spring sun reaches us and all the snow melts.

Winter is almost on its way out, so if you still want to bust out the skis and break into the comfy hug of warm coats and jackets, February is a good time to go for honeymoon in a romantic getaway, glamping sites in forests, cozy mountain lodges and more. February is also a month for festivals like the Chinese new year and mardi gras.

Huge carnivals can be enjoyed many places in Venice, Italy, in Rio de Janeiro or Manaus, Brazil, or if you’re looking for something cheaper, the Canary Islands. Some of the best places to visit in February for honeymoon are the Caribbean island, the big apple in the east coast or among UNESCO world heritage site and cobblestone streets in Europe or a national park near San Francisco.

If you're looking for some travel destination, then might I suggest you go somewhere a little bit...different. To me, it feels like most travelers all go to the same selection of places. I've lost count of how many people on my Instagram feed are in Australia, Thailand, Bali, Paris, etc. There's nothing wrong with these destinations - they must be excellent if everyone’s going there - but it's nice to have an experience that feels brand new.

So, why don't you consider a few of the lesser-known travel destinations - the hidden gems of the world! The earth is a massive place, which means you can uncover some underappreciated locations with ease.

Sorting through memories around the globe - the mountains of New Zealand, Montenegro, and Switzerland, the remote regions of Argentina, China, and Peru, the oceanfront of northern Norway, southern Chile, and Lord Howe Island, and the exotic aura of India, Brazil, and Egypt - all of this is so diverse and unique and worthwhile. It’s so unfathomable to reduce the planet to only a few of the world’s highlights.

Best Places to Travel in February for Valentines day

Here in this travel blog are some best places to go for valentine's day staycation and plan a tour.

1. Shikoku, Japan

This is seldom on people’s recommendations. The ocean is beautiful, the mountains are beautiful, the valleys are beautiful, the temples are beautiful: so, yeah, that’s kind of the theme in Shikoku. If you want to stay at a traditional Japanese Ryokan, Shikoku is the place. The ones in Iya Valley also have hot springs.

In the winter time, you can sit in a hot spring a the top of a snow covered mountain and feel like you’re in a poem. In the summer, the valley’s have rivers and you can go cliff diving into deep, fresh, pools: amaze-balls. Kochi is a small city at the southern end of Shikoku, which is worth visiting by itself. The drive down through the gorge from Takamatsu is spectacular. Kochi is famous for its surfing and you can also go whale watching.

2. Osaka, Japan

Osaka has several rivers crisscrossing it, the most famous one of which would be the one cutting through the Dotonbori district. It’s also possible to go on boat sightseeing trips on these rivers. Check out shinsaibashi, ame-mura and the dotonbori at night: this is what a party looks like and you should see it at least once. Tokyo has places to party, Osaka IS a party.

Nara is beautiful and is by Osaka and Kyoto.

3. Sandwich Harbour, Namibia

This is one of the most majestic places you’ll see in the world. The massive sand dunes of the Namib Desert are juxtaposed against the mighty South Atlantic Ocean. in one of the planet’s most surreal scenes. Lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, black rhinos, and oryx are among hundreds of species that roam the barren landscape, even the coastline itself. The endless stretch of crashing waves and lunarlike topography without the intrusion of resorts and high-rises is simply stellar.

4. Ushuaia, Argentina

Within close proximity to Patagonia, one of the most devastatingly beautiful places on this planet, Ushuaia welcomes visitors to the bottom of the world with its quirky buildings set against huge mountains.

5. Nile, Egypt

Go cruising on the Nile in Egypt. The temperatures should actually be quite pleasant this time of the year, and the sights along the river are timeless.

6. Tehran, Iran

If you plan to travel to Iran, it is very possible that Tehran will become your gateway to the country. Despite being less spectacular than Isfahan, Shiraz or Persepolis, the capital of the country also has its charms. You cannot miss the Tabiat bridge. In Tehran there are two towers that are iconic like the Azadi tower and the Milad tower.

It has an octagonal base that symbolizes traditional Persian architecture and has two panoramic observatories, one exterior and one interior. In addition to telecommunications facilities, it has a luxury restaurant and an art gallery. The entire complex has a congress center, a hotel, a shopping center and a business center.

7. Ljubljana, Slovenia

A lot of you would have been mesmerized looking at a picture of Lake Bled sometime or the other! It’s a dreamy and picturesque landscape like no other, after all! Lake Bled is an hour or so by train or bus, and it is one of the typical excursions from Ljubljana. And Lake Bled is just a 46 minute drive from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana!

In addition to that, Ljubljana offers so much more too! It has the best in architecture, some very interesting wine options, and brilliant weather during spring too! One of the typical products in Ljubljana are the Cevapcici, which are rolls of minced meat with many spices, and you will find them by many restaurants in the city. Do not fail to try Slovenia's wide range of craft beers, called Slovenian Pivo.

When the sun falls behind the hills surrounding Ljubljana and the lights of the streetlights dimly illuminate the city, you will cross the dragon bridge over the Ljubljanica River in search of the secret of the attractiveness of the old city, among its cobbled streets, under the castle that rises imposing over the city.

When you turn each corner it will seem that you have traveled in time to medieval times, and maybe you feel the magic that surrounds this wonderful city with the name of a woman, and that houses legends and mysteries in every corner. Located in the center of Slovenia, Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful small cities in Europe.

It is pure romanticism, and despite (or thanks to) being less well known, it has not yet been devoured by mass tourism and retains a wonderful essence. Stroll along the two banks of the river, crossing its historic bridges, from the mythical Dragon Bridge to the Zoisova Bridge. Its warm terraces are always full of people enjoying a beer while playing background music, either from an urban musician or from Some DJ from a bar.

Get lost in its streets, climb up to Tivoli Park, walk down the Castle Hill or sit in a square to watch life go by. Metelkova is a kind of Christiania in Copenhagen, but without having its charm or size. It was an old military barracks in the former Yugoslavia, now converted into an area where alternative artists create art in the form of graffiti, music or any other artistic expression.

The coast of the Adriatic Sea of Slovenia is not well known, but if you have time you can not miss the chance to visit one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Europe: Piran, as well as its neighbors Koper, Izola or Portoroz.

The urban parts of the country also have a lot of green places. Therefore it is not a surprise that the country's capital received a title, the greenest capital of Europe. There are many places worth visiting in Slovenia. However in this article we will only cover the topic of outdoor sports in the west part of Slovenia, or canyoning Soca in Bovec area, to be more specific.

Slovene cuisine is very diverse, influenced by German, Italian, Hungarian and Balkan cuisine, since parts of the country were, during centuries, also parts of or in the neighborhood of all those countries and regions. And during those centuries lots of dishes (mostly of Austrian/German and Italian origin) gradually became consistent part of our, Slovenian cuisine, with some local and authentic modifications or inventions.

But still there are some unique Slovenian dishes. So yes, cross this city of your bucket list already!

8. Hiroshima, Japan

See the war memorial and see the “genbakku dome” at night. Miyajima is an island off of Hiroshima and it gorgeous. There’s a gondola you can take to the top of the mountain there and a really epic walk down back to the town. This is WAY better than Mt Fuji. You can also be adventurous and walk UP the mountain: it takes about 4-5 hours (bring water if you do this).

9. Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, Chile

Adventurous couples should consider taking a trip to the Patagonian forest in Chile where they will have one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day. The Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve offers various activities such as kayaking, rafting and mountain biking if that is something you are into but you can also go horse riding, fly fishing and sailing.

The great thing here is that there are many ways to experience this area, such as sleeping beneath a waterfall in the egg-shaped Hotel MontaƱa Magica where the rooms look like wooden cabins.

Then, you can also sleep in pods among the trees in the Canopy Village which will allow you to get closer to the birds and give you a unique view of the local wildlife. Moreover, the Nothofagus Hotel & Spa is something that will truly take your breath away and make you feel like you are inside a tree. For some romantic alone time, you can ride a cable car or take a dip in the hot springs.

While this is in no way an exhaustive list, but these are some of the best places to travel in February for those who love the cold winter breeze. February is here, so get packing and to explore your favorite winter destinations!
Kalyan Panja