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When most people think of RV travel the word exotic does not come to mind. This is unfortunate because RV travel is by far the best way to travel in a van or a house on wheel to remote and often at times exotic travel destinations whether in spring or summer. In fact, there are many such locations where RV travel is the best way to go to the most exotic vacation destinations and still have access to the comforts of civilized life.

Does escaping the crowds in a beautiful, remote location that is a 45 minutes walk away from civilisation sounds like your kind of adventure? If so, you're in for a treat. Living off-the-grid can be an incredibly relaxing and humbling experience. On this trip you'll stay in beautiful cottages without electricity (only basic lights), with an intimate fresh water source and pond to cool down. All of your cooking and heating needs will be met by a cozy wood fired oven.

Other than being surrounded by natures untouched beauty, what else is there for you to do? Well, relax and take it all in of course! There is a beautiful garden with a lush flowing creek flowing through the property - the back drop to a perfect reading spot if you ask us. Exploring breathtaking hiking trails and learning to cook local dishes in a wood fired oven to maximise your off-the-grid experience.

So if digital detox is your thing, and being away from your buzzing phone and laptop sounds like the right way to unwind and recharge your battery, let us know.

best rv trip routes vacation destinations

Here in this blog are some of the best RV trips that families can plan today with RV tips for first long trip.

1. Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Glacier National Park is home to the Rocky Mountains, some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery in the US. This remote location was described in the movie Forrest Gump as he recounted the experience of the beauty of the clear mountain lakes as he ran down the Going to the Sun Road.

The open road itself was built between 1921 and 1932 and traverses the park from Apgar village on the west end to St Mary's lake, where the Forrest Gump footage was shot, on the east side. Much of it is carved right out of the granite face of the mountains and it provides amazing views of the remote mountainous regions of the park. It is often referred to as the Alps of the United States.

Glacier National Park and the surrounding national forests make up a vast wilderness area that would take a lifetime to explore. In addition to traveling the Going to the Sun Road there are opportunities for boating, fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking and whitewater rafting.

The neighboring town of Whitefish, MT is a great place to visit with a clean, welcoming native american town center and plenty of dining and entertainment options to choose from.

RVing here is easy. There are RV sites available on the east and west end of the parks, with the west side having the greatest selection and access to more local resources. There are also numerous campsites available in the park with Apgar Village being the largest area.

The incredible thing is this is a great jump off location for other amazing locations nearby while traveling America. You can choose to head over to the Pacific Northwest for vast stunning coastline and rainforest along the Columbia river, or you can head south to Yellowstone National Park for a look at the immense power of Old Faithful.

2. Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon, USA

Travel with van down the iconic Route 66 to the Grand Canyon. Most RVers would consider this route to be a must visit place and exotic in its own right with its prestigious position as the Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. However, most people also go there, stand on the edge of a roadside on a viewing platform, let out a few oohs and ahs and then leave.

There is so much more to the Grand Canyon that most visitors never experience. One of the best cases in point is Havasu falls. Havasu falls is a waterfall that pours over a deep red cliffside into a deep blue pool and it is absolutely stunning to see. It is lightly visited for a couple of reasons. First it is located on Havasupai tribal land which controls access through a permitting system. Find everything you need to know in order to get Havasupai reservations!

Next, getting there requires a 10 mile hike each way from the nearest access point, or the help of a helicopter which can fly you in and land you nearby. Most trips to see the falls involve hiking back and camping in the wild at a nearby primitive campground, then hiking back out the next day. If you want to visit a truly exotic location while in the Grand Canyon region, this is the place to go.

Afterwards, take a side trip to explore city life. Just a hop, skip and a jump away is Las Vegas, world renowned destination for nightlife and entertainment. Take out your party outfit or head a little further west to Ventura, a coastal city, northwest of Los Angeles. Among the things to do, southern California offers a lot. Go for a tour of Hollywood, Disneyland or Sunset Cliffs in San Diego and enjoy some amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.

3. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is home to Plitvice Falls which is listed as one of the seven natural wonders of Croatia. This area contains 16 sapphire blue, crystal clear lakes which are terraced relative to each other. Water cascades down the terraces between the lakes, creating one of the most breathtaking Croatian waterfall landscapes in the world.

There are several campgrounds around the park where caravaners can stay. These areas range from small inexpensive campgrounds to larger higher end state parks. This exotic area should be high on any RVers bucket list of places to see. The best time to visit Croatia is during May to June and September to October during the yacht week.

4. The Australian Outback

The Australian outback is a truly exotic location which is one of those places that almost requires a RV to visit. The shortest trip across is a 39-hour drive along the north/south route between Darwin and Adelaide, with Alice Springs falling at about the halfway mark. In Darwin visit the Kakadu National Park, World Heritage Site. For anyone exploring the Northern Territory during their stay in Australia, it is a must-visit place.

South of the majestic Kakadu, the Nitmiluk houses magnificent waterfalls and gorges of the Katherine River. In Litchfield we can visit the Katherine canyon and the aboriginal communities of the Arnhem Land islands and the Tiwi islands. This trip allows for the true outback experience and passes near Uluru, or Ayers Rock, which is accessible as a short side trip, Kings Canyon, Tennant Creek and the Devil's Marbles.

The outback is largely very remote and can be an unforgiving place so make sure you prepare properly. If the RV road trip across the Outback wasn't enough, Melbourne is only a day's drive from Adelaide and Sydney is another day from Melbourne. Both are world class cities and offer attractions for everyone and has some of the best places to visit in Australia on a road trip.

5. East Coast USA

Traveling the east coast of the USA is a trip through history. Starting in Cape Cod, one of the favorite RV destinations, the New England experience and the flavor and culture of the Atlantic Ocean is quite tantalizing. Among the things to do, enjoy rich clam chowder as you watch the waves roll in Martha's Vineyard. From there stop in New York City for something completely different, park the RV for the day, take the subway and explore like a local.

The exotic sights and sounds of the city, will be traded for a lesson in history as Washington DC is the next stop. There is so much to see and do, but the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument are an awe-inspiring sight to behold. The entire west coast in USA is full of unique stops and historical places.

The country of the United States was born and shaped along this trail. Reaching Florida, you can choose to stay near the theme parks and cities or check out Downtown Hollywood or the beautiful beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Coast, and Florida Keys.

6. New Zealand

The North and South Islands of New Zealand are both outstanding exotic locations for an RV trip to travel New Zealand. RVing is extremely popular with the locals, which makes obtaining a rental RV an easy process. The South Island is larger and is known for its mountains and rocky fjord like coastline.

Either island offers excellent RV infrastructure and will make a great choice for a unique exotic vacation while visiting New Zealand for honeymoon. This is one of the very popular RV vacation destinations in summer.

Christchurch promises an eclectic combination of historical elegance and contemporary culture as the most English city outside of England. As an entrance to the South Island, it is an essential stop on any itinerary. An unmissable activity is to take the famous TranzAlpine train that will take you through the Southern Alps and through thick masses of native beech forest.

Akaroa is the crater of an extinct volcano. Akaroa offers countless activities, but perhaps the most remarkable is swimming with Hector dolphins. This species of dolphin is one of the smallest and rarest of the world. Unfortunately they are almost on the verge of extinction. Northwest of Christchurch, is Hanmer Springs, a small alpine village that has hot springs.

Kaikoura is located on the east coast of the South Island, 180 kilometers north of the city of Christchurch. At the southern end of the city is the Kaikoura Peninsula, which, when entering the sea, causes marine currents to drag abundant animal life from the nearby Hikurangi Trench.

Due to the proximity of this pit and the abundance of food, Kaikoura is the ideal place to spot sperm whales, Dusky dolphins, sea lions, albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters. Kaikoura has a dark history as the whaling capital of New Zealand. However, today, Kaikoura is known for its amazing eco-tour boasting one of New Zealand finest marine wildlife and proudly protecting them and the ecosystems.

Also, take the path that will take you to the viewpoint of Mount Fyffe. Located on the west coast of the South Island, the Franz Josef and Fox glaciers are the only ones that descend from the Southern Alps. They are two of the most accessible glaciers in the world. Scenic flights are the best alternative to take an image that you can hardly forget among things to do on the South Island.

The fjord is home to penguins, sea lions and dolphins that can be seen regularly during sailing. It is also possible to meet whales. You can also include a visit to the underwater observatory. Here you can observe part of the fauna that inhabits the fjord and admire coral formations that in general can only be seen offshore. If the alpine road you came by road seemed beautiful, try to crown this experience with a helicopter or plane on return.

Milford Sound is a fjord located in the southwest of the South Island and within the Fiordland National Park. Located 300 km from Queenstown, it is a destination worth visiting. It has been rated as one of the best tourist destinations and called the Eighth Wonder of the World. This fantastic and beautiful fjord stretches for 15 kilometers from the Tasman Sea to the interior of the South Island. There are two permanent waterfalls called Lady Bowen and Stirling.

Aoraki or Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand. At night, the view of the sky from the area offers one of the clearest views in the world.

30 km from Omaru and 85 km north of Dunedin, the wonderful Moeraki Boulders or Moeraki rocks are scattered on the beach. On this deserted New Zealand beach you can see these strange and giant stones formed 65 million years ago. The Marlborough region is also famous for its vineyards, highlighted and awarded worldwide for the Sauvignon Blanc variety.

Invercargill is at the southern tip of the South Island and one of the southernmost in the world. Invercargill is the starting point to visit the port city of Bluff popularly known for its oysters. This is the settlement located further south on the South Island. From Bluff you can take the ferry to Stewart Island.

Half Moon Bay is the only settlement on Stewart Island, the third largest island in New Zealand. It is a fishing village that works as a base for those who make excursions and observe dark shearwaters, albatrosses, capensis datings and different types of penguins. While touring the interior of the island, you will be able to see and hear the Maori Bellbird, the Tui, the fantail, the kaka and many more. From Half Moon Bay, you can jump on the trails of Rakiura National Park.

Whether you are looking for a new experience across the world, or you want to find the exotic a little closer to home, traveling by RV offers flexibility. If you want to find the unexpected, there is no better way than to pack up your RV or rent one and head out on an unforgettable trip. So get out there and explore some exotic RV traveling with these tips for long RV trips.
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  1. These are some wonderful destinations. I have been to the Plitvice lakes, they're absolutely stunning <3
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  2. For me, New Zealand has always been a place I've wanted to traverse. It looks like such an incredibly beautiful environment to explore.

  3. I am not a traveler, and am much more of a home body, but I love reading about other places.

  4. My husband would LOVE to rent an RV and go cross country and visit all these places with me and our son. And who knows, in the future, we may just do that!

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  6. I have never traveled in RV. Sounds like a cool idea and so many great places.

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  13. New Zealand would definitely be a unique one! My husbands grandparents have an RV and travel all the time!

  14. I love to travel so much. Those are definitely a nice destinations to visit. Hope will visit soon.

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