8 Exotic RV Vacation Destinations

When most people think of RV travel the word exotic does not come to mind. This is unfortunate because RV travel is by far the best way to travel in a van or a house on wheel to remote and often at times exotic travel destinations whether in spring or summer. In fact, there are many such locations where RV travel is the best way to go to the most exotic vacation destinations and still have access to the comforts of civilized life.

Majority of the modern folks would prefer cities over the country and nobody can say that they are wrong to have that preference. The charm and the appeal of a city is unlike that of the country. The things and facilities a city can provide, a country may never be able to. The advancements found in the cities could never be matched by the country.

However, when it comes to vacation time, almost 80% of the city people want to spend that time in the country. Why do you think that is? The country side is far more scenic than any city in the world. The lush green valleys and the snow-capped mountains would always trump the skyscrapers in appeal. The serenity found in the country brings a kind of inner peace that a city may never be able to.

So yes, both the cities and the country have a magnetism of their own. The first thing to do on any visit or trip is to put your life back at home on hold. You came on the vacation to get a reprieve and you would only get that once to part with the worries and stresses of home.

Does escaping the crowds in a beautiful, remote location that is a 45 minutes walk away from civilisation sounds like your kind of adventure? If so, you're in for a treat. Living off-the-grid can be an incredibly relaxing and humbling experience. On this trip you'll stay in beautiful cottages without electricity (only basic lights), with an intimate fresh water source and pond to cool down. All of your cooking and heating needs will be met by a cozy wood fired oven.

Other than being surrounded by natures untouched beauty, what else is there for you to do? Well, relax and take it all in of course! There is a beautiful garden with a lush flowing creek flowing through the property - the back drop to a perfect reading spot if you ask us. Exploring breathtaking hiking trails and learning to cook local dishes in a wood fired oven to maximise your off-the-grid experience.

So if digital detox is your thing, and being away from your buzzing phone and laptop sounds like the right way to unwind and recharge your battery, let us know. If you have a love for travel and camping, now is the time to plan an RV vacation. With so many amazing parks and places to see, it will be easy to plan a trip.

Here in this blog are some of the best RV trips that families can plan today with RV tips for first long trip.

1. Route 66, USA

Travel with van down the iconic Route 66 to the Grand Canyon. Most RVers would consider this route to be a must visit place and exotic in its own right with its prestigious position as the Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. However, most people also go there, stand on the edge of a roadside on a viewing platform, let out a few oohs and ahs and then leave.

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Afterwards, take a side trip to explore city life. Just a hop, skip and a jump away is Las Vegas, world renowned destination for nightlife and entertainment. Take out your party outfit or head a little further west to Ventura, a coastal city, northwest of Los Angeles. Among the things to do, southern California offers a lot. Go for a tour of Hollywood, Disneyland or Sunset Cliffs in San Diego and enjoy some amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.

2. Key West, Florida, USA

One of the first places you should consider visiting is Key West Campground. Here you will have the warmth of the Florida sunshine and plenty of warm beaches. Key West is the place to relax, fish, and have lots of family fun. You might even try your hand at snorkeling.

3. Fort Wilderness, Florida, USA

If your family loves Disney, consider heading to Disney’s Fort Wilderness. Spend a day at a Disney amusement park, then head back to camp to rest and relax. These are fully-equipped campsites so you feel like you are camping in luxury. Plus, they are perfect for large groups as ample space is provided within each site.

Canoeing, archery, and many other sports and activities are offered to keep you busy in nature. With a pine and cypress forest, plenty of animals, such as deer, ducks, and armadillos run wild.

4. Sea Islands, USA

This is located along the Georgia and South Carolina coastlines. Spend the day lounging on the beaches, or stroll along the many historical districts. It is simply a gorgeous place to visit.

5. Plitvice Falls, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is home to Plitvice Falls which is listed as one of the seven natural wonders of Croatia. This area contains 16 sapphire blue, crystal clear lakes which are terraced relative to each other. Water cascades down the terraces between the lakes, creating one of the most breathtaking Croatian waterfall landscapes in the world.

There are several campgrounds around the park where caravaners can stay. These areas range from small inexpensive campgrounds to larger higher end state parks. This exotic area should be high on any RVers bucket list of places to see. The best time to visit Croatia is during May to June and September to October during the yacht week.

6. The Australian Outback

The Australian outback is a truly exotic location which is one of those places that almost requires a RV to visit. The shortest trip across is a 39-hour drive along the north/south route between Darwin and Adelaide, with Alice Springs falling at about the halfway mark. In Darwin visit the Kakadu National Park, World Heritage Site. For anyone exploring the Northern Territory during their stay in Australia, it is a must-visit place.

South of the majestic Kakadu, the Nitmiluk houses magnificent waterfalls and gorges of the Katherine River. In Litchfield we can visit the Katherine canyon and the aboriginal communities of the Arnhem Land islands and the Tiwi islands. This trip allows for the true outback experience and passes near Uluru, or Ayers Rock, which is accessible as a short side trip, Kings Canyon, Tennant Creek and the Devil's Marbles.

Tennant Creek sits on the Stuart Highway about 500 kilometres north of Alice Springs and just south of the crossroads for the Barkly Highway which is the only direct two-wheel-drive route between the Northern Territory and the Queensland's east coast. It’s not far from the Devils Marbles though!

The outback is largely very remote and can be an unforgiving place so make sure you prepare properly. If the RV road trip across the Outback wasn't enough, Melbourne is only a day's drive from Adelaide and Sydney is another day from Melbourne. Both are world class cities and offer attractions for everyone and has some of the best places to visit in Australia on a road trip.

7. Gruinard Bay, Scotland

Venture two hundred miles northwest of Edinburgh, and you’ll find yourself at Gruinard Bay. The area is home to a number of settlements, including the hamlet of Mellon Udrigle, whose claim to fame is having a Pictish hut circle, charmingly situated near a caravan park. When you head out into the waters though, you won’t have to travel far before you reach Gruinard Island, more darkly known as the Island of Death.

8. Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

The North and South Islands of New Zealand are both outstanding exotic locations for an RV trip to travel New Zealand. RVing is extremely popular with the locals, which makes obtaining a rental RV an easy process. The South Island is larger and is known for its mountains and rocky fjord like coastline.

Either island offers excellent RV infrastructure and will make a great choice for a unique exotic vacation while visiting New Zealand for honeymoon. This is one of the very popular RV vacation destinations in summer.

The road approaches from the southeast with views of the mountain range running north-south. The road stabs into the mountains along Lake Pukaki and then terminates at Mount Cook Lodge. Alternatively, you can see the Mount Cook Range from the west coast of South island, but with only limited and occasional views of the high mountain ridge tops from places like Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier.

Whether you are looking for a new experience across the world, or you want to find the exotic a little closer to home, traveling by RV offers flexibility. If you want to find the unexpected, there is no better way than to pack up your RV or rent one and head out on an unforgettable trip. So get out there and explore some exotic RV traveling with these tips for long RV trips.
Kalyan Panja