A Weekend Trip to Pondicherry with Friends

Our heart always longs for the Friday to arrive as soon as possible, isn't it? After working for the entire long week everyone of us wishes for a peaceful weekend. Well, what exactly to do in these weekends? Ever thought of that?

Before you tell me that you spent most of the time sleeping, listening to music etc etc I already feel pity for you guys. Like how can you not consider traveling? How can you choose to stay at home after sitting hours and hours in front of the laptop for the entire week?

I know there are many people out there who doesn't entertain socializing that much, but there's no harm in going for solo trips right? So, next time keep that in mind and plan a short trip. Planning a trip with your friends or your special one for a couple of days can turn out to be so amazing.

Going to various places, gathering memories, gaining experiences and being an active participant of your own adventurous life turns out to be very productive. And once you start traveling you will definitely get addicted to it.

how to plan a weekend getaway with friends

I would like to share an experience with you guys of a weekend trip to Pondicherry. The photos are taken by a person who is a true inspiration for all the travelers out there. He is a biker, a traveler, a stunt freak with an adventurous soul. He rode to Pondicherry from Bangalore in five hours and had an amazing experience ahead.

Like he said it was his solo trip and definitely not his first one. Since the journey doesn't consume too much time you can easily reach there by Saturday early morning if you leave by Friday night. He had a one night stay there and again returned by Sunday evening.

For all we know from people visited Pondicherry is that the place is mainly famous for French quarters, blue waters, bicycle tours and cheap alcohol. So, if you are looking for a trip with your friends this is one of the best place to enjoy.

how to plan a weekend getaway with friends

This is what I was talking about that always go for places that won't consume much time on traveling so that you can spend most of the time in your destination. So, how to plan a weekend getaway with friends? When you are planning a weekend trip there is certain things you need to take in account and plan accordingly.

So, here are few tips to enjoy the weekends at its best.

1. Don't go for a place way too far from your home that you end up spending the entire weekend going and coming back. Do a research, take some time and find a perfect place not too far from your home. Somewhere that you haven't yet visited has many mysteries to unfold than a detective novel.

2. Since you are going for a weekend trip leave as early as possible because you have two and a half days at maximum. If you can leave early in Friday you can spend most of the time exploring the place and doing many adventurous activities. The type of activities definitely varies from place to place. For example you can always go for surfing, fishing, swimming and other water sports if you are picking up a nice sea beach for the coming weekend.

3. If you are going to some hilly areas or lake or may be beneath the woods you can make your own tent or choose to live in a woody cabin because that way it seems to be more adventurous and thrilling. And if you are visiting a city with amazing night life always pick a place in the heart of the city to enjoy at its best.

4. Since you don't have much time in your hand to explore every corner of the destination like those long vacations, always make a list of all the activities you are planning to do. And if you are a first timer undoubtedly you cannot manage to do everything the way you planned. But hey don't be sad. There's always a next time once you set off your foot with a heart longing to discover new things and true passion for traveling.

5. Always pack some snacks with you so that you keep yourself active and energetic throughout the trip. Take dry fruits, energy drinks and bar, cookies and any healthy snacks you love to eat.

6. Don't carry way too many luggage for a three days trip as later on you will find it difficult to manage. Keep it light and only pack the essential items. I know it's easy to say but once you start packing you feel like every other item in your home is essential. Just make sure not to pack too many clothes and always pack according to the weather of the place you are traveling to. Take extra blankets if it's cold out there, rain boots and trench coat if you are going to a region where it rains all the time and if you are going to a beach I'm pretty sure it won't be hectic for you then.

7. Since it is your weekend trip don't try to make it too much expensive by living in a posh resort or making the journey way too comfortable. Remember you are going to experience some real adventure and thrill so for once try to dump the luxury and sink in the urge of exploring everything around you.

8. Always be prepared mentally for any kind of obstacles coming in your way like if the road to your destination is closed due to heavy snow or any other natural barrier don't let your enthusiasm die. Take it in a positive way, change your direction and who knows you can discover a better place.

9. Definitely the most important point always put your phone in airplane mode. You can try and avoid those business calls for a couple of days, can't you? Put your phone and laptop away so that you can really spend some quality time with your friends making memories and really connecting to your destination.

10. Don't forget your camera. For all the people out there who loves to travel as well as has a passion for photography you will enjoy these small trips at its best. Capture every moment and share your amazing experiences with everyone.

how to plan a weekend getaway with friends

So, pack your bag guys because there are seven days in a week and 'someday' is not one of them.

The post has been contributed by Krati Agarwal, a fashion, motivation and a lifestyle writer. She has a keen interest in creating new content. She loves experimenting things. She is an engineer by profession but a writer by passion. Follow her journey on Instagram @boldblushblog

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