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discover hidden myths, taste diverse food and sleep below a sky full of shooting stars and galaxies every night
Our heart always longs for the Friday to arrive as soon as possible, isn't it? After working for the entire long week everyone of us wishes for a peaceful weekend. Well, what exactly to do in these weekends? Ever thought of that? Before you tell me that you spent most of the time sleeping, listening to music, I already feel pity for you guys.

Like how can you not consider traveling? How can you choose to stay at home after sitting hours and hours in front of the laptop for the entire week? I know there are many people out there who doesn't entertain socializing that much, but there's no harm in going for solo trips right? So, next time keep that in mind and plan a short trip. Planning a trip with your friends or your special one for a couple of days can turn out to be so amazing.

Going to various places, gathering memories, gaining experiences and being an active participant of your own adventurous life turns out to be very productive. And once you start traveling you will definitely get addicted to it.

how to plan a weekend getaway with friends

I would like to share an experience with you guys of a weekend trip to Pondicherry in this travel blog. For all we know from people visited Pondicherry is that the place is mainly famous for French quarters, blue waters, bicycle tours and cheap alcohol. So, if you are looking for a trip with your friends this is one of the best place to enjoy.

Since the journey doesn't consume too much time you can easily reach there by Friday night from Chennai or Bangalore if you start a little early. You can have a one night stay there and again return by Sunday evening. There are plenty of restaurants that offer Indian and Western dishes where you might enjoy spicy food as well as continental delicacies.

In the early afternoon we left for Pondicherry. Again the landscape is of small lagoons, rice fields and some river. I stop to take a picture of the rice fields and I see that from a distance a tractor starts crossing the flooded fields until it is planted in front of me. I look at the driver, the driver looks at me and I see that with the tractor in the middle the photos are over, so I go back to the car. Surreal.

After a while, I stop to take photos in a salina. The women are collecting the salt in basin-shaped containers and after a long walk, they leave it in huge mounds. All this with a sun of justice. The first passive resistance action by Gandhi against the British was a strike by the salt workers.

The entrance to Pondicherry is chaotic, but the white city is pleasant. It has a certain aroma of French (it was a French colony) but with the typical anarchy of Indian. The city is an autonomous territory dependent on Delhi (something like an autonomous city). The promenade is pedestrianized in the afternoon and people stroll up and down, as a seaside resort. In the center of the walk, there is a large statue of Gandhi, under a white temple.

We dined on the waterfront on the one recommended in the guide and TripAdvisor. I ordered rice, spicy prawns and ice cream for dessert, the best of the place. We look for the best place to stay in Pondicherry. The hotel does not have parking, which is a problem for the driver, which does not please him because he will have to sleep in front of the hotel, in the street. It has a nice restaurant, frequented by foreign clientele and a little expensive. The room is clean and decorated with a certain style. The staff is not outgoing. Almost sleepwalking, we go to sleep.

Day 2

We visit Auroville and then head towards Gangaikondacholapuram unique for its rock carvings which are bold and make an impact with their keen sense of detailing and style. We will see Airavateshwara temple at Darasuram famous for its magnificent sculptors and later proceed to Kumbakonam for night stay. Today is going to be a strange day with a mix of improvisation, impulse and replanning.

We take a drive through the white city, with numerous historic houses occupied by foreigners, with bougainvillea patios and palm trees. We visit the Aurobindo Ashram, one of the tourist attractions of the city, founded by Sri Aurobindo in 1926, considered a place of calm, retreat and spirituality. He did not say anything to me. It strikes me that Sri Aurobindo is everywhere in Pondicherry and has become a merchandising object.

Sri Aurobindo was a politician, thinker, poet, great promoter of yoga and meditation. The British judiciously put him in jail, so he had time to think and the thing is that it served him, because he began to practice different forms of meditation, yoga and relaxation. After leaving prison, it seems that the British were not too happy and tried to put the glove back, but he escaped to Pondicherry, which was a French colony and here he started to create a completely peaceful and universal movement of thought.

The entrance to the Ashram is free. There are many devotees around his grave and around the courtyards, some objects of the time in a small museum and a souvenir shop. Today everything related to his name is a commercial hook, hotels, pensions, ashrams, spices, soaps that carry in some other than his name the words Sri Aurobindo or Auroville.

Auroville is a small town 10 km from Pondicherry. It was in the plan of the day, but our driver suppressed it with the excuse that it was very far. A nice church is that of the Sacred Heart. We went for a walk in the church. We stopped next to a stall that on the outside said that mobile recharges were available. We crossed a corridor with candles and at the end there were two guys seated, looking like they were doing something not very legal.

It's not just that the place was dark and claustrophobic, but that on the shelves they had the same thing, as laundry detergent or candles. The driver tells us that Pondicherry is over. We head to Gangaikondacholapuram!

The truth is that it is so hot, that all we want is to be inside the car. We take the road with horrible traffic and after a while we stop for a train-level crossing. There are two rows of cars in front, while motorcycles and pedestrians jump over the barrier en masse. No wonder the train takes them from time to time in front.

When the barrier rises a melee begins as in rugby. The two rows of cars face each other. Slowly, some return to their lane and we begin to walk and move away from Pondicherry. The region of Kumbakonam has been inhabited since the third century BC. During that time the powerful reign of Chola dynasty rose and this town was always a military and religious reference point in the region of Tamil Nadu.

In Kumbakonam and its surroundings there are almost 200 temples, in spite of their recent size, and for this reason it is known as the City of Temples. We chose the following: Nagesvara Swami, Sarangapani, Kumbersvara and Ramasvami. I grabbed a map and observed the position of the different temples.

We reached the kumbakonam market and asked a rickshaw to leave us in the most western temple of all to continue the journey in the direction of the bus station-my final destination in the city-while visiting the other temples that are disseminated by the interior of Kumbakonam.

As usual in this escapade in Tamil Nadu, hardly anyone came to harass me with their persuasive arts to sell me something or propose as a guide. Of the three that I visited the one that surprised me the most was the Kumbersvara temple. The town is quiet taking into account the standards in Tamil Nadu and I have a well deserved night of rest.

how to plan a weekend getaway with friends

This is what I was talking about that always go for places that won't consume much time on traveling so that you can spend most of the time in your destination. So, how to plan a weekend getaway with friends? When you are planning a weekend trip there is certain things you need to take in account and plan accordingly.

Day 3

We head towards the Thanjavur temple, also called Brihadeeswara Temple after eating a masala dosa and chai.

So, pack your bag guys because there are seven days in a week and 'someday' is not one of them.
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