8 Best Weekend Getaways from Gurgaon

When you say road trips from Gurgaon, the first ones on mind are to places in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, UP, etc. Everyone needs a break from the regular work schedules. While some are able to plan frequent holidays in India with friends and family, some just long for short weekend getaways. This is no exception for the people of Gurgaon or better I say Gurugram. If you are someone living in Gurgaon and strive to get a long holiday with your group, trust me you are still lucky.

Besides weekend getaway resorts in Gurgaon, people staying in Gurgaon, the ones living away can also have the pleasure of exploring the nearby tourist spots by booking cheap flight tickets. Even though long holidays are not an option, you have a bunch of superb weekend getaways from Gurgaon. Bring along your friends for a fun weekend. Take your partner along for a romantic time. Or take a much needed staycation with your family!

If you’re longing for a hill getaway in this hot summer, why not take a safe drive into the Himalayas? A secluded spot, free from the noise and bustle of the city?

things to do in Gurgaon

Only have two days to relax? I have got you a list of places near Gurgaon for all you lovers of staycations and weekend getaways.

1. Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of Dreams is India’s first live entertainment, theater and leisure destination. The destination consists of two theaters, Nautanki Mahal and the Showshaa Theater, and a cultural and cuisine area known as Culture Gully.

Culture Gully has theme restaurants and live kitchens from 14 states of India, represented with their representative architecture and decor. Culture Gully, one of the center attractions of Kingdom of Dreams, is an elaborate boulevard of culture, arts and crafts and cuisines under India’s first ever sky dome.

It has India's first ever skydom which is resplendent. You cannot take off your eyes. Apart of that, it has various stalls capturing the culture of fourteen different states with local fine arts, cuisines and street arts.

Distance from Gurgaon - 10 kilometers

2. Damdama Lake

Among weekend trips from Gurgaon, Damdama Lake offers a peaceful atmosphere for the tourists looking forward to spend relaxing time close to Gurgaon on a fresh morning. This place serves the purpose in the best way as it is among the closest weekend getaways near Gurgaon with the magnificent view of Aravalli hills at its backdrop.

The beauty of the place attracts different kinds of travelers like families, friends and couples looking for some private time together. You can even plan a days picnic with your office colleagues. It's not just the lake view that will impress you but the various adventure activities as well. You can try your hand in rock climbing, trekking, para sailing and even hot air ballooning. You can also enjoy paddling a boat in the lake with your partner.

Distance from Gurgaon - 25 kilometers

3. Tijara Fort

Yet another luxurious weekend getaways from Gurgaon within 100 kms, Tijara Fort has royal rooms and suites for the tourists. The palace got its name after India's 21 most known women painters like Pushpmala Mahal and Anju Mahal. The fort walls are adorned with their spectacular art work celebrating their legacy for years now.

Tijara Fort Palace is one of the best weekend getaways close to Gurgaon you can plan. You can enjoy a soothing walk on the terrace gardens and get a perfectly holistic spa treatment in the palace. Doesn't it sound like the best way to have a relaxing weekend?

4. Neemrana Fort

A town as old as time, Neemrana, located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, is a historic town known for its architectural beauty. The main attraction of this place is the Neemrana Fort Palace, a heritage site and also a luxury hotel. Zip-lining, cultural dance and music performances, delicious Rajasthani cuisines to vintage car tours - you can do it all at the Fort Palace that operates between 9 am to 3 pm.

The entry tickets cost around INR 284 which can be clubbed with an additional INR 1,416 for a savouring lunch buffet. The prices go up to INR 2000 for the package (entry + lunch buffet) on weekends. You can also stay here for a night by booking one of their best rooms from their online booking website.

Zip-line through Neemrana with the scenic Aravalli range in the background. To add that cherry on the top, go for a traditional yet thrilling camel ride. Head out to explore the local markets to take home a handmade souvenir for your friends, family and yourself!

People living in the Gurgaon area for years know how fantastic some eateries and places on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway are. If you are not one of such people, we have a magnificent place for a perfect weekend getaway from Gurgaon - Neemrana Fort Palace. The grandeur of the palace will amaze you to bits as it not only attracts a group of history buffs who want to explore ancient forts and palaces but a newly-wedded couple on honeymoon and families as well.

You can stay in the luxurious royal rooms of the grand palace, relax with a dip in the swimming pool and relieve all the stress at the spa in the palace. In addition to the daily cultural events for tourists, the palace also offers zipline tours, vintage car rides and camel safaris to the travelers. And in the evenings, it turns into a great spot for some barbeque and whiskey.

Distance from Gurgaon - 90 Kilometers

5. Rakhigarhi

Rakhigarhi in Haryana was established as the largest settlement of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. With evidence of settlements and homes dating back over 6,000 years, Rakhigarhi is about to become India's top destination for history buffs who visit the country.

Distance from Gurgaon - 175 Kilometers

6. Haridwar

Rishikesh and Haridwar are two of the most sacred cities in India. Here were the Beatles during the 60's, and is one of the most important yoga centers in the world. Both through Rishikesh and the Haridwar pass the Ganges, which is born from the Gaumukh glacier in the Himalayas. When the waters reach this city, they remain frozen and, although not transparent, they look cleaner than those in Varanasi.

In addition, the river runs with much flow and brings with it groups who have hired the excursion to go rafting downstream. Walk along the river to the Har Ki Pauri, the sacred ghat where the Clock Tower is located and see the Aarti ceremony at night. This sacred bath ghat is also known as Brahmakund. On the other side of the shore you can see the houses like Venice, invaded by water. In addition, Haridwar is famous for the Kumbh Mela, which is held every 3 years.

The temple of Chandi Devi, located on Neel Parvat on the other bank of the Ganges river is a 3 kilometer walk from Chandighat. Maya Devi Temple is an ancient temple of Maya Devi, the Adhisthatri deity of Haridwar, known as one of the Siddhpeethas. It is said to be the place where the heart and navel of Sati fell. The temple of the goddess Mansa Devi, is located in the upper part of Bilwa Parwat.

The ancient temple of Daksha Mahadev, is located in the south of the city Kankhal. The Rajaji National Park attracts lovers of nature with its scenic beauty and rich biodiversity. The Dargah of Sabir Hazrat Ali Ahamed Makhdum Allauddin, just outside the city of Roorkee, is worth visiting. The tomb of Piran Kaliar Shabir Shahib in Roorkee, is a living example of the religious harmony in India.

Distance from Gurgaon - 250 Kilometers

7. Lansdowne

Lansdowne in Uttarakhand at an altitude of 1,700 meters is one of the most silent and pristine mountain resorts in India and has been a popular destination since the British have come to India. Lansdowne is well connected with bicycle tracks. In fact, it is a very popular destination among bike lovers. Lansdowne is surrounded by dense forests of oaks and pines in Pauri Garhwal.

The greenery and the beauty of the Lansdowne is quiet peaceful and gorgeous with the British era architectures and scenic hills and landscapes make this place a great treat for the people who want to explore a beautiful hill town. If you are a nature lover or looking for a romantic stay for a couple of days, then Lansdowne is the place for you. It is one of the best offbeat places in Uttarakhand. While staying here you can go for hiking and Kedarnath Yatra also.

Temples like Tadkeshwar mahadev temple, Kaleshwar mahadev temple are famous among devotees from far away places. Kaleshwar Temple is the oldest temple in Lansdowne. This temple is a special draw during Shivratri and attracts devout civilians and soldiers of the famous Garhwal regiment. Bhula Tal is an artificial lake dedicated to the soldiers of the Garhwali rifles involved in its construction.

The cool atmosphere and serene beauty of this lake is a perfect and idyllic place to spend a day of fun with friends, family or just yourself. The place has a playground, Bamboo Machan (tree house), fountains and facilities for navigation, as well as the dam areas. Kanvashram is another attraction in Lansdowne visited by several pilgrims throughout the year.

The surrounding forests, the hillocks and the meandering Malini River create an idyllic setting for the ashram. Tip-in-Top is located on the ridge. On a sunny and bright day, it is ideal for a walk to admire the enchanting views of the Himalayas. Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple is an ancient temple amid dense forests of blue pine trees, deodar and oak trees. The festival of Shivaratri is celebrated here with great fervor.

Buildings like St. Johns church and St. Mary church take us in the time of the colonial rule of the British. The war memorial and the Garhwal rifles regimental museum is a place for people who have keen interest in history. This place has dense forests and land full of trees which are ideal for any nature lover.

Bhulla tall is a small but serene lake, Tip in top point gives breathtaking view of the hills. In Lansdowne you are much closer to nature than any other famous tourist hub like Mussoorie or Nainital. This place is less explored and less crowded and can be explored in peace and tranquility.

In winter Lansdowne gets snowfall which is a great thing for travellers. The temperature also goes below zero degree. When the buildings get covered of snow. The place resembles to a European city because of its gothic style buildings. You can experience camping in the camping site by the side of river Kho.

The weather also stays pleasant. The place offers many types of adventure activities for the thrill seeking youth, flying fox, Rappelling, cliff-jumping, and trekking. Some team-building activities are also offered at various camps. For trekking, Hawaghar is the favourite destination with scenic beauty and green forest.

You can also try out Jeep safari at Kalagarh Tiger reserve which is a part of Jim Corbett tiger reserve. In reserve there are higher chances of sighting the Tiger because it comes into sunlight to get relief of the heat.

Distance from Gurgaon: 280 Kilometers

8. Morni

3,600 feet above sea level lies one of the most underrated hill stations near Gurgaon - Morni Hills. A place rich in its flora and fauna, Morni Hills offers scenic views of the Shivalik range to its tourists. Go lose yourself in the wild as you might spot some of the rarest birds and animals here.

Make sure you carry your binoculars and your best camera gear to capture the stills of the rare birds including quails and sand grouse. Spend your day camping on the side of the pristine lakes of this place, collecting pine cones from the forests nearby.

Satiate the adventure-junkie in you by trekking to Morni Fort. The 1.2 km trek passes through rocky terrains but the view of the Shivalik mountain range from the fort is breathtaking! Adjacent to the fort is an ancient Shiva temple that will give you a peek into the history of the place. The descent from the fort is steep so make sure you return before sunset.

Also, visit the Thakurdwara Temple that is known for its Trimurti (the Hindu Trinity). The Trimurti is said to date back to the 12th century AD!

Distance from Gurgaon: 305 Kilometers
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