10 Best Places to Visit in Pahalgam

Pahalgam in Kashmir region of #India is a place just out of your dreams. With the Lidder River meandering its way through the meadows covered in lush green carpet everywhere, Pahalgam is one of the perfect honeymoon destinations in India for couples. Located very close to the city of Anantnag, this village of shepherds is an idyllic hamlet resting on the comfortable altitude of 2,200 metres above sea level.

It has remained relatively untouched from the commercial hands of tourism, and has managed to be one of the most scenic and lesser explored places in India. Located far from the frantic race of the city, Pahalgam will make you forget all your worries and stress during your stay. The coolness is overcrowded in this small town nestled in the mountains.

There is a lot of tranquility and serenity for all those who visit. Pahalgam is a great place to relax, meditate and connect with nature. This small town is very famous for its huge expanse of coniferous forest. The winter season that begins at the end of October is perhaps the best time to visit this city, because the snow gives an extra beauty to the place.

Guests of Pahalgam can enjoy various leisure activities such as canoeing and horse riding. Places of interest nearby are Betab and Aru Valley.

Best Places to Visit in Pahalgam

Here is a list of the best tourist places to visit in Pahalgam:

1. Betaab Valley

When it comes to exploring the untouched valleys and scenic beauty of the Himalayas, then a visit to Betaab Valley is a must. Located 15 kms away from Pahalgam in the district of Anantnag, Betaab Valley can be easily visited during the Amarnath yatra pilgrimage while travelling towards Chandanwari. This valley is one of the most preferred campsites for travellers looking for an adventure.

Betaab Valley is a picture perfect destination that was made immediately popular by Bollywood Films. The Aru Valley is an hour's drive from Pahalgam and it takes almost 45 minutes from Aru to reach the Betaab Valley, which is named after the famous Bollywood box office movie that was filmed here in the early 80's.

Besides being a place with a remarkable topography, the valley is a well-known base of hiking and camping for travelers who try to explore the adjacent regions of the plateau. The Betaab Valley also attracts many newlywed couples, who are on their honeymoon in Kashmir.

2. Sheshnag Lake

Situated at an astounding elevation of over 3,500 metres above sea level and bound by the snow-clad mountains, Sheshnag Lake is a high altitude alpine lake. Made famous for its historical and mythological significance, the lake is located 23 kms away from Pahalgam and on the way to the holy Amarnath yatra. The length of the entire lake is 1.1 km long and 0/7 km wide. Fed by the snow melt of the nearby mountains, this lake is the perfect trekking and camping spot for everyone.

3. Aru Valley

The village of Aru in Kashmir valley has gained immense popularity for its rich biodiversity and lush greenery. It is every wildlife and nature enthusiast’s dream destination. Known for its incredibly scenic meadows, Luch coverings, glaciers and panoramic views of the snow clad mountains, Aru Valley also serves as a starting point for several treks like Tarsar Marsar Lake, Kolahoi Glacier etc.

Aru Valley is home to over 20 different natural alpine lakes with options for fishing and trouting, Rolling Meadows and hiking trails.

4. Baisaran Hills

Located just 5 kms away from Pahalgam, Baisaran Hills or the mini Switzerland of India is one of the much loved tourist destinations in Pahalgam. Known for its picturesque hills, rolling green meadows, thick wooded forests and lined with the snow covered hills, Baisaran Hills are all about offering good times in nature. Serving as a starting point for the trek to Tulian Lake, tourists can also enjoy various activities like horse riding among others.

5. Lolab Valley

Lolab or also referred to as the land of love and beauty, is an oval shaped valley that is all about green hills, meadows and scenic vistas as far as the eyes can see. Along with an extremely diverse range of flora and fauna, Lolab valley is also home to a variety of fruits and dry fruits that has earned its name of ‘the fruit bowl of Kashmir’. Bordered by Kashmir valley and Nellum River, this valley is also known for its armed combats in the past.

6. Tulian Lake

Situated on an elevation of over 3,350 metres above sea level and 16 kms away from the main city of Pahalgam, Tulian Lake is famous for its incredible scenic beauty. Nestled in between the Pir Panjal and the Zanskar ranges, the lake offers the perfect opportunity for any traveller to sit back, relax and unwind amidst the tranquil scenery it has to offer. The lake is only reachable via a trekking trip that takes about 2 days to complete.

7. Mamaleshwar Temple

Located in the heart of Pahalgam town, Mamaleshwar Temple is an ancient Hindu palace of Shiva worship. Situated at the banks of the Lidder River on an elevation of 2,200 metres above sea level, the Mamleshwar Temple is supposed to be the exact spot where Shiva had cut off Ganesha's head and replaced it with an elephant head. The current temple has been constructed and reconstructed several times with the main construction date being traced back to about 1600 years ago in 400 AD.

8. Panchtarni

Famous for being one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in Kashmir Valley, Panchtarni Falls enroute the Amarnath yatra. Located 40 kms away from the base camp of Pahalgam, Panchtarni is a scenic meadow land that falls on the banks of the Panchtarni River. The region experiences a high altitude sub-tropical sort of a weather condition and remains flocked by pilgrims during the Amarnath Yatra months.

9. Avantipur Temple

Gracing the banks of the Jhelum River, Avantipur Temple is one of the most stunning and well maintained temple complexes in India. The complex is home to temples dedicated to two gods, Shiva and Vishnu. The locals refer to this complex and the house of the Pandavas which was built during the 9the century by the king Avantivarman of the Utpala Dynasty.

It is a must visit spot not only for the spiritual souls but for everyone as it is the perfect place to sit back and immerse yourself in the surrounding peace.

10. Chandanwari

Famous for being the starting point for the Amarnath yatra trek, Chandanwari is located 16 kms away from Pahalgam and at an elevation of over 2,800 metres above sea level. Other than religious pilgrims, Chandanwari has also gained popularity for being one of the best destinations in Kashmir for going on treks and camping expeditions. Although it remains closed during the winter months, due to excessive snow cover, a visit here during the summer months is definitely worth it.

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