10 Best Places to Visit in Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye is one of the biggest tourist attractions in #Turkey. The places to visit in this city and its activities are impeccable. The historical background of this city is also symbolic, and today, Fethiye is a vacation destination. Fethiye, has been able to keep most of its rural character despite its increasing popularity.

Consisting of the city centre and smaller coastal resorts like Oludeniz, Calis beach, Hisaronu and Ovacik, Fethiye does an excellent job accommodating budget holidaymakers. Popular holiday destinations include Ovacik, Hisaronu, Calis Beach, and Oludeniz. It also has many places of natural beauty like Butterfly Valley, Saklikent gorge, and the famous Blue Lagoon of Turkey.

Other places featuring within the region include upmarket Gocek, mountain Uzumlu, the yoga retreat of Faralya, Kabak which is all about getting off the beaten track. Sovalye island is known for its large, luxury villas, and Kayakoy, best known for its ghost village. Each resort has something unique to offer, or you could make a mini trip of them all over a week or two-week period.

Fethiye has two seasons; spring and summer, a subtropical climate. You can swim in the crystal clear turquoise warm waters, breathe clean air, eat cheap and fresh fruits and vegetables from neighbor farms, delicious fish and enjoy the vacation. Fethiye region breaks down in a large town centre and smaller coastal resorts.

One of Fethiye’s strong points is that places of natural beauty are everywhere. Backed by the Taurus mountain range and fronted by the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea, scenic landscapes are plentiful. Some of the best known are Butterfly Valley and its long canyon, Oludeniz Beach, and the Blue Lagoon, both nationally protected by law.

Further away is Saklikent Gorge, and in the mountains, places like Yakapark serve delicious trout fish for lunch. One reason Fethiye is popular is the shared cabin gulet cruises running to Antalya. Visiting many places along the way like Kas, Kalkan, and small islands, it brings in budget backpackers and holidaymakers from all around the world.

With a larger budget, choose a private cabin or even hire your gulet boat. Sailing is big business and the professionalism and expertise are in marinas dotted along the coastal line. The Turkish coastline offers stunning views comparable to the West Coast of the United States but filled with archeological ruins. For anyone who loves a coastal road trip and all of the rich life experiences that come with it, Türkiye makes for an incredible ride. You can chill out and lie around the pool or sunbath on the beach but for active people, there is plenty to do.

Organised tours visit places like Tlos ancient ruins and Saklikent gorge. Catch a ferry across to the Greek island of Rhodes, or take a slow wander around Kayakoy ghost village, the region’s top attraction. There are jeep safari, quad biking, horse riding, and the much-loved daily boat trips departing from the harbour every morning to sail along the coastline.

Although the region of Antalya is one of the most visited on earth, this stretch of coastline between Olympos and Fethiye isn’t as popular as the rest of the Riveria, probably because it’s a bit difficult to get to. But as it still offers the charm of traditional Turkish villages, food, water sports and archaeological sites, it’s a great alternative for people looking to get away from the crowds.

Even if you don’t want to spend your entire holiday here, it’s still worth at least a day or overnight trip, to see the world’s smallest amphitheater, tomb of Santa Clause, and experience landscape not typically associated with the Middle East.

Turkey is the best option as far as my traveling experiences are concerned. You can also try visiting Turkey without any visa. Just buy a ticket or book with the inclusive package which is very normal nowadays. You should not miss a chance to be on the land of archaeological places, scenic refreshing beach spots, and a great cultural hub.

Turkey gives you a glimpse of everything. It offers you the old traditional and cultural experiences, and also modern traditions. This melt of things in Turkey inspires me and other travelers. Be on the beach spots, enjoy the nightlife and shop, eat better in the world’s most beautiful and visited holiday destination.

Best Places to Visit in Fethiye, Turkey

Various stunning beaches, museums, the old town, and many others are among the best places to visit in Fethiye, Turkey, which we will describe in the following paragraphs.

1. Ölüdeniz Beach

One of Turkey's most well-known beaches and a trendy day trip from Fethiye is Ölüdeniz. If you plan a trip to Fethiye, a visit to this beach and lagune must be at the top of your list. They are undoubtedly the best places to visit in summer in the world. The long, sandy Ölüdeniz Beach is the finest place to spend the afternoon.

You can watch people paragliding down to the beach all day long from the peak of the tallest mountain. The Ölüdeniz Lagoon has crystal clear waters and beautiful transparent colors. It is a perfect spot to unwind despite being frequently overrun by tourists and still breathtakingly gorgeous.

2. Paspatur

The lovely hub of Fethiye, Turkey's top attraction is Old Town. If you were worried about how to get money for your travels, specifically to Turkey - visiting this city is one of the good things. You won't spend too much money on one particular thing or card, and you'll get many things for an excellent price. In connection with that, you should not miss the opportunity to take a walk and indulge in the beauty of the Fethiye old town.

The lovely hub of Fethiye, Turkey's top attraction, is Old Town. There are several bars and restaurants, some beautiful stores offering clothing and jewelry, and highly amiable store owners. Anytime is an excellent time to roam about there. It has a great atmosphere. Aside from that, the under-mountain architecture is remarkable.

In addition, there are places from other branches that this city offers. Places in Fethieye like Fethiye Market, Saklıkent National Park, Lycian Way, Lycian Sarcophagi. The listed options represent only a few possibilities in Fethiye, Turkey. If you are planning a trip right here, to this city in this country, the choice of activities and various visits is huge.

3. Babadag Mountain

Paragliding is big business and quite a sight in Oludeniz when they come into land on the beach. Paragliding is prevalent in this location, making this mountain one of the best places to visit in Fethiye. Professional and amateur paragliders from around the world congregate here to take in the breathtaking aerial views of Ölüdeniz Bay. Also, this is recommendable as a healing activity for addiction recovery.

Considering the adrenaline and the feeling you get during paragliding, travel can be great for this, and even better if you are adventurous. In addition to the fact that it can be a healing activity, this is, first of all, a lot of fun if you have the courage and will to do it. So get a guide and set out on an enjoyable journey. On the way down, you'll pass by some gorgeous views.

4. Butterfly valley

A standard day trip by boat from Lüdeniz is to Butterfly Valley. This place is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and best places to visit in Fethiye, Turkey. The large number of butterflies that once inhabited the valley gave rise to the name "Butterfly Valley." However, when travelers began to frequent the area, the butterfly colonies became fewer and fewer until today, when they are no longer present in the valley.

5. Fethiye Castle

On top of the hill, where the town previously stood, is where the Castle now stands. Fethiye Castle remained the only structure of such beauty and majesty as the city grew and sank to its base throughout time. The view of the town and the distant mountains is still among the nicest available, even though not much of the castle is still standing.

A big red flag identifies the fortress's little remaining fragment. From any location in Fethiye, one can see this flag. If you are a fan of beautiful transformations of the colors of the sky, be sure to visit the castle at sunset or sunrise.

Also, one of the nice things is hiking to the castle's top. After all, hiking is certainly a healthy way of spending time for people recovering from addiction. As experts in addiction treatment, Bright Futures Treatment Center Florida suggests that the first step on the road to rehabilitation should be to be kind and comforting. In this regard, hiking can contribute to such a way of beginning.

6. Fethiye Harbour

Public access to Fethiye's waterfront is available, and a promenade stretches for miles along the bay. Numerous restaurants and cafes are present, while palm and pine trees provide shelter. Lots of different restaurants along the Marina that seem to continue forever is the best feature of the Fethiye Marina.

There are more waterfront pubs and restaurants farther away from the main area. Boats anchored at the quay will be visible as you travel south and provide a lovely view.

7. Çalis Beach

The sea at Calis beach, is one of the best places to visit in Fethiye, Turkey. One of Turkey's most stunning beaches is Calis Turkey, a resort area and beach located in Fethiye. It is a long, accessible beach that stretches for about four kilometers. A walk along the coast at sunset is incomparable to any other experience on any beach. There is also a large selection of sunbeds on this beach, on which you will enjoy the day.

The absence of beaches in the town center is one of the crucial details. As a result, finding the most incredible beaches for swimming and tanning will need you to take a taxi, rent a car, or catch a bus. Of course, as in any other country or city, it is necessary to protect yourself while traveling, even though it is a short trip. This way, you can reach any beach in the area in a short time, including Calis Beach.

8. Ancient Theater

The nearby hill offers a beautiful view of the historic Fethiye Ancient theatre. One of the surviving relics of the ancient Lycian city of Telmessos is this theatre, which lies tucked away in a hillside enclave just beyond Fethiye Harbour. Also, there are many restaurants and coffee shops near the theater's ruins.

9. Fethiye Fish Market

People frequently visit Fethiye Fish Market because it is one of the town's most well-known tourist attractions. After a whole day spent in the city or on the nearby beaches, you will be happy to buy yourself dinner here. Locals are selling fresh fish and shrimp in the center. The area is sizable and teeming, with restaurants serving small plates, drinks, and seafood booths.

Of course, there is also the magnificent fish, which the buyer selects from the markets. There is a ring of eateries around it where you can sit down and enjoy. This famous Fish Market is one of the best places to visit in Fethiye.

10. Ghost town

One of the places you should not miss is Kayaköy or otherwise called ''ghost town''. Southwest Turkey contains the deserted village of Kayaköy. This abandoned community provides a fascinating window into Turkey's rich past. While some of the architecture got repaired, the majority is now a public museum. You'll also notice a tiny chapel at the summit of the hill called the high chapel.

Wildflowers like daisies and others cover the ground and protrude from decaying shattered rocks. Today, Kayakoy Ghost Town in Turkey is an outdoor museum featuring three churches and roughly 500 intact homes. The Basilica of Panayia Pyrgiotissa, which stands on the right side of the main street, is the largest. You can also reach it by hiking, making the entire visit more enjoyable.

To sum up

When planning a trip to Turkey, the city of Fethiye must be on the list of cities to see. There are many best places to visit in Fethiye, including the beautiful nearby beaches. A stay in this city abounds with the possibility of doing many fun and healing activities. All this makes this city one of the most visited cities in Turkey - for a reason!

Fethiye is serviced by Dalaman Airport, just 60 minutes’ drive away that offers an extensive flight schedule from many countries. It also sits on the main D400 highway running from east to west of Turkey, so easily reached by road. As a major hub, the central bus station runs scheduled journeys to other major destinations in the country. Fethiye is also an official entry port for those coming in by sea.

Let us not forget exploring local landmarks like the Lycian tombs and old town Paspatur. Fethiye is also the start of the famed Lycian Way walking route. For upmarket dining, restaurants at and surrounding the marina offer an extensive menu. Likewise, buy cheap, traditional food at local lokantas, which are Turkish restaurants. Fethiye also improved its shopping scene, from the local weekly market, brand name boutiques to the large shopping malls.

It is also true that you can relax and explore simultaneously, having fun. Therefore, pack a backpack and all the necessary things for the trip, and embark on an unforgettable adventure. And be ready to tell your friends about your road trip and new rich experience in the future!

Kalyan Panja