10 Best Places to Visit in Summer in the World

Dreaming of summer already? Get the color of the face, heat and energy. Finally, we begin to move towards lighter and warmer times. Welcome to the season of blue skies and bare feet, sunshine and warmth, trips with friends, carefree days, starry nights, and a sense of freedom like no other time of year! Take advantage of the long days in northern Europe or Canada.

You can cram a lot of sights into every day during this time, and the temperatures are perfect for camping. Whether you’ve got 10 or 15 days, we’ve got the best summer holiday planned for you, filled with adventure, laughter, fun and a group of new friends. From idyllic Greek beaches to beautiful Bhutanese mountains, browse through award-winning destinations and experiences, and choose where you want to be this summer.

But if summer still feels far away, so we give you tips on where to find the summer heat in March and April - pleasantly warm, a little warmer or hot. In today's guide we give you tips for more destinations that have nice summer heat in March and April. Would you like it really hot, Mauritius is right. Is it perhaps a tropical Easter weekend with the family this year? Or a solo tour with good food and experiences in the Mediterranean?

Summer vacations are supposed to be fun and adventurous. This is the best time to take part in thrilling outdoor activities, see the wildlife, and immerse your soul deep into different cultural interactions. Do you dream of climbing one of the tallest mountains in the world? Do you dream of swimming with dolphins or vacationing in an abandoned island? Summer is the time to do that.

Before you apply for a visa and decide to go for your summer adventure, it is important to pause and think of how your ideal summer vacation should look like. The world is full of stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and intriguing cultures that you ought to experience. There are also many continents and people to meet. There is no doubt about what to pack in your suitcase; swimwear, flip flops and a summer hat.

It's time to start dreaming about sunshine and that perfect Sunday. Waking up late in the afternoons. Sipping lemonade and walking under the bright blue sky. Taking in all that warmth. Relaxing with a bottle of chilled beer. It's time - to start planning for the best summer vacation. Ever! Discover nearby places that others choose to travel to and plan a summer in your own country or in one of your neighboring countries.

Summer is the perfect time to make a weekend trip to Europe's big cities. If you go to Stockholm, you will see the city when it is at its most beautiful with sparkling water and without the usual congestion. If you want a little more sun and a little more exotic culture, you go to the Spanish city of Valencia where the dish paella was created.

Or why not a visit to one of the world's northernmost cities: Reykjavik. Here, the proximity to the midnight sun allows you to enjoy sights and experiences almost around the clock. It’s warm enough around the Mediterranean that you can start the bathing season and get some serious sunburn. See as many Greek islands as you can digest, or travel the coast of Portugal.

Midsummer celebrations in Sweden can be quite pleasant. Or join the weird druids at Stonehenge in England. This is the time for seeing the midnight sun in northern Scandinavia. You can hike around the clock in some spectacular national parks (Rohkunborri, Senja, Abisko, Sarek). Avoid the desert areas in California and around Las Vegas, though. Way too hot.

Road trip time in inland Western Australia. Midwinter, the temperatures here are almost bearable. The landscape makes all the sweating worth it. Safari in Serengeti, Tanzania and Maasai Mara, Kenya. The great migration of hundreds of thousands of animals following the rains and the fresh grass north is an incredible sight, and an equally impressive noise.

Simply put, you'll always find an adventure to match your tastes, preferences, and stamina. So, how do you choose the right summer adventure?

best places to visit in summer in the world

Here are top summer destinations worth exploring:

1. Palau

Another visa-free destination on earth is ready to serve you with the ultimate experiences. Being in Palau, a land of real natural wonders, The travelers, who need to de-stress their nerves and relax should visit Palau at least once in their life.

Visit Jellyfish Lake to overview the unique creatures. If you are with your family, your kids will enjoy this place very much. Ngardmau Waterfall is a dreamy place for you and your family. Feel the cool fresh environment of the place. I guarantee you the best experience of your life is there. Also, you should not miss visiting Koror Island for real coastal experiences.

You can take an opportunity to swim in deep waters in Palau. What are you looking for? You should go to take real experiences. Pack your bags, and set out to have fun in Palau.

Despite its location in the middle of the ocean, Palau is not susceptible to hurricanes/cyclones, but they do have tropical storms.

2. Panama

Panama, located in the center of the Western Hemisphere, borders the Caribbean Sea. There is no more universal claim of Panama than the amazing, magnificent and incredible engineering work that connects two great oceans, Atlantic and Pacific. The Panama Canal is one of the best shortcuts in the world, and extends along 80 kilometers from Panama City, the capital of the country, on the Pacific coast, to Colon, in the Atlantic, crossing the continental divide.

Panama City is Latin America in all its splendor with ceviche, casinos and a lot of buildings that are stacked on top of each other, silhouetted against the horizon. The most cosmopolitan capital of Central America, surprises with a coast of blinding blue and glittering skyscrapers reminiscent of Miami.

Get soaked with the foam of the waterfalls near the highlands of Santa Fe. Visit one of the seven indigenous tribes of Panama. Live the fantasy of being a castaway in Guna Yala, whose virgin islands have barely been trodden, or resti on a wild beach on the Azuero peninsula. For many surfers obsessed with top-notch waves, this is paradise. Underwater, another world begins to be discovered by scuba diving.

Panama is full of paradisiacal diving places with turquoise and transparent waters. Great white sand beaches of panama city, small coves or even beaches near a hotel residence or restaurant, you will always find the ideal beach in Panama. Among things to do in Panama, the Coiba island is a great destination for a diving trip.

It is a huge natural reserve, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Coiba National Park is a protected area that hosts a great variety of marine life. This large island, surrounded by coral reefs, shelters various forms of tropical underwater life. More than 700 species of fish have been recorded here, including snappers, barracudas, serviolas and billfish.

Contadora Island is the main access point for many dive sites. Several rock formations and coral cultures are characteristic of diving. Needless to say, it is not unusual to find pearly oysters. It is an exposed dive site and the currents can be very strong, but large snappers, jacks, tuna, sharks, whale sharks and stingrays are located in this place.

Bocas del Toro offers pristine conditions that are well protected by the country's national park system. Several dive sites operate from the small town of Bocas, taking divers to caves and rock formations, all less than an hour by boat from the shore. The archipelago of Bocas del Toro is dotted with coral reefs and bathed by calm and warm waters.

Colorful soft corals and sponges harbor a variety of life like cappuccino, arrow crabs, nudibranchs and many more. You can see the nurse, the reef sharks, the manta rays and the snappers patrolling the reefs. Boquete, center of adventures and mountain retreat in equal parts, is a magnet for expats, retirees and travelers of all kinds.

Guna Yala, formerly known as San Blas, is a comarca. Of course, this trip can also be done by rental car, but make sure it's in SUV as there are sections of track in very bad condition. Once on that road, you will be 40 steep kilometers from the port, so you will need a new transport to get there. The only option here is to hitchhiking.

Arrive at the Puerto de Cartí, from where the boats leave for the islands of San Blas. Although depending on the tour you choose, you will visit one or another island, most of the trips begin, end or stop at Fragata Island. Like the others, Isla Perro Grande has its dream beaches. Although its name seems to indicate the opposite, Diablo Island is another of the natural jewels that the San Blas archipelago hides.

The richness of architecture and culture in Panama will amaze you and your family. Of course, the Caribbean islands boast of the best volcanic highlands and natural forests in the world. If you are into bird viewing, then you will enjoy adventuring into the Chiriquí cloud forests where wild birds sing all day and night.

You will also be highly likely to spot capuchin monkeys in this forest. And if you love history, you can always spare a day to visit Panama City's ancient ruins and quench your thirst for knowledge in modern museums. Here, solo travellers are part of the cityscape and in Panama City, almost every person speaks English.

The lively and diverse culture coupled with the famous Panama Canal and the reputation of being one of the friendliest countries in Central America should not be missed. Adventurers will quickly learn to love the country thanks to zip-lining, rafting and surfing opportunities. If you are looking for peace and quiet, then make your way to the San Blas Islands, which are not yet the focus of tourism.

This land is managed by the Kuna natives, which is why you will find a lot of unspoilt nature and beauty here. Sail to the islands, sleep in eco-friendly accommodation and just unwind. Take really enough time to enjoy the many offers in the country.

3. Moldova

Moldova is one of the most unknown countries in Europe and least visited countries in the world. Formerly on the edge of the USSR, Moldova has walked solo since the early nineties. Through the following guide we will show you that traveling to Moldova can be those unforgettable trips to be made in the old continent.

Going through this nation we will understand the importance of the Soviet bloc in the east. Romanians consider Moldova as their own. Chisinau located in the west of Romania and in the north, east and south of Ukraine is its capital. In 100 kilometers away you can find the Black Sea. It has two main rivers, the Dniester and the Prut.

The most popular thing grown there to this day is grapes. In fact, Moldova is known for its wine. It is said to be some of the purest wine in all of Eurasia. Some of the oldest wines are even located here, tucked far down the cellars and cages. Cricova is possibly the best known winery in Moldova. Its underground wine kingdom, 15 km north of Chisinau, is among the largest in Europe.

Moldova’s food is of the Russian cuisine, and it contains variations of borscht, pierogi, placinta, coffees, teas, and the most exquisite wines. Orheiul Vechi monastery carved into the rock of an imposing cliff is the most evocative attraction in Moldova.

There’s a country at the edge of Europe that feels like time stopped in the 80s. Literally. People from Transnistria, a breakaway region of Moldova that declared independence in 1991 but that no one else recognizes, cannot cope with the fact that the Soviet Union ceased to exist 25 years ago. If you really want to visit Transnistria, you can board on the train from Chișinău to Odessa and stop in Tiraspol.

There, the local police will issue you a 10-hour visa that will allow you to spend the day visiting this lost and forgotten corner of the Soviet Union. Tiraspol (the capital) is your average provincial city from the Soviet era, with concrete buildings and large avenues. The rest of the region features two major settlements, Bender and Rîbnița, and a lot of bare countryside. There are almost no places where to eat or stay, anyway.

4. Zimbabwe

In Medieval times, Zimbabwe was ruled by an empire known as the Kingdom of Zimbabwe. There are ruins of a huge stone city - known as Great Zimbabwe - which was likely the capital of this kingdom. The Great Zimbabwe from which Zimbabwe gets its name is also well worth seeing, a strange unique city that existed in the heart of Africa, with high stone walls and streets, if you get the chance try Tiger fishing on lake Kariba.

One of the most prominent and enduring natural features of Gonarezhou National Park is the beautiful Chilojo Cliffs. Chimanimani Mountains National park is a mountainous area in the province of Manicaland, eastern Zimbabwe.

The Victoria falls is worth a visit as is the lion walking while there, another spot you might want to consider are the Matopos, wonder huge rock scenery, so good game and Rhodes’s grave which is wonderfully understated, craved into the rock with just a simple plaque over looking a sight of a great Zulu victory.

If you really want an adventure then a combined walking and canoeing safari or a horse riding safari in Zimbabwe are still the best. There are still "old-school" safari operators doing real multi-day walks and canoeing trips where you sleep under the stars and track lions, elephant, black rhinos and discuss everything from the butterflies to the edible plants. You also see nobody else.

5. Somalia

Somalia is one of the list of least visited countries in the world. Somalia is known for its historic sites, innumerable beaches, huge waterfalls, mountain ranges, and national parks. The country also houses the coastline, one of the longest in the African continent. Laas Geel, is one of the main attractions in Somalia. It is basically a series of caves with Neolithic paintings. Some of these preserved arts may date back to 9000 BC.

Another perfect go-to place is Kismayo National Park, home to native east African animals including Somali wild ass and Somali sheep.

Among the beaches, Liido beach and Jazeera beach in Mogadishu and Berbera a.k.a ‘Beach city” on the coast of Somaliland are the popular ones with crystal clear blue water. There are several connecting flight options provided by Turkish airlines. Istanbul and Djibouti are the two major layover airports.

Ambassador hotel, Damal Hotel, Diplomatic hotel, Jazeera palace are the top-rated hotels in Somalia.

6. Macedonia

After San Marino, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra and Moldova, it is the country of Macedonia which is the destination in Europe with the least number of visiting tourists each year. Because of this fact, the many tourist attractions, the delicious food and drinks, the history which dates from thousands of years, the astonishing landscape this country deserves to be called the most underrated country in Europe to travel.

In case you are after an economical trip for you and for your family, at that point, this could be the fitting destination for you. North Macedonia is hands down one of the oddest countries. Half built neo classical buildings next to quaint Slavic houses next to pirate ship themed pubs. Street gamblers and markets with tasty fried food. Just a very odd place. One for visitors who like countries that are different and off the path.

Since it is one of the least visited countries in Europe, expect questions and interest in you from locals if you look like a traveller. The place is probably the best spot to explore due to its quiet lakes, beautiful vineyards, and memorable Byzantine churches. Also, this is an incredible stopover on your energizing Balkan trip.

You will find the most affordable private rooms, and you can locate a decent B&B at a cheap price. Moreover, there are transport services accessible, which includes bus service, and can take you to must-visit places around the area.

Maybe Macedonia is lacking the seaside but you can go to the city of Ohrid where are numerous of beaches to choose. The Ohrid lake and its beaches are a worth to visit. Ohrid also has amazing Ottoman architecture, is called the Jerusalem of the Balkans and has a lot of restaurants and shops to choose. You can also visit the shirok sokak in Bitola.

If you are here when some religious holidays are around, a lot of people go to Vodno, its more fun when more people are around. There is this place called Vrutok. Its also a very stunning place and relaxing, has nice restaurants. Then you have a very interesting town called Vevčani. Its a very interesting town, their carnival is interesting and they have their own passport.

Speaking of Carnivals you also have the Strumica Carnival. If you are into nature places such as Galičica, Mavrovo, Pelister, Šar planina.

Want to do a day trip to some sanctuary? Go to Sveti Naum sanctuary at the border with Albania.

Here you will find an unbelievable water spring where you can do a boat tour. For the adventurer and nature lover this is definitely a destination that is worth going to. Are you a history lover or are you a food lover? Macedonia has it all!

Peaks of the Balkans is a 192 km long circular trekking route that connects the most attractive mountain destinations in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Visit here for the diversity of landscape and people in the Balkans most rugged and remote mountain range.

Via Dinarica is a mega hiking trail that forms a diverse network of over 2 km of trails spanning from Slovenia to Macedonia. Visit here for the three themed main trails that cover the coast, highest ridges and back country.

7. Nigeria

Nigeria is like an HD drama on Netflix, shown offline with a free subscription. The likes of Oscar Wilde would have had a full day trying to compile the everyday stories of Nigerians into fascinating novels.

Nigeria is home to the single largest monument in Africa (Sungbo's Eredo), which is also the largest city of the medieval world. It took over a million more man hours to build than the great pyramid of Giza. In Nigeria, there is a rock called Zuma rock. It is the second largest rock in the whole world. It has a nature-carved human face with eyes, mouth and nose.

The circumference is 3.1 kilometres with a height of 725 metres. The image of the rock appears on a Nigerian currency note. The Ogba ukwu cave is the largest cave in west Africa.

Oguta Lake is tagged the place where two rivers meet, the Njaba river and the Urashi river. It is said to be blue and the Urashi river is somewhat greenish so you'ld see this two contrasting colours. There’s also the Mbari house dedicated to the Ala(Earth) goddess in Owerri and other parts of IMO state. It’s a full sized house parked with objects depicting everyday life and a statue of the Ala goddess

8. Sao Tome and Principe

This is a two island country in Gulf of Guinea off western equatorial coast of central Africa. This is the second smallest African country. Many people have not even heard its name, and reaching there is challenging and quite expensive also. The main airport is at Sao Tome and than a local flight from there to Principe Island.

When you reach Principe island, it feels like you have reached end of the world. The remnants of colonised era is visible in every part of Island.

9. Isle of Man

Take a walk on the wild side this Autumn and discover the extraordinary story of the Isle of Man, the first entire nation in the world to be identified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This recognition is testament to the richness and scope of the island’s awe-inspiring nature, its ancient and compelling history, and the vibrancy of its culture.

Just a hassle-free sail away, or a short flight from across the UK, you can feel a world away, so close to home. Best known for its remarkable 160km coastline, the Isle of Man also boasts myriad natural habitats, including grassland, wetland, woodland and glens, all home to a diversity of wildlife.

From magnificent marine creatures to a huge population of visiting and migrant birds, you’ll find it all on the Isle of Man. The island has a number of excellent vantage points from which you can spot wildlife in their natural habitat – whether that’s in the serene countryside or the extensive coastline. If you’re lucky, you might even spot wild wallabies at the Curraghs in the north of the island.

If its marine life you’re after, make sure you visit The Sound at the island's southern tip, where you’re almost guaranteed to see a large population of grey seals. A boat trip may reward you with sightings of the dolphins, whales and basking sharks that also inhabit Manx waters.

Manx Wildlife Trust looks after an impressive 24 nature reserves across the island, from the orchid-rich wildflower meadows of Close Sartfield, Ballaugh, to the dunes, heathland and shingle beaches along The Ayres Nature Trail. The Scarlett Nature Trail offers an exhilarating walk in any season, promising outstanding views of coastal scenery, spectacular limestone and volcanic rock formations, wildflowers and plenty of birdlife.

The historic Milntown Estate and Gardens offers 15 acres to explore, packed full of horticultural wonders. The Milntown Estate was awarded the prestigious honour of becoming the island’s first Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Partner Garden. Enjoying the island’s walks can often be the best way to catch a glimpse of the varied wildlife, with trails hugging the coastline or taking you through the breath-taking uplands.

10. Mauritania

Eye of Sahara, also known as the Richter structure is located in Mauritania, the largest desert in the world today, in the southwest of the Sahara desert in Africa. Its diameter reaches 48 kilometre and is visible from space. At first, the terrain was thought to be formed by the impact of meteorites. At present, geologists think that it may be caused by the rise of geological structure or erosion. The formation of this ring shape is still a mystery.


Overall, every person, once in their life, has thought of uptaking any adventurous trip that would rush their adrenaline from time to time. There are numerous places, sites, cities, that offer a variety of adventures, such as mountains, lakes, and temples, etc. which are suitable for everyone. However, in this article, we have summarized some of the adventures which we highly recommend you visit.
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