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Dreaming of summer already? Get the color of the face, heat and energy. Finally, we begin to move towards lighter and warmer times. Welcome to the season of blue skies and bare feet, sunshine and warmth, trips with friends, carefree days, starry nights, and a sense of freedom like no other time of year!

Whether you’ve got 10 days or 12, we’ve got the best summer holiday planned for you, filled with adventure, laughter, fun and a group of new friends. From idyllic Greek beaches to beautiful Bhutanese mountains, browse through award-winning destinations and experiences, and choose where you want to be this summer.

But if summer still feels far away, so we give you tips on where to find the summer heat in March and April - pleasantly warm, a little warmer or hot. In today's guide we give you tips for more destinations that have nice summer heat in March and April. Would you like it really hot, Mauritius is right. Is it perhaps a tropical Easter weekend with the family this year? Or a solo tour with good food and experiences in the Mediterranean?

Summer vacations are supposed to be fun and adventurous. This is the best time to take part in thrilling outdoor activities, see the wildlife, and immerse your soul deep into different cultural interactions. Do you dream of climbing one of the tallest mountains in the world? Do you dream of swimming with dolphins or vacationing in an abandoned island? Summer is the time to do that.

Before you apply for a visa and decide to go for your summer adventure, it is important to pause and think of how your ideal summer vacation should look like. The world is full of stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and intriguing cultures that you ought to experience. There are also many continents and people to meet. There is no doubt about what to pack in your suitcase; swimwear, flip flops and a summer hat.

It's time to start dreaming about sunshine and that perfect Sunday. Waking up late in the afternoons. Sipping lemonade and walking under the bright blue sky. Taking in all that warmth. Relaxing with a bottle of chilled beer. It's time - to start planning for the best summer vacation. Ever! Discover nearby places that others choose to travel to and plan a summer in your own country or in one of your neighboring countries.

Simply put, you'll always find an adventure to match your tastes, preferences, and stamina. So, how do you choose the right summer adventure?

best places to visit in summer in the world

Here are top summer destinations worth exploring:

1. Petra

Petra is absolutely stunning! Elaborately carved into the rocky surface as early as the 5th century BC in a gorgeous desert, this site is nearly equal to the Taj Mahal. There is a reason nearly 40,000 people combined have written reviews on Petra with an average rating of 4.9, something extremely rare for Google or TripAdvisor.

2. Machu Picchu

This tremendous undertaking of creating a village around 1450 AD on a sharp mountain peak is just stunning engineering. It’s simply one of the most impressive man made items on this planet!

First, you will be impressed by the 8,920-foot summit of Huayna Picchu. After that, the amazing view of the Inca site will knock your socks off. And if you wish to be part of the 200-member hiking groups, you can take the famous 2-hour hike around the Inca trail. You will also be able to see the stairs of death up close.

Machu Picchu looks like a yoga parlor these days. Pretty sure every woman on Bumble and Hinge has been there recently for yoga and internet dating.

3. Borobudur, Indonesia

Being the single largest Buddhist temple in the history of the world, you definitely cannot resist the temptation of touring this temple especially if you are a religious person. You will have the chance to see the famous Maha-yana Buddhist pilgrims that are over 95 feet tall and tour the Island of Java. While here, you will view the breathtakingly beautiful volcanoes that lay in a rhythmic fashion around the island.

4. Panama

Panama, located in the center of the Western Hemisphere, borders the Caribbean Sea. There is no more universal claim of Panama than the amazing, magnificent and incredible engineering work that connects two great oceans, Atlantic and Pacific. The Panama Canal is one of the best shortcuts in the world, and extends along 80 kilometers from Panama City, the capital of the country, on the Pacific coast, to Colon, in the Atlantic, crossing the continental divide.

Panama City is Latin America in all its splendor with ceviche, casinos and a lot of buildings that are stacked on top of each other, silhouetted against the horizon. The most cosmopolitan capital of Central America, surprises with a coast of blinding blue and glittering skyscrapers reminiscent of Miami.

Get soaked with the foam of the waterfalls near the highlands of Santa Fe. Visit one of the seven indigenous tribes of Panama. Live the fantasy of being a castaway in Guna Yala, whose virgin islands have barely been trodden, or resti on a wild beach on the Azuero peninsula. For many surfers obsessed with top-notch waves, this is paradise. Underwater, another world begins to be discovered by scuba diving.

Panama is full of paradisiacal diving places with turquoise and transparent waters. Great white sand beaches of panama city, small coves or even beaches near a hotel residence or restaurant, you will always find the ideal beach in Panama. Among things to do in Panama, the Coiba island is a great destination for a diving trip.

It is a huge natural reserve, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Coiba National Park is a protected area that hosts a great variety of marine life. This large island, surrounded by coral reefs, shelters various forms of tropical underwater life. More than 700 species of fish have been recorded here, including snappers, barracudas, serviolas and billfish.

Contadora Island is the main access point for many dive sites. Several rock formations and coral cultures are characteristic of diving. Needless to say, it is not unusual to find pearly oysters. It is an exposed dive site and the currents can be very strong, but large snappers, jacks, tuna, sharks, whale sharks and stingrays are located in this place.

Bocas del Toro offers pristine conditions that are well protected by the country's national park system. Several dive sites operate from the small town of Bocas, taking divers to caves and rock formations, all less than an hour by boat from the shore. The archipelago of Bocas del Toro is dotted with coral reefs and bathed by calm and warm waters.

Colorful soft corals and sponges harbor a variety of life like cappuccino, arrow crabs, nudibranchs and many more. You can see the nurse, the reef sharks, the manta rays and the snappers patrolling the reefs. Boquete, center of adventures and mountain retreat in equal parts, is a magnet for expats, retirees and travelers of all kinds.

Guna Yala, formerly known as San Blas, is a comarca. Of course, this trip can also be done by rental car, but make sure it's in SUV as there are sections of track in very bad condition. Once on that road, you will be 40 steep kilometers from the port, so you will need a new transport to get there. The only option here is to hitchhiking.

Arrive at the Puerto de Cartí, from where the boats leave for the islands of San Blas. Although depending on the tour you choose, you will visit one or another island, most of the trips begin, end or stop at Fragata Island. Like the others, Isla Perro Grande has its dream beaches. Although its name seems to indicate the opposite, Diablo Island is another of the natural jewels that the San Blas archipelago hides.

The richness of architecture and culture in Panama will amaze you and your family. Of course, the Caribbean islands boast of the best volcanic highlands and natural forests in the world. If you are into bird viewing, then you will enjoy adventuring into the Chiriquí cloud forests where wild birds sing all day and night.

You will also be highly likely to spot capuchin monkeys in this forest. And if you love history, you can always spare a day to visit Panama City's ancient ruins and quench your thirst for knowledge in modern museums.

5. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China has stood since 700 BC. It’s sheer length is almost unfathomable! Some parts are a little touristy, but then there are to some of the more rural sections, and those are incredible! The greatest and most iconic wall on earth, the Great Wall of China was built in over two centuries. Being only about 2.5 hours northeast of Beijing, this wall is easily accessible for visitors from across the world. All you need is to find a reputable travel company to handle your travel logistics and you will be good to go.

6. Greece

If you’re planning ahead to hit up the Greek Isles this summer, be sure to include some hiking, such as these beautiful walks in Santorini. Begin your Greece holidays in Rhodes, the island with Greek charm. Or visit the Old Town of Rhodes - the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe.

Athens is named one of the destinations where you can get the best value for money in 2020, according to Lonely Planet. It noted that many things are free, and that the city itself is a wonderful outdoor museum - powerful memories of antiquity live side by side with modern city life.

7. Guatemala

When we see postcards, commercials or commercials referring to Guatemala, at some point we will have to run into the famous Tikal ruins. Every traveler who goes to Guatemala and leaves the country without having visited them is like saying that he has not known Guatemala at all.

Home to the two highest volcanoes in Guatemala: Tajumulco (4,220 m) and Tacaná (4,093 m) and border with Mexico, San Marcos has valuable ecotourism destinations. San Marcos also offers the beaches of the Suchiate and Naranjo rivers, the Ixiama, Shula, Mopa and Cabuz rivers, with places authorized for hunting and fishing.

You can visit the waterfalls and caves of La Castalia. In the municipality of Río Blanco are Los Tres Chorros and the Tibia Water Falls. In Tacaná there is La Cueva del Negro, the Piedra Movediza and the volcano that bears the same name.

A trip to Guatemala must include a stay of several days in Atitlán Lake. Located 4 hours by bus from the capital, Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan, surrounded by volcanoes, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. In the morning, the immense volcanoes are reflected in its blue waters. Its reputation as the most beautiful lake in the world is well deserved.

8. Moldova

Moldova is one of the most unknown countries in Europe and least visited countries in the world. Formerly on the edge of the USSR, Moldova has walked solo since the early nineties. Through the following guide we will show you that traveling to Moldova can be those unforgettable trips to be made in the old continent.

Going through this nation we will understand the importance of the Soviet bloc in the east. Romanians consider Moldova as their own. Chisinau located in the west of Romania and in the north, east and south of Ukraine is its capital. In 100 kilometers away you can find the Black Sea. It has two main rivers, the Dniester and the Prut.

The most popular thing grown there to this day is grapes. In fact, Moldova is known for its wine. It is said to be some of the purest wine in all of Eurasia. Some of the oldest wines are even located here, tucked far down the cellars and cages. Cricova is possibly the best known winery in Moldova. Its underground wine kingdom, 15 km north of Chisinau, is among the largest in Europe.

Moldova’s food is of the Russian cuisine, and it contains variations of borscht, pierogi, placinta, coffees, teas, and the most exquisite wines. Orheiul Vechi monastery carved into the rock of an imposing cliff is the most evocative attraction in Moldova.

There’s a country at the edge of Europe that feels like time stopped in the 80s. Literally. People from Transnistria, a breakaway region of Moldova that declared independence in 1991 but that no one else recognizes, cannot cope with the fact that the Soviet Union ceased to exist 25 years ago. If you really want to visit Transnistria, you can board on the train from Chișinău to Odessa and stop in Tiraspol.

There, the local police will issue you a 10-hour visa that will allow you to spend the day visiting this lost and forgotten corner of the Soviet Union. Tiraspol (the capital) is your average provincial city from the Soviet era, with concrete buildings and large avenues. The rest of the region features two major settlements, Bender and Rîbnița, and a lot of bare countryside. There are almost no places where to eat or stay, anyway.

9. Blue Hole, Belize

The second smallest country in Central America is a box of surprises. Belize is the perfect destination to explore, relax or fall in love. With more than 400 islands, paradisaical white sand beaches and the largest continuous barrier reef in the world, diving in Belize offers all kinds of adventures.

Belize is located between Mexico and Guatemala. It is the least populated country in Central America. But it has the largest continuous barrier reef in the world, with almost 300 kilometers of reef. The diving in Belize is spectacular.

Belize's best known diving is the Blue Hole, the blue hole. This spectacular place is 300 meters long and 135 meters deep. When submerging, gigantic stalactites and stalagmites surprise us about 40 meters. And bull sharks come out to meet us. Fascinating. But it is only recommended for experienced divers.

And after the Blue Hole, on the same day, you can dive in Half Moon Caye Wall while traveling Belize. It is a vertical wall that falls 300 meters deep. Stripe blankets, coral sharks, turtles and gigantic corals are what await us when we dive. And we can add a third diving a day at Long Caye Aquarium, full of marine life.

And while Blue Hole is the most famous dive spot in Belize, Half Moon Caye and Long Caye Aquarium offer more marine life. All of them are located in Lighthouse Atoll, and it is one of the most fascinating diving experiences in the world. Apart from these three points of immersion, the Belize Barrier Reef offers unique dives.

North of the San Pedro area it is possible to see nurse sharks. The topography of the area is cut by dramatic canyons and cracks. And in the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve you can dive with hammerhead sharks and turtles. In Ambergris Caye, just in front of the town of San Pedro, is the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

It is one of the best diving in Belize. A deep break in the coral reef causes the arrival of varied marine life and flourishing corals. In Shark Ray Alley you can snorkel with rays and nurse sharks.

Another of the dive sites in Belize that we highlight is the Turneffe Atoll. It is the largest and the one with the greatest biological diversity. Since 2012 the atoll is under a protection program. And the underwater visibility is crystal clear, between 30 and 45 meters.

Due to its isolation, the coral life is amazing, like a coral forest. And if we add the possibility of seeing rays, sea turtles or barracudas, the Turneffe Atoll becomes one of the best diving spots in Belize.

And south of the city of Belize we find Silk Cayes Canyon. Low reefs mix with flourishing corals, forming interesting structures. There is a great variety of hard corals and it is possible to see coral sharks. And to see whale sharks, we have to go to Stann Creek District. The diving in Gladden Spit allows us fascinating encounters with these marine giants. But harmless.


Overall, every person, once in their life, has thought of uptaking any adventurous trip that would rush their adrenaline from time to time. There are numerous places, sites, cities, that offer a variety of adventures, such as mountains, lakes, and temples, etc. which are suitable for everyone. However, in this article, we have summarized some of the adventures which we highly recommend you visit.
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Stacie said...

This is not just a list of summer destinations. This is a ready-made bucket list! I'd love to see Fiji.

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I have ayearning to go back to crete this summer, not sure if we will manage it though.

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I love all 10 of your ideas for where to visit this summer. I wish I was able to take the summer and do all of them.

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Great list of places to visit and I have been to the Grand Canyon but it was during winter, still so pretty and the sunshine is still great.

katie davies said...

They are most definitely in the top 10, Antigua is amazing i remember my parents holidaye there and i swooned over the photos beautiful place!

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It looks like there are a lot of places to visit still that I have not even really thought about visiting yet. I love the idea of going to some but I am still nervous about leaving the country, especially Cuba. I may have to look more into this.

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Sounds like a great list of destinations! I would love to visit at least one of these places!

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What a great list! I want to visit all of these places :) xo, Suzanne

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I would like to visit Cuba. I don't really want to go alone, so the cruise is going to be our ideal choice.

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These are my top destinations to visit and I have only visited one so far, I need to catch up starting from Bahamas first

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These are all great places for a nice summer vacation. I love the tropical destinations and Fiji is definitely on my list! -Sondra Barker @cuisineandtravel.com

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OH MAN! Fiji! I love these posts about amazing destinations. I have a nice bookmark on my browser full of them and this is getting added to the list.

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These are all great places to visit. I haven't been to any of those places but dreaming to be there one day.

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I've been to a few places already on this list, but not yet French Polynesia or Fiji, they most appeal to me. Who knows, maybe I'll get there next year!

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What a great list of places. I would love to visit Fiji, and Antigua.

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Great list of must go destinations. I really want to go to Fiji personally.

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If I could visit any of these places i would be a happy dolly, such gorgeous place

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Most of these are on my list! Great compilation! I think I'm shooting for the Cayman Islands first!

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