15 Essentials for Hajj in Your Checklist

The Hajj is an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Holy Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the sacred destination for Muslims. Hajj is an obligatory religious duty for the Muslims Men and Women that must be offered at least once in their lifetime. It is a spiritual experience and yet very tiring activity. To keep the things on your fingertips can make your experience easy and memorable all along.

The most important thing to do is to pack your essentials for Hajj having the proper knowledge of their use, it will lessen the expectancy of any of your bad experience there. Masjid Al Haram is the largest mosque in the world. It is a site of Muslims for Hajj. Thousands of Muslims go to there for Hajj.

People also come here to perform Umrah. Umrah can be done anytime in life. But Hajj is performed only once a year on a fixed date. Millions of Muslims from all over the world come here to perform Hajj every year. The circumambulation of the Ka'bah does not stop even for a second.

Black Stone, Safawar Marwa, Zamzam Well and Makkam Ibrahimi are located here. It is one of the largest mosques in the world and is considered one of the world's largest buildings. It is the world's second biggest building. Every Muslim have a great wish to go to Kaaba and Madina.

Here is a checklist which will help you to keep the essentials with a proper understanding of it. You may add or remove the things keeping your usage in mind.

1. Passport, ID card

Before leaving, make sure you have your Identity card, passport, visa, tickets, and other traveling documents if required to keep. In addition, keep the extra copies of your documents in case of an emergency situation. It is always a good idea having copies of your travel documents at hand when travelling. Have your docs stored safely by scanning them and saving them to your personal email address. Should anything happen, you have a backup plan.

2. Medicine prescription, medical kit

For travellers who are on prescription meds, make sure to bring your medications with you and to bring extra just in case. Notify your physician before going on a trip. Keep the prescriptions of medicines containing the drugs more than the suggested percentage can keep you safe and sound during all your Hajj journey. Now did you check your medical kit if it is complete like the basic medicines of fever, vomiting, painkillers and band-aids. Don’t forget to keep them.

3. Cash

You will be having a Saudi currency, Riyals either from your homeland or after landing on the Sacred land of Saudi Arabia.

Islamic Material

4. Pocket Quran

Important to pack. You can keep the pocket Quran anywhere because it has no weight and easy to carry.

5. Prayer mat

You will not be comfortable to pray on the Mosque’s floor.

6. Digital Tasbeeh

Why not to keep a Digital Tasbeeh? Light, compact and easy to use. Buy from the market and keep it with you.

7. Ihram

For Both Men and Women: To perform Hajj, Muslims are ordered to wear the Ihram without that they are not allowed to accomplish with your Hajj or Umrah.

Camping Essentials

If you have no plans for the hotel settlement, then there is some more weight to carry. It would be a fun believe me, you will enjoy the blessed Umrah travel to some more extent. Don’t forget to pack:

8. Sleeping Mats

You might be sleeping on floor so keep the sleeping mats with you. Don’t worry there would be an arrangement as per your luxury so keeping the Sleeping mats with you will go in your favour.

9. Clothes hangers

You might not be having the facility of cupboard in the camp so keep the hangers to carry your washed and pressed clothes.

10. Pillow

It is a must to pack.


Remember, During Hajj, you will be facing a lot of warm temperature wuith direct sun rays. You will have to take your care so to bring some toiletry items is important for you.

11. Soap

Pack the two or three soaps so that you will not be facing any skin related problems using the local products. Don’t forget to pack this.

12. Tissues

Two or three packs of tissues would be enough for you there.

13. Tooth Brush, Paste

Toothcare is the most important thing also guided by the Islamic teachings. You would be more comfortable to keep your mouth clean and fresh to carry your prayers.

14. Shampoo, Conditioner

Cleaning your hairs during the bath is the important element to fulfill. So have the Shampoo of yours which suits your hair conditions, If you can't, don't compromise on your hair conditioning anyway. Pack the one or two packs of Shampoo with you.

15. Clothes

Avoid any local brand in Saudi Arabia to avoid any trouble there.

Bring enough clothes for the time period of your journey, keeping in mind that you will be changing the clothes several times a day. You will be doing a lot of exertion while performing Hajj so will definitely need to change the clothes on time. Don’t forget to keep your Ihram in your hand bag and the Belt, pins to support the Ihram when wearing.

Hajj is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so avoid to ruin it. Preplan and carry all the essentials along.
Kalyan Panja