10 Best Camping Spots in South Australia

The views, the adventures, the fun, the wildlife, the beauty make up the best camping trip. It isn't easy to find the best camping spot anywhere that offers all the elements, but in South Australia, the camping spots offer everything in abundance. South Australia is home to beautiful beaches, incredible mountain ranges, pristine national parks and much more.

Whether you are looking for a pet-friendly campsite, or a campsite for glamping, or the traditional free camping spot, South Australia has plenty of them.

South AustraliaSouth Australia

We have listed the top 10 camping spots in South Australia that are sure to offer everything you are looking for and even more during your adventures in Australia.

1. Cable Bay Campground, Innes National Park

Innes National Park in South Australia is home to spectacular beaches, rugged surfing, pristine bushland, limestone cliffs and stunning views. The park is perfect for exploring the luxurious nature. Situated in the park, Cable Bay Campground is pure heaven with white sand and crystal blue water.

This small camping spot in South Australia is best for enjoying silence away from the hustle-bustle and experiencing multiple activities like fishing, canoeing, swimming, snorkelling and hiking.

2. Rapid Bay Campground, Rapid Bay

If you are looking for a camping spot suitable for a family trip in Australia, including your little pooch, Rapid Bay Campground is the popular one in South Australia. The place is a grassy area located right on the beach, offering some beautiful views. The leafy sea dragons in the turquoise waters of the beach are a treat for snorkelers.

Make sure to pick it up as soon as possible, as the place remains quite busy, especially during the holidays.

3. Wilpena Pound Campground, Flinders Ranges

A bowl-like natural amphitheatre in between the largest mountain range, Wilpena Pound is a perfect camping spot for experiencing the stunning sunset and landscape views in South Australia. Apart from the intense natural beauty, another appeal of the campground is bushwalking. It even allows you to take scenic flights to reach the wondrous landscapes.

4. Mambray Creek Campground, Mount Remarkable National Park

Camping in Mambray Creek Campground is sure to turn into an unforgettable adventure. It is one of the best camping spots in Australia along the creek with river red gums. You will experience the amazing Australian wildlife at the campsite and even go hiking. Tucked away under the ranges, this campground in South Australia offers exceptional facilities when camping.

5. Kuitpo Forest, Fleurieu Peninsula

Surrounded by the Eucalypt woodland, it is the most serene camping spot in South Australia. It is ideal for relaxing under the stars, campfires, toasting marshmallows, and watching the diversified wildlife.

6. Stringybark Campground, Deep Creek Conservation Park

Amidst the tall forest, Stringybark Campground is an ideal camping spot in South Australia to camp, along with little protection from wind and sun. The campsite offers basic facilities like toilets, showers, fire pits and much more. This camping spot is best if you do not want to drive far away from the city.

7. Ocean Beach, Coorong National Park

Coorong National Park is home to rare migratory and coastal bird species, so the beaches in the park are ideal for exploring the species. At the camping spot, you can experience multitudes of outdoor activities like fishing, boating, bird watching, kayaking, camping, walking, and 4WD driving. Ocean Beach, in particular, is the best place to set up your camp. It is a spectacular beach to go kayaking, canoeing, swimming or fishing.

8. Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island

One of the best beach spots in Australia is Vivonne Bay. No other campsite at Kangaroo Island can be compared to Vivonne Bay. The bay holds unimaginable white sands and turquoise blue water. The beach is ideal for sunbathing, fishing from the jetty or the beach, and surfing. At the campsite, you can enjoy the great ocean at the bay view safely along with the wild roaring wind and have some fun at the picnic spots set up at the jetty.

9. Talia Caves, Eyre Peninsula

Imagine camping on the edge of the cliffs? The beauty of this camping spot is sure to take your breath away. The cliffs, the beach and the mountain dunes offer a beauty worth a gaze. The sandstone cliffs carved into the caves are called 'The Tub' and 'The Woolshed'. Fishing, surfing and sightseeing are some of the activities the camping spot offers.

10. Glamping, Limestone Coast

From the name, you must have understood, Limestone Coast is a spot perfect for luxurious camping. Unlike at the traditional campsite, you need not set up a tent, as the campsite offers stunning bell tents surrounded by red gum trees. The place provides all the basic amenities or say creature comforts one requires at the campsite, including showers, toilets and many more.


Each camping spot mentioned above is unique and varies in terms of facilities. But the most hectic task at the campsite is to pitch a tent. A simple addition of caravan annexes to your caravan could even ease you from this effort. An annex is easy to handle, maximises the outdoor space and requires no effort to set up, unlike a tent.

Kalyan Panja