10 Best Camping Spots in Australia

It's time to take a pause and spend some quality time with your friends and family, create memories, experience adventures like never before. Camping in Australia is always a fun idea to connect with the natural surroundings and explore different places. No doubt that Australia provides you with the best of the best camping spots, where you can pitch a tent, enjoy and adore the country's outdoor spaces even more.

You will step into paradise as soon as you choose beachside spots with white sandy beaches and blinding turquoise crystal clear waters. Offering you pretty amazing places to spend time with nature. Some of the campsites are free, and at some, you need to make a booking well in advance. Either way, you'll have a great camping experience.

Here are a few of the most beautiful camping sites in Australia:

1. Kalbarri, Western Australia

Experience the scenic beauty of Western Australia along with river gorges, hikes, and red and white banded sandstone formation for miles. In the peak season, the wildflowers bloom creating colour-popping views as far as an eye can see. It is perched right on the cliff, and you can enjoy the incredible views of nature, thriving fishing, rafting, canoeing and a lot more.

2. Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

Horseshoe Bay in Sydney is the most picturesque camping spot with coastal views teeming with attractions surrounded by beaches, forests, and most importantly, oceans. Being a five-hour drive, the way to this beautiful destination is pretty as well. And once you reach, it offers you multiple thrilling Skydiving and Underwater adventures.

3. Millaa Millaa, Queensland

Magnificent falls surrounded by lush rainforests and highest mountain in Queensland - Mount Bartle Frere (situated at the height of 1,611 metres ~5,825 feet) above the sea level. It is the most photographed tropical paradise falls. Also, a popular swimming spot and wildlife spot. There's a grassy picnic area for camping and other activities.

4. Grampians National Park, Victoria

This unusual camping site offers stunning mountain views, exhibiting beautiful places it nurtures. Experience overnight adventures of hiking to pretty spectacular places nestled on mountain peaks. Enjoy the breath-taking view with endless nature walks. Driving through the valley region of this area is also mesmerizing in itself. The peaks give you a picture of eternal scenic beauty spread across several kilometres.

5. Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Are you fond of blinding white sandy beaches and the world's most transparent water? Jervis Bay is the perfect spot to experience that vibe in summer months, bringing sunny days and hot temperature. In winters you can enjoy the view of whales moving to northern warm channels. The dolphins are also relatively easy and pleasant to find here frolicking over the bay's seagrass meadows.

6. Margaret River, Western Australia

This place has it all, from fabulous beaches to world-class architecture, wineries and vineyards. The lush forest, the river and the surf breaks add dimension to Margaret River. There are multiple campsites to choose from; the sunsets over the ocean are something special. And the temperature in winter does not drop below five degrees, making it the ultimate camping spot year around.

7. Blue Mountains, New South Wales

For less mountainous experience, the Blue Mountain has plenty of caravan parks. It is better to camp during summer than winter because winter is super cold in the Blue Mountains. Best way to enjoy the natural beauty is to pitch a tent within its many secluded campsites. This place offers fantastic views and experience all at the cost of nothing. This campsite is free and must be on your list.

The best thing about Sydney is that it’s close to many destinations perfect for a day-trip. Rising above Sydney and located within a World Heritage Site, the Blue Mountains of Australia offer a very distinct perspective than busy city life. Apart from the scenic beauty of the place, top attractions you can enjoy here include day spas, shopping markets, golf courses, dining areas, and galleries among several other things.

For trekkers, there are bushwalking trails like the Three Sisters at Echo Point. The massive and spectacular Blue Mountains obtain their name after the stunning blue tinge they display from a distance. Blue Mountains National Park is a lovely hiking spot, and Manly Beach will give you more privacy than popular Bondi. Before you finish you’ll have splashed your way through several creeks, cowered under huge sandstone walls and overhangs, and stared in awe at magnificent waterfalls.

Hawkesbury River Cruise will take you on one of the most beautiful rivers in Australia stopping by small villages full of heritage architecture and farmers’ markets. The Blue Mountains are located approximately 90 kilometres west of Sydney and were the first major obstacle early European Explorers had to overcome in their westward expansion into the continent.

Indeed it took them 30 years to find a route through the heavy bush and around the sheer 1000 foot sandstone cliff faces. The three stone monoliths on the left hand side are known as the Three Sisters. An ancient aboriginal legend tells the tale of three sisters – Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo who lived in the heart of the Jamison Valley as part of the Katoomba tribe.

The Jenolan Caves are a limestone system and are the oldest open (accessible) caves in the world. They cover more than 40 kilometers (25 mi) of multi-level passages and have over 300 entrances. The road into the [hidden] valley actually passes right through one of them. It’s the only way in or out of the valley.

8. Flinders Ranges, South Australia

The Flinders Ranges are the largest mountain range in South Australia. They start about 200 km (125 mi) north of Adelaide and stretch over 430 km (265 mi) from Port Pirie to Lake Callabonna and have been home to the Adnyamathanha people for upwards of 60000 years.

The rugged, weathered peaks and rocky gorges are some of the most dramatic and beautiful landscapes in the country. An experience that will make you feel as you are on Mars. It is suggested to camp during the winter months since summer can bring hot temperatures. The 540 million-year-old scenes at these sites are enthralling and definitely something to enjoy at least once in a lifetime.

9. Nullarbor Plain

The Bight is located on the edge of the Nullarbor Plain - to the uninitiated or unobservant, that vast tract of emptiness. The Bight came into existence when Gondwana separated from Antarctica 50 million years ago. Those cliffs continue precisely like that, unbroken and without deviation or change for over 1200 kilometers.

10. Daintree National Park, Queensland

The Daintree is a 1,200 square kilometer tropical rainforest on the northeast Queensland coast. It’s a world heritage site and the oldest rainforest in the world. It’s also one of the most ecologically diverse regions on the planet. It contains 30% of the frog, reptile and marsupial species found in Australia. 90% of the bat and butterfly species. 7% of bird species and over 12,000 known species of insects.

Heaven for the endless rainforest, beautiful beaches and diverse wildlife. For some not so typical camping experience visit The Noah Beach camping site situated 50m from the shore, beneath the mossy trees. Unlike other camping sites it doesn't have far-sighting scenic views. But the placement of this site surrounded by thousands of trees and bushes makes it look-alike out of the jungle movie set.

Decided where you are going to head to?

Although most of these places will provide ample facilities, the wise decision is to always be on the safer side by carrying a caravan awning porch with you. An awning is a great option to have some personal space wherever and whenever you need it.

With an anti flap kit, can be installed and used quickly. These awnings are quite helpful in extending your outdoors when you're on a caravan camping trip. You can have a space to rest and store the clutter without any worry of invasion of privacy of you and your family.

Kalyan Panja