8 Best Places to See Wildlife in Australia

As most of us know, Australia is a country that has one of the most unique wildlife in the whole world. There are so many interesting animals that you can see and interact with, from cuddly koalas to some of the most dangerous animals in the world. Australia has it all.

Kangaroo against the sunsetKangaroo against the sunset.

So, in order to experience everything that you need to as an animal lover, here is a list of the best places to see wildlife in Australia.

1. Get A Closer Look at Exotic Animals in Taronga Zoo, Sydney

One of the most iconic zoos in Sydney is the Taronga Zoo. It is the best place for animal lovers to get to know Australia's native wildlife and they offer fun shows you can watch on a daily basis. There you'll be able to see platypi, feed giraffes, get an insight into penguin life and many other animals. To get the full experience make sure that you go on the famous 12-minute ferry ride across the harbour and enjoy the breathtaking views.

2. Experience the Sea Life in Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, Sydney

If you are someone who is fascinated by marine life, there is no better place for you than The Sea Life Aquarium. This magical place is the home to thousands of tropical fish like turtles, sharks, seahorses, stingrays and many more interesting beings. What makes this place stand out from others is the fact that they have two dugongs.

And there are only three other ones on display in the whole world. This is something that needs to be on your Australia bucket list. But that is not all, you can even go behind the scenes and go snorkeling with their impressive marine life.

3. Go Whale Watching on The Harbour, Sydney

Another fun thing you can do is go whale watching in Sydney. There are so many different courses that will take you to the best whale-watching spots. Depending on which one you pick it can take anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours on the open water. If you are a whale lover there is nothing that will be more enjoyable than spotting whales and enjoying the sun and water.

4. Meet Native and Exotic Animals in The Symbio Wildlife Park, Sydney

Symbio Wildlife Park is home to many different exotic and native animals such as meerkats and koalas. There you will be able to spend all day learning and getting to know Australia's native animals. They also have a reptile house where you can meet the world's most venomous snake.

5. Deepen Your Knowledge of Reptiles in The Australian Reptile Park, Sydney

For people who don't get the heebie-jeebies when they see anything that has more than two eyes, forked tongues and scales the Australian Reptile Park is a must. You will be able to spend hours upon hours there learning about animals and reptiles. They also have a variety of Australia's native animals such as Tasmanian devil and wombats.

Their main attraction is Elvis the crocodile being fed as well as visit their famous venom collection program. Among all the things to do in Sydney you will be able to get your dosage of creepy crawlies you can visit an amazing spider world exhibit.

6. Feed the Animals in Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney

If you are looking for a place where you will be able to physically interact with animals there is no better place to be than Featherdale Wildlife Park. There you will be able not only cuddle koalas but you will also be able to feed the cute kangaroos and wallabies. You will get the opportunity to be in a place where over 1,700 live.

7. Cuddle with Some Cute Koalas at The Koala Park Sanctuary, Sydney

Most people that come to Australia want to meet some cute koalas. In this koala sanctuary, you will be able to see many different koalas shows. Even though koalas are the stars of this sanctuary you will also be able to meet some native birds like emus and echidnas as well as kangaroos. But what seals the deals are cute little lambs that you can cuddle with.

8. Relax with Cats in the Catmosphere in Sydney, Sydney

In the end, if you are not comfortable with meeting new animals but you are still an animal lover and you want to spend some time with them, visit a space-themed cat cafe. There you will be able to enjoy the company of cats as well as enjoy pristine coffee and cat-shaped treats. But what makes this cafe special is the yoga classes in which you cool down by cuddling cats. There are so many fun, interesting and romantic things to do in Sydney while visiting Australia.

If you are a true animal lover there is no better place for you than Sydney. It has so many different places you can explore and so many different animals and replies you can meet. There are so many sanctuaries and zoos that aren't cruel and actually are there to help animals. But, the most important thing is to give yourself enough time to explore every location.

After your visit, you will gain so much knowledge about animals and love them even more.

Kalyan Panja