6 Best Things To Do and See in Bogotá, Colombia

Colombia is an amazing country! It’s diversity, warmhearted people, vibrant life and amazing landscapes make it one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. The country’s capital, Bogotá is a huge modern city with more than eight million people, and whether it can be overwhelming and sprawling at the beginning, it has a wonderful cultural and social life surrounded by mountains.

Bogotá is located on a plateau at the foot of the Eastern Cordillera, a branch of the colossal Andes, and is the heart of Colombia. In the postcards of Bogota there is a pleasant visual contrast.

Bogota boasts of its centennial history through extraordinary examples of the resplendent viceregal architecture, such as the Teatro Colón, with its proud neoclassical style, Bolívar Square, surrounded by important buildings such as the Palace of Justice, the National Capitol, where the congress is, and the Cathedral of Bogotá, among others.

Among other things, it has the airport with the highest air traffic, the tallest skyscraper in Colombia, the oldest universities in Colombia and the largest concentration of museums in Colombia, as well as the esteemed emeralds, the legendary El Dorado myth, the literary work of García Márquez and the unique artistic expressions of Fernando Botero.

Here you can listen to the songs of the typical vallenato and the well-known cumbia, which is proudly Colombian. You can also eat the rich Sancocho and the Ajiaco, or drink a little brandy and of course, the vaunted Colombian coffee, which are just some of the succulent delicacies offered by traditional Colombian cuisine.

best things to do in Bogota, Colombia

In Bogotá, you’ll never get bored, and here I’ll tell you why! Within all you can do in this wonderful city, here are some of the best things to do in Bogota:

1. Walking down La Candelaria

La Candelaria is one of the most important and old neighbourhoods in the city; it’s basically the main historic place encompassing the president’s house, museums, cafes, stores, and well known restaurants. There’s much to see in La Candelaria and you’ll never get bored walking down it’s colorful and historic streets. It also has the highest concentration of hostels in the city, so it’s always a good option for accommodation.

2. Hiking Monserrate

Monserrate is one of the most iconic tourist landmarks and so, not to be missed when coming to Bogotá! It lies about 3152 meters above sea level and it’s the perfect and most beautiful spot to have a full sight of the immensity of the city. It also has a church and some restaurants and souvenirs shops to enjoy even more your visit.

Located in the eastern hills, close to La Candelaria, Monserrate’s top of the mountain is only reachable by hiking or by the famous cable car or funicular railway for an easier and faster ride.

3. Immerse yourself in Gold Museum

As you might have heard before, Colombia is the land of El Dorado legend and so, some of its precolonial cultures were very fond of gold. This museum, located close to La Candelaria, is home to more than 30000 goldsmith pieces and 2500 years of culture, history and artisanal metalsmith. The Gold Museum was founded more than 80 years ago and it’s still one of the most important tourist spots in the city.

To spend a good couple of hours there admiring all the pieces of gold and how they relate to our history is always a must when coming to Bogotá.

4. Visit Bolívar Square

No city’s sightseeing is completed without a visit to its main square or plaza. In Bogota’s case, the Plaza de Bolívar (Bolívar Square) is the capital’s most important landmark as it hosts the presidential house, the main cathedral, the palace of justice and the mayor's office. So, there’s no surprise when saying that the most important political and democratic events in the country take place in this square.

It’s a must see in Bogotá and a great spot for some really cool pictures.

5. Enjoy the nightlife in Usaquén

Within all the things to do in Bogota, if you are fond of spending some good, fun and crazy time do not miss the city’s nightlife. There are hundreds of amazing bars and clubs to dance like there’s no tomorrow scattered all over the city; some of the most famous one are Zona Rosa, Chapinero and Usaquén. From reggaeton to salsa, techno, and even indie, in Bogotá there are clubs of all kinds of tastes.

Actually, the city is home to one of the biggest LGBT clubs in South America called Theatron and the worldwide famous restaurant and club Andrés Carne de Res.

6. Try some good food and coffee in Paloquemao

Besides music, warm people and beautiful landscapes, Colombian food is also a huge important part of the culture. As the capital, Bogotá is no exception to this and over the past years it has exponentially increased its gastronomic culture offering tons of delicious food and drink options that make up the most amazing local experiences!

In La Candelaria you will find tons of coffee shops and restaurants worth a try. Visit La Puerta Falsa for some of the best typical food and Café Qundió or La Romana for an amazing cup of coffee!

A very important thing when you are exploring Bogotá, is to know a bit of Spanish. In Bogotá, more than anywhere else in the country, you’ll find people that talk English, but it’s rather a good idea to know some basics before or during your stay here. Learning some Spanish will definitely help you to interact with locals better and make your way throughout the country.

There are a lot of things to do in Bogota and discovering and exploring them is a remarkable experience! The fact that the city has been growing over the past decades means that now, more than ever, it enjoys a wide variety of interesting things, places, flavors, people and once in a lifetime experiences. We hope this article is useful whenever you have the chance to be her!

Now you are more prepared to arrive in Bogotá. Of course, discovering and exploring when you are actually here has no comparison, but we do hope we have given you some useful recommendations and that you are eager to come and enjoy this amazing, cosmopolitan city!
Kalyan Panja