7 Best Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

Portland in Oregon has lots of great things to see and do. So here are just a few examples of the many magnetic attractions that this city in USA on offer, while some are free, some are you gotta pay for. Grab a Willamette Week newspaper to find out where to catch fun free shows, many of them outdoors during the temperate Northwest summers. Oregon has so many things to offer the traveler and one of the most attractive state is the Northwest!

For the most part, Portland is Oregon's capital and has the West Hills which has the vast majority of residents that call the city home. If you are visiting this city, don't be afraid to stay in one of the most sought after hotels in the city that is also centrally located.

Portland is the capital and the largest city in Oregon. Kick back Pacific Northwest style in Oregon's biggest city. Straddling the Willamette River, Portland is arguably one of the healthiest American cities, with bike lanes crisscrossing friendly neighborhoods, and buses and a light-rail system helping to preserve the refreshingly clean air.

Nearby you will find Mount Hood, the Columbia River Gorge, the Oregon Coast and the wine region. It is also considered one of the greenest cities in the United States. Portland gives off a creative and youthful energy, with its many slow food restaurants, food trucks, craft breweries, the predilection of the bike over the car and the sustainable development in all its facets, which makes the city ​​be especially nice.

Maybe the atmosphere, a bit too hipster, can be unbearable, but in any case, the quality of life there is very good. In the morning, visit Stumptown or any of the new coffee shops that are all over the city for coffee. For lunch, we recommend visiting Alder Street's Food Cart Pods, where a huge number of food carts meet in one place.

And, thanks to the city's food trucks (also called pods), you can fill up on gourmet-quality fare for less than $10. Finally, in the morning or in the evening, go to the famous Voodoo Donut (and order maple with bacon) or Blue Star Donuts (and order basil with bourbon and blueberry).

Best Things To Do In Portland, Oregon

Let's see the list of best things to do in Portland:

1. International Rose Test Garden

Entrance is free to the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, which has the honour of being crowned the continuously operated public garden within the US. Oh, well, if you want to see it, just head for Washington Park, when the roses are at their absolute best between May and September.

2. Oregon Zoo

All great places have a great zoo, and the Oregon Zoo at Portland certainly is excellent! You can see the entire wildlife world in one afternoon at the Oregon Zoo, and you won't even need your passport. There are more than 2,000 different animals from all over the world, including an Asian elephant breeding program.

The Oregon Zoo in Portland is renowned for its conservation efforts, so why not visit it. It's ideal for adults, and it's perfect for kids too.


Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is one of the leading science museums in the United States, offering five fantastic halls of intellectual, hands-on fun. Don't worry if the ground starts shaking, as experiencing an earthquake is just one of the many attractions in the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Take a tour of a real submarine, explore the Universe in the safety of a planetarium, the OMSI, bringing science to life in Portland. If you want to take a look around inside the sub, you'll just have to make your way to the OMSI in Portland yourself.

4. Portland Art Museum

The artistic and cultural institutions of Portland are highly respected. If you're more of an art geek than a science geek, then make your way to the Portland Art Museum, where you'll gaze in awe at the fantastic and exciting art experiences. This is the oldest museum in the North West. Just head to downtown Portland. You'll not be able to miss it.

There's a sculpture court outdoors, and the interior is just waiting to take you on a historical, artistic journey across the world. There's some brilliant Native American art, modern art, and traditional art. The Portland Art Museum is just full of art! Now that's what I call art, masterpieces of design!

5. Portland Saturday Market

Get to know the culinary scene of Portland by visiting the Saturday Market, which is set up in Chinatown every weekend and where you can find art, gastronomy, crafts and lots of street culture. On weekends, you can sample local, seasonal delights in farmer's markets. And craftspeople have been selling their handmade, affordable wares at the riverside Saturday Market (which is also open on Sunday).

As many days you can spare for your trip to Portland in Oregon, make sure that you have an available Saturday to visit the unique sights, sounds and atmosphere of the Portland Saturday market. It's the largest weekly open-air art and craft market in the nation, packed with unique creations mostly displayed by the individual creators. It's open every Saturday (and Sunday incidentally).

Why not visit it and treat yourself to something unique and beautiful from the Portland market. Go on, treat yourself. It is a "cultural cornucopia".

6. Pittock Mansion

It is the best place to visit for spectacular views and a glimpse into the past of Portland as it dramatically transformed from a sleepy small town into a city bustling with activity. The Pittock Mansion is packed with treasures, and this architectural masterpiece soaring around 1000 feet over the Portland skyline is well worth a visit. Hey, if you thought that looked impressive, try visiting the Pittock Mansion in Portland, in real life.

7. Lan Su Chinese Garden

You'd be forgiven for thinking that you'd been miraculously transported way back in time, and across to the other side of the world. When you step into the beautiful world that is the Lan Su Chinese Garden, this authentically designed and built Ming Dynasty garden. There is a lovely teahouse and a whole host of events which takes place here every year, including (of course) a two-week Chinese New Year celebration and various summer concerts.

It's a great place to visit, whatever be the time of year. No wonder the Lan Su Chinese Garden is considered by many to be the best and most authentic Chinese garden outside China.

Other Things To Do In Portland

As if you haven't already convinced that Portland, Oregon is a great place to visit just packed with exciting things to see and do, there's plenty more stuff to entertain you and fill your time. Among the weirdest stuff to do in Portland, you can attend a presentation at the Oregon Symphony or the Portland Opera. Watch the dancers dance across the stage at the Oregon Ballet Theater.

Watch the Portland Trail Blazers play at the Rose Garden Arena. They are onetime NBA champs and have an unbelievable fan base (it all adds to the atmosphere and the excitement you know). There's also the Portland Timbers who play Major League Soccer, NASCAR at the Portland International Raceway and the Portland WinterHawks hockey team.

Golf, hiking, cycling, running, fishing, water sports and winter sports are fantastic winter sporting adventures only an hour's drive from Portland city.

Take the beer tours and the wine tours and a tour of the 89 breweries or their pubs, where they offer good promotions to eat at happy hour, which often takes place twice a day in the bars of Portland. The American pub has high ceilings, bright lights, booze bottles on display, and numerous affectations like brass taps and strip lighting and in some cases even real brick and wood.

You’d be lucky to find one that doesn’t have a screen somewhere, too. American pubs are either too big or too small, and they’re always too crowded either way.

American pubs are hotspots. Instagrammers are going to show up there. Tourists. Influencers. Pregaming idiots who wouldn’t appreciate a good beer if they drowned in it. Out-of-towners. Posers.

I hope you find the article helpful to plan a trip to Portland. I'm sure you'll agree that there are lots to see and do in Portland.
Kalyan Panja