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Have you decided to see the magical Northern lights in Norway on your next trip? Norway is in the list of so many tourists. Norway is one of the unique places to see the Northern lights in Scandinavia. The interesting view that Norway offers seems like the dream come true. If you want to enjoy the lights, know about the best places to see Northern lights before you start for your trip. This article will show you the best places to see the Northern lights in Norway.

Norway with spectacular fjords, mountains with snow even in the summer, the Northern Lights, the alps like Lofoten mountains situated on small islands with tropical looking beaches is all very Instagram friendly.

Do you know what the Northern lights are?

Northern lights are the electrically charged particles. Northern lights are created from a collision and they enter into the earth. The sun is the origin of the lights. The lights show in the dark sky at night. The light dances in the color of purple, green, pink, blue and violet. Aurora borealis is the scientific name of the Northern lights. During cold and dry weather, the Northern lights creates a mesmerizing scene.

What are the best places to see the Northern lights in Norway?

Who knows it can be one of the memorable tours of your life. Watching the Northern lights is like a dream trip to some people. You can see Northern lights in Iceland or Finland. But several spots have made Norway worth visiting. And your trip can be easier if you know the perfect time for seeing northern lights in Norway. The best areas to see the northern lights in Norway are located in Tromso, Svalbard, and Trondheim.

Northern lights in Norway

We are going to show you the best spots to see the Northern lights in Norway.

1. Tromso

Tromso is the one largest city in Norway. The city is known as a famous spot to the people worldwide for watching the Northern lights. Most of the people go to this city as its one of the main attractions for watching the Northern lights in Norway. It is one of the locations where you can reach easily during Winter.

Not only the Northern lights, but you also have the chance to explore the entire Tromso. The Northern lights are the world-famous adventure in Norway. A huge number of people come to travel to the Tromso city to see the Northern lights only. People not only from remote locations but also from other countries come to Tromso.

2. Alta

If you want to see the lights from its ideal place, it's the Alta city. It's a small town, but according to several studies, Alta city is the most popular place to watch the Northern lights. As the temperature is warm in Alta, you can stay with your family in Alta. While you are watching the Northern lights, do not forget to see the other top attractions in Alta. The ancient rocks and the Alta museum is the top attraction.

3. Bodo

If you are thinking that you will not go to the Tromso for watching the Northern lights, we can suggest you go to Bodo city. It is a great destination for Northern light photographers. The city is 3 kilometre away from Norway. When you are getting yo the Bodo, you are getting more chances to see the lights more precisely. The clouds in the sky have made it more challenging to observe the lights. You can see Mount Ronvik from Bodo.

4. Svalbard

Svalbard is in the northern part of Norway. Its one of the popular places to see the Northern lights in the world. Travelers find it an unique place for watching lights. It is known to people worldwide that it is one point where people can see the lights during the day time. The most preferred time to stay in Svalbard is from the month of November to the month of February.

If you are going within this time, you can enjoy the dog sledding along with watching the Northern lights. But know one thing about Svalbard before the start. Traveling to Svalbard is more expensive compared to other places.

5. Lofoten

One of the best places to see the Northern lights are the Lofoten. You will not believe the view unless you watch it with your eyes. Small fishing villages are part of the view. The beach lies in it which gives it a mesmerizing view of the sky. If you are a night photographer, no other place on the earth can be better than the Lofoten.

Best time to see the Northern lights in Norway

While you are going to travel somewhere, you should know about the best time to go to the spot. In the same way, if you know the best month to see Northern lights in Norway, you can enjoy the time. So what are the best months to see Northern lights in Norway? If you decide to go from late April to early September, you can enjoy the Northern lights.

This time is considered the perfect time to watch northern lights in Norway because it gets dark during this time. The best season for visiting Norway to experience the northern lights is November to March. Because the nights between these months are much longer as compare to the whole year. An ideal month considered for northern lights is March. You can either see the aurora by waking up the whole night or set the alarm for every hour.

Which will be best season to see the Northern lights in Norway?

In one word, it's winter. Winter is the perfect time to see northern lights in Norway. As the sky remains dark during the winter, you get the chance to see the lights properly. If you are going during the summer, you cannot enjoy the lights. The month of May to August is the summertime in Norway. It does not get dark during summer. So it is better if you are going in winter.

Moreover, there are many hotels based in Norway who provides the wake-up service to the tourist coming here for northern lights. So, you can sleep without worrying about waking up at the wrong time.

You already know everything about your destination. Now it's time to prepare everything for the trip. Do not forget to take the camera equipment with you. Check that you have taken every equipment with you. If you forget to take photos, you cannot save your memory. Bring every moment with you. Once you get back, give your photos the desired look.

You need to have photo retouching skill with your own hand. If you cannot edit your photos, go for an expert graphics designer. But make sure that you give the best look to your photos.

If you were searching for the best places to see the Northern lights in Norway, you have got everything that you need to know. We have tried to give you the best authentic information. I hope that you have got everything so that you can start on your trip.
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Hello Readers, I hope you are doing great. Today we will provide some travel safety tips for you following the Coronavirus outbreak. In the last few weeks we have seen a lot of global developments which have directly or indirectly impacted you. The spread of the COVID-19 virus has impacted lives and economies around the world and is continuing to cause disruption in our lives. There is a concern all around as to how productive is work from home gonna be.

I was looking up to book for my Morocco city holidays but due to the great panic of the coronavirus outbreak, I have to delay it. I now will book my trip for September and October. Some safety tips are there which everyone should be aware of regarding coronavirus. Wherever you are traveling or intended to travel in the future, read the article, it would help you to avoid coronavirus and other major diseases while traveling.

In this regard, here’s how you can recreate the magic of human connection even though we are miles apart during the lockdown.

Travel Safety Tips for Corona

Here are some useful tips to avoid the coronavirus if you intend to travel somewhere.

1. Keep up to date about the CoronaVirus Situation

It is most important to keep yourself up to date about the situation occurring minute to minute following coronavirus widespread. WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic and a challenge for the worldly nations. The situation in most of the countries is going worse and it is alarming. Growing economies and developed countries are both at stake because of this virus.

2. Where You Should not Fly?

Most of the countries in the world are affected by the coronavirus outbreak. There are a total of 195 countries in the world out of them, 140 countries are affected and it is not a small number. Wuhan, China’s province is the center of the virus and it has a large number of affectees. So it is not suggested to visit China in this situation.

The neighboring countries of China are also not recommended to visit in the corona situation. It doesn’t mean to develop a stereotype against the countries I’m naming. The virus is a thing that could be broken out from anywhere in the world. So there is no specific blame on anyone in this situation.

Mexico closed its borders for Americans, Africa is not allowing the European citizens to enter the region because it is a risk of coronavirus spread. Africa is safe from coronavirus yet.

Italy is badly affected by coronavirus as the death toll there due to coronavirus has raised more than 1 thousand as per reports. In Germany, cases are increasing day by day. Same as with the middle east and Saudi Arabia. Muslims' sacred places in Saudi Arabia are also closed and people are not allowed to make a rush on the places.

In France, people are at home for at least a week and further for two weeks. You also should avoid Asian countries like Thailand, Japan, Pakistan, and India. Other countries are in the red zone of the corona. So now decide, whether are you traveling or not? If so, where to?

3. What is needed to do during a flight to Avoid Corona?

You might have searched the right place and booked the flight with the best facilities. But you need to take account of some more things to keep yourself safe. As the virus can be found in the handles, and the movable, static things in the flight, so don’t touch things that much. Wear a mask and gloves. Use the sanitizer which will be provided to you by the air staff.

Don’t panic, but keep the distance from the other passengers. Don’t sit with the passenger who is ill or is a patient.

If you are using the blankets of the airline, don’t use it if that is not an emergency. You are advised to keep your towel, blankets, handkerchief and mask with you. Pack all the important things with you so it would not be any mishappening in the travel and it will get trouble. Prepare everything on time before the flight.

4. Don’t Shake Hand – Use Expressions

It is to know that coronavirus spreads by breathing and skin to skin contact. Don’t be physical with other human beings during the flight as it is not safe at all. You should be using expressions to talk to other people if it is that necessary. Use earphones, listen to the songs and things of your choice to avoid interaction with other passengers.

It is not awkward, because you are taking safety measures. People are taking quarantine in the homes and the places they feel safe from the virus. You are on travel so at least take measures to avoid the deadly virus.

5. Wash Your Hands frequently and Use Sanitizer

Coronavirus can be removed from your body if it is there, by using soap and sanitizers. So keep your soap with you and also sanitizers to make yourself clean. If the flight’s washroom is not clean, ask the flight attendants to make it clean. Make it sure to sit on the clean seat. Clean covers and pillows should be there.

6. A virtual happy hour

Humans thrive on social interactions - any communication - even from distance can help fight fear, anxiety, panic and depression. And even though you can’t go to your favourite bar, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have drinks over FaceTime or Hangout. Essentially, find such points of (virtual) connection that can help calm one down in these testing times.

Life has dramatically changed for many people around the world over the last few weeks and months. In the face of mass gig cancellations however, bands, musicians and recording artists are getting inventive by streaming directly to fans around the world.

Start with a routine that will help you drive immediate impact in your daily life. By focusing on a single goal, you'll allow your self the time to develop the habit seamlessly without spreading yourself to thin! Starting to hit your routine stride? Figure out good-for-you rewards that are a treat but still keep you on your self-care journey. No turning back now! Remember: Reward not rewind!

7. A digital movie night

Watch a movie together with your bubs! Get whole of your gang to dial in at the same time and put stories on Instagram or live tweet it. Make those after office hours, more fun.

8. Stand for others

A simple, ‘how are you’ or a ‘take care’ will just do here. These small texts, full of care and kindness can go a long way and make the other person feel connected and emotionally balanced.

9. Improve your existing relationships

Now that you have to be home, why not make the best use of this time by connecting with people you share your home with. Cook a meal for your family, plan a movie night. Just be there for each other. There's power in numbers. Reach out to those who motivate you to keep them up-to-date on your progress and tap into them when you need a little extra motivation.

10. Use more of technology

While video calls foster real time closeness, so can other mode of media like WhatsApp and Telegram that have beautiful emojis and hilarious stickers. Trust me when I say that those ‘pings’ matter.

You are important. Care your life and also be a socially responsible traveler. Keep all these safety measures to take great care of yourself and society.
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Reflected to be the place of religious and cultural realization for devotees all over India, the Chardham is enclosed by some natural elegance. Most devotees travel here to get blessings by the powerful lords. One must choose the most suitable time to visit Chardham and prepare fully in advance.

best time to visit char dham

Determining the right time is necessary because all four temples are placed high up in the hills, and you require to travel across abrupt slopes and rocky routes to arrive at the holy temples.

1. Weather of Chardham

Weather performs an essential part in picking a proper time to visit these four pilgrimage places. Your comfort is another determinant. The high mountains will be cool and refreshing during April to June. You should carry woolens with you as the evenings can be cold. The rains commence around July and last till the beginning of September.

The journey could be hard with chances of slips and water logging at places. September after rainfalls becomes comparatively cooler, which is seemingly the best time for the journey. By October the warmth drops and you could even notice initial snowfall. Consider the weather with all proper gravity when you think of a Chardham journey.

2. Best Time for Chardham Yatra - What should you Know?

Planning for Chardham Yatra is not a childish decision. The path is broken, brings you over a rugged area, makes you trek for prolonged hours and tests your strength each minute. The climate of the Himalayas is also erratic. The climate conditions remain varied each moment, making your journey all the more challenging.

Hence, before you plan a tour to Chardham, you require to be informed of the best time to visit Chardham. Then your trip will be hassle-free and secure.

3. Visit Char Dham During The Monsoon Season

In Chardham, monsoons remain throughout the end of June till the middle of September. Occasional storms and landslides are quite prevalent during that part of the year. So it's not advisable to visit Chardham in monsoon time.

Another good season to tour arrives at the end of September to mid-November. This is pre-winter in the hills when the hills are rich with greenery after a big monsoon and the brutality of winter hasn’t set in. This is the best time to begin the Char Dham Yatra for devotees across India.

4. Ideal Day to Visit Chardham

On the Akshaya Tritiya day every year, Chardham temples open. Akshaya Tritiya is supposed to be the most auspicious day as per the Hindu mythology. It falls on the Shukla Paksha and third Tithi during the month of Vaishakha. Additionally, Chardham temple closes two days after Diwali every year.

Diwali is another very religious festivity for Indians. It celebrates the conquest of good over evil. So, one can get entry to the Chardham and obtain a Darshan of the mighty lords only for 6 months each year.

5. What is the Perfect Chardham Traveling Season?

The most suitable time to visit Chardham is throughout April, May and the first half of June. That signifies the pre-summers and summers at the Chardham when the climate is comfortable sufficient for the journey. Trip to Chardham should not be done strictly throughout the monsoon season around the July to September months.

The main reason is the region becomes landslide-prone and unsafe during the monsoons. You could also acknowledge visiting Chardham between October to the end of November to enjoy the pre-winter pricks of the cold ambiance. The climate during that time is still tolerable and vacation friendly.

6. What are the Advantages of Chardham Tour at the Best Time

The important privileges of traveling to Chardham through the best season are:

• Traveling will be trouble-free

• No unnecessary obstacles

• Free of un-predictabilities

• A pleasant trip
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White sands, crystal blue waters, incredible wildlife, and a vibrant culture are just a few of the things you'll experience in the Caribbean. This unique part of the world is a collection of unique islands, each with something fascinating to offer. The hardest part of planning a Caribbean vacation is choosing which island to visit first.

Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Here are the top places to visit in the Caribbean Islands when planning your dream getaway.

1. Barbados

Barbados is an incredible island with sprawling gardens, old plantations, hidden caverns, and stunning beaches. Adventurous spirits won't want to miss The Animal Flower Cave, which is home to coral floors and live sea anemones. The cavern overlooks the northern coast, where humpback whales are said to frolic in the waves.

When deciding where to stay, choose a place near one of the incredible beaches that Barbados is famous for. Spend your afternoon snorkeling with sea turtles or aboard a catamaran sipping some locally made rum.

Barbados can boast of being one of the most emblematic and popular paradisiacal places in the world. Bathsheba is pretty unforgettable, as are places like Maxwell and Crane beaches. Crane Beach is one of the most famous and, in fact, is included in the list of the 10 best coastal areas in the world. Of course, before diving into this bay should prepare to withstand the strong waves that whip. Moreover, it is advisable not to go with children.

For its part, Brownes Beach is a large bay that starts from the nation's capital, Bridgestown. It is ideal to relax, take a dip and have a drink in one of the bars. Harrison's cave has become one of the greatest attractions of the Caribbean country. Inside, the Great Hall stands out, a huge room full of gigantic stalactites and stalagmites.

Another of its most emblematic rooms has been called The Village because of its extraordinary resemblance to a town that could be inhabited by fairies. If that is true, these same nymphs could bathe in the sparkling waters of the stream that irrigates this geological prodigy.

Rum had its origin in this small island. The locals learned to obtain it from the fermentation of sugarcane. There you can still visit the oldest traditional alembic on the planet. The distillery Mount Gay Distillery opened its doors in 1703, when this tasty elixir still lacked a name and was often referred to under the pseudonym of devil-killer.

2. Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a beautiful little archipelago that's teeming with life. Kayak along the Chalk Sound lagoon and visit the Blue Hole for some diving. This natural phenomenon is 220 feet deep and is home to (harmless) lemon sharks, sea turtles, and scores of fish. As you paddle along, you'll be able to see an underwater plane wreck. Elsewhere along the shoreline, you can see the wreck of the La Famille Express.

When you're tired of adventuring, head to one of the world-famous beaches. Grace Bay Beach is conveniently located near many of the other attractions in the area, while Parrot Bay is more secluded and romantic.

3. Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands offer the perfect balance of luxury and adventure. Take a walk along Starfish Point, named for the hundreds of starfish that call it home. Spend an afternoon at the Cayman Turtle Center, where you can learn about the local environment and interact with the turtles.

While most people envision wealth and luxury on the Cayman Islands, there are a few mysterious places worth exploring as well. The Cayman Crystal Caves open up into a whole underground world, while Davinoff's Concrete Sculpture Garden is like something out of a fantasy novel.

Don't forget to stop by Hell— a patch of scorched earth that's become a strange tourist phenomenon. You can snap photos and send a postcard from "Satan" from the gift shop.

4. US Virgin Islands

Pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and warm weather all year round are just some of the reasons why the United States Virgin Islands, a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea, remain a popular holiday destination. Start your trip with a flight to Cyril E. King International Airport in Saint Thomas. Take a walk through the city of Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the Virgin Islands of the United States.

Take a guided walk on Blackbeard's Castle, a National Historic Landmark. Originally known as Skytsborg Tower, it served the Danish soldiers for a view wide of the sea and watch the arrival of the boats. But no trip to St. Thomas is complete without a visit to Magens Bay. As one of the best beach destinations in the world, it is characterized by its soft sand and crystal clear water, and is a favorite place to practice water sports such as snorkeling and paddle surfing.

Take the ferry from the Charlotte Amalie pier to St. John, the smallest of the islands. Trunk Bay is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by Travel Channel and Condé Nast Traveler. Explore the waters with a submarine walk. Go to the Annaberg Sugar Plantation. In a visit to St. John, you can not miss a tour of the Virgin Islands National Park.

From Annaberg, go 20 minutes west on the winding North Shore Drive to enter the park through Cruz Bay, the largest city in St. John. You can choose between recommended walks in the Virgin Islands National Park Visitor Center. Tour the Cinnamon Bay Nature Trail to see the ruins of the island's historic sugar plantations.

The Bordeaux Mountain Trail offers a steep route to the summit of Bordeaux Mountain, the highest point on the island. The Reef Bay Trail is the most popular hike, with dense forests, historic carved petroglyphs and a waterfall fed by a spring. Take a ferry back to St. Thomas and then a quick flight from Cyril E. King Airport to Henry E. Rohlsen Airport on the island of St. Croix.

From the airport, drive west on Highway 66 to Fort Frederik. Drive north on Centerline Road to Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve. On an island as green as St. Croix, it is not surprising that the kitchen movement abounds from the farm to the table. The best place to experience it is Ridge to Reef Slow Down Dinner. It is a six-course dinner that educates guests about the importance of organic, locally grown food.

Arrive at Christiansted, one of the largest cities on the island of St. Croix, on Highway 75.

St. Thomas of the US Virgin Islands is often referred to as the gateway to the Virgin Islands. It's an often overlooked destination in the Caribbean that both first-timers and annual visitors love. Spend your days snorkeling and kayaking in the beautiful lagoons, and your evenings on a sunset cocktail cruise.

As St. Thomas is a great starting point for exploring the islands, you'll want to give yourself time to move around. Head to Blackbeard's Beach and walk where the infamous pirate once roamed. Visit the Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden and immerse yourself in the beautiful natural surroundings of the area.

5. Nevis

Nevis is the smaller island in the famous St. Kitts and Nevis duo. While most travelers gravitate toward St. Kitts, Nevis is a bit more relaxed and serene. You can take sailing tours and go for hikes, explore the historical architecture, and immerse yourself in the local culture.

The Nevis Peak hiking trail will give you a panoramic view of the surrounding islands while the quaint hot springs are a great place to soak your tired feet after a day of adventuring.

Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

6. Bahamas

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is an independent state formed by about 700 islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, north of Cuba, northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands and east of the Florida peninsula. The country enjoys a climate between tropical and subtropical, and like all the Caribbean, suffers the scourge of hurricanes from late summer until the end of autumn.

Its capital, Nassau, has a large shopping center where you can breathe its colonial heritage mixed with the island's own folklore. In the peripheral islands, handicrafts include basketry made of palm leaves that end up being the most popular tourist elements.

This destination combines the most precious ingredients for a relaxing holiday. While vacationing in the Bahamas you can enjoy the tranquility of the beaches and the deserted keys, an omnipresent sun, an underwater world to discover, and the fun of aquatic and terrestrial sports. You can also savor a good gastronomy based on seafood with a glass of rum and the kindness of its inhabitants.

7. Cuba

Cuba is magic and it is passion. Walking through the streets of Havana causes in the stomach those butterflies of your own when you are newly in love. When you walk through Old Havana, through Vedado or the Malecón, you cannot do anything but enjoy the surroundings and a wonderful town as you travel Cuba.

Some will say that it is to go back to the past, for its colonial buildings and its vintage cars, but in reality it is to move to a world of tenacity and character. A character that is printed on each of the things we can see here. There is passion in cigars, in rum, mojitos, daiquiris and food of Cuba.

There is talent in salsa and jazz, and there is a bit of paradise in each of the Keys and, of course, in Varadero. Among things to do in Cuba, laze around white sands, transparent water and a whole hotel floor designed for the enjoyment of tourists. In Cuba there is also history, such as the monument to Che in Santa Clara, the cities of Camagüey, Pinar del Río and Santiago de Cuba.

All this and much more in a single island while you visit to Cuba and travel to Havana. Trinidad is the best preserved colonial city in Cuba. In addition, it has the famous Ancon beach of just 15 minutes away considered one of the best beaches in Cuba. Near Trinidad there is a huge natural reserve called Topes de Collantes.

You will be able to hike along its paths among incredible waterfalls. From Trinidad you can hire excursions in Cubatur or even with the locals of Trinidad to go to the park on horseback or even in 4 × 4 vehicles to see the best corners of the park and the best waterfalls.

One hour away from Trinidad you can find hundreds of waterfalls to explore. The Caburni waterfall of 75 meters of fall is the most famous and the typical to do in an excursion from Trinidad. But the most impressive is the El Nicho waterfall but its access is very complicated and tortuous, we recommend you use a 4x4 vehicle to reach the waterfall.

And the most photogenic and the one you usually see in photographs when you look for the waterfalls of Trinidad is the Vegas Grande Waterfall since it is easy to capture the entire fall of the waterfall.

Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

8. Dominica

With waterfalls, jungle, sulfurous springs, secret pools, rivers, reefs and coast, this untamed natural island promises unusual adventures. This volcanic island covered in virgin rainforest is a green backdrop for intense experiences, such as walking to a bubbling lake, relaxing in sulphurous hot springs, showering under a waterfall, diving or swimming in narrow gorges.

With its rugged coastline, dense jungle and hidden caves, Dominica was traditionally a haunt for pirates, so it is not surprising that it was chosen as the location for the Pirates of the Caribbean saga; the second and third films were filmed in Titou Gorge, Soufriere, the Indian River and Batibou Beach.

In many ways, Dominica is the anti-Caribbean island, having escaped mass tourism because it has very few sandy beaches, not a single ostentatious resort and no international direct flight. The Dominiqueses are so kind that they usually stop visitors to wish them a happy stay.

On the other side of the Trafalgar valley, linked by a road on the Blanc river, Wotten Waven is famous for its natural thermal springs. Dominica's trek par excellence, and one of the hardest, is the 6-hour round trip to the second largest boiling lake in the world (the first is in New Zealand). At the beginning of the path to Lake Boiling, an orifice gives access to the narrow Titou Gorge, which flows into a torrential waterfall.

Champagne reef is one of Dominica's most unique underwater landscapes with volcanic bubbles cross the seabed and emerge as drops of liquid crystal. The compact, noisy, chaotic but vibrant capital of Dominica is located between the coast and the Roseau River. Reggae music floods the alleyways that bustle with daytime animation.

9. Dominican Republic

Located north of the Dominican Republic, the Puerto Plata region is one of the most fascinating destinations in the Dominican Republic. Its numerous tourist and leisure centers (Ocean World, Cayo Arena, Ensenada Beach, Playa Dorada, Encuentro Beach) make this privileged corner of the Caribbean country, one of the most popular among tourists who choose the island to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

The region of Cabarete and its paradisiacal coasts are the best attraction for lovers of kite boarding, wind surfing and water sports. Its seabed can not only be enjoyed by experienced divers and divers. Cabarete is also famous for its sand castle competition and its jazz festival, which is usually held at the beginning of November.

Sosúa beach is one of the most paradisiacal of the Dominican Republic and is among the main tourist spots of the Caribbean. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and protected by a large barrier reef.

The smallest island in the world that is divided between two independent nations (and not just tiny sections of or remote administrative districts of larger nations) is Hispaniola, which is split between the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is much larger than the above islands, at 76,192 km2.

Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

10. Jamaica

if you are going to travel to Jamaica you may be interested in knowing these tips. Jamaica is a small territory that is located in the Caribbean Sea and very close to the Island of Cuba and Haiti. The land of the legendary Bob Marley, the reggae music or the sportsman Usain Bolt are some of the things that are known about this small Caribbean country.

Here, you will be lucky to meet some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and enjoy a tropical climate that you will surely love. The best beaches of the Caribbean Sea are waiting for you in Jamaica. After a short tour of the country you will need some time to relax, and the best place to do it is at one of the beaches in the region, such as Bloody Beach, the most famous, Hellshire Beach or Cornwall Beach.

In addition, in all of them you can carry out numerous activities, such as horseback riding in the water or swimming among dolphins. Enjoy a dream vacation surrounded by the most incredible coasts you've seen. White and fine sands and crystal clear waters are the main characteristics of the beaches of Jamaica. Jamaica is also art.

With the influence of European, American and African culture, the island located in the Caribbean Sea enjoys a multiculturalism unique in the world and yet to be discovered. In the city ​​of Montego Bay, known to locals as Mobay is the Doctor's Cave beach. The name, little reassuring all is said, is that of Dead End Beach.

About 30 minutes by road from Montego Bay, you will find one of the most exciting places to visit: the Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon. It is a lagoon whose microorganisms light up blue, when there is movement in the water. Negril is the modern Jamaican destination, with its varied and varied accommodations and reggae nightclubs. Spend the night to the music that Bob Marley made internationally famous.

A mandatory stop is the Bob Marley Mausoleum which is located in the small town of Nine Mile very close to the city of Ocho Rios. Drop by the waterfall of Puerto de Antonio or the magnificent Blanco River. You cannot miss the opportunity to walk the beautiful trails of the Blue Mountains, very close to the capital, through which you will discover a completely unique natural environment.

Do you love tasting exotic flavors? The restaurants in Jamaica is characterized by a unique cuisine in the world and that will surely surprise you. Cities such as Kingston, the capital, Ocho Rios or Montego Bay are some of the best places to stop to rest and relax with a drink. In any of the Jamaican restaurants you will have the pleasure of tasting traditional Jamaican dishes such as Patty or Ackee and Salfish. Here are some stranger delicacies:

Canabutter - As the name suggests, this is a baked product made from infusing marijuana (cannabis sativa) and butter.

Mannish water - Despite what the name might suggest, it’s not actually water. Instead it is a soup that is cooked with scotch bonnet pepper and various boiled parts of the goat, which namely includes the head, the liver, testicles, tripe and the intestines. It gets its name from the fact that goat testicles are one of the most common ingredients used to make it.

Chicken foot soup - This soup is made with pumpkins, carrots, yellow yam and chayote. The recipe also uses okra (ladies fingers) and scotch bonnet pepper.

Peanut Porridge - This porridge is exactly what the tin says. It’s mainly made through blending flour, boiled water, cornmeal, boiled peanut, oatmeal in a container and then adding vanilla extract, nutmeg, condensed milk and evaporated milk.

Grater cake - This is a traditional Jamaican sweet treat that is made using the white parts of coconuts, sugar and peppermint essence.

Fish tea - This is a spicy and thick Jamaican tea that is used as a common appetizer with fish as the principal ingredient. Although it’s called fish tea, it commonly also includes ground yam, carrots, pumpkin and potatoes and green bananas. It’s also flavoured with milk.

Blue Drawers - This is a starchy and boiled pudding mainly made up of cornmeal, green banana, coconut, brown sugar and and spices which is tied up in a banana leaf. We also call it tie-leaf.

Stew Peas - Commonly eaten at lunch or dinner time, this dish is made with coconut milk, hot pepper, pig’s tail, stew peas and red kidney beans.

Conch - In Jamaica, people love to extract the meat of conch and then fry, jerk, stew or curry it and use them in soup and fritters. It’s also quite popular in the wider Caribbean particularly in Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Grenada and Haiti.

Gizzada - The is a coconut tart made from a mixture of grated coconut and sugar that is placed within a pastry shell.

Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

11. St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is a beautiful volcanic island that has lush rainforests, undulating agricultural fields and completely unspoilt beaches. St. Lucia is also one of the windiest places in the world, since the trade winds blow from the sea to the southern coast. St. Lucia has spectacular islands, a beautiful mountainous landscape, Qualibou volcano and its sulfur gushes, orchids and exotic plants, and roads bordered by flowers on both sides.

12. Trinidad and Tobago

You have to prepare for the calypso, the cricket and the carnival when you travel to these Caribbean islands better known for bird watching than for the beaches. Trinidad and Tobago are a beautiful contradiction. In Trinidad, virgin mangroves and rainforest-covered hillsides coexist with refineries and industrial estates.

Tobago has everything you would expect from a Caribbean island, like palm trees and white sand. Combined, the two islands that make up this republic offer unparalleled conditions for bird watching, diving, hiking in rain forests, swimming in waterfalls and cycling; and an electrifying nightlife, with a fabulous carnival that is the best and most colorful of the annual celebrations of the region.

The capital, Port of Spain, is an excellent place to socialize with Trinidadians, catch up with soca music and watch a cricket match, and only a short trip separates it from the beaches of Maracas Bay. The fishing village of Speyside, in Tobago, overlooks Tyrrel's Bay and attracts divers and birdwatchers, as well as being the starting point for excursions to uninhabited islands.

The village of Blanchisseuse, on the north coast of Trinidad, is a magnificent base for hiking, especially to Paria Bay.

13. Puerto Rico

The most natural way to get to Puerto Rico is by flight, and the good thing is that San Juan has many connections and it is likely that you can get cheaper air tickets from cities like Miami or New York. As for the airlines, the one with the highest number of destinations from Puerto Rico is American Airlines. On the other hand, it is also possible to arrive by sea to Puerto Rico, usually if you are taking a Caribbean cruise.

It is possible to travel from Santo Domingo to Puerto Rico by ferry, for relatively cheap prices compared to the airplane. It is possible to find cheap hostels in San Juan from 20 USD if you search well. Immerse yourself in the monumental legacy of the Old Town of Old San Juan and visit the Bacardí Rum distillery.

No trip to Puerto Rico is complete without enjoying its wonderful beaches, from Condado and El Escambrón to Luquillo and Montserrat.

After a catamaran trip you can access Culbera Island, a beautiful island east of Puerto Rico. Among things to do in Puerto Rico, you can snorkel and enjoy the colors of the Caribbean Sea. Here you can find Flamenco Beach, the best beach in the world and Vieques where a phenomenon of bioluminescence occurs that makes its waters shine with fluorescent colors during the night, due to the presence of unique microorganisms that cause this effect.

14. Aruba

Ornajestad is located on the picturesque southern coast of the island of Aruba, and is the capital. It is a perfect place to walk, shop and enjoy its restaurants. With tall multi-colored houses, carved wooden doors, typical Dutch tiles with outdoor patios, and the fusion of Dutch and indigenous cultures, it has an unparalleled charm.

Enjoy its beautiful beaches, visit the Wilhelmina Park, the Arikok National Park, the Bird Sanctuary of Bubali or the Grotto of Lourdes. You cannot miss the excursion in Atlantis Submarine, from where you can see corals and multicolored fish at a depth of up to 50 meters. Transportation in Aruba include taxis, public buses and a new tram system that takes you free to the city center.

Discover the island by car, on an ATV tour or on a jeep safari to visit the emblematic places of Aruba as you pass the colorful cunucu horses. Enjoy the coast or the countryside on horseback. The Archaeological Museum in the heart of Oranjestad located inside a beautifully restored village house. This museum preserves the Amerindian heritage.

It is also worth visiting the Aloe Factory and Museum, located in Hato. It tells the story of how Aruba Aloe Balm became the world leader. There is a similar but smaller museum, located in the center of San Nicolas, the second largest city in Aruba. Aruba's traditional music is a mix of waltz, dance, mazurka and tomb, which is played during festivals and holidays including Día de Betico, Flag Day and the National Anthem, Dera Gai and the weekly Bon festival Bini.

The local community and visitors to the island mark their calendars on the hottest days of the annual music festival, the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival, and the Aruba Piano Festival. Both the hotel area and the city center offer trendy places and varied clubbing nightclubs where you can find from karaoke nights and martini bars to sophisticated bistros and pubs.

Typical Aruban dishes include bread bati (a cornmeal bread), carni stoba (stew meat), and keshi yena (stuffed cheese).

15. Saint Martin

The smallest inhabited island divided between two nations is Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, which is divided between the Saint Martin overseas collectivity of France and Sint Maartin, a constituent country of the kingdom of the Netherlands. Its area is 87 km2.

16. British Virgin Islands

Tortola is the main island of the British Virgin Islands and its surroundings possess the incomparable natural beauty of the Caribbean islands, both on land, and under the transparent waters. Tortola is a paradise for lovers of water activities. The beautiful island is also a famous diving center.

Tortola has thousands of attractions and incredible scenarios in its beautiful beaches and lush landscapes. The activities and tours in Tortola, the main one of the British Virgin Islands, are varied and go beyond sports and culture. The beautiful and comfortable hotels give you the best view of the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean islands.

During your trip to Tortola you will discover the many and varied activities that this small island has to delight its visitors, a mixture of natural beauty and excellent services. Enjoy water tours, fishing, snorkeling and diving to explore the coral reefs, rock formations in deep waters and legendary sunken ships. In Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands, activities and tours on land include horseback riding and through the tops of mountains and mountains. Adventure is a common word in Tortola!

In the tourist destination of Tortola, the local people will tell you that the blues are always good activities! When you travel to Tortola, make incredible snorkeling and diving tours in the magnificent waters of the beach, lagoons and inlets. You will also have the opportunity to surf and windsurf, observe the most beautiful landscapes of the Caribbean islands in a parasailing or ride aboard a fast and powerful speedboat.

During your trip to Tortola you can enjoy one of the most incredible activities you can do in the British Virgin Islands. Swimming with the dolphins has become one of the favorite attractions for locals and visitors and can take place in a fantastic place, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Caribbean islands.

Family vacations in Tortola are fun and educational. This sunny tourist destination is ideal for water sports, such as snorkeling for children and diving for adults. This Tortola travel guide suggests you do some of the tours and educational activities in the family in full contact with nature: jungle tours, bird watching, horseback riding, biking and a visit to the Museum Folkloric of the island.

Visit Mount Health National Park, symbol of the era of sugarcane plantations in the British Virgin Islands, where you will find intact vestiges of a windmill whose walls are made of stone. Take a tour of the Sage Mountain National Park, where you can see beautiful jungle landscapes from the highest elevations.

The Tortola travel guide recommends you to carry out your event here: travel to Tortola and discover the most romantic and wonderful landscapes to make the wedding of your dreams come true and an incredible honeymoon, with tours in Tortola for two, surrounded by the majestic Caribbean Sea, on the famous beaches of the British Virgin Islands.

In Tortola there are many other activities and attractions to enjoy. This small Caribbean island has several natural parks and national parks, right here and on nearby islands, the trip is short and fun. You should also visit the island's famous art galleries and dine at its delicious restaurants.

Enjoy and tan on the soft sand beaches, always using biodegradable sun lotions, so you take care of your skin and the environment at the same time.

Where to Stay in the Caribbean

No matter where you go in the Caribbean, there's always an adventure to be had. You can't go wrong with any of the gorgeous beaches or beautiful settlements. Make your decision based on the activities you want to enjoy during your vacation.
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Every year, many people visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi to enjoy the holidays. It is a sandy area and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You can find the desert in the southern area of the United Arab Emirates. The desert safari in Abu Dhabi provides the most wonderful and the cultural view for the visitors.

As Abu Dhabi is the entertainment hub of the world, people come from around the globe and enjoy a lot here. The capital and the second most popular city of UAE is Abu Dhabi. The beautiful city is located on the island of the Persian Gulf. In the 2020 survey, the population of the urban area is 1.5 million out of 3 million in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The city of Abu Dhabi is the home of the UAE government or federal government also. The Supreme Petroleum Council is also in this wonderful city of Emirates.

best desert safari in abu dhabi

1. Why is Abu Dhabi popular?

The surrounding area is full of historical places. Due to the historical and cultural environment, the city is famous. In this city, many people come only for shopping or for trading. The ancient style houses and the Arabian culture also are in show here.

In the modern city, the eastern and western region of Emirates is included. Under the guidance of Sheik Zahid, the city was designed by adopting Japanese architecture. The skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi includes the notable Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid, Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Tower, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi headquarters and much more. The city is full of many parks and gardens as well as public beaches.

2. How you can manage the Desert safari from Abu Dhabi?

If you visit Abu Dhabi, your trip will not be complete without the desert safari. You can experience the adventure of being in UAE. The tour companies manage the trip from Abu Dhabi with expert drivers. Even people who do it for the first time have no difficulties during the trip. You can enjoy the thrilling dune bashing on the desert safari.

The desert safari from Abu Dhabi provides an efficient way of moving. With the safari, your journey is easy and you can easily enjoy the 9 hours of tours in the desert. According to peoples demand, tourism companies are demanding for a visa on arrival. You can check the different companies online and book your tour.

3. The best desert Safari Abu Dhabi deals

Here, you should know about the deals before the tour booking. The deals are affordable for you to visit the most beautiful places easily. The deals include:

Desert safari in Dubai

• Desert safari in Abu Dhabi

• Morning Desert Safari

• ATV Quad Bike tour

• Abu Dhabi city tour

• Grand Mosque & Louvre museum tour service

• Dhow Cruise Dinner

• Dubai city tour from Abu Dhabi

• Alain tour deal

You can enjoy the desert safari in Abu Dhabi deals only if you can search different sites and choose the best deals. You can enjoy the many moments at the desert through activities like camel riding, henna painting, smoking shisha — also known as hubbly bubbly, dune bashing, thrilling quad biking, sunset photography, amazing tanura dancing, glamorous fire show, BBQ dinners with dates and tea, different live dance shows, photography with the Arabian dress and the much more fun.

The next thing you must know about the types of desert safari tours. Well, here we show that the types…

4. Morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi

Many people cannot come in the day time, so they decide to visit the desert in the morning time. The tour is interesting in the morning time due to the sun shining and the red sand provides an eye-charming view. At the desert safari, they provide 20 minutes of dune bashing along with experts as well as you can also enjoy camel riding, sand skiing, and quad biking.

In the morning, you can breathe fresh at the desert place with the Arabian style breakfast.

5. Evening Desert safari in Abu Dhabi

As the weather in Abu Dhabi is too hot, people want to visit the desert in the evening time to have fun. In the evening, the wind blows and you can enjoy the different desert adventures in a fresh mood. The camel riding, dune bashing, and quad biking provide more fun. You can also enjoy the henna painting on hands and feet in the desert.

Also, the BBQ dinner will wait for you with the belly dance show. You can enjoy the dinner with the Arabian style Qehwa and dates.

6. Overnight desert safari in Abu Dhabi

In the deserts of Abu Dhabi, you will need a camera to capture the beautiful moments of Abu Dhabi. The sky looks beautiful from the camp. You can feel the sound of the wind during the desert safari. Many hotels show the Arabian culture.
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Looking for romantic destinations in India for honeymoon? Consider these beautiful destinations. According to The Hindu Business Online, the wedding industry of India is valued at $50 billion, ranking 2nd in the world. This industry caters to more than 10 million weddings each year and is estimated to increase multi-fold within the new decade.

Honeymoon trips form a sizable chunk of this industry, generating revenue for the travel sector as well. Today’s millennials are open for trips to locations beyond the traditional places. Here is a list of the best honeymoon places in India for would-be couples or those who are yet to take off on such a trip. The most preferred honeymoon locations for Indian couples include both foreign and domestic places.

Whether you are looking for a spiritual and healing experience or an adventurous and thrilling trip, here are top places in India every American tourist should visit for a full and thrilling experience. Enjoy the culture, food, and history of the region and visit a mix of everything to experience the beautiful country that is India.

best honeymoon places in India

Those opting to spend their honeymoon in India can consider these destinations –

1. Shimla

The mountainous terrain and lush greenery added with chilly weather make Shimla one of the best honeymoon places in India. Shimla was regarded as the summer capital of British India courtesy a pleasant average summer temperature 22°C. However, the ideal time to spend a honeymoon in Shimla can also be the winter for the snowy weather and the skiing experience in Kufri.

Average daily expense per couple: 5,500 INR.

Best time to visit: January to March.

2. Jaipur

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is referred to as the Pink City for the trademark colour of buildings in this city. Jaipur is home to historic forts and palaces. Couples can opt for a romantic stroll down the city centre and soak in the Rajasthani folk culture. From fabrics to carpets, one can find various types of handicrafts in the Tibbati market.

Jaipur is also known for its extreme weather conditions. So, couples can consider this city among the best honeymoon places during the winter months.

Average daily expense per couple: 5,000 INR.

Best time to visit: November to February.

3. Pondicherry

If you are looking for one of the best honeymoon places in India, which includes beaches, owing to their pleasant climate conditions, Pondicherry deserves mention. Also known as Puducherry, it is renowned for the pristine seaside beauty along with the French legacy preserved in various corners of this city. It has its own airport and railway station, but most prefer a road trip of 150 km from Chennai airport.

Average daily expense per couple: 5,500 INR.

Best time to visit: October to March.

4. Shillong

Located in the outskirts of the city of Guwahati, Shillong is considered among the best honeymoon destinations in India. This hilly region is famous for its waterfalls and temperate climate conditions. The most preferred time to visit this region is during the monsoon months.

Average daily expense per couple: 5,000 INR.

Best time to visit: April to June.

Before planning your honeymoon destination in India, it is advised to purchase a domestic holiday cover. Make the best of the trip and stay financially protected against any untoward incidents which can befall.

Reputed insurance aggregators like Bajaj Finserv offer the Honeymoon Holiday Cover under their Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions which can provide you with financial assistance in the form of emergency hotel and travel arrangements, temporary smartphone in case of a lost device, etc.

If you plan on trekking with your better half, it is advised to purchase a trek cover insurance policy beforehand for financial protection against accidents. You can also avail a road trip travel insurance policy for financial protection against mishaps if you are going for the trip on the road.

These insurance policies can easily provide the necessary financial coverage of untoward incidents and play a vital role in assuring safety as well as security for the insured. Refer to leading financiers for comprehensive coverage and an easy claims process.

Read Also: Best Romantic Honeymoon Destination to Visit Outside India
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Often referred to as the flower shop of the world, the Netherlands is known for being home to a landscape filled with an array of beautiful flora, of different colors and smells. Thousands of tulip variants in every color of the rainbow find their way from auctions in the Netherlands to vases around the world. As a result, tulips have truly become trademark flowers of Holland.

If you are visiting Amsterdam in spring, visiting the bulb fields is highly recommended. The colorful tulip fields are a visual treat. There are the blooming tulips that movies brought on screen and had us dream of walking amongst the tulips holding hands with our beau some day and the inimitable heart in the art of Van Gogh; and art galleries for the seeking soul. Dutch tulips bloom at its best from mid-April to the first week in May.

best places to see tulips in Holland

You can attend the many festivals and flower related events held during the spring season in the Netherlands.

1. Noordwijk

If you wish to witness the official start of tulip season, Noordwijk is a beautiful town on the coast of the Netherlands known for its lovely beaches and its easy access to Schiphol Airport and many of the country’s flower-related events. The Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, minutes from Noordwijk Beach, is one of the preferred accommodation options in this area.

Otherwise, if you wish to stay in Amsterdam, we suggest staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport where in just 30 minutes you can reach Amsterdam city center or, if you prefer to visit other locations in the country, the hotel is located near Highway A4 or the Rijksweg 4, one of the main motorways in the Netherlands, running from Amsterdam southwards through some of the countries principal cities.

2. Dam Square

While in Amsterdam, don’t forget to visit Amsterdam’s Dam Square on National Tulip Day. The season begins officially with an event organized by Dutch tulip growers who create a special tulip picking garden in Dam Square.

Originally cultivated in the Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey), tulips were imported into the Netherlands in the sixteenth century. A century later, during the Dutch Golden Age, this colorful flower became so popular that it became the subject of many paintings and the central character of many festivals in the Netherlands.

Due to its popularity during the Dutch Golden Age, tulip prices increased significantly at first to later dramatically plummet during this period. This phenomenon, known as Tulip Mania, resulted in the Netherlands’ first economic bubble.

3. Aalsmeer

One of the greatest experiences during spring in the Netherlands is visiting a real tulip farm. The famous tulip fields or farms in the Netherlands bloom mainly during spring. So if you want to see the bright colors of the tulip fields you will have to plan your trip to one of the many farm locations nearest to you. Places like Aalsmeer, a small town near Amsterdam, houses the world's biggest flower auction, truly worth checking out.

4. IJsselmeer

To this day, you can also find many large fields throughout the countryside where tulip bulbs and other flowers are cultivated. The Kop van Noord-Holland, an area in the North of the Netherlands near IJsselmeer, boasts the world's biggest single flower bulb fields where you will find millions of tulips, hyacinths and other flowers.

best places to see tulips in Holland

5. Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

Only 30 minutes by bus or boat from Amsterdam is the Keukenhof gardens, where up to 7 million flowers bloom every season. Keukenhof, in the vicinity of Haarlem, a city 20 km west of the capital, Amsterdam, is one of the most popular places to see in Netherlands. Do not go there in any other season than spring, and never after mid-May. In this way you will guarantee the most wonderful experience.

Beloved events like the Tulip Festival in Noordoostpolder and the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens are held every year at the start of the season. During these events, millions of spring flowers, like tulips, show their brilliant colors to visitors from all over the world.

The Keukenhof Tulip Gardens are located close to Amsterdam, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and other Dutch cities like The Hague, Rotterdam and Delft. If you are thinking of traveling during the spring or summer, especially on dates close to the Queen's Day (April 30), or when the Keukenhof Gardens is open (between March and May), be sure to book in advance to get a better price.

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens is a flower park of approximately 32 hectares, 7 million flower bulbs are cultivated and approximately 800 different types of tulips bloom throughout the spring season. Every year, this flower park chooses a specific theme to adorn all its gardens, events and artworks according to. This year, the park will celebrate its 71st anniversary and its theme will be World of Colors.

As the blooming of the flower can vary depending on the weather, a variety of flower bulbs are planted in different layers in the park and different types of flowers can be spotted throughout the fields almost every day during blooming season. What is more, during your walk, you can attend unique, weekly changing flower shows, beautiful ponds and various pavilions with various restaurants and terraces.

From the 10 miles (15 km) hiking trails of Keukenhof, you will have a spectacular view of the flower gardens. Beautiful, wonderful, wonderful, sublime, it is difficult to find an adjective at the height of this place. Imagine then, being in a huge garden of 32 hectares and 7 million flowers of incredible colors. In spring, very sure that you will believe you are in the midst of any of the most beautiful works of master painters.

It is practically impossible to find the words that describe and match the sublime beauty of Keukenhof. It's almost better if you do not hesitate to go there yourself to experience this sensation. It is an extension of so vast terrain that the best thing is that you travel it by bicycle.
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Saudi Arabia is the oil reservoir of the whole world. It is also home to two of the holiest Islam’s shrines in Mecca and Medina. It has flourished in the tourism industry as well. Thus, the Saudi economy stands on two strong pillars of tourism and oil exports. Dammam is the regional capital of the eastern province of Saudi Arabia which has huge cultural and historical importance.

It is home to many astonishing coral islands. It is one of the most famous tourist spots near Dubai and attracts people across the world. It has got its name from the Arabic word dawwama or whirlpool. The people originally depended on fishing for their livelihood. With the discovery of oil wells, it emerged as a major hub of the Saudi oil industry.

There are numerous places to visit with great places to dine and shop and activities to do once you're in this wonderful place.

best places to visit in Dammam

Here are the best places to visit in Dammam.

1. Dammam Regional Museum

It is located in the Sea Front area and has six exhibition halls that teach Dammam’s fascinating archaeological history to its visitors. You would go back in time as you would witness history unfolds itself right from the Stone Age time to the present. It has a display of an array of artifacts including antique weapons, traditional costumes, old coins, and ornaments.

2. Heritage Village

It is an extremely beautiful 5-story building that resembles the Arabian castle of Saudi Arabia. It catches your eye while in the city with lovely ancient Islamic artifacts. The items are collected by Saad AlBalahi which are interesting remains of the Arabic culture such as the weapons, clothing, jewelry and much more.

The main highlight of this place is its dining where interesting food is served in abundance. It is the village’s oriental restaurant.

3. Half Moon Bay Beach

It’s the most popular beach in the area with its clean, white sand thanks to the regular maintenance done by the government. It is shaped like a half-moon which explains its name with an abundance of aquatic life to explore. Divers can enjoy its artificial reef and calming waters. There are also amusement parks near the beach for non-divers and amazing dining venues.

4. Al Marjan Island

It is an artificial island, one-of-its-kind in the Middle East. It is connected to the Dammam pier by a bridge. It has appealing green spaces and picnic areas. Tourists can also enjoy ferry-boat rides and fishing.

5. King Abdullah Park

It is the largest park of Saudi Arabia located at the seafront of Dammam. It has a wide area of green spaces, playgrounds, fountains and lakes. It also has amusement parks for visitors to have a good time with their families and versatile restaurants to enjoy lip-smacking meals.

6. Dammam Corniche

The Corniche has an absolutely stunning view which is a popular hotspot for Eid ceremonies and other celebrations. It is adorned with flashy lights which are an amazing delight to watch. Tourists can also enjoy recreational activities and water sports, hosted by clubs. They also have green spaces and playgrounds for kids to enjoy.

7. Tarut Castle

The Tarut Castle is an iconic landmark located on the Tarut island. It was built in 1521 AD to protect the residents from the Portuguese invasions. Many archaeological remains and artifacts such as ancient weapons and stones. They have all been preserved in several Saudi museums. It encloses a courtyard that used to function as a water supply for the fortress.

When to visit Dammam

The months from November to March are the best time to visit Dammam. The climate is pleasant and calm during this period. The months of July, August, September, October hit the peak of the maximum number of tourists visiting as Eid celebrations take place during this time. Make sure to do your travel booking in advance.

Cleartrip helps you with your travel booking where you can 'Set your fare alerts' and get notified whenever there is a dip in the flight rates.

How to reach Dammam

If you’re travelling by air, the nearest airport is King Fahd International Airport, which is well-connected to cities in Europe, Asia, and the Middle-east. It is one of the largest airports in the world, and you will get a wide choice of airlines that offers affordable air tickets to Dammam like Flyadeal Airlines. It is very popular among air-travellers and you can also get an off of 50% on extra baggage fees if you book your tickets early.

You can book your Flyadeal tickets on Cleartrip in a few easy steps. Cleartrip provides you with a one-stop solution for all your travel needs. You can get complete details on your flight schedule, routes, timings and find amazing deals for your travel booking on Cleartrip. Its website and mobile app are accustomed to providing you with a smooth interface for you to enjoy a hassle-free ticket booking experience.
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If you are planning a vacation to the Gold Coast, one of the best holiday spots in Australia, you are most certainly expecting to have an unforgettable time. The best thing about choosing this offbeat destination in Australia is the fact that it offers so many amazing experiences, regardless of whether you are traveling with your family or solo.

A spectacular place to visit, Gold Coasts popularity seems to be soaring even more after the Commonwealth Games since it was the host city. Offering top attractions such as splendid beaches, intriguing theme parks, and awesome rainforests among plenty of other things, the place is popular not just with foreign tourists but even the locals are flocking to the place in increasing numbers every day.

Gold Coast is the typical mega urbanized beach destination near Brisbane. It has an area of ​​large skyscrapers, surfers paradise, which draws an almost futuristic skyline in front of the ocean. In Gold Coast you will find a tourist destination full of Australians enjoying life.

There is something for everyone – from wildlife lovers and foodies to adrenaline seekers, this place caters to all people.

things to do in gold coast

Take a look below for top attractions in Gold Coast you will not want to miss out on when visiting the second-largest city in Queensland.

1. Try delicious food in best restaurants in Gold Coast

Seeing as how the Gold Coast is such a hotspot among tourists, it should come as no surprise that it has amazing restaurants as well. In case you want award-winning spots, you’ll find them. Maybe you prefer a bit more alternative route with unique bars and quirky cafes. You can find those as well.

And if you’re looking to party, rest assured that there are plenty of nightclubs for you to choose from. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on some amazing brewery tours that will take you all around the region. Places to consider visiting include The Island Rooftop Bar, Miami Marketta, Kokum Indian Restaurant and Nineteen at The Star.

things to do in gold coast

2. Relax at the gorgeous beaches in Gold Coast

Its sunny beaches are by far its top attraction and major draw where you will find lots of people spending quality time together. And its many beaches are full of people sunbathing, playing volleyball, doing all kinds of sports related to the waves, fishing, enjoying scuba diving, while in their parks do not stop seeing people with the skates, running, by bike or enjoying a good barbecue or picnic at public tables.

Here they know how to live well. Regardless of whether you want to sunbathe and relax or swim and surf, you will surely find a beach in this coastal city that will allow you to enjoy the activities you like. For a relaxing family day at the beach, consider Rainbow Bay which has safe swimming conditions and is gentle to surfers.

Visit the Burleigh Heads beach and do the little trekking along the coast. Go to Burleigh Heads to experience the favorite spot among the surfers and head to Broadbeach for a perfect picnic spot. If you are thinking about watersports like kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, you can check out Currumbin Creek and Tallebudgera Creek as well.

3. Try your hand at fishing in Gold Coast

In case you are an avid fisherman, you will be ecstatic to hear that this option is also available when visiting this Australian city. Trying out new waters will certainly develop your skills and you might see some types of fish you never encountered before. Look into available Gold Coast fishing tours, book your spot on time and get to experience deep sea fishing.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner or never went fishing before, don’t worry as there are skippers and deckhands that can come along and help you catch some fish. Who knows, maybe you like this activity so much that you decide to keep doing it as a hobby.

things to do in gold coast

4. Get a view of the city from the sky in Gold Coast

If the ocean is not where your heart lies, you can also have an exciting Australian experience in the air. For the brave ones, there is the option of going skydiving and feeling that adrenaline rush once you’re free-falling. These amazing vistas are something you will never be able to forget.

However, some people would rather enjoy the view with a nice glass of champagne – if this alternative is calling your name, you can opt for a hot air balloon ride and witness the captivating sight. Finally, you can also decide to take on the SkyPoint Climb. It will take you around 90 minutes to reach the top of the Q1 Tower but the 360-degree view and the photos you will take will be well worth it.

Plus, you can also have a meal after your adventure at the SkyPoint’s Bistro & Bar.

5. See the local wildlife up-close in Gold Coast

When looking for Instagram-worthy places in Australia, you cannot skip the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, especially if you are a huge animal lover. This 27-hectare big sanctuary is home to animals like koalas, wombats, dingoes, kangaroos and many more. From taking a pic with a bird of prey and feeding lorikeet and crocodiles to going on a behind-the-scenes tour and getting a souvenir at the gift shop, this attraction is a must.

Whale watching is something else you can get to experience in the Gold Coast. While there are tours you can go on to see giant humpback whales, you can also save some money by getting binoculars and going to the Tumgun Lookout within Burleigh Heads National Park, Currumbin Rocks, Point Danger and some other places to get a glimpse of these majestic animals. What is more, you might see dolphins and turtles as well.

6. Have fun at breathtaking theme parks in Gold Coast

Did you know that this city is also known as the theme park capital of Australia? From Warner Bros. Movie World full of famous characters walking around and movie-themed rides to Dreamworld which has over 40 different rides, there is something for everyone. Additionally, you can visit Seaworld to see majestic animals and enjoy some low-key rides or choose Wet'n'Wild, an aquatic playground of huge proportions with stomach-flipping rides.

Depending on how long your trip to the Gold Coast is, you can potentially visit all of these places and experience the best that this city has to offer. As you can see, regardless of whether you want to see some local animals, try some tasty food or have an adrenaline-filled adventure, this is the spot to choose for your vacation.
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Las Vegas is the kind of city that promises tourists with a nice blend of copious fun, excitement, and high spirits. It is all about participating in unforgettable indulgences and carving some good memories with your loved ones. The hypnotic charm of Las Vegas is famous across the world so much that one gets to hear the quote what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas in many movies, time and again.

Las Vegas is no longer a cheap place to go for a vacation. It is expensive and really appeals to those with the financial means to pay for overpriced food, hotels, shows, etc. There are some good deals in Vegas like off strip hotels and outlet malls. Even the Walgreens on the strip is twice as expensive as a Walgreens off the strip in the suburbs.

If you want 24 hours of fun, buy the special Las Vegas Pass, with free access to 50 attractions or the Go Las Vegas Card, which allows you to visit the top attractions of the city. So, what happens when you plan a trip to Las Vegas. Well, all we can say is that you will find yourself in your element here and rightly so! Wanna know the reason why?

best places to visit in Las Vegas

For that, here is a list where you will find the top things to do on a vacation to Las Vegas. Let’s get started.

1. Visit The Strip

Interesting name, isn’t it? This is basically a 2.5-mile long-stretch that is running directly from within the city. In this particular area, you will be finding various entertainment palaces and hubs which will rightly suit your amusement needs. The Strip is a large avenue about six kilometers long that brings together most of the leisure and fun of the city.

Do not forget to take pictures with the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign, near the Mandalay Bay hotel. Go to the Stratosphere hotel tower or visit hotels, casinos and resorts, such as Bellagio or Caesars Palace.

And if you have a chance, do not miss a night walk on the Strip. You will discover a world of lights and neons, and some of the great spectacles of the city, such as the fountains of the Bellagio Hotel. Those, who like to explore the nightlife will simply love this place. During the night, it feels as if the whole strip is glittered and brightened with neon lights. The scene comes across as very lively.

And if you want to travel during the day, do a sightseeing at The Deuce, a popular double-decker bus.

best places to visit in Las Vegas

2. Fremont Street Experience

This is a pedestrian-only area, however, it has many highlighting features that you would love to explore. For instance, the canopy of lights that cover the whole five blocks illuminates the sky quite magically. This scene is quite fantastic to witness during the night time. Moreover, many street performances by eminent groups also make the tourists want to stay more and more here.

In Fremont Street do not miss the Fremont Street Experience, a magnificent show of lights, video and sound in one of the largest screens in the world, which makes roof part of this street.

3. Helicopter Rides Over Grand Canyon

How about doing something daring? Yes, when it comes to exploring and channeling the adventurer in you, a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon is completely unmissable. Grand Canyon is one of the best tourist destinations to visit in Las Vegas. The views of the vast skies and magnificent rocks are really heart-warming to explore.

best places to visit in Las Vegas

4. The Paris Las Vegas (Eiffel Tower)

This is a famous hotel and casino, located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. The highlighting point of this hotel is the miniature model of Eiffel Tower which attracts a great number of tourists on an annual basis. From here, one can see a complete 360-degree view of the city’s skyline. There is also a mock hot air balloon integrated with neon and flashing lights.

5. High Roller Ferris Wheel, Linq

Situated on the far end of the Linq Promenade the High Roller Ferris Wheel stands at a height of around 550 feet. It takes about thirty minutes to complete a full round wherein the tourists get to watch some really incredible views of the city.

6. Caesar Palace and the Colosseum

Situated right in the middle of the strip, the Caesar Palace is a huge complex where you can choose to entertain yourself in innumerable ways. Many big shot celebrities have performed and have graced the stage with their sheer presence in the past here. Some of the names include Celine Dion and Elton John.

However, before checking-in don’t forget to see the ticket prices and timings.

7. Mob Museum

If you want to explore something really out of the place in Las Vegas then Mob Museum situated in Nevada is a must-visit. It is majorly dedicated to showcasing the Mob history of America by means of engaging and interactive video clips. What’s interesting is that the exhibits deal and display everything from little nuances to major things about the exhibits.

8. Stratosphere Tower

If you are keen on witnessing the immeasurable skyline of Las Vegas then you have got to visit the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas. Standing proud at a height of above 1,000 feet this tower is truly a phenomenal gem of Las Vegas. The feeling of standing on the podium up above 1000 feet in the sky and seeing the vast and engaging spectacle before your eyes will surely leave a lasting impact on your life.

9. Vegas Indoor Skydiving

It is truly said that the city of Las Vegas doesn’t disappoint anyone. Yes, for those, who are looking for a bit of adventure in this city of fun and excitement must give a try to the Indoor Sky Door Skydiving.

10. Get Married in Vegas

What could be better than a wedding in Las Vegas? With incredible resorts, unlimited fun in casinos and without inhibitions, walk together to the altar and from there to the main avenue to start your new life together in this exciting adventure called Las Vegas. Its cool and urban atmosphere makes it a perfect destination for both a fast and original wedding and a sophisticated and fun honeymooning in Vegas.

The accessories with the rubric "Just Married" are not only a kitsch souvenir, but the bars and casinos off the Strip offer free drinks to those who wear them.

11. How about the honeymoon in Vegas?

Ok, you're already married. It's time to think about the best honeymoon in Las Vegas and celebrate it in style. The Capital of Marriage, offers a good number of activities to inaugurate married life altogether. Go on a gondola ride through the Venetian canals or by a lake under the moonlight. If it is mentioned in the hotel reception that it is a romantic trip, you can get extras such as jacuzzi or rose petals on the bed.

As you can see here, there is no better place to celebrate for newlyweds than Las Vegas. In addition, it is the starting point for a romantic road trip through the canyons and deserts of the southwest USA.

12. Madame Tussauds in Vegas

This is a place where the people can find their favourite Hollywood Stars amazingly built wax statues. The figures here are very lifelike. Many people can find this to be a little eerie as well, however, the major focus in this museum has always been on making the statues of people who have been closely associated with the city of Las Vegas.

Also, do not forget to visit the Neon Museum, where the history of Las Vegas posters is collected. In fact, one of the typical visits is the welcome sign of the city, which has been filmed in numerous films. In the vicinity of the city is the Red Rock nature reserve and there is also a reservoir, the Mead, which is the largest in the United States, where you can perform various water activities.

For many couples being alone under starry skies is a trip as romantic as the hotels that leave a chocolate on the pillow. The starting point is Las Vegas, Nevada, the perfect place to relax after a great wedding. After the break, hit the road, starting at the Grand Canyon, an incomparable natural wonder in the nearby state of Arizona or the great Hoover Dam.

Spend a day in the Black Canyon by the Colorado River to do kayaking or go to Scottsdale. So make a date with Nevada, and kick off your holiday break with a BANG.

So, that was it. If you are looking for perpetual excitement and unabashed fun, then Las Vegas is the place to start!

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Nordic feasts and a Scandinavian culture that’s highly fascinating are proof that Denmark should be on top of your list of places to visit in this lifetime. While you may want to park that vacation idea at the moment because of a worldwide epidemic that’s been causing panic around the globe, you can always visit Denmark anytime after the issue subsides.

Trust that Denmark will always be there to welcome you with a warm embrace— and well, a pint of beer. Nonetheless, this is one country that you would wish to migrate to after your retirement, along with plenty of reasons why this is one of the most livable countries for everyone. That said, we’ve highlighted the top points why you should spend your next vacation in Denmark.

Denmark is One of the Cleanest Countries

If you’re a germ-freak and have always been an avid fan of professional cleaners, then, the germaphobe in you will jump with joy when you find out that Denmark is the third cleanest country in the world. As health and cleaning experts put it, if you want a healthier and more productive life, you better uphold clean living. And that’s probably why Danish are very particular about their cleanliness.

With only a total of more than 5 million citizens including ethnic Danes, Faroese, Greenlanders and a few Germans, it is able to secure the third most coveted spot in the list of cleanest countries and has always been a pioneer for renewable energy.

best things to do in Denmark

Well, if you’re curious about what to do in Denmark and what this country does to maintain its cleanliness, here are some of the reasons why:

1. Cruise around this bicycle-friendly country

Without contributing to the alarming rate of pollutants in the air, being a bicycle-friendly country means a great deal to the preservation of the planet. It’s one way of promoting clean living among Denmark’s citizens, which is a good exercise as well. They have provided long bike routes and specially-designed cycle bridges for bikers.

Copenhagen is one of the cities in the world with the most bicycles, 50% goes to work by bicycle and there are almost 400 km of bicycle lanes. In fact there are more bicycles than inhabitants. Tourists can do this as well by renting a bike during the stay. You can explore the city without worrying about your safety. You may also bring it to the mountains for biking if you feel like communing with nature and other bikers.

2. Experience Green-living in Denmark

Being one of the few countries that have adopted renewable energy technology some thirty years ago, Denmark has proven that it is one of the most efficient ways to protect the environment while keeping it clean and green. Their wind turbines and energy-efficient waste management is proof that it’s possible for a country to survive a lifestyle that’s not harmful to the planet.

3. Learn a few household chores in Denmark

Danish families are kind of strict about how they handle their household chores. They may look like the sweetest persons in the world, but if you don’t know how to wash your dishes or clean the floor, you might get a subtle side-eye from them. However, don’t be too shy to tell them that you’re not familiar with these basic household chores. They’d be glad to teach you a few tricks so you can apply them when you’re back home.

4. Experience sustainable travel in Denmark

Denmark is famous for its use of organic materials to create renewable energy. Manure, animal fats, and straws are also part of this energy campaign that can be used as the basis for their biogas and liquid biofuels. You’d think that these materials are ready to be thrown away or rot to death, but in Denmark, they really find a way to make use of these materials to help sustain their energy flow.

Well, figuratively, Denmark is also a clean country when it comes to politics as they are ranked as the least corrupt country in the world.

5. Experience a cool Scandinavian way of life

Apart from being one of the cleanest countries, Denmark has adopted a cool way of living being part of the Scandinavia region. It’s a hub for fashionistas to strut their ensemble, explore their great architecture display, hop around museums and art galleries, and drink all the beer that you can find! Allow Denmark to show you around the cool stuff about their country by following some of these pointers below.

6. Visit museums and art galleries

Depending on what era of art you feel like staring at, this country has a wide variety of galleries that you can visit. If you’re curious about Vikings’ art, you can go to the Viking Ship Museum or the Ladbyskibet, which is a preserved burial ship for a Viking chieftain.

But if you want a hodgepodge of cultural artifacts from different eras, you might as well visit the National Museum of Denmark to get an overview of the Danish culture and history.

7. Experience the festivals in Denmark

If you want to hear live bands play their hearts out, you can find them in almost every bar in the city. Now, European countries are serious about their games. So, the next time you visit one, make sure that you experience watching live at least one game of football or any sport that the country is passionate about.

In Denmark, Danes are huge supporters of their very own football team. The players are also as enthusiastic as their fans because every time they go out into the field, anyone sitting on those benches would never run out of reason to scream and cheer. You should also come for the brewing festival during Easter or the Christmas season where they brew one of their special beers.

8. Hygge in Denmark

Hygge doesn’t have a direct English translation, but in the most perfect sense of the word, it’s a feeling of content, warmth, and security— something that you would feel when you sip a hot cup of choco during a cold winter in front of a fireplace. It’s something that they have believed in for so many years that generations after generations have adapted that concept of hygge into their everyday living.

The Danes value the invitation of friends or family to cook together, enjoy a good movie or a rich wine, without wifi or technology in between. Breakfast in bed on weekends, staying a while longer or reading a book with a rich cup of coffee and without hurry, are ingredients that also fall into the Danish recipe to live happily. According to them, it is important to have moments of rest, disconnection (and, therefore) re-connection, as well as pleasure.

9. Witness where two seas meet

To witness two seas meet in the middle is something that is jaw-dropping if that’s the perfect term for it. The clashing waves of Skagerrak and Kattegat seas will leave you in awe as you see the magic of nature doing its thing right in front of your eyes. You might think that nature probably had a miscalculation during its entire creation, but in reality, it’s a form of art that only the Ultimate Creator is capable of doing.

10. Be Happy in Denmark

Denmark was voted as the happiest country in the world possible because they live within the concept of hygge. It can also be due to the fact that Danes walk along clean streets or that they come home to a clean house right after dealing with a non-toxic work environment. That’s probably true, but whatever the underlying reasons may be, it’s best to note that Denmark has been regularly voted this particular title even dating back to the 70s.

11. But What About Greenland?

Northeast Greenland National Park occupies some 972,000 square kilometres, and is therefore bigger than the entire nation of Nigeria. It’s also the world’s northernmost national park, and the second-biggest national subdivision in the world after Nunavut, Canada. Here, you can find a wide variety of seals, cetaceans, birds and land mammals, including an estimated 40% of the world’s musk oxen.

However, its most fascinating inhabitant is the Greenland wolf, a subspecies of gray wolf. There are only about 200 of them left (most of them in this park). However, if we look at protected reserves as a whole, rather than just national parks which have a rather specific and often irrelevant definition, there are several places which outsize Northeast Greenland.


Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping because their cities aren’t polluted making it a livable place ‒ even for other species. And then once you walk up to the barista at the nearby coffee shop, they’d greet you with the warmest of smiles and then hand you your perfectly brewed coffee. That’s not hard to imagine knowing how Danish lives their lives.

If it’s not too much to ask, I hope all countries in the world could adapt this kind of mentality so we can all live in a better place. That’s a far cry from what we have right now, but it’s worth taking the shot.

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