Is It Safe Traveling to Australia After Bushfires?

After a wide range of bushfires in Australia, fear is evident everywhere. Travelers whose favorite holiday destination is Australia are in deep sorrow. I was sitting on my desk in the morning and while scrolling my social media stream, I could watch dozens of pictures coming from the fire area. It made me cry for hours.

I'm still very upset and writing you some thoughts about traveling to Australia after Bushfires. It is very hard to write at this moment but I have to. This was my third trip to Australia. I have a lot of natural and wildlife memories with cute animals who are now homeless.

Are you willing to travel to Australia right now? Here are some tips to travel Australia after bushfires from my side. Keep them in your mind while traveling to Australia these days.

Is it safe to travel to Australia

Did you hear anything from the British Foreign and Commonwealth office?

It is important to get notified about what British Foreign and Commonwealth office is saying. The foreign office is concerned about the alarming situation in Australia as there is a state emergency like the situation in the country. The foreign office directs its citizens to be aware about the evacuation and the road closure situation. Tourists should get on to safe places where they can avoid the effects of smoke.

TV News, Government/Authorities Notifications

If you are already in Australia, get awarded by the news on tv, use social media for urgent updates. Twitter is more efficient in the dissemination of the news to the masses in seconds. Even I got to know about the situation in Australia through twitter.

Official statements from the Australia Government and authority notifications are also the things you should be aware of. For example, there are some no go areas in Australia after the fire, because fire has affected those areas very badly. So travelers are advised to avoid to visit those places in Australia.

Where you cannot Visit these days in Australia?

Bushfire in Australia doesn't mean that the entire Australia is in fire and tourists are forbidden to visit the country. No, it's not true. Although fire has reached almost every state in Australia, the Alpine National Park and Kosciuszko National Park are burned and affected very badly.

Sydney, Victoria, and Melbourne are safe but their coastal lines are affected very badly by the fires. So keep yourself what the authorities are guiding you about.

Health Tips in Bushfire affected Areas

Being in Australia needs you to know about how to get right with your health. First of all, try your maximum to be indoors during the situation there. If you are living in the hotel having windows open, keep them closed to avoid the bad effects of the smoke of severe bushfire in the region.

If you are an asthma or lungs patient, please don't travel to Australia because it is not the right time for you being there. Let the situation settle once, the natural beauties in Australia would welcome you as it always welcomed its guests. Also, don't travel with the children to the places which are highly sensitive and forbidden to visit in Australia.

Use the quality masks even in the normal air. It will save you by the little harmful particles in the air produced by the bushfire. Keep yourself hydrated.

You can Volunteer to Evacuate the Animals in Australia

TO rescue and evacuate the animals from the fire is the greatest thing one can experience these days in Australia. Almost all the main regions are in a state of emergency in the country. If you are a regular visitor and enjoyed some good time in the wildlife of Australia, you should take part in rescuing your friends in this trouble.

But before setting up for help, you should be aware of the pros and cons of the situation. You should wear the special fire dress to get into the burning woods. You should have a sense of security too. Know about which animal may hit you and how will you tackle the situation. For taking an opportunity of rescuing, you should be aware of the rescue process, and have experience of volunteering in Australia.

One Very Early Thing to Remember

Insurance, yes travel insurance. You should have your travel insurance with you to get the benefit of any worse situation in Australia. It helps in the situation, let's say you are been told to move and shift your plan, your travel insurance will pay you back in this situation.

Traveling to Australia even in this situation is not like you are traveling to hell. Australia is still the place once a favorite holiday destination for you. So plan your trip to Australia just after things go normal. We can hope that the situation will come to normal very soon. Hopes are high.
Kalyan Panja