19 Top Resorts in Maldives for Couples

Maldives is a beautiful romantic destination, strewn with scenic overwater resorts, enthralling sunsets, pristine beaches, world-class spa amenities, and unparalleled watersports adventures. There is not any other destination like the Maldives, which sprinkles luxurious staying options. Maldives is all water. There are very small islands and all the travel is via sea.

Male, the capital of Maldives is the only cheapest place else everything there is costly. A night at one of those fancy villas at the beach is at least $200–300 and stretches to $5000. So if you just want to enjoy honeymoon peacefully and money is not a problem at all then Maldives is the best choice. There will be not much of sightseeing there, only water.

Maldives is a bit commercialized, probably the only aspect that keeps it from battling Fiji for the top spot. But stunning nonetheless. Tranquil waves not for surfing, but ideal for relaxing! Out of the 1,192 islands in the archipelago, 200 are inhabited by locals, but only a few of these are actually open for tourists.

You have about 100 resort islands to choose from, and you’ve got to make your decision wisely. Some resorts cater to honeymooners while some are more family-friendly. Some offer water activities, some don’t. Each resort will have a monopoly on services for their guests, considering that they’re the only premise on the island and you can’t simply nip out to buy something from another shop/hotel.

Then there is the nightlife. There is none. Everything closes at 10 pm! No bars, restaurants or clubs. April is the last month before the rainy season draws in the island paradise. Enjoy a deserted island in 32 degrees and pure white powdery sand. Fill the days with luxury, wellness and your companion. Travel in the early to mid April for the best weather.

From appreciating amazing privacy to rose petals and intimate bed decorations, there are several resorts in Maldives for couples for a pampering vacay! Maldives is a group of islands where only a few islands are private owned and converted to resorts for tourists. Generally all international flights land at Male International Airport and from there you would need to take a sea-plane or speed-boat ride to your final destination resort.

It will always be cheaper if you choose a resort on the North Male or South Male atoll islands, as they are nearer to Male and most resorts offer the return sea-plane/speed boat transfers complimentary as part of running offers (or even in general). If not ask for the same with the resort/trip planner.

best resorts in Maldives for honeymoon

Following is a list of the top resorts in the Maldives, which are destinations in itself.

1. Como Cocoa Island

This resort is tucked in South Male Atoll and has 33 overwater suites and villas. Couples during their stay can enjoy lazing around their very own private terrace that gives the huge views of the majestic ocean. Como Cocoa Island is surrounded by aquamarine blue waters and contains live coral reefs and sandbars too. Spa remedies in Como Cocoa are pure bliss.

2. Velaa Private Island

With 45 private villas out of which some of them are overwater, Velaa Private Island is a dream place for couples. From private butler service to Asian inspired wellness treatments, Velaa Private Island spa center is where couples can relax their mind body and soul with authentic Ayurveda remedies.

Its villa is inspired by teak furniture, bamboo lighting fittings, and rattan swinging chairs, which makes Velaa Private Island more persuasive.

3. AYADA Maldives

Expect to locate water villas and stretches of boardwalk during your stay at AYADA. The team of this Maldives resort goes the extra mile to offer a decorative bed with rose petals and sweet messages to your honeymoon vacay! There is a personal hut outfitted with a small pool for you and BAE, and you're able to spend quality time by witnessing the sunset and enjoying the yummy cuisine at its restaurants.

AYADA Maldives is ideal for traditional Maldivian parties with BAE.

4. Anantara Veli Resort

With lavish bed, sea whipping warm breezes in your area, and locally inspired cuisine, there is no doubt why Anantara Veli Resort rank as the very best for couples. One can satiate their cravings with the Asian cuisine too and sip a cocktail in the Anantara Veli Maldives Resorts. Additionally, you can indulge in the wildest fantasy of life and live romance when admiring the blushing sunset with bae at Anantara Veli Resort.

5. Naladhu Private Island Maldives

Literally translated as Beautiful Island, Naladhu is a private island paradise in the Maldives that doesn't disappoint couples. From indulging in the blossom petal emphasized bath to enjoy the world-renowned cuisine on a beach, Naladhu Private Island Maldives is an epitome of exclusivity if you would like to taste luxury romantically!

6. Soneva Jani

The sole Maldives resorts which have charisma instead of personality is Soneva Jani. The resort is known for welcoming couples with a grin and contains an idyllic setting encompassing its nearby place. The resort is surrounded by the pristine shores, which are covered with emerald green and turquoise lagoons.

You'll get to enjoy the 360-degree views of the Indian Ocean throughout your stay at Soneva Jani. There are several 24 water fountains to choose from.

7. Jumeirah Vittaveli

The cornerstone of wellness facilities, Jumeirah Vittaveli, is the ideal Maldives resorts for families and couples who are searching for spacious and inexpensive lodging on Maldives vacay! The resort inside is inspired by traditional Maldivian architecture and elegance and offers privacy to couples.

It is just a 20-minute speedboat ride from Male and contains personal pools, 24-hour butler service. Go and stay in Jumeirah Vittaveli since it's villas suites that come to your own private pool. If white sand, turquoise lagoons, and amazing reefs are the fantasies, visit this resort.

8. Baros Maldives

You can choose from a variety of villas to remain within this 5-star boutique Maldives resort. The resort is surrounded by crystal clear lagoons, warm seas, and azure sands, which makes couples staying experience the best at Baros Maldives.

9. Kandolhu Maldives

To get a guaranteed intimate honeymoon experience, Kandolhu is where to go in the Maldives. From snorkeling to admire the coral reefs to enjoy on the sandy beaches, Kondolhu in the Maldives is the ideal resort for couples who wish to dine, snorkel, and love at their water villas while lazing in the turquoise blue waters around the shore.

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10. Ocean Beach Inn

Stay at less than $50 per night. Very nice and clean accommodation, fantastic terrace with ocean and garden view. Very nice and well maintained garden with clean own local beach. The rooms are clean and spacious. Staff are committed and passionate and take really good care for you from pick up to activities to meals to whatever requests you have.

11. Royal Island Resort & Spa

Prices start at around $200. Fantastically beautiful place, the coastal strip is regularly cleaned of leaves, the beach is very clean. The beach is right next to the villa, breakfasts and dinner is fantastic. The home reef is interesting to discover, you can see few reef sharks. A very green and quiet place to spend your Maldivian holiday.

12. Kaani Beach Hotel

Check with Kaani at Maafushi Island. It's very close to the capital city (30 min speedboat ride from Velana Airport) and great value for money to stay at this local island. Seaview hotels, Diving, watersports, local and international food, Snorkeling, Night Fishing, private beach for tourists, sandbank picnic excursions available at this island. Day trips to nearby luxury island resorts are available too.

Kaani Group is the most famous hotelier there. Has few beachside hotels to choose from. They will be able to provide accommodation and arrange your daily activities. Or you can opt to stay in an island resort. All these facilities are available but they will be at a much higher price and just the guests and the hotel staff are the only people on the island.

The only difference is at Maafushi island you will be able to interact with the local community. Please take note that alcohol is served on a nearby boat (Floating bar - the hotel will make arrangements when requested). Alcohol is prohibited in the local islands by law.

Less than $100 per night. A rooftop sundeck and free Wi-Fi are also available. Bicycle rentals and day trips can be arranged at the tour desk. The hotel also provides barbecue facilities, laundry services and a 24-hour front desk. The staff is very helpful, very polite and can really help you with your needs.

13. Lagoon Villa Thoddoo

The accommodation is great, situated right in the middle of the island within easy reach of the beaches. Very nice rooms, all are clean, staff is the best! Male International Airport is 70 km away.

14. Pearl Sands of Maldives

Private beach, laid back ambiance, no-resort-like, pompous feeling, amazing water sports, house reef for snorkeling, not far from Male. Excellent breakfast! Rooms are well decorated and organized. Beach is super clean.

15. Triton Beach Hotel & Spa

Costing less than $50 per night. The best location on Maafushi, 50 meters from the Bikini Beach but no construction noise can be heard like at the ones that are directly at the Bikini Beach. Super nice and helpful staff.

16. PERLA Dhangethi

Less than $100 per night. With free WiF the hotel provides an outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre, karaoke and a 24-hour front desk. Super nice and friendly staff. As every other hotel they collect you at the boat and drop you back there, though in a cute golf car. And welcomes you with a coconut at arrival! The nearest airport is Male International, 90 km from the hotel, and the property offers a paid airport shuttle service.

17. Sun Aqua Vilu

Only a few Maldives resorts may give you the sensation of unparalleled Maldives attractiveness, and Sun Aqua Vilu Reef is amongst them. The resort has luxurious private pool villas overlooking the lagoons, the beach, and you can overwatch the blue colors of the Indian Ocean at the same time you wake up in the daytime.

Choose from a wide selection of water activities and later, provide your body the relaxation by indulging yourself in the spa treatments.

18. Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

Hilton has opened the first seating of underwater hotels. Muraka, which translates into "coral" in the local language of Dhivehi, offers luxury and offers guests a private bar, staff accommodation, and an unlimited pool. This two-story house has an upstairs bathroom with beautiful views of the sea that is perfect for sunset viewing while relaxing in a bathtub.

19. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, South Male Atoll

This list is incomplete without this Hotel. Costing more than $1000 per night for a couple. Excellent location. Exceptionally well maintained property. Excellent food options are available. Beach and the Lagoon are unique places - not seen anywhere else!

Most resorts offer a full board and half board pricing, which simply means whether all drinks, beverages and such are also purchased (full board) or only the food. The full board options start from $125–$150 per day per person, and include mostly house liquor, canned beverages, soft drinks round the clock but it is not worth it as you get daily water bottle supplies to your room and additional water bottles, fruit juices purchased individually works cheaper, depending on how much you consume in a day.

The point is if you would be out during the day doing island hopping, fish trip, snorkeling, diving and so on, think whether you would be able to utilize the full board option and make good use of the money paid, else avoid.

It's always best to split the stay between the room types — beach room and over water villas, as the overwater villas are much more costlier and sometimes the villas move with the winds and waves, which is hardly noticeable but for few people it may cause a vomiting sensation or headache. So, if all nights are booked in overwater villa, the experience could be bad.

If your temptation is to get an insta worthy picture in an infinity pool, there is no need to opt for the much costlier water villa instead just pick a resort which has a common infinity pool. I had this on my mind even before I started planning.

Always try to negotiate and get some basic gears required for snorkeling, diving and other activities included as part of your package. That way, you can use it all trip long at your convenience without having to worry about the rental hours, returns and all. It is very costly to rent the equipment from the resort and penalties for any damages or delays (even minor) are huge.

Choice of activities completely depends on what you and your loved ones want to do when in Maldives. Always better to talk to some other people in the resort, to get to know their experiences with things like island hopping, deep sea diving, snorkeling, fishing trip, water sports and other such activities at the resort.

Most resorts have a fixed schedule of planned activities (morning batches and evening batches), which you could also get from the resort's website in advance to roughly plan your days when in Maldives. Each activity is charged different and mostly like $25/$50/$100 per person. Some activities which involve specialized equipment or gear will be costlier.

Photoshoots for couples are also among the costlier ones. If you are not looking for budget friendly and have an open budget, Maldives has a lot more to offer like under-water restaurants, private villa with water slides, and many more things that can be bucketed under luxury.

If you have more days on your hand, it makes sense to hire a normal/speed boat transfer and visit some other resorts on other islands. Doing this in personal capacity could cost you $100+, but the cheaper option is to go as part of group on usland hopping tour and talk to the local guys to drop you today and get you back the next day or next to next day when the next group comes. This way you could visit more islands/resorts on your trip.

So, which Maldives resort you'll pick on your Maldives packages for awesome honeymoon vacay?

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