10 Ways to Save Money When Traveling Abroad

If you are in the age between 18 to 25, you might have the wishes to travel all around the world but you might also be a student whose earning might not be as high to travel. There are always ways to save for that summer vacation abroad that you have always wanted. Start saving a little after every paycheck, it may take a while but you will get there soon enough.

Is it our yearning for novelty, and the desire to be surrounded with new and exciting sights, sounds tastes and smells? Or is it simply that we yearn for beauty and will travel far and wide to see it writ large in huge monuments of brick and stone built centuries ago, azure blue oceans and gorgeous, sprawling examples of nature's architecture?

Or perhaps there is something deep within us that far-flung destinations call to. It is a yearning of the soul that is nourished when we step outside of our comfort zone. Whatever it is that lures us overseas time and again, we are definitely in love with travel. Travel teaches us more about the world and about ourselves.

By removing ourselves from the familiar we think and behave in different ways. We learn more about who we are outside of the context of our studies, our jobs, and our social circles. That is why international travel is so incredibly important for young people.

While some may be content to travel to the same destinations year in and year out staying at the same hotels, eating the same foods and hobnobbing with the same people, for seasoned travel bugs familiarity is anathema. The more exotic and adventurous the better. If you're going to travel for very cheap, then you should save money to travel to Europe as recent articles and vlogs suggest it is one of the most affordable places to travel.

how to save money for travel

Here are things that will save you money:

1. Find the Currency Exchange Rate

On top of saving a little money while travelling is using the local currency. Money exchanging places can be very hectic and they also even charge a bit extra when you try to exchange from dollars to a local currency. So make sure that you know the exchange rate of that specific day when you will exchange. It is very easy to find the exchange rate, and you can simply google it or call a local bank for the information.

In some countries, you don’t even need to exchange your dollars for the local currency and can quickly pay for your hotels and meals with the same currency that you use in your home country. That can be very helpful for you as you would not even have to travel to a bank to exchange.

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2. Carry Credit Cards

Let's settle this once and for all: 99% of the time, your bank will have the best exchange rate possible. So stop wasting time and money finding and exchanging tickets at these exchange offices, or paying in your local currency to these too happy independent sellers. Take money – in local currency-from ATMs, or pay with a credit card to save time - and your hard earned money.

But be careful: international transaction fees can certainly accumulate, so it is wise to take a credit card that does not add them.

Nowadays, people usually carry credit cards instead of cash as it is safer and more reliable than cash. If you take cash and you wallet gets lost or stolen it is gone. There is no quick way to find that unless you have a smart wallet with GPS on it, but if you lose your credit cards you can quickly call the bank and ask them to block that card immediately.

So, if you are used to carrying credit cards along then you should get one of those travel cards that don't charge a ton of money as travel tax when you are in a different country. The cards can also be used the same as you use them at home shopping easy and simple.

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3. Learn About Local Phone Services

When you are travelling abroad, it is essential to stay connected to your family and friends. So do a little bit of researching about the country that you are going to visit. Learn about their local phone services and also take a look at their internet packages as without internet you will struggle a lot. Keep your technology to a limit, so you don't lose or forget anything behind when you return home.

Take only the only necessary thing like your smartphone, proper cables, pair of headphones, wall adapter and power bank, and the last one can be a real lifesaver.

4. Get an International Drivers License

Taking taxis and uber can get costly time to time so if possible get an international drivers license. It can be very easy for you and you would not have to rely on other people to take you home after you whole day of travel. You can just easily rent a car and travel all by yourself.

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5. Take group travel packages

Last but not least make a map of every place that you want to visit on your trip if possible. Take group travel packages as its safer travelling with a group. It's cheaper if you can book your car parking before you reach that place, or use airport parking voucher codes.

6. Travel in public transport

If you are planning to explore several cities within a single country, it is best to travel through public transport instead of internal flights. It will cost you exceptionally less plus you will have an opportunity to roam around in a relaxed atmosphere.

7. Renting hostels

Renting hotels, guest houses, and resorts have been too mainstream for decades. Try something new and even more adventurous by simply renting out a hostel. You may opt for any depending on your requirements from relaxing hostels, rural hostels, party hostels, etc.

This will help you save a lot if you are planning a trip on a budget since almost all hostels just cost a few dollars per night. Plus, renting out a hostel may benefit you with free food and you can skip spending money on meals three times a day.

8. Consume fruits as a meal

Instead of spending a lot of money on just food, try taking fruits as one meal of a day. This will cost you exceptionally less while keeping your energy boost. Here are some best fruits for eating healthy while travelling.

9. Street food is the best travel treat

Instead of eating in lavish restaurants, try some street food. It will cost you less while giving the original taste and aroma of the culture. You can treat your taste buds with mouthwatering local street food cuisine all around the globe.

10. Travel on Tuesday

Try booking your flight for Tuesdays. They always have a slightly lower price list due to low demand. Though it may not seem like a big difference, a budget trip makes every single penny important.

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Wrap Up

Well, there you go all the tips and tricks that you need to know when you travel to a different country for cheap. Yes we know there are other tips that you should know but these are the important ones that you should always look out for, we wish you all the best and safe travels.
Kalyan Panja