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Are you wondering about what to do in Malaysia during monsoon? We just arrived from a trip in Malaysia and had an imperative need to write and transmit the cascade of experiences and emotions that come to mind in this beautiful journey. If I only had one word to describe this trip, the chosen one would be travel! I think I'm short.

If you spent half your life traveling alone, with your backpack as a long-suffering and quiet companion, traveling as a family causes a series of circumstances, some more fortunate than others. It is relatively easy to leave everything and go on a trip. On the other hand with children it is more complicated and more expensive.

Of course it is worth it, and also for them. We learn important things, like patience. When there is no choice we wait. We eat almost anything when there is nothing else, and sleep where possible, when the baby is sleepy. And above all, we learn to enjoy what we have.

What I'm trying to say is that it's more tiring to be a traveler and a father, than just a traveler. You have to be aware of the baby all the time, not much, without obsessing, but always with the radar on. Some years ago, between the arrival of the baby and other circumstances of life we had to cancel the trip to Malaysia.

So, with the baby having just turned three years old, we decided to go back into our beloved place with that mixture of cultures that we love so much. It has been a very thoughtful journey. In fact, we have invested more time in the preparation of the trip than in the wedding itself! After more than three years of waiting to catch up with these long-awaited vacations, we were clear that it had to be the trip of our lives.

We chose Malaysia because they are countries with good infrastructures and a decent health system. When it comes to going with children, especially when they are still so small, is something that we value very much. We thus discarded Vietnam that I have so much desire for (sure it is in the plan after a couple of years).

We wanted an exotic destination, which opened the doors to a new culture and, at the same time, gave us a few days of relaxation and rest. With what, after long days of searching the internet, we opted for Malaysia. This trip to Malaysia as a family has become the best trip we have been able to make all together, enjoying the experience to the fullest.

It has been a trip of great variety of contrasts between the big cities and the incredible landscapes of nature with jungles. The sunset in the mangrove area of ​​Bako National Park was impressive. In fact, getting to that park by boat already impressed us from the first moment.

We were also pleased to see a large variety of animals in their habitat like an orangutan with its baby in Semengoh Nature Reserve. We swim with turtles and be right next to when they come out to breathe and be surrounded by sharks circling around us.

We go through the great nuclei of humanity like George Town with its amazing, varied and bucolic historical center and its flashing street art. We already knew about street art and its history, but it is quite an anecdote to discover them since they are everywhere and where we least expect.

We cannot forget the relaxing and lonely beaches of the Perhentians islands. Here there is still nothing paved on the island (and let's hope it continues like this). It was a totally family trip where we were able to enjoy the beautiful Borneo orangutans in semi-freedom. The sea turtles, beaches, and lots of water parks that delighted us.

We have even unearthed a treasure in the Perhentians because for my lady it was the island of the pirates. Having breakfast and dining on the terrace and looking at that sea of ​​infinity of turquoise tones is priceless.

Impressive has also been to see the Petronas towers from various angles. We watch the sunset in front of them while we enjoyed the large park that has in the area.

We were also delighted to see the great variety of religious icons from mosques, Hindu temples, Catholic churches, and Buddhist monasteries in Kuala Lumpur and in the Georgetown area. The variety of religions that exist in the country and how, in some way, they coexist with relative harmony is incredible.

How To Enjoy Vacation with Family at Malaysia

On the contrary we have been a little disappointed with the treatment we have had in Penang. I have to say that when coming from the city of Kuching, which is super quiet everywhere, we got used to the calmness. Another thing that has overwhelmed us a bit has been the traffic in the Penang area. We knew it was big, but we did not think it would support such a large number of vehicles and therefore monumental traffic jams.

Other disappointments have been the Batu Caves. It's true that climbing all those stairs to reach a cave temple has its intrigue, but then what we see there did not seem like much.

And finally we have been somewhat disappointed with the food. Malaysia has a very good reputation for its variety and gastronomic delights influenced by many places. Well at the beginning if it caught our attention, but as the days went by we started to get a little tired. In the end we ended up eating a lot of Satay to which we feel devotion for this dish and Thai food, an old acquaintance that we still consider as delicious.

Another thing that surprised us was seeing how many Malay girls wanted to take selfies with our baby. It has undoubtedly been a real family trip where each of us have enjoyed.

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