15 Tips To Enjoy Vacation with Family

Craving for some relaxation? What can be better than the best beach vacation for families! Classic travel and country vacation are all about enjoying an uncomplicated journey and to spend time with oneself and family and to bring back the lost zeal and refresh oneself. Today people indulge themselves in such country vacation plans and plan classic travels so as break away from a regular routine.

Places to travels on a country vacation have a big list of classic places ranging from the seven wonders of the world to the very adventurous and classic place like Thailand. When you travel you kind of become that traveler who can take the challenges that come their way.

Here you need to ask ourselves a question, do you want to become the couch potato in our lives or instead be the one who find their own way out of the problem? When you ask these questions to yourselves and if the answer is yes then you are a traveler hands down. Making any vacation successful depends upon how you spend it.

Safety must one of the top priorities of anyone who loves to travel. Whether you are travelling for work or for recreation, there are a lot of things that can go wrong in a foreign place. From health related issues to theft and credit card fraud, anything can ruin your otherwise fun travelling experience.

Preventing any mishaps during your trip is always better than doing damage control if they happen. Some pragmatic measures on your part can ensure your safe travel whether you are a first-time traveller or are just travelling after a long time.

Oops, are you on a budget? Well, being low on pocket doesn't make you and your family low on fun. Here you go! Planning a vacation on a budget may sound daunting but trust me, it is not as it sounds. One can have the best out of his vacations even on a below average budget. It just takes one to be wiser before spending and sooner and later fun will not be gripped within the ropes of your wallet.

You Can Travel In Style & Not Break The Bank

Here are some pocket-friendly vacation hacks that may seek in for an affordable wave of fun and adventure.

1. Opt for an off-season trip

Try planning an off-season trip since it can cost you incredibly less. All popular tourist destinations have a specific season when the spot is just flooding with adventure enthusiasts. However, if you are also the one who just has a lust for a new adventure every time, it is best for you to plan a trip when the season is off the peak? It will cost you way less than in-season. Additionally, you will also have less crowd to move in that will make your trip hassle-free.

2. Don't be materialistic

Souvenirs are praised for no reason. Next time when you go on a vacation trip, try to be more skeptical before spending several dollars on materialistic things. Things are not meant to last forever, memories are! So, next time when you are out on vacation, instead of roaming around famous shopping hubs, try making memories with natural landmarks that may last in your heart forever.

3. Enjoy natural landscapes

Taking a vacation doesn't always mean taking your kids to Disneyland or your partner to a cruise. God has created this exceptionally beautiful world. Where ever you travel, try exploring the beauty of nature and you will be fascinated with the incredible creations of every country. Be a nature explorer instead of a fancy explorer. It will help you save a ton.

4. Look for free attractions

Treat yourself with immersive adventure by visiting free attractions. Try opting for a tourist destination that has a bunch of free attractions to let one take a bag home full of memories without breaking a bank. For instance, you may look in for famous landmarks, beaches, historical sites, temples, mosques, shopping hubs, etc. These will cost you absolutely nothing while giving you the most out of your vacation.

5. Free museum days

Wherever you are traveling, if you have a lust for visiting art galleries and museums, try availing free museum days. Cities like Berlin and London have them. However, you will find them a bit crowded on those days but that is well justified for saving several dollars. Especially, if you are traveling with a family, it is best to visit museums and galleries on their free entry days. It will help you save a bunch.

6. Travel light

Try packing a bag of memories instead of clothes. Travel as light as you can to save several dollars on checked luggage fees. Have a look over here to know how you can travel with carry-on luggage only. Pack wisely!

7. Street clubbing

Can't afford to club? No worries! Grab a bottle of beer and enjoy clubbing with dancers and musicians entertaining tourists and locals until the sun rises.

8. Use hotel-branded credit cards

The club lounges offer food and beverage presentations per day, complimentary free-flowing fine wines, champagne, and excellent food all day long, butler service, free garment pressing, free use of boardrooms. This comes at a price, of course; the club floor rooms are usually $150 - $250 more per day than a regular room.

However, the credit cards entitles one to free upgrades to the club floor, confirmed at time of booking, and not based on availability. The cards are pricey, but just a few nights on the club floor pays for the card. Plus, it has a host of other benefits, including hotel credit per stay, reimbursements for airline fees (luggage, drinks, change fees), Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check fees, and unlimited visits to hundreds of fabulous airport lounges.

9. Use the iron and hair dryer to reheat pizza

Most hotel rooms have a mini-bar or mini-fridge where you can store leftover pizza, but many do not have a microwave to reheat food. An iron plus hair dryer heats up leftover pizza quickly, while keeping the crust crisp! Again, be nice and clean the iron afterwards!

11. Never use Please clean room signs

Using the Please clean room sign tells everyone, including potential thieves, that the room is vacant. Instead, just call housekeeping and ask that they clean the room now.

11. Keep Your Health in Check

Your health should be your top priority while you are travelling. You may be used to the comforts of your healthcare providers back at home. You may want to get a thorough check-up if you have one or more prevailing medical conditions. Keep a good stock of your regular medicines with you as you may not immediately be able to buy them when you reach your destination.

Even if you are not on any kind of medications, make sure you have a stock of regular OTC medicines for nausea, motion sickness, pain killers, regular antibiotics and anti-allergic medicines (if you have any known allergies) and bug repellents.

12. Email the assistant general manager of a hotel

If you email the GM, he or she will likely simply pass on the email to the assistant GM, whereas the assistant GM is more likely to be very eager to please, in hopes of praise that will help him or her get an eventual promotion to GM. Emailing the assistant GM in advance, letting them know that this is a special stay, and asking for a special room or suggestions for special things to do, will result in some pretty amazing upgrades and experiences.

13. Send thank you notes to hotel staff

Not only is this the right thing to do, you never know where hotel employees will show up in the future. Often, there is a room with a much better view, or that is more spacious, etc. It never hurts to ask, and when you do ask, they generally offer up the best rooms they have available, so the process doesn’t take too long!

14. Keep the room-darkening shades closed

For some reason, most hotel room-darkening shades do not stay fully closed, leaving an annoying gap that usually lets light in. A variety of common items work to hold the drapes closed, including a paper clip, the pocket clip on a pen, and the clamps on trouser hangers!

Bring a small amount of duct tape or a couple of clothes pins. Use these to keep the curtains fully shut so you can blackout the room. If you forget, you can use the clips on coat hanger designed to hang pants. It just looks kind of stupid but it’s a lot better than having a street light shining a shaft of light into the room.

15. Keep a shoe in the safe

Put the stuff you can’t leave without in your shoe (wallet, keys, paperwork). That way you won’t forget it. To prevent forgetting to remove items from the in-room safe, put one of the shoes you wear when you travel in the safe; when you get ready to leave, having to search for your other shoe will remind you to open the safe and retrieve your items.

When it is your vacations step out to new places, discover new cultures, you will learn a lot of amazing things. Also sometimes moving to new places on vacations keeps you away from all kinds of stress.
Kalyan Panja

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