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Craving for some relaxation? What can be better than a vacation! Safety must one of the top priorities of anyone who loves to travel. Whether you are travelling for work or for recreation, there are a lot of things that can go wrong in a foreign place. From health related issues to theft and credit card fraud, anything can ruin your otherwise fun travelling experience.

Preventing any mishaps during your trip is always better than doing damage control if they happen. Some pragmatic measures on your part can ensure your safe travel whether you are a first-time traveller or are just travelling after a long time.

Oops, are you on a budget? Well, being low on pocket doesn't make you and your family low on fun. Here you go! Planning a vacation on a budget may sound daunting but trust me, it is not as it sounds. One can have the best out of his vacations even on a below average budget.

It just takes one to be wiser before spending and sooner and later fun will not be gripped within the ropes of your wallet. Here are some pocket-friendly vacation hacks that may seek in for an affordable wave of fun and adventure.

You Can Travel In Style & Not Break The Bank

1. Opt for an off-season trip

Try planning an off-season trip since it can cost you incredibly less. All popular tourist destinations have a specific season when the spot is just flooding with adventure enthusiasts. However, if you are also the one who just has a lust for a new adventure every time, it is best for you to plan a trip when the season is off the peak? It will cost you way less than in-season. Additionally, you will also have less crowd to move in that will make your trip hassle-free.

2. Don't be materialistic

Souvenirs are praised for no reason. Next time when you go on a vacation trip, try to be more skeptical before spending several dollars on materialistic things. Things are not meant to last forever, memories are! So, next time when you are out on vacation, instead of roaming around famous shopping hubs, try making memories with natural landmarks that may last in your heart forever.

3. Enjoy natural landscapes

Taking a vacation doesn't always mean taking your kids to Disneyland or your partner to a cruise. God has created this exceptionally beautiful world. Where ever you travel, try exploring the beauty of nature and you will be fascinated with the incredible creations of every country. Be a nature explorer instead of a fancy explorer. It will help you save a ton.

4. Look for free attractions

Treat yourself with immersive adventure by visiting free attractions. Try opting for a tourist destination that has a bunch of free attractions to let one take a bag home full of memories without breaking a bank. For instance, you may look in for famous landmarks, beaches, historical sites, temples, mosques, shopping hubs, etc. These will cost you absolutely nothing while giving you the most out of your vacation.

5. Free museum days

Whereever you are traveling, if you have a lust for visiting art galleries and museums, try availing free museum days. Cities like Berlin and London have them. However, you will find them a bit crowded on those days but that is well justified for saving several dollars. Especially, if you are traveling with a family, it is best to visit museums and galleries on their free entry days. It will help you save a bunch.

How To Enjoy Vacation with Family

6. Travel in public transport

If you are planning to explore several cities within a single country, it is best to travel through public transport instead of internal flights. It will cost you exceptionally less plus you will have an opportunity to roam around in a relaxed atmosphere.

7. Renting hostels

Renting hotels, guest houses, and resorts have been too mainstream for decades. Try something new and even more adventurous by simply renting out a hostel. You may opt for any depending on your requirements from relaxing hostels, rural hostels, party hostels, etc.

This will help you save a lot if you are planning a trip on a budget since almost all hostels just cost a few dollars per night. Plus, renting out a hostel may benefit you with free food and you can skip spending money on meals three times a day.

8. Consume fruits as a meal

Instead of spending a lot of money on just food, try taking fruits as one meal of a day. This will cost you exceptionally less while keeping your energy boost. Here are some best fruits for eating healthy while travelling.

9. Travel light

Try packing a bag of memories instead of clothes. Travel as light as you can to save several dollars on checked luggage fees. Have a look over here to know how you can travel with carry-on luggage only. Pack wisely!

10. Street food is the best travel treat

Instead of eating in lavish restaurants, try some street food. It will cost you less while giving the original taste and aroma of the culture. You can treat your taste buds with mouthwatering local street food cuisine all around the globe.

11. Travel on Tuesday

Try booking your flight for Tuesdays. They always have a slightly lower price list due to low demand. Though it may not seem like a big difference, a budget trip makes every single penny important. You can also try skiplagged.

12. Street clubbing

Can't afford to club? No worries! Grab a bottle of beer and enjoy clubbing with dancers and musicians entertaining tourists and locals until the sun rises.

13. Do a Thorough Research of Your Travel Destination

Whether you are travelling abroad or within your country, studying up about the travel destination may very well prove to be a lifesaver. Find out everything you can about the place; its weather, the culture, the prevailing political conditions, most reasonable yet safe accommodations for tourists and places that should be avoided.

Make a list of tourist attractions to visit that are safe. Also, keep an eye on the local news and what is happening around the region to make sure you do not get any surprises when you visit your destination.

14. Plan the First Day of Your Trip Ahead of Time

The first day of a trip is usually spent on getting used to the surroundings and getting your things in order. Hauling your things from one place to another and making sure all your luggage has arrived in one piece can take a while. Therefore, it is best to plan the first 24 hours of your trip ahead of time.

Estimate the time it would take for you to reach from the airport to your hotel or resort where you have reserved your accommodations. Take a walk around the place you are staying to get acquainted with your surroundings. This may also help you to shake off any fatigue or jetlag from travelling.

After doing so, you can also look for a relaxing spot - a heated pool or a spa - to end your day in a relaxing manner after a long day that has been spent travelling.

15. Manage Your Wealth and Valuables

If you are travelling within your country, make sure you have a reasonable amount of cash with you in case you cannot find an ATM upon your arrival and have to pay for services and amenities. In case you are travelling abroad, find a bank with an ATM to make a withdrawal in the local currency.

Avoid using public ATMs in airports or shopping malls as they have a high risk of having skimming or card reading devices, thus increasing the risk of credit card fraud. Also, inform your bank about your travel plans ahead of time as they tend to increase the monitoring on your credit card activity for credit card fraud detection.

It is needless to mention that you must take extra care of your valuables including your jewellery, wallet, passport and other travel and identity documents that you are carrying with you.

16. Keep Your Health in Check

Your health should be your top priority while you are travelling. You may be used to the comforts of your healthcare providers back at home. You may want to get a thorough check-up if you have one or more prevailing medical conditions. Keep a good stock of your regular medicines with you as you may not immediately be able to buy them when you reach your destination.

Even if you are not on any kind of medications, make sure you have a stock of regular OTC medicines for nausea, motion sickness, pain killers, regular antibiotics and anti-allergic medicines (if you have any known allergies) and bug repellents.

17. Learn to Communicate in the Local Language

It is always useful to learn a few phrases in the local language, especially if you are going to a place where not many people understand English. At the very least make sure you know how to say things like I need help, where is the hospital or the police station? or what time does the bus/train arrive? etc. Also, make sure you know where your embassy is and how you can reach them.
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