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In Los Angeles, there are museums and shops dedicated to almost every imaginable thing, so it's no surprise that the city is filled with fascinating and downright weird locations of USA. Ah, good old LA. There are a lot of good reasons to hate LA, and you can find them on Quora and all over the Internet.

LA is like a beast, though. You have to learn how to tame her, and that can take a whole lifetime to do. But once you do learn how to tame LA, you’ll be finding yourself calling LA, home. Feel the life of the iconic Santa Monica Beach with countless fresh coffee shops and restaurants.

Sneak Look at celebrities on Hollywood Boulevard and visit the eccentric area along Venice Beach. Disneyland, Anaheim is located just 30 minutes from LA. After all, it has great weather, every sport you can imagine, culture, the TV and movie industries are based here, good universities and great restaurants and shopping.

In this article, we'll talk about some of the most interesting and bizarre locations in Los Angeles. So, if you're in the hunt of some unusual sites to visit in Los Angeles you're in the right place as we're going to visit some odd and amazing sites in California.

Now, some of the places we're going to be seeing are a little bit bizarre but they all have their unique charm even if they can be a bit on the tacky or creepy side. So, keep an open mind. Also have in mind that LA is a huge and ridiculously overextended city.

So if you want to get to see all these weird sites on the same trip you should consider booking a rental car in Los Angeles. It lets you explore the many strange sites that the city has to offer, no matter how far apart they are. And also you get to choose your vehicle, be it an efficient economical option or even a van if your group of weirdness seekers happen to be big.

Wonderfully Weird Los Angeles

So, without further ado let's go! There is a lot of strange things to see in Los Angeles!

1. Galco's Soda Pop Stop

I'm sure a lot of us remember a seemingly discontinued brand of soda or candy that we used to love during our childhood. At some point in life that delicious sweet simply… vanished from stores, and its flavor was forever relegated to our nostalgic memories. Or was it?

Chances are high that you might find a lot of nostalgic flavors here at Galco's soda pop stop, as this store is pretty much a tribute to sodas and candies from olden times and from all over the world too!

Here you can find soft drinks of all flavors and colors, and yes even some versions of those nostalgic sodas and candies. There’s even a station where you can make your own soda flavor by combining syrups with carbonated water. The store is not only about sodas though, there is also a deli where you can get tasty sandwiches and even beers as unique as the sodas.

You can find this nostalgia treasure trove at 5702 York Blvd, there is a decently sized adjacent parking lot next to the store.

2. Museum of Jurassic Technology

If you like museums you'll probably like this next one, if not, then you can at least appreciate the weirdness and downright absurdity of this museum. You see, this museum is a parody of a museum, displaying nonsense, such as the radiographic photos of flowers or a rotting pair of dice.

The information of each exhibit pokes fun at how normal museums inform their visitors and the whole museum gives a nod to the times when museums were nothing but private collections of oddities displayed to visitors.

The rooms are dimly lit, giving the weird exhibition a much more mysterious setting, and at the end of the visit, they give you tea and cookies in an upstairs tea garden. It's a unique experience and very strange at that, but if you’re really seeking the weirdest of the weird you can't miss this one. You'll find this weirdness hotspot at 9341 Venice Blvd, the entry fee is in the range of 8 to 12 dollars.

3. The Last Bookstore

The last book store is not your average bookstore, as its location gives it a very strange and wonderful feel. The bookstore itself stands in what used to be a bank, but instead of rebuilding the bank in the image of your average bookstore, the bookstore sort of grew around this derelict bank until the building took a new life as a bookstore!

The whole place is worlds apart from any other Bookstore in Los Angeles! It has a fascinating apocalyptic aesthetic; it makes you feel as if the modern world was wiped out by some unknown cataclysm years ago, and survivors were able to rebuild society based on the buildings still standing, so that bookstore ended up in what used to be a bank.

The place is full of interesting sculptures made out of books, including a tunnel made of nothing but books, but you can also find books for all tastes, from best-sellers to more obscure titles and as a fun jest you can find the horror section in the former vault of the bank, the so-called horror vault. There is also a maze made out of bookcases where you'll find the science-fiction, fantasy, and thriller section of the library.

If there is a bookworm on your travel group, you’re making them a disservice by not visiting The Last Bookstore. You can find it at 453 S Spring St, there is a parking lot right next to the bookstore so if you rented a car, coming here will be a breeze.

4. Old LA Zoo in Griffith Park

Now, we talked about a derelict bank turned into an awesome bookstore, but… how about an actually derelict place? I’m talking about a real urban ruin you can visit and even have picnic on! If that sounds interesting to you then prepare a couple of sandwiches, and perhaps a couple of sodas from Galco's soda pop stop, as we’re going to have a picknick on the ruins of the old Los Angeles Zoo.

Now a lot of people don’t seem to know it, but Los Angeles used to have a different zoo than the current one, it opened in 1912 and many of its enclosures were built on 1930, but it was abandoned by 1966, and the animals were moved to the new zoo, leaving behind cages and enclosures that by today standards seem quite inhumane for animals, but still very interesting for urban explorers to see.

There are picnic tables where the lion’s enclosure used to be so as I told you, bring some snacks. The ever-present graffiti and the old rusty cages give the place an eerie yet fascinating feel. To get there you must take a little hike along Griffith park, thankfully there two are parking lots surprisingly near to the old zoo.

And with that we conclude our little exploration of some of Los Angeles weirdest sites, but I'm sure there are still a lot of other things to see and do in a city as awesome as Los Angeles. So be ready for many other wonderfully weird sites to see when you come visit, as I'm sure you'll find a lot of other things to do in Los Angeles.
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