6 BEST Christmas Markets In The UK

The United Kingdom is not just famous for its Great British Royal family and the super extravagant home of the Queen like the Buckingham palace in London, but also the winter wonderland which it becomes during the Christmas season. As we all know, having a gala time with your family and friends is what Christmas is all about. The streets are filled with joy and we can witness Christmas carols being sung all around the snowy markets.

The arrival of Christmas Markets across Europe and the UK heralds the beginning of the festive season and gives you the opportunity to kick-start the celebrations with a pre-Christmas holiday. These markets not only offer a fantastic range of gifts, treats and decorations to buy, they also provide you with an introduction to regional customs and traditions.

For Christians all over the world, Christmas is a festival all wait for the whole year. Christmas is a very sacred and joyful event for us, with a lot of illuminations, flowers, sweets, smells, etc. Because there are special Christmas holidays all the family waits for, so families plan to spend their Christmas holidays either at home or on the holiday destinations to relax and rejoice their lives with the new spirit and enthusiasm in their life.

Best Christmas Markets in UK Keep reading to find out what are the 5 must visit Christmas markets in the UK:

1. Bath Christmas market

The Bath Christmas Market has been voted as the most favourite Christmas markets of the United Kingdom. You can find something for all of your loved ones in this market. From gingerbread to handmade jewellery and cross-knitted socks, you can find lots of cute gift items in this marketplace.

The traditional wooden stalls and joyful crowd make this market a must visit the place during Christmas. Whenever you decide to go, you’ll be delighted by the choirs, carollers and musicians floating their festive tunes across the market.

2. Manchester’s Albert square Christmas market

The Albert square Christmas market is set up every year in the city of Manchester. French soaps, Belgian chocolates and dazzling pieces of jewellery are some of the popular gift items which you can find in this market. The Christmas cheer runs from early November to Christmas. Another fun fact about this market is that in the year 2017, this market was the most Instagrammed market in the UK.

3. Belfast Christmas market

This bright market is situated on the grounds of Belfast City Hall. If you are looking for interesting gifts for your loved ones and are quite picky as a person, you can surely visit here since this market offers gifts from all around the world. You can get your hands on some of the most authentic art pieces too if you get in touch with the local traders in Belfast.

And if you are lucky enough, they might give you a glimpse of the process of how local art is created in the form of paintings, sculptures, wall hangings etc. Also, this market offers exotic samples of meat of animals like Kangaroo and alligator. You can visit this market if you wish to surprise your taste buds with something new and different.

4. Winchester Cathedral Christmas market

The Winchester’s Cathedral Christmas market is mostly inspired by German culture. The primary attraction of this market is the open-air ice rink, where both children and adults can have a great time pre or post Christmas shopping. Every year, more than 3,50,000 visitors pay a visit to this market, which is why it is one of the most popular Christmas markets in the United Kingdom.

You can witness traders selling stolen wine, fragile glass items and painted sculptures. Since the theme of this market is mostly German, you can find German silver jewellery pieces here too. To add up to the fun, a parade also takes place in this market full of festive vibes.

Fireworks and Christmas carols are a part of the celebration and if you are planning to visit this place around Mid November- December, you won’t be disappointed if you visit this happening market street.

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5. Chester Christmas market

There's just nowhere like Chester at Christmas, is there? Quaint lantern strewn cobbled streets, old English taverns, the cathedral at the epicentre - and fabulous new additions like the Storyhouse theatre. Add in the Chester Christmas markets and its a thrilling setting where over 70 wooden chalets are wrapped around the centrepiece Christmas tree.

Find quality regional produce, mulled wine, a real ale bar and an abundance of festive treats, eats and gifts on offer.

6. Caerphilly Christmas market

The Caerphilly style Christmas is not just another Christmas festival, it goes on for a week and has a little medieval touch to it. If you are someone who loves vintage-themed markets and festivals, you can surely visit this place. You might have an experience of something close to the 13th century when you pay a visit here.

Like every other festival market, this market too is filled with interesting gift items like handicrafts, decorative pieces, wall hangings, mulled wines and fine jewellery. There is something there for everyone. Hence, you might also find fun activities and toy stalls for kids. Choir and Christmas carols are sung in full-swing. Als0, live music can cheer anyone up.

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