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There are numerous reasons to wander in Belfast at night. Discover Belfast Nightlife ideas near you and enjoy a legendary and romantic evening in Belfast with your sweetheart. Brunch stops and landmark trips are great night trip ideas, but some people desire to look for the more exciting activities during their night stay at Belfast.

While in your tour to Belfast, don't forget to get points by using credit card guides. From pubs to intimate restaurants to lively shows and theatre and gigs, there's something exciting for every couple in the heart of the wonderful city.

Check out literature, drama, and music as you explore this interesting destination. There are more accessible flights coming to Belfast from London, and fairs are a lot less expensive, too.

Amazing Belfast Attractions in Night

1. Chinawhite

Chinawhite is the latest addition to the night spots in Belfast. The name will be accustomed with you due to the original in London which is a hotspot with celebrities.

2. 21 Social

21 Social, opposite to Ollie's in the Cathedral Quarter, 21, has three floors which each boasting something a little changed for those visitors looking for a great night out in Belfast.

3. The Bot

The Botanic Inn, warmly known by locals as 'The Bot', is a wonderful spot which has become an institution in the city. With a club and tasty food, you could spend all day and night here.

4. Filthy McNasty's

Another original and traditional spot in Belfast, Filthy McNasty's has a great roof terrace which is known as the Secret Garden, is a wonderful place to hear some local musicians which will make your night legendry.


Alibi, though a newer to Belfast's club scene, is still a popular one. Its ground floor remains open during the days, offering drinks, spirits, and food, and the upstairs club opens at night. Alibi has two other indoor floors, where is a three-tiered terrace pleasant on warm nights. ALIBI host many club nights throughout the week.

6. The Dirty Onion

The Dirty Onion, a legendary site, is placed in one of Belfast's oldest buildings, with actual Irish music. Dating back to 1780, the historical building was castoff as a bonded spirit warehouse from 1921. The unique external wooden structure is an added original feature. It mounts the venue's garden at the front. It is indeed a best place to spend and enjoy Belfast romantic night.

7. Kelly's Cellars

Kelly's Cellars is amongst Belfast’s traditional and oldest Irish pubs. This oldest building is situated in the center of the city. Described as 'a hidden gem that radiates lost traditional values', it's eminent for a pint of Guinness which are served with homemade Irish beef stew.

8. Crown Liquor Saloon

While exploring Belfast at night, visit a traditional place of unique character, admired for its eclectic variety of real ales and its heartily classic food. The Crown is not only ageless and priceless but also a gem of Victoriana and one of the great saloons of the world. Dating back to 1826, it is now possessed by the National Trust and has been caringly restored over the years.

9. Voodoo

It is amongst one of the fantastic spot for music fans. There's a great variety for all musical tastes here making your night full of romance and fantasy.

10. The National Grande Café

Another distinctive feature of Belfast, the National Grande Café' have an extensive drinks selection and the largest drinks garden in Belfast and it is the perfect place for an evening get together or break from hectic routine days.

11. Revelución de Cuba

Revolución de Cuba is the final in Cuban food and fiesta experiences. The strange Cuban spirit has come to Belfast - expect stunning handcrafted drinks, dishes loaded with striking flavor and filled with tropical party vibes that are unlike something you've ever experienced before.

12. The Duke of York

Another historical and distinguished place of Belfast, The Duke of York is nestled along a narrow paved alleyway. This traditional bar is packed with original mirrors and memorabilia. great Guinness, cold beer, and a vast selection of Irish whiskeys are enjoyed by both locals and visitors which makes it a wonderful place to spend night.

13. The Empire

Situated on Botanic Avenue, this old and historic church crowds more than its fair share of events. With a continuous schedule of comedy nights, folk and blues singers, salsa dancing as well as a full musical calendar, The Empire Avenue is a great night out.

14. Fibber Magee's

Steeped in Irish customs and filled with the rafters with bits of history, Fibber Magee's is the candid article. Sit in a relax mood to the open fire and enjoy tunes of old musicians, every night of the week, in the back of Robinsons.

15. The Hudson

The Hudson, a traditional-feeling Belfast place, is equally a great place for a chill night or an exciting weekend evening. It not only has delicious drinks but also great, simple food.

16. Limelight

You can't complete your tour in Belfast, without visiting Limelight, one of the country's exciting and wonderful venues for live music! From famous DJ's to traditional music artists, the Limelight has some of Belfast's finest weekly entertainment. Monday-Wednesday are the best nights to visit the club at Limelight. If you find yourself in Belfast at Halloween night, Limelight is the best place to be!
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Cristina Petrini said...

A way to discover how to experience this city at night, I would say that your guide is perfect so that everyone can find his style!

kumamonjeng said...

I have never been to Belfast but I heard about this place as my cousin did his dentistry from Belfast University. Two years ago I did a road trip in UK but too bad I did not cover Belfast, we only went up to Scotland. You have a great list of things to do and a very good write up.

Wren LaPorte said...

Never been to Belfast, but all those attractions make me want to!

Lisa said...

I’ve been to Belfast before, and it’s a great city. You covered some top things to see here at night!

Monidipa said...

I have been there. It is indeed a lovely place to explore. Very important points to remember indeed.

Jenny MacKenzie said...

Gosh I love traveling so much! Couldn’t do it without blogs like yours detailing all kinds of hidden gems. Thank you!

Alicia B said...

21 Social sounds like it'd keep you pretty busy for a while. I love stops like that with lots to see. And Fibber Magee's is the best name on the list. I'd have to swing by just for that, LoL.

Melissa said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I am always looking for new places to put on the bucket list!

JayLady said...

Wow there are so many interesting sounding places! I don't club a lot but Limelight sounds awesome! Gonna have to add this to my bucket list.

Claire said...

Ooo I love bar hopping and exploring around! Sounds like there are a lot of fun things to do on this list.

Jackie Koch said...

Hopefully one day my husband and I can travel here and explore! This all sounds so cool

Catherine Santiago Jose said...

It sounds like a lot of fun and excitement exploring this beautiful city at night. I am just hoping to see this place someday to see how beautiful and amazing it is.

Karin said...

Such a great and very detailed post. This can be a big help in planning trip to Belfast. Thank you for sharing!

Amy said...

This was such a thorough guide! I truly appreciate the effort that you put into making sure you left nothing out.

MemeandHarri said...

Oh I would love to visit Belfast - there looks like there is so much to do!!!

siennylovesdrawing said...

Thanks for this great travel sharing, love travel & yet to be at here. Saved this as my future trip planning. let’s enjoy travelling ya. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

Catherine said...

Sounds like some great places to check out for those visiting!

Natalia A said...

I have friend in Ireland and was thinking to visit Belfast soon
Thank you for all these tips ;)

Kara said...

We went to Belfast earlier in the year and fell in love with the city

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