5 Best Street Food Markets in London & UK

Street food is a ready to eat food item or drink which is sold by the vendors or hawkers in streets and public places. The street food industry is growing dramatically and produces jobs to millions worldwide. I think there isn't any place on the earth untouched with the street food culture. There is a great history of street food culture and you won’t believe that street food was also popular during Roman period.

Today we aren't discussing about the history of street food instead here I have listed top 5 street food markets or destination in the UK. The UK has a combined culture and with people from different origins lives here including British, Irish, Scottish, Indian, Chinese and many more.

The cuisine of the UK is directly affected by this rainbow culture and that’s what makes the cuisine richer than anywhere in the world. No matter if you are a permanent resident of the UK or traveling the country during your vacation as a foreigner, you must explore UK, it's exotic, diverse, rich and unique street food across the country.

best street food markets in London

The top street food destinations in the UK are as follows.

1. Dinerama, London

Dinerama is like heaven for street food lovers. The endless row of street food vendor situated in the heart of London makes it the best places for foodies to satisfy their almost every kind of food crave. In the summer this place has an open air environment and in during the cold time it gets roofed. No matter what the weather is, you will be able to enjoy cocktails, craft beer, tequila and wine from eight bars throughout the whole year.

Some of the famous street food vendors of Dinerama are:

  • Babek Brothers
  • Big Bar
  • Club Mexicana
  • Thunderbird
  • Up in my Grill

2. Greenwich Market, East Greenwich

Greenwich market is one of the oldest functioning markets in the UK. This market was established in 1737 in Greenwich town centre, London. The ancient streets of Greenwich market are now home to hundreds of shops and food stalls.

This market consists of 48 food stalls, 1 bakery shop, 11 antique stalls, 20 art stalls, 12 beauty and grooming salons, 14 kid stalls, 19 jewelry shops, 43 fashion retailers, pubs, bars, restaurants and even pet shops nearby. Some famous food stalls are as follows:

  • Addi's Taste
  • Bad Brownies
  • Chuckling Wings
  • Da Fish Ting
  • Oyster Brothers
  • The Thai Kitchen
  • Desi Street Food

3. Market Halls Victoria, Westminster

If Greenwich Market is one of the oldest eating out destinations then Market Halls Victoria is the newest one. This hall comes to existence in 2018 and in just a few months it has become the hotspot for the foodies. With 11 kitchens, a coffee shop, 3 bars and the fantastic roof terrace, Market Halls Victoria has almost everything to entertain you.

Show your moves at the dance floor or enjoy tequila shots at the bar and if nothing then enjoy a great variety of cuisines at the food stalls. Famous food stalls at Market Halls Victoria are:

  • Fanny's Kebabs
  • Squirrel
  • Super Tacos
  • Gopal's Corner
  • Nonna Tonda
  • Flank

4. Borough Market, 8 Southwark Street

It's time to explore may be the oldest market of the UK and you will not believe that the Borough Market is more than 1,000 years old. This possibly the UK’s oldest market is home to hundreds of shops, retailers and food stalls. From bakery to bars and from dairy products to sea food, you can get almost everything in the Britain's most famous market.

This market welcomes a huge crowd of customers and visitors every day and that’s why it is quite busy but worthy place to explore. Renowned eating out destinations here are:

  • Brindisa Kitchen
  • Balkan Bites
  • Arabica Bar and Kitchen
  • Fish Restaurant
  • The Rake
  • Silka

5. Camden Market, Camden Town

Camden Market was started in 1974 with just 16 stalls and nowadays it is home to more than 1,000 shops, bars, stalls and cafes. It has been a part of many historical events throughout these 45 years of journey. Due to its location in London, Camden Market welcomes thousands of people every day. Popular food stalls in Camden Market are:

  • Kim's Vietnamese Hut
  • Famous Yorkshire Burrito
  • Bill or Beak
  • Nora and Nama
  • Healthy Hit
  • Camden Fish and Chips

Bottom Line

The United Kingdom is like heaven for the fast food or street food lovers. A street food market can be proved beneficial in many ways such as it keeps alive the traditional cuisine as well as it offers some of the global food products at the same time.

Street food market helps generating millions of jobs and also brings the local community at one platform. Most of the street food vendors buy ingredients from the local farmers or producers resulting in economy boost in whole area.
Kalyan Panja