5 Top Things to Do in Shanghai

Traveling in China will be incomplete if you do not include the city in your route that hosted the Expo 2010. This is the universal exhibition that put China at the top of world prominence, and that one was a good excuse to visit Shanghai. From the outset we will tell you that Shanghai is the best exponent of modernity towards which this great Asian country is inexorably directed.

Although in Shanghai you find several samples of the long history and Chinese tradition, above all you have the best example of what is a super modern city in which contrasts are not lacking. At present, Shanghai is a huge and overcrowded city, with more than 20 million inhabitants, but its history dates back many centuries.

China is a beautiful country to visit. Located in Asia, China has many famous places and sculptures to visit. The Great Wall of China in Beijing is considered as the best place to visit in China. This wall over the steep mountains is considered the longest wall on Earth. The Bund located in Shanghai is an unique symbol of architecture. The Li River in Guilin is famous for its view.

things to do in shanghai

History of Shanghai

Specifically, the current enclave of Shanghai has its origins 1,000 years back, although its great boom occurred during the nineteenth century due to its strategic positioning as it is a large river port. Already in the eleventh century said enclave raised its range from village to commercial port, and in the twelfth century it became an important center of cotton production.

But it was at the beginning of the 19th century when Shanghai became the main commercial and industrial center of China. After the Japanese occupation during World War II, and a later period, after the triumph of the Chinese Revolution, of transfer of foreign businessmen to Hong Kong, the city of Shanghai has recovered its entire boom and is now one of the main industrial centers of that country.

What to see in Shanghai tours

Next, we will give you some basic tips that will be useful when planning your trip to Shanghai. At the outset you should know that on your Shanghai tours you have to combine four different facets. On the one hand, see the areas that reflect its important colonial history and historical places to visit in China.

And on the other hand, stroll through the streets of a very modern city where the great skyscrapers are concentrated; and enjoy its great commercial activity.

1. Colonial Shanghai

On one shore you find the colonial area of ​​Bund, and on the other, the super modern financial district of Pudong, with its towering skyscrapers, such as the World Financial Center, the second tallest in the world.

2. Traditional Shanghai

The reflection of the long Chinese tradition in Shanghai will be seen in your visits to the Yuyuan Garden and the Jade Buddha Temple. The first dates back to the Ming dynasty and was completed in 1577. It is the best example of a typical Chinese garden where you will see rockery, ponds and tree-lined areas, including pavilions and sculptural groups such as the Wall of the 5 dragons.

For its part, the Jade Buddha Temple is a current sample of a Buddhist temple, which was completed in 1918. For its large number of rooms and Buddhist figures that can be seen, it is one of the essential visits on a trip to Shanghai.

3. Modern Shanghai

The best sample of Shanghai as a super modern city, apart from the financial area of Pudong, you will find by walking from the central square of the Renmin, along the famous Nanjing Street, to the Bund area.

4. Commercial Shanghai

Shanghai will also surprise you with its incredible commercial activity. Next to the huge and modern large malls and branded stores of Nanjing shopping street, in Shanghai you can visit traditional shopping areas, such as Yuyuan Market, and also markets like Yatai Market.

And in conclusion, during your visit you should not miss tourist activities, such as a cruise on a traditional Chinese boat on the Huangpu River, or ride on the Maglev Levitation Train that connects the city center with the airport. Or have dinner with panoramic views at the Pearl TV Oriental Tower, one of the great icons of Shanghai. In short, you should consider Shanghai as one of the best places to visit in China.
Kalyan Panja