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One of the best trips to England that can be made is a complete circuit where you will discover the secrets and treasures of this majestic nation. From London to Liverpool, from Oxford to Cambridge, England is a country with whom you can fall in love at first sight. Do not hesitate to travel to England to enjoy a unique country that is full of history, culture and, above all, beauty.

For those of you looking to travel to the UK sometime down the road, be it for pleasure or business, make sure to visit these breathtaking places therein. The UK which is called a hub of academic writing help is home to some of the finest sightseeing locales and we have compiled a list for traveling to England.

Fingal's Cave, The Inner Hebrides, Scotland images

1. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a very tourist city, so it will not be difficult to find accommodation for all budgets from B&B and pensions to luxury hotels or hostels with shared rooms. The offer is very extensive throughout the year, although, if you travel in August to visit the Edinburgh Festival or Christmas.

For history buffs, walking through the medieval Old Town or exploring the Royal Mile will be an unforgettable journey through time. And those who seek, in addition, to relax and have fun, in bars and pubs with live music find the best place to end the day.

Edinburgh Castle, situated on the top of a volcanic rock known as Castle Rock, in the heart of the English city, is one of the most visited places in Scotland. It was, over time, a royal residence, fortress and prison. The Royal Mile is the backbone of the Old City. Flanked by the homes of the Scottish nobles, it extends from the esplanade of the Castle to the Holyroodhouse Palace. On this street also stands St. Giles, the Edinburgh cathedral, built in the fifteenth century and the only medieval church in the city.

Old Edinburgh is a city of secrets, mysteries and ghosts. To the north of Scotland is the region called Highlands, the Highlands of the Celts, where many of the legends and mysteries of Scotland, such as Loch Ness. Enjoy the scenery and the stories of this place on a day trip. After touring every corner of Edinburgh, you can spend a few days exploring Dublin, capital of Ireland, the city founded by the Vikings that went through a stormy past to enjoy a modern and vibrant present.

As for the best areas to stay in Edinburgh, if your priority is to sleep in the center, start looking for accommodation in Old Town and New Town, the two most important neighborhoods of the city. In addition to the Old Town and the New Town, there are other neighborhoods a little further away , such as Leith, Fountainbridge or Newington, which are very well connected to the center by bus and also offer a good selection of accommodation.

In the supermarkets of Scotland, like Tesco or Sainsbury's, they sell many meals prepared for a few pounds. Lothian Buses buses cover the entire city and surroundings. Is it possible to travel to Edinburgh in winter? Yes, it is possible and, with a good coat, it is not so much! In fact, more than the temperatures, what can pose a challenge for tourism at that time are the few hours of light.

2. Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow Cathedral and its necropolis is the most liked of the city while visiting Scotland. As for the necropolis, it is located next to it, on a hill overlooking Glasgow. It is characterized by being a Victorian cemetery where some 3,500 funerary monuments still stand. George Square is the main square of Glasgow, where the Town Hall is located.

The Street art is becoming fashionable in many European cities and Glasgow is no exception. There is a quite impressive urban art route.

The Mackintosh lighthouse was built by a young architect as the warehouse of a printing press. One of the main characteristics of the tower is that it contained about 14,000 liters of water in case of fire and that it has a spectacular central spiral staircase. In the 1980s the building was renovated inside to house the Scottish architectural museum.

3. Fingal's Cave, The Inner Hebrides, Scotland

The place is made of hexagon shape pillars and is situated on the uninhabited island of Staffa in Scotland. Yup, you guessed it right, this calls for a boat ride.

4. Smoo Caves, Scottish Highlands

This is a freshwater cave engulfed by spectacular sea and packs a 20m waterfall. You can go for hitchhiking on a boat ride to visit the inner chambers. Doesn't this sound exciting?

5. Portmeirion, North Wales

This flamboyant village was meant to look like an Italian hotspot and then turned out to be true with focused planning. You will find it overlooking the Irish Sea. However, the weather is not very friendly.

Penshaw Monument, Sunderland images

6. Penshaw Monument, Sunderland

It was built in the year 1884 and was originally intended as the half-size version of the famous Greek monument called The Temple of Hephaestus. By 2011, guests could climb the staircase to the top which is spiral in nature.

7. Achmelvich, Scotland

By looking at it, you will tell yourself that this should be somewhere on a small Indonesian island. But you will be disappointed because it is not. Rather it is situated at the top of the UK. Ever heard of Hermit’s Castle, well, it is located here only which happens to be Europe’s tiniest castle.

8. The Needles, Isle of Wight

The chalk-like stacks, each of distinct nature rise out of the sea. They are mainly located on the west side of the island. The name is a reference to the fourth needle-like formation which existed in the past but then was destroyed due to a storm in 1764.

9. Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfalls, Wales

The waterfall is some 240ft in height. It falls over in three stages off of the cliff’s face. In order to make the most out of the scenery therein, there is a B&B and also a cafĂ© should you feel like exploring around.

10. Castell Coch, Wales

It is a 19th-century Gothic castle which was revived. The spot chosen for its construction was on a Welsh hillside and on top of the remains of a 13th-century castle. Cool for some, not for many. Travelers will be able to relate as the place reminds of eastern European forest.

Durdle Door, Dorset images

11. Durdle Door, Dorset

This is a natural limestone arch and is spread over a beach that makes it a must see the place. Don’t go on its name, it is a beautiful spot but yes to some the name may come off as a bit ancient like it’s from 1000 years ago.

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset images

12. Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

The name Cheddar comes from the cheddar cheese for those of you wondering. This is an insanely beautiful place. It has a drop of 137m and is home to the Britain’s oldest skeleton to have ever been found (which if it interests you).

13. London

Undoubtedly, one of the most striking things about this English city is the great cultural mix it has . By visiting it you will meet people from many countries and you will enrich yourself considerably. It is worth mentioning that this feature of the city is one of the main reasons why today it is one of the most desired destinations for travelers from all over the world.

The city of London is known for having numerous street markets far and wide and distributed on different days of the week. Any day you will have one to go to and from which to return with interesting memorabilia such as the taste of a delicious dessert or artisanal food.

The amount of museums that you can visit in London is impressive. In fact, from now on we tell you that you will not be able to know them all. For this reason, going with a clear idea of ​​what you want to see in the city can be essential to make the most of your trip. In addition, the national museums of the United Kingdom are totally free.

If you like to go shopping while you travel England, London will fascinate you for its incredible variety. In it you will find exclusive stores of brands such as D'ior, Nike, Apple and many others as well as fabulous shopping centers where you can lose yourself without realizing it.
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Emma - Bake Then Eat said...

What a great list and its good to see so many from Scotland :D

Kate said...

Great list! I'll save for when I visit!

Geemiz Contrarian Traveler said...

So many beautiful places to be added in the travel list. Well I hope to visit even just some of these amazing European places.

janna said...

UK has been on my list for so long! I've been doing some research on where to go but some of these never came up so thank you for sharing these gorgeous sites!

Kerri McConnel said...

Wow Durdle Door looks epic. A great example here of what travel is all can go to the same place again and again and never feel like you've seen enough. Some incredible places here that I shall remember just in case I get close to them.