Top 10 Places For Halloween Celebration Across USA

Halloween is America's largest national festival after Christmas, Independence Day and Thanksgiving. In many other places around the world celebrated the feast every year on October 31, but no other country will take the festival more seriously than the United States.

Perhaps not surprising, the commercial tradition started during the 1850s, while the feast began to establish themselves in the mid-1990s - largely thanks to the Harry Potter films. At Halloween time, we turn therefore look to the land of opportunity - the US and some of the favorite destinations.

When you think of Halloween, you think of Jack-O'-Lanterns and candies but, Halloween is more than that. This popular holiday has been celebrated for more than 2000 years when it was a pre-Christian harvest festival. Over the years the celebrations have only grown bigger and in the US, there are some landmark Halloween events that you would not want to miss for the world.

From an underground cave once used as a hospital for tuberculosis patients to a short Arizona trail frequently visited by the "wailing woman," many of America's national parks have quite a spooky history. So if you're hoping to spot something a little out of the ordinary on your next national park trip, consider hiking one of these eight trails — we suggest hiking (and ghost hunting) with a buddy, of course.

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best places to celebrate halloween

1. St. Louis

This Gateway City is famous for celebrating Halloween in a big way, with the zoo hosting a spectacular spooky event and the ever-popular ghost tour in the Fabulous Fox Theater.

2. New Orleans

This city hosts the perfect spooky Crescent City ghost tour for teenagers into the darkest corners where the historic stories on Louisiana's vampires and ghosts are narrated by guides. New Orleans is also known for its spooky hotels and the youngsters can attend the Museum Mash that organizes fun games and the famous Halloween Spooktacular Family concert that is known for its costumes and spooky music.

3. Minnesota

Ever since it hosted one of the earliest Halloween celebrations in the country, Anoka has continued its tradition. You can be a part of the parade with people marching around in unique costumes and take a stroll down the Main Street in what is known as the Halloween Capital of the World.

4. Seattle

In the Emerald City, there is a unique Halloween celebration called Hilloween as it is situated on Capitol Hill. There are unique themes every year and the carnival is one that children would not want to miss. Besides this, you can be a part of events at Scream Park in Seattle and the Seattle Centeranda Harvest Festival.

5. Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts, is probably the town most associated with magic in the United States. It’s no surprise that, come October and Halloween, it becomes a tourism destination for people looking for a day trip from Boston. There are many things to do in Salem, whether you’re a history buff, interested in modern magic, or just want to take a small-town escape in the Northeast.

Salem is known for the notorious Salem witch trials in 1962 during which many men and women had been found guilty of performing black magic. Visitors can visit the Salem Witch Museum to get an insight into the basics of witchcraft, witch hunt phenomenon and interpretation of witches. Throughout October, you can be a part of the Halloween Festival along with your loved ones and engage in trick-and-treating and experience ghost tours.

6. New York

Sleepy Hollow is popular for Halloween celebrations here and through September to November the Hudson Valley proudly flaunts the Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze. This impressive display of lights is accompanied by many other events like Irving's Legend and Horseman's Hollow that entertain both kids and grown-ups alike in NYC.

7. Georgia

Savannah has a unique mix of mystery and battlefields that is responsible for its supernatural ambience. There is a Savannah Ghostwalker Tour that will share stories and legends of battlefields and cemeteries. Youngsters can opt for the Halloween hike while adults can attend the Boo Bash Halloween Party.

8. Virginia

Ghost tours are organized across the historic area at Williamsburg. Here, guides will narrate ghost stories and speak of Williamsburg's witch trial. There is an exciting 'Ghosts Amongst Us' tour meant for grown-ups and teenagers that will take you inside all haunted properties. There is a Howl-O-Scream festival which is a scare fest in the Busch Gardens, and you can come face-to-face with zombies and ghouls here.

9. Texas

In Fortworth, there are historic stockyards for trick-and-treating. There is a popular Ghost Bus tour that will take you through spooky sites inside Fortworth. You can enjoy hayrides, pumpkin decorating sessions and trick-or-treating inside the Stockyards.

10. Tennessee

This is the place where the Chattanooga Choo Choo is organized and you can take a peek into the Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern that is rated as one of the spookiest Halloween haunts in the US. Families can also enjoy other attractions on Lake Winnipesaukee, Boo at the Zoo, Halloween Eerie Express etc. in Tennessee.

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Did you know that Halloween celebrations came to the United States through the 1800s Irish and Scottish immigrants? The word Halloween comes from the Scottish All Hallows Eve, that was a night of horror.
Kalyan Panja