Which Languages are Spoken in Georgia?

If you are planning to visit Georgia and the question - Do Georgians speak English? is looming in your mind, then just read the following post to gather all the detailed information on the matter. The major languages spoken in Georgia are Georgian, Svan and Russian. Though the Russian language is not spoken by too many young people, people above 50 years tend to speak in Russian as soon as they encounter the fact that they are interacting with a foreigner.

Therefore, you might have to deal with people in different languages. However, with the rise in the number of people visiting Georgia, more and more people are acquiring the English language. In fact, even the owners and managers of the remote guesthouses and hostels know basic English words. Communication might not be that problematic in the main cities such as Tbilisi, the capital of the country of Georgia.

Can I talk in English to Georgians?

Yes, you can. But Georgians might not be as fluent in English as you, and you have to make your peace with the fact. Try to speak slowly and using the most common words while interacting with the locals.

Georgia is a country classified to be in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It has a unique culture and gives a variety of options to travellers. Getting an affordable Georgia tour package would be great if you wish to explore Georgia.

Moreover, Georgia is becoming a highly popular destination in the world tourism map and the people in almost all of its major tourist destinations understand basic English. The yearly increase in tourism has generated the need for English language fluency in Georgia, making more Georgians getting trained in English to manage the language barrier.

You might find lots of people in Georgia with a good knowledge of the Russian language. Owing to the relation between Georgia and Russia date back hundreds of years, especially after the conflict between the two countries in 2008, there are still many Georgians who hate Russian.

Age-specific communication is the best way to overcome the difficulty in identifying where to and not to speak Russian in Georgia. While elderly Georgians can only understand Russian apart from Georgian, the younger generation, (especially those below 30 years of age) are very accommodating and don't give much importance to these things.

You can talk to these young Georgians in English, Russian as well as Georgian. Also, as a traveller, you are seeking some of the best moments in life and don’t have to stress a lot over the general public sentiments and opinion at some tourist destinations. So, “Yes, you can talk in English to Georgians!".

In Georgia, basic communication requirements can be easily fulfilled, eliminating the stress over any language barriers.

How to Manage the Language Barrier in Georgia?

In this digital era, everybody has a smart digital device in their pocket, and one can easily find all kinds of help online. Therefore, investing in some good quality internet card and international roaming services for the duration of your visit is a must.

If you are in a place where you don’t have anybody who knows English, then you can type the query into your phone and convert it to Georgian text or voice. Lots of such options are available online. You can also keep a print out of either all the important Georgian words or statements to assist in communication or both.

Always remember that many people are visiting Georgia. So, even if you are a solo traveler, you will still be able to find lots of other tourists on the way who can help you. Almost all the drivers would be able to understand and communicate in English, and you will surely be able to complete the visit with no issues.

Visiting Georgia in its tourist seasons will also provide you with more number of travelers who can help if needed. Opting Georgia’s tourist season for your travel will also help because of the presence of more number of travelers who can help in need.

Many countries, especially the English Speaking Countries provide details of the places to go and people to contact, for communicating in English. You can utilise this to find out the English speaking places and the people who can speak English, in a foreign nation as well. All such information is available online.

Another great idea is to prefer a travel package for your travel. Travelers opting for a particular package might have similarities (like spoken language or country), may face similar issues, and can be mutually helpful. So, by choosing a travel package, like Georgia tour packages from Dubai, then go for it to find more fellow travelers.

Therefore, the question ‘Do Georgians Speak English’ is not at all scary.

So, pack your bags, get, set and go to Georgia without any doubt in your mind.
Kalyan Panja