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Morocco is one of the countries that offer breath-taking scenery, nightlife drenched in laughter and food, colors, and love in the air. A peaceful environment that provides the most astonishing experience of life. You can't pour from the empty glass; you need to take care of yourself because you are your own priority.

People suffer from so many traumas that they find it hard to resist to the combustion of anxiety and depression. For how many of you find it tough to mingle with others? What will it take to go out on a Friday night instead of ducking inside the blanket texting you are busy?

how to overcome travel anxiety

Anxiety is as Serious as Any Other Problem.

Feeling lost is not the ultimate stage but giving up hope is. In order to move forward, bring yourself out of the backbencher seat and put yourself in the light of attention. It may not be easy to move forward but accepting our inner fears can help us elevate our freedom from useless fears, bouts of depression and free our will from the cage of anxiety.

Travelling, as they say, can be therapeutic and many have found themselves to heal from it. Let's be honest here, shall we? It might be the final solution, or in some cases, it might worsen the condition but hope for changing into something better is always a good option. And there's no harm in trying to change the locations for your good and mental well-being.

Travelling can be an experience full of nurture and nature, impeding its way round grey areas that you need to get rid of. Once you are able to do it than you can really live it up. Finding ways to get rid of anxiety is not impossible.

how to overcome travel anxiety

1. Overcoming Panic Attacks

It's easy to panic when the idea of going to a new place sets in your mind and the best thing to overcome that panic attack is using some relaxing techniques that are helpful in such a stressful condition. So far, Morocco is the destination for adventurers, admirers, couples. Everyone who is fond of beauty can either find it in the silence or in the haggling in medinas.

Breathing techniques as such are the easiest and hence, the most common of all. Just pack some paper bags with you and blow inside the paper bag to control your breathing or bet yet when travelling try to focus on your breathing rate. Whatever you do just stay calm and focus on the breathing. The more you clear your head the merrier you will be on your holiday.

how to overcome travel anxiety

2. Keep Toys

Sounds horrific? Childish and such? Why would I bring a toy? Being a grown-up is easy unless you have sudden panic attacks and depression anxiety while travelling. Stress balls are a way to help with your anxiety if you keep squeezing the life out of it. Or you can bring a fidgeter and keep pulling about it.

Thus, anything that is palm-sized can be really helpful in this case scenario. I remember bringing a cubic box with me during Morocco Holidays so that I will stop fidgeting on my flight because it makes me nervous a lot. So in order to overcome such dilemmas you have to put strong for yourself.

Other forms of distractions are always welcomed anyways whatever suits your probability and your choice. Morocco tour can bring tranquility to the soul and heart that you are looking for.

how to overcome travel anxiety

3. Distract Yourself

Besides having some good therapy toys with you it's always a good idea to keep yourself distracted in travelling. Something might trigger your inner depression or anything could stress out you (even a long haul journey) so you need to relax. You need to calm your negative thoughts and focus on how to deal while being far away from home.

Because such feelings always pass, sometimes it takes time and sometimes it doesn't. Try to focus on happier things, in my case scenario I loved reading books on a beach and cozying up with a coconut drink in the other hand. The beach of Essaouira had a calming effect on my bundled up nerves and reading some interesting fantasy novels helped me to stay calm on my summer holidays in Morocco.

how to overcome travel anxiety

4. Keep Calm And Keep Moving

Don't exhaust yourself from trying to be stronger.

Desert is profoundly considered as one of the most peaceful places. People who tend to avoid most human interaction can plan their tour to the Sahara Desert while traveling to Morocco. There are numerous other activities and sports to enjoy but one who wants to get lost and sort out life will find peace in Sahara.

The overwhelming situation of any of the anxiety attacks can cause serious damage to your social activities and you might congest yourself to your inner shell. Well, don't ever shut the world out. Being in a public place can be really helpful in fact. Listening to the chatter of others and just simply watching people walk by can help you stay focused.

Don't try to resist your panic attacks otherwise, it might worsen and we don't want that now do we? If you are a solo traveller like I was and are planning to go on a destination, then keep your most favourite fragrance with you all the time! Yes, who knew that some good smell could be associated with our muscle memory?

I really am used to lavender accessories so I always keep a moisturizer that smells like it and it’s not an instant calming but it works slowly like a true meditation.

how to overcome travel anxiety

5. Find A Fellow Traveller

If you fall the will pick you up like it was nothing at all.

If being alone is what gives you anxiety than there's no point of travelling alone ever. Having a company is a good idea always. You can tag along with a close mate of yours or plan travelling to Morocco together or some other country of your choice, just being in a comfortable presence can ease your nerves and have a soothing experience.

Always remember that your buddy should be aware of your fears and anxiety so he/she would know and recognize the first signs for anything unusual. Friends are the best in this regard as they can help you out from unknown situations. They can help you to cope with this condition more easily and boost up your energy levels as well.

6. When is the best time to travel in Morocco?

The best time to travel in Morocco is whenever you get the chance! In reality, the best times to visit the country is in March, April, and May. Otherwise, September and October tend to be amazing (yet not as green) periods as well. The busiest times of year are during Easter week and the Christmas holidays (alongside the months of May and October).

Other times to travel that aren’t as busy, yet still very worthwhile are the first two weeks of June and November. For any of the higher periods, we recommend arranging your Morocco tour at least three to six months ahead of time. During parts of the year, it can be difficult to cater to more last-minute requests, although we’ll try. And, we get questions about Ramadan travel in Morocco too.

7. Is Morocco a safe country to travel?

Indeed. Morocco is a very safe country to travel. And, it’s regarded as one of the most stable countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

8. Do I need a visa to enter Morocco?

Well, it depends. Most foreign nationals entering Morocco do not need a visa. If you are an American, Canadian, Australian/New Zealand, or European passport holder, you will not need a visa. Malaysians, Singaporeans, and some passport holders from Hong Kong do not either. If you are from another country, you may very well need a visa.

9. What is the weather like in Morocco?

Morocco is the cold country with the hot sun! That’s a mantra to live by when visiting. Weather for your trip with be determined mostly on the time of year you wish to visit. Just as varied as Morocco’s landscape is its climate. Temperatures along the coast range from 12c/54f to 25c/77f in the winter and summer, respectively.

However, you can expect much hotter temperatures inland, and much colder temperatures in the High atlas and Middle atlas mountain ranges. While it is a relatively dry country, expect rain in the northern regions and snow in the mountains during the winter and early spring. Marrakesh is Morocco’s hottest city with temperatures that have reached as high as 54c/13f in the summer.

10. Should I purchase trip insurance for my Morocco trip?

In the world of modern travel, it’s a good idea to have travel insurance for your tour of Morocco. We suggest that you purchase cancellation, interruption, and medical insurance that will cover you in the case of an emergency while you are traveling.

11. Should I exchange money before arriving in Morocco?

While the Moroccan dirham is a closed currency, some people have found they can get dirham outside of the country. While this is fine, understand that you’ll be paying much more for the Moroccan dirham outside of Morocco. There are automatic bank machines (ATMs) everywhere in country and this is the best way to obtain Moroccan currency.

Managing travelling with anxiety is as easy as you want it to be. Nothing can be taken for granted but always keep your spirit high in the wind, so that you can touch the sky and come to love it instead of fearing it.

Keep calm and keep inspiring yourself to travel the world. Give yourself time, it will heal as there are no reasons not to visit Morocco. Do not rush into the decisions and this little break might be helpful to you in getting a direction to life.
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