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discover hidden myths, taste diverse food and sleep below a sky full of shooting stars and galaxies every night
Do you know how they say the food is the most primarily important thing? I disagree.

I believe there's something more important than food, well surely my pals will agree with me on this. And well I’m not wrong here either!

If you think what I'm thinking, then we are on the right track here guys! It's SHOPPING!!!

Nothing is as exciting (or as tiring for some) as going on a shopping spree. It’s the adventure loved by the kids, adults and well even the elders. No matter what place you are going, every one of you has some particular taste you want to buy and there’s no stopping you from it either.

And should it be? You earn not only for old age or just to settle out kids you know? You have a right to fulfill your wish as little as it may seem. Anything than has the power to make you happy needs a redeeming chance in your life again and again.

Well besides, shopping there is this one thing that can easily bring goosebumps down my neck. The excitement of travelling! I love travelling too, as my little doppelganger does.

Last year spending some great holidays in Morocco made me experience some of the best things. And I'm happy that I didn't skip this country from things-to-do-list. Regardless of what I have heard about this country, I thought of exploring it on my own and I wasn't disappointed at all.

Why Morocco as a Holiday Destination?

Many have asked me this question. And all I ever could do was smile at them be shocked faces. And my simple response was 'why not?'

For those who are not aware or know very little, Morocco is not in the Middle East but in Africa (I know it's easy to misinterpret the grid) and situated in the north as well making it a top rank amongst the rest of African terrain.

Not only this but on its Northern Coast is Strait of Gibraltar as well i.e. the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. And that’s about right too, Morocco is home to two beautiful aquatic life forms! I don’t know why but it made me so excited and I knew visiting was unavoidable.

Things to do in Morocco

Shopping Spree, Morocco and Me

Morocco has an authentic way of life, squeezing cultural details in every aspect of life here is just the Moroccan way of living.

There are some thrifty vibes going on here once you see the marketplace (souks). Situated in the old walled medinas (old city part) these souks represents the culture and traditional goods that tourists are unable to resist. Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, Essaouira, Chefchaouen, etc. are particularly popular for their stronghold of souks in the area and well there are amazing goods you can't resist upon.

1. Tiznit

This old town media was actually a cluster of forts back in the 19th century and it became a popular trade center for the Berber jewelry and silver goods. The most appreciated jewelry item was the Berber rings with large stones engraved in the middle and surrounded by an intricate pattern of small stones, giving it a traditional look. These huge rings reminded me of Mughal art era how princes were adorned with such ornaments.

Brooches, bangles, necklaces, pendants, and earrings are the next best selling items here. Don't be surprised if you see a simple of a "hand" on some of the jewelry, according to the popular Moroccan belief it wards away the evil eye (like a protection charm).

2. Fes

The city famous as old medina is home to some gorgeous Moroccan roots. A cheap holiday in Morocco will definitely lead you here. This city is thoroughly cultured and you don't want to miss the souks with high-quality carpets (one of the finest I might say) are sold here. Fes el Bali is famous for its hand woven carpets and well all you need is tie up your hair (literally) get handed a cup of mint tea (Kahwah) and so the session begins!

Bargaining your way is a tough hassle but your skills are tested every time you look even at a single new item. But to be honest there’s a vast variety to choose from and Moroccan carpets can add a tad bit of cultural look to your home décor.

3. Marrakech (part one)

Those who have been to Marrakech, know it already that its home to the biggest souk and is also a cluster of older but smaller souks too.

Technically a collection of souks is what makes Jemaa el-Fnaa the biggest of all and you may find it hard to find your way through the narrow streets. Each corner is adorned with a shop and vendors are always keen to attract a customer, especially if it's a tourist you need to pay close attention to everyone around you.

Naturon souk is all about cosmetics and organic health shops. The organic materials sold out are pure of quality making them slightly overpriced but comparatively (to other currencies) a bit cheaper. Anyone will love this place who are conscious about their skin. For me, it proved to be an argan mineral resource.

4. Marrakech (part two)

Like I mentioned above, Marrakech is home to a cluster of souks making it more accessible than the rest of the cities, there's another one here representing modern clothing. From the knitted beanies and Berber styled finished goods you can purchase from a variety of items.

With cute displays of hats, bags, and boots, you can grab a pair of each and add it to the list of things you want to buy. Let me remind you of a fact, this place is famous for its leather items, so you should be really looking forward to visiting it at least once. And don't forget to take a light snack with you all that shopping is bound to make you hungry.

5. Kelaâ M'gouna

Who doesn't love flowers? And rose on top of that?

This souk offers a range of flower extractions! And it's all organic too! the beautiful roses are brought from the local farmers and the raw material is then used to extract the goodness out of it. Creams and soap products are most common while rose-scented deodorants are made here too.

It's a heaven for flower lovers and the pure scents just act as aftershave meth of air crystals feeling the air. People find it particularly attractive because of the smell. And the little items are just amazing to use and easy to carry too because of their small size.

Feeling all petted up yet? Yeah, that's how I felt when I came here and visited these souks in a matter of a week. And you can find it all yourself too once you get to visit the wonderful land. So don’t wait or you will miss it out!
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