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Morocco is a magical destination on earth having the heavenly beaches, colorful and rich culture to represent, smiles and embraces to welcome its guests. And when a question comes, what to do in Morocco in pretty cold days, my answer is always based on the recent experience I had while backpacking in Morocco. I would say, perfect!

Last year spending some great holidays in Morocco made me experience some of the best things. And I'm happy that I didn't skip this country from things-to-do-list. Regardless of what I have heard about this country, I thought of exploring it on my own and I wasn't disappointed at all.

There are hard times when one wants to trust a specific situation or a person but cannot while traveling Africa. You want to visit a particular place but damn your budget and job you want and failed in an interview. These are the phases of life, that you cannot avoid them at any cost. All you can do is to take a break. Plan your holidays and spend some quality time either with your family or just a random trip to anywhere peaceful.

Wandering in souks, refreshing orange juice and mint tea, a night at the camp, relaxing at the beach side, candlelight dinner on the rooftop or storytellers at the Jemma Al Fna, it is all a perfect fascination for any tourist. Experience your life at its best, live as this is the last chance to be yourself, make as many memories as you can. These moments are precious, never waste them in anxiety.

Trip to Morocco

1. Marrakesh

Marrakech has the advantage of being located in a very privileged environment. From Marrakech you can make many day trips to incredible places. Here are some of the most popular excursions. Just 1 hour from Marrakech is the green valley of Ourika, one of the most common excursions from Marrakech. In the valley is the imposing Toubkal mountain (4,167 mts) and a beautiful view of the peaks and valleys of the High Atlas.

The whole area is dotted with deep hidden valleys, ancient villages and mighty mountain rivers, where you can observe the local population in their daily lives.

2. Tiznit

This old town media was actually a cluster of forts back in the 19th century and it became a popular trade center for the Berber jewelry and silver goods. The most appreciated jewelry item was the Berber rings with large stones engraved in the middle and surrounded by an intricate pattern of small stones, giving it a traditional look. These huge rings reminded me of Mughal art era how princes were adorned with such ornaments.

Brooches, bangles, necklaces, pendants, and earrings are the next best selling items here. Don't be surprised if you see a simple of a "hand" on some of the jewelry, according to the popular Moroccan belief it wards away the evil eye (like a protection charm).

3. Fes

The city famous as old medina is home to some gorgeous Moroccan roots. A cheap holiday in Morocco will definitely lead you here. This city is thoroughly cultured and you don't want to miss the souks with high-quality carpets (one of the finest I might say) are sold here. Fes el Bali is famous for its hand woven carpets and well all you need is tie up your hair (literally) get handed a cup of mint tea (Kahwah) and so the session begins!

Bargaining your way is a tough hassle but your skills are tested every time you look even at a single new item. But to be honest there’s a vast variety to choose from and Moroccan carpets can add a tad bit of cultural look to your home d├ęcor.

4. Essaouira

Round trip excursion in one day through the old Portuguese city of Essaouira. On the way you will cross immense forests of Argan, from where the precious oil of Argan is extracted and you will be able to see its elaboration in some of the cooperatives that exist. This town was an old Portuguese citadel and behind its walls, hide many picturesque places full of history that you can start discovering yourself, just arrive.

5. Ouarzazate

Roundtrip excursion in one day with departure from Marrakech towards Ouarzazate, crossing Tiz'n Tichka to the interior of the Atlas, you will enjoy some incredible landscapes and some beautiful Kasbahs or fortifications that crown the port of Tichka.

6. Beni-Mellal

You will enjoy a day under the beautiful waterfalls, where you will find uneven water up to 60 meters high. If you are close to Marrakech and you like nature, you should not miss this opportunity to visit this wonder of nature considered as the largest and most impressive waterfalls in North Africa.

7. Asni

Depart in the morning towards the great Atlas. The Barbary lion, once existing throughout Northern Africa, was a regionally-named lion of the Panthera leo leo subspecies. It is now totally extinct from that vast area. The last known photo of this beautiful beast in that region was taken from an airplane over the Atlas Mountains.

From the foot of the Toubkal, the highest mountain in Morocco and North Africa (more than 4500 meters), arrive at the small village of Tahanaout that gathers twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday) the farmers of the region for the great souk. After the visit of the Gorges of Ghaghia Wadi, arrive in Asni, the country of the amethyst (macrocrystalline) and the green valley of Ouirgane which is also called The Valley of Happiness.

8. Merzouga

It is safe for women and all silently holding on to the storms. There is something worth knowing about the desert travel in Morocco. Among the Morocco desert activities you can go for camel trek, night camping, guided quad biking and buggy ride. Merzouga is an ideal place to experience camel rides among golden sand dunes, overnight in a desert camp, enjoying drum music around fire, explore the desert in 4x4, visit Berber nomads, gnawa music.

Apart from the bustling cities, you can enjoy a peaceful journey in the desert and if you are lucky you can enjoy the ice on the dunes of Sahara. Sooner or later, one is supposed to sort their life out. Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga are the most fascinating sand dunes to visit. Mountain sand dunes are not easy to climb but an amazing experience.

One can enjoy a buggy ride, camel trek while watching the sunset or sunrise. Let your camera capture the moments to cherish them whole your life. Erg Chebbi dunes are the most spectacular dunes in Morocco. The dunes are located in Merzouga area and they are one of the best travel destination in Morocco. While in you are in desert, you can choose between hotels/riads or Desert camping.

Night camping, with dinner and some music, makes your tour more happening and exciting. Capture the moment, staring at the immense emptiness of stars. Sometimes hollowness tells us greater stories than a shining star. That emptiness has been through more miseries and has great lessons to tell rather than a spotlight.

9. Agadir

Want to go on an active holiday with the family, but while getting hot? Travel to the mysterious Morocco, where hours of sunshine as well as the experiences are many. Agadir is famous for its sandy beaches and is a perfect place to try surfing.

10. Kalaat M'Gouna

Who doesn't love flowers? And rose on top of that? This souk offers a range of flower extractions! And it's all organic too! the beautiful roses are brought from the local farmers and the raw material is then used to extract the goodness out of it. Creams and soap products are most common while rose-scented deodorants are made here too.

It's a heaven for flower lovers and the pure scents just act as aftershave meth of air crystals feeling the air. People find it particularly attractive because of the smell. And the little items are just amazing to use and easy to carry too because of their small size.

Feeling all petted up yet? Yeah, that's how I felt when I came here and visited these souks in a matter of a week. And you can find it all yourself too once you get to visit the wonderful land. So don’t wait or you will miss it out!
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