7 BEST Places to Visit in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the oil reservoir of the whole world. It is also home to two of the holiest Islam’s shrines in Mecca and Medina. It has flourished in the tourism industry as well. Thus, the Saudi economy stands on two strong pillars of tourism and oil exports. Dammam is the regional capital of the eastern province of Saudi Arabia which has huge cultural and historical importance.

It is home to many astonishing coral islands. It is one of the most famous tourist spots near Dubai and attracts people across the world. It has got its name from the Arabic word dawwama or whirlpool. The people originally depended on fishing for their livelihood. With the discovery of oil wells, it emerged as a major hub of the Saudi oil industry.

There are numerous places to visit with great places to dine and shop and activities to do once you're in this wonderful place. A trip to Saudi Arabia will astonish tourists of all kinds, as the country enjoys one of the most untouched and pure nature spots in the world, thousands of years of undiscovered history and most important of all, genuine Arabian hospitality and generosity.

best places to visit in Dammam

Here are the best places to visit in Dammam.

1. Dammam Regional Museum

It is located in the Sea Front area and has six exhibition halls that teach Dammam’s fascinating archaeological history to its visitors. You would go back in time as you would witness history unfolds itself right from the Stone Age time to the present. It has a display of an array of artifacts including antique weapons, traditional costumes, old coins, and ornaments.

2. Heritage Village

It is an extremely beautiful 5-storey building that resembles the Arabian castle of Saudi Arabia. It catches your eye while in the city with lovely ancient Islamic artifacts. The items are collected by Saad AlBalahi which are interesting remains of the Arabic culture such as the weapons, clothing, jewelry and much more.

The main highlight of this place is its dining where interesting food is served in abundance. It is the village’s oriental restaurant. Eat as much as you can don't miss out on the flavors that the Saudi cuisine offers. If you’re visiting in the winter months make sure to try out tea made on coals.

Arabian architecture is fascinating, especially the mud houses that Saudis used to live in. These houses are preserved and open as museums, shops and restaurants. The smell of mud and wood in these houses is beyond description.

3. Half Moon Bay Beach

It’s the most popular beach in the area with its clean, white sand thanks to the regular maintenance done by the government. It is shaped like a half-moon which explains its name with an abundance of aquatic life to explore. Divers can enjoy its artificial reef and calming waters. There are also amusement parks near the beach for non-divers and amazing dining venues.

4. Al Marjan Island

It is an artificial island, one-of-its-kind in the Middle East. It is connected to the Dammam pier by a bridge. It has appealing green spaces and picnic areas. Tourists can also enjoy ferry-boat rides and fishing.

5. King Abdullah Park

It is the largest park of Saudi Arabia located at the seafront of Dammam. It has a wide area of green spaces, playgrounds, fountains and lakes. It also has amusement parks for visitors to have a good time with their families and versatile restaurants to enjoy lip-smacking meals.

6. Dammam Corniche

The Corniche has an absolutely stunning view which is a popular hotspot for Eid ceremonies and other celebrations. It is adorned with flashy lights which are an amazing delight to watch. Tourists can also enjoy recreational activities and water sports, hosted by clubs. They also have green spaces and playgrounds for kids to enjoy.

7. Tarut Castle

The Tarut Castle is an iconic landmark located on the Tarut island. It was built in 1521 AD to protect the residents from the Portuguese invasions. Many archaeological remains and artifacts such as ancient weapons and stones. They have all been preserved in several Saudi museums. It encloses a courtyard that used to function as a water supply for the fortress.

When to visit Dammam

The months from November to March are the best time to visit Dammam. The climate is pleasant and calm during this period. The months of July, August, September, October hit the peak of the maximum number of tourists visiting as Eid celebrations take place during this time. Make sure to do your travel booking in advance.

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How to reach Dammam

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