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If you have seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies you may already be familiar with the beauty of New Zealand. Most of the amazing landscapes used in the wanderlust movies were filmed on location on the North and South Islands. The North Island is smaller and known for its geothermal features and sandy beaches.

Due to pristine landscape, Wild Camping or Freedom Camping in New Zealand as it is locally known as is one of the most popular activities among adventure travelers. It is basically pulling off by the side of the road and camping out the night amongst the scenic wilderness of the region. This could be in a car, a tent, or a Campervan.

places to visit north island new zealand

1. Wellington

Wellington region located at the southern tip of the North Island is the gateway to the South Island and facing the port on the Cook Strait, which separates the North Island from the South. It is the original city of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Ballet of New Zealand and the National Opera.

One of the most recommended places to visit is the Museum of New Zealand, called in Maori Te Papa Tongarewa or simply Te Papa. Another of the characteristic buildings of Wellington is the hive. Important historical documents are exhibited here, such as the original Treaty of Waitangi - the founding document of the nation. Karori wildlife sanctuary is also an interesting place to see and admire the flora and fauna of New Zealand.

2. Rotorua

Rotorua is the place of fascinating Maori culture, hot springs and boiling mud pools. Rotorua is part of an extensive region with high geothermal activity that begins on White Island, located 50 km from the coast, and continues to the volcanic plate south of Lake Taupo. In the city is also the second largest lake in New Zealand (Lake Rotorua), behind Lake Taupo.

The primitive forests that surround this modern city make up a series of landscape wonders, such as the transparent and calm lakes and natural pools, some of them full of trout like in Paradise Valley Springs. Also bubbling pools of mud at high temperatures as in Whakarewarewa, streams that give off a strong scent of sulfur.

The main part of the reserve is the geyser called Pohutu. Next to the Pohutu is the Prince of Wales geyser. Arikapakapa golf course, unique in the world, awaits you with its bubbling mud and water bunkers. In Tyron Street you can visit numerous shops that are dedicated to selling sheep skin and the most varied souvenirs. The stores are grouped around the center called Little Village.

You can also find artists sculpting the famous greenstone or pounamu in traditional Maori forms. And of course, you should not miss visiting the Waimangu Valley thermal area created by the eruption of Mount Tarawera. The most renowned thermal attraction is located in the Wai-O-Tapu Park, with its famous Champagne Pool and its Lady Knox geyser, which erupts every day at 10:15 am.

But in the city there is also a free park! It is the Kuirao park where there are several wells and outdoor pools. If you are looking for relaxation, the Polynesian Spa is what you need! In it you can enjoy different thermal baths and comforting massages and is one of the things to do in North Island.

You can also visit Rainbow Springs Park, to see the famous kiwis and other native fauna. Here you can also enjoy the new attraction: The Big Splash. Another option is to be one of the crew of a scenic flight on White Island, the only active sea volcano in New Zealand.

3. Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf has enough attributes to be considered one of the possible terrestrial Eden with kilometers of almost solitary beaches, mountain landscapes, a privileged climate almost all year round, and a dozen wineries. In the middle of the last century it became the home of many people who were looking for a much calmer life in this corner than they could have in towns like Auckland. So there hippies, hermits, healers, ecologists and even fans of marijuana took refuge.

4. Napier

Napier is the Art Deco capital of New Zealand, located in Hawkes Bay, one of the most fertile regions in the east center of the North Island.
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Food festivals have now become a part of modern Indian lifestyle. These days we come across lots of unique food festivals that feature a lot of food stalls and food trucks actively participating and getting huge footfalls. Here are a few upcoming food festivals that will take place in Delhi.

food festivals in delhi

1. Eat Right Mela

Every year, FSSAI organizes the National Eat Right Mela. This festival is held during December every year as part of FSSAI Eat Right India Movement. The main objective of this movement is to spread consciousness in the industry regarding the food safety & hygiene. Here are some main attractions of Eat Right Mela.

  • Regional Food items (State specialties)
  • Religious foods
  • Street Foods items
  • Organic Food
  • Orientation camps on food & health safety

Here all the visitors come to enjoy the relishing food that is healthy and safe. All the food vendors are basically required to have the FSSAI registration in order to participate in this festival.

2. NASVI National Street Food Festival

This is one more trendy food fest which is held by National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI). Various food vendors from different parts of the nation get together every year during this food festival to serve appetizing street food items at this event. This festival will be held during November this year.

Through this food-fest, NASVI has promoted the business of street food vendors and has sought to change the old notion regarding the street food being harmful and junk. Here are some features of National Street Food Festival.

  • Regional Food
  • Street Foods such as Golgappa, Vada pav, Bhelpuri, Aloo tikki, Chaat, etc

3. Great Indian Food Festival

This rare food event takes place during November every year when the most iconic street food vendors come to one place and spread the flavours of real India. This one day food fest is a dream destination of all foodies. It brings innovative street food variants from various parts of India.

India's famous food vendors with years and years of proficiency in their field participate with their unique skills in cooking. Here you can find unlimited street foods that you have always heard of but you can enjoy them in new ways. Being a part of this event is an experience worth life. So, if you are among those Delhiites who have a soft spot for the spicy Indian food, you must visit this place.

4. Asian Hawkers Market

The Asian Hawkers Market is one of those food fests that a foodie must mot miss at all. Taking place every year during October, this food fest takes place in full swing. It offers authentic and festive food options along with the musical vibes that gives the foodies the most welcoming experience with line celebration. Here you can find unique range of

  • Sichuan dosas
  • Chinese bhel
  • Chilli idlis

If you are a lover of Chinese food, you must visit this food fest at least once!

food festivals in delhi

5. Horn OK Please Festival

One of the happiest and lively food festivals of India, Horn OK Please food Fest is a 3-day long food-fest that offers all the yummilicious foods from all regions of Delhi. Over 150+ restaurants, food-trucks & food-carts and chatwalas bring the best dishes of Delhi for all the food loving Delhiites. Here are some unique features of this food festival.

  • Yummy Kebabs, Juicy chickens & BBQs.
  • Desserts such as Milk Shakes, Ice-creams
  • Chinese food such as Momos & Manchurians

Horn OK Please generally takes place during November or December every year.
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Colorado tops the list of thousands to millions of tourists and travelers who visit the United States every year. Its internationally-acclaimed Grand Canyon remains one of the country's most popular and top-rated attractions. Such dramatic and stunning landscapes formed millions of years ago, continues to hit television, documentaries, and social media shows, thus, its skyrocketing popularity.

However, Colorado is much more to its famed Grand Canyon. Beyond the remote and less known outskirts of this state, you can find other natural spectacles. If you are not fond of touristy destinations, fret not, Colorado offers destinations, away from the hustle and bustle of the masses. You can do any form of tourism-adventure related activities here without the need to contend with queues.

The good thing about it? You can visit Colorado's not-so-touristy destinations on a do-it-yourself. Sure, you will have a complete immersion with nature and get reconnected with your inner self. Without further ado, here are some of Colorado's off the beaten path destinations.

best places to visit in colorado

1. Grand Mesa

Grand Mesa ranks as the most massive mesa in the world. As a backgrounder, a mesa is a flat-topped mountain surrounded by sheer, dramatic cliffs. Familiar with the mesa where Angel Falls cascades? That's how it is. Unlike the mesas of South America, however, vegetation barely covers the Grand Mesa although there are some patches of forests. Visible rock formations can be seen, and the sparse layers reflect the area's dry climate.

If you love to go outdoors or to hike, you should visit the Grand Mesa. You can trek around here for a day or days, and there are different packages to choose from. One of the sights you should not miss here is the spectacular sunset over a beautiful lake. Because tourists do not frequent large parts of the mesa, you'll experience rustic trails and may even discover something new.

If you are not into hiking, however, you can drive to the top so you can capture panoramic views. Grand Mesa’s warm and welcoming atmosphere will surely gratify you for a lifetime, especially if you are a nature lover.

best places to visit in colorado

2. Great Sand Dunes National Park

Colorado is a state known for its mountains and ski resorts such as Aspen, Vail and Telluride. But to the south of the state you can also find one of the places with the most impressive landscapes that have known in the world, the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve.

Deserts cover much of Colorado. But these are also potential come-ons, and fantastic dunes dot the area. The largest dune rises to more than 750 feet. While atop the massive dunes, you can catch an entrancing view of the desert which stretches beyond what your eyes can see. You can also gaze on snow-capped mountains from here.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park covers more than 44,000 acres. Despite the arid condition, you may be surprised to find out that streams run outside the dunes. Among the many activities you can do here are sand sledding, horseback riding, and camping. Oh, you could imagine how wonderful it is to camp here at night while looking at the bright stars or the milky way. Staying at night to see stars is one of the best activities you can do in the park.

The Great Sand Dune Park and Reserve is located in the south of the state of Colorado in the San Luis Valley. The Great Sand Dunes National Park is one of the best places in the world. You can also walk, sandboard and do other activities in this incredible park. The main reason why you have to visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park are its landscapes.

The combination of sand dunes, valley (San Luis Valley) and snowy mountains gives you a landscape like few others in the world. The journey from the city of Denver takes about 4 hours because the dunes are about 384 km from this city. Snowy peaks, colorful trees, sand and wild animals make this place a unique destination in the United States.

The state of Colorado is known for its sunny days almost all year round. The area of ​​sand dunes is no exception. The little cloudiness makes the days sunny and the nights full of stars. If you visit this place near the new moon, we recommend you to stay and see the stars. The lack of clouds, the little light pollution (there are no big cities nearby) and the beautiful landscape will make this one of the best nights you can see in your life.

One of the activities that is most practiced in this park is sandboarding and sand sledding. The change in temperature throughout the year makes the experience and the landscapes in the park different. You can bring your own camping equipment or stay at a nearby hotel.

You can check out more about this on

best places to visit in colorado

3. Antero Hot Spring Cabin

If you need a soothing mode after strenuous outdoor activities, then you may proceed to Antero Hot Spring Cabins. Each of these cabin ages more than a hundred years old. Each contains a private hot spring pool just outside the front door. Oh, what a wonderful feeling soaking on the thermal waters while sipping wine or gazing at the 1-500 foot cliffs.

These cabins lie on the right spot because from here; you can glimpse of Colorado's natural beauty such as its canyons, deserts, and snow-capped mountains. The best thing about it? You did not take a single step.

4. Windy Ridge Bristlecone Pine Area

Trek to the high mountains of Alma town, you'll discover one of the most astonishing parts of Colorado called Bristlecone Pines. This remote destination homes some of the oldest living trees on earth, some even dating back before Christ was born. It might seem like a creepy experience coming here, but there's just nothing like it feeling like you traveled back in time.

Imagine facing a woman who is a hundred years old or more. It's a superb encounter. But what more if you get face to face with a tree aged 2000 years old to 4000 years old or more. The trees are not the usual species you see with straight trunks. The pines here are twisted with seemingly sinister shapes. Each tree comes out at different and strange angles that will surely leave you in awe and wonder.

If you want the best view of the trees plus the beautiful landscapes around, do a hike to the Windy Ridge Scenic Area. The forest service built this outlook in 1964 to protect these ancient trees. Thus, travelers have glimpsed of these for centuries. As you go to the Windy Ridge, expect to soak in Colorado’s untouched forests and mountains. If you are a nature photographer, the ancient trees are perfect and winning materials.

5. Island Lake

Tucked within San Juan National Forest, you can explore the Island Lake, one of Colorado's best off-beaten destinations you should not miss. And there's not one lake. There are several lakes surrounded by imposing mountains and rolling hills of emerald grass and fields of colorful flowers. The lakes blue waters alone are enough to blow you away.

But look at the surrounding landscapes, and you'll feel profound amazement and might make you wonder how all these came to scene at perfect harmony. Hiking to these lakes come in varying degrees. Fortunately, there are different packages which you can select from. Of course, most of the hikes require harsher conditions, but if you are an adventurer or a thrill-seeker, these are challenges worth conquering.

One climb will take you to more than 1,600 feet before you can glimpse of the first lake. Oh, the wildflowers complementing the lake’s beauty are genuinely breathtaking.

6. Alamosa

The city of Alamosa is located about 40 minutes from the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve. There you can find many services such as gas stations, supermarkets and places to rent sandboards. In the dunes you can do activities such as sandboarding and sand sledding.

7. Aspen

A beautiful town in the state of Colorado in the United States, Aspen is the dream of many fans of winter sports. Its stations are among the most famous and appreciated in the world. And it is one of the cradles of skiing, along with other countries such as Canada or Switzerland. The months between November and April are the best time to visit Aspen and enjoy this beautiful sport.

8. Glenwood Springs

Located near Denver on the Colorado Hot Springs Loop, Glenwood Springs is relaxation and adventure in equal measure with a touch of family fun and Old West history. Many visitors seek a relaxing bath in the many hot springs that will leave them refreshed, including the world's largest mineral pool at a glamping resort.

Skiing, whitewater rafting, parachuting and paragliding are popular seasonal activities, which makes it very attractive for outdoor enthusiasts. Meanwhile, families love the affordable attractions that captivate people of different ages. The magnificent summer climate is synonymous with a busy tourist season, while autumn and winter attract travelers who are looking for offers.

Walk to the waterfalls and turquoise lake Hanging Lake or cycle through Glenwood Canyon in USA. Cycle the Glenwood Canyon Bike Path or Rio Grande Trail. Both offers a gentle ride, fabulous views and historic sights to explore while travelling in USA.
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Austria is a well-known holiday destination in Europe. It attracts tourists from all over the world. The places are worth visiting in summer as well as winter due to pleasant weather. The visitors can enjoy beautiful scenes to calm and enjoy themselves. Austria provides a spectacular mountainous view. The place is famous for its building and architectural artwork, which is impossible to see in any other country in the world.

The River Danube flows from west to east. Its length is about 350 kilometers covering the northern part of the country. It contributes a lot to the tourist destinations. For many people, anticipating a trip to fascinating places is thrilling and exciting. It helps you in calming yourself by creating amazing memories.

People plan out various things so that nothing gets wrong. Some love to travel with their friends or family while others have no issue in traveling alone to explore the world. Especially if you have planned a long trip, you need to pack your everyday use accessories in bags, suitcases or custom printed cardboard boxes.

This ensures safe travel unless you reach the destination. Custom boxes made up of cardboard or corrugated packaging keeps your luggage safe whether it's traveling by ship or air. Beaches are one of the favorite visiting spots of people. There are incredible beaches all around which are worth visiting. It's a fact that traveling is good for your physical and mental health.

There are different scientific researches which explain that exploring new places can prove wonderful for your emotional wellbeing. Below are some of the reasons why traveling to fascinating places like Austria keeps you calm. Here are a few fascinating places to visit in Austria.

places to visit in austria

1. Seefeld

As a hiker, nothing makes me happier than looking out over a 2,000 m precipice on a Tyrol or Salzburg trail to see the wildflowers in spring or the Alpenglühen, that fabulous twilight that tints the limestone peaks. Travelling has such an ability to expand your mind which is not possible by other sources.

It helps you to know which places attract you the most. Among best places to solo travel in Europe, no country combines urban landscapes and outdoor activities as well as Austria. In one day it is possible to crown alpine peaks and in the next walk through imperial Vienna.

The Danube, the Alps, the castles, the markets along the cobbled streets and the classical music concerts are the pillars that make up Austria's appeal. Austria seems small on the map, but much of the country is vertical, so there is always some remote village, winding road or fabulous alpine panorama to discover.

In Austria the destination is the journey itself, such as a winding journey through deep alpine valleys on trains that cling precariously to steep slopes passing through glaciers and flowery meadows. Staying in hostels, airbnb, apartments and moving in trains are the cheapest way to travel Europe. With a Eurail Pass you can travel on trains across Europe. You can choose your countries and choose the European train pass that suits your traveling plans!

2. Vienna

Austria may evoke images of Baroque churches, Habsburg palaces such as the Schloss Schönbrunn and great achievements of the Gothic like the Stephansdom, but this country is much more than pomp and palaces. You can re-evaluate and reinvent yourself. Vienna Hofburg is the Imperial Palace in Austria. For centuries it was the seat of Austria's monarchy.

Now the president uses this place to conduct state business. Its architecture influences every visitor. Together with squares and gardens, it makes a territory of 59 acres having 19 courtyards and 2600 rooms. Its spectacular visit includes Imperial Silver Collection and various dining services. Sisi Museum focuses on the time of Empress Elizabeth.

The vast cultural heritage of the Habsburgs can still be felt throughout Austria, either by watching a show of Lipizzaner horses at the Spanish Riding School or crossing the Hofburg to see Rubens masterpieces at the Kunsthistorisches Museum. It's a well saying that a long stretch of road can teach you much more than a hundred years of quietness. Traveling, especially to other countries help you in getting more exposure.

Some people are fond of traveling to mountainous areas, some to beaches and others to historical places. Exploring new places gives you a fresh start to recover from a major transition in your life. Especially those who have some disease, doctors suggest the, to travel to relax. It gives you happiness and reflects the purpose of life.

Some of the most striking icons in Austria are new buildings, such as the Vienna MuseumsQuartier in the renovated imperial stables, the huge Rubik's cube of the Ars Electronica in Linz or the science fiction building of the Kunsthaus Graz.

Some are famous for food, while others for clothing and ornaments etc. Purchasing various products in custom printed gift boxes reminds you of the place even when you have gone back. Gifting these specialties to your loved ones adds to your joy and happiness. In Austria they like seasonal food and local flavor.

Beyond the Viennese schnitzels and dumplings, the Austrian cuisine has evolved a lot, but remains true to its philosophy of carefully selected local ingredients. Vegan, organic, wild ingredients and slow food are much more than just fashionable concepts. Whether it's a farmers' market, a retro- style delicatessen, a modern brunch venue or a Michelin-starred restaurant, love for the land is always present.

These landscapes will make the traveler want to ride a bicycle or tying hiking boots to reach magnificent and remote corners. In winter the slopes are filled with skiers and snowboarders, while in summer the rivers and glacial lakes become a paradise for whitewater rafting and canyoning. It is der berg ruft or the call of the mountain.

Travelling makes it easy for you to adopt changes by going out of your comfort zone. It let you interact with people of different races. Sometimes you have to face some issues while traveling. May be your custom printed boxes no minimum luggage gets misplaced or you might be unable to locate your hotel.

3. Salzburg

City of music and shows, Salzburg is a must see destination for lovers of culture, history and those who wish to enjoy nature in Austria. The classical music of great geniuses such as Mozart, Strauss, Mahler, Haydn and Schubert continues to resonate in lavish auditoriums. Music festivals such as the Salzburg Festival or the Bregenzer Festspiele are celebrated in beautiful surroundings with lakes and mountains as a backdrop.

Traveling helps you to handle the issues with more patience and sophistication. It makes you mentally resilient by accepting the situations calmly. And then there are the fantastic cafés and the fabulous art of Vienna, the romantic Wachau dotted with vines, the crystal clear lakes of Salzkammergut and the medieval villages of Carinthia, not forgetting the castles, abbeys and cakes that are everywhere. Who would not love this?

In many cities, a refreshing breath of modern architecture has allowed us to perfectly match the contemporary and the historical places. Going out of your local environment and visiting fascinating places helps you to improve your creativity. It makes you interact with nature. There are various places to visit like beaches, mountains, waterfalls, seas, and islands. It enhances your cognitive flexibility and makes you more creative.

Multiple studies have been made to conclude the relation between creativity and international travel. It was found that traveling stimulates your creativity. As you interact with people of other cultures it improves your creativity and problem-solving skills. As you get back to work you become more motivated and your productive skills improve.

4. Krimml

Krimmler Ache is Austria's tallest waterfalls. It extends to 380 meters in three wonderful cascades, making an excellent view from the nearby village of Krimml. There lies a wooded valley at an altitude of 1076 meters. It is a beautiful place to stop for a few days if you are on hiking. The excellent walks of waterfall make it worth seeing. Expert climbers can tackle up to 2911 meters height on the Italian frontier.

5. Kitzbuhel

It is one of the best places to visit especially for snow lovers. It is 170 kilometers high with snowy slopes and little mountain huts. The people can stop here to enjoy Alpine snacks and traditional warming drinks. Out of three skiing areas, Bichlalm, the smallest one is dedicated for free-riders.

Traveling to fascinating places boosts your mood and confidence. Observing the wonders of nature can provide to eternal happiness. If you are tired from your everyday routine or bored of visiting the same places, explore the world. It helps you in gaining more experience and joy. This happiness starts from the step you plan your journey. Different places have different specialties.

6. Hallstatt

Hallstatt, which is said to be the most beautiful village on the shores of a lake, is such a beautiful place in Austria that even the Chinese made a copy in their country. A good option, apart from being cheaper, is to stay in a cheap hotel room in the neighboring town of Obertraun, just across the lake and get closer little by little, enjoying the views as we approach Hallstatt. The town itself is small and can be visited in about 2 or 3 hours.

7. Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia is also called the Rose of the Wörthersee. It is located on the banks of one of the largest and hottest alpine lakes in Europe. Klagenfurt has one of the most beautiful old town centers in Austria, with fascinating Renaissance courtyards, and for this reason it has already won the Europa Nostra prize three times.

In the Neuer Platz, the dragon, the characteristic stone symbol of the city, recalls the legend of the origins of Klagenfurt and also its proximity to Slovenia as this mythological animal also appears in the fables of this country.

8. Saint Anton am Arlberg

In the mountainous massif of Arlberg, located in western Austria, the breathtaking alpine landscapes combine with a cozy atmosphere in which the sport of snow reigns in the morning in the evening and in the evening are the wellness centers and an excellent gastronomy which captures the attention of visitors.

Twenty kilometers of mountainous road separates St Anton Am Arlberg, the largest town in the area, from Lech, famous for its excellent restaurants. Lech is so beautiful that, it had the honor of being considered best small towns in Europe. On the way you pass through the other three towns of Arlberg like Zürs, St Christoph and Stuben. The five share their traditional Tyrolean appearance and a commitment to quality tourism.

For centuries Arlberg was a region of passage - it communicates the Austrian regions of Tyrol and Vorarlberg - but difficult to access because of snowstorms and the risk of avalanches. The opening of the Arlbergbahn (Arlberg train) and the impressive roads that cross the ports of Arlberg and Flexen in the 20th century radically changed the life of these mountains.

To the north of the Arlberg region are the steep pinnacles and the pronounced ridges of Kalkalpen. The stress of work and everyday routine can distract you from the interesting things in life. Travelling can release your stress. As you start packing your luggage in custom printed boxes, you are at the start of an adventure.

Every further step relaxes your mind and recharges your body. Nothing is more delightful than a feeling to pack up your bags for a free of stress journey. As you go to a new place with your custom printed shipping boxes, you can feel the excitement at every step.

It makes you tough mentally and emotionally. Having a joyful company adds to the pleasure. It helps to overcome your fears and explore the true meaning of life. Different places have a different environment.
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Popularly known as the port city, Visakhapatnam is situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh along the Bay of Bengal. The scenic beauty of this place is excellent and beyond words by any means. Known for beautiful beaches, Submarine Museum, Kali temple and bungalows, there are many different places for the tourists to roam around. Today we sneak peak the top 15 places to visit in Visakhapatnam that are a must for anybody.

tourist places to visit in visakhapatnam

1. Submarine Museum

RK Beach in Visakhapatnam is a must place for all to visit if you destination is Visakhapatnam. The Museum ship preserved is the most famous tourist attraction amongst all others. There are different other museums as well including Visakha and the Tribal Museum. You can get great discount on hotel booking online using Makemytrip Coupons.

2. Kailasagiri

If you prefer hilltop viewing of the whole city of Visakhapatnam then Kailasagiri is the ultimate place for you. This place is considered as one of the finest tourist spots in entire Vizag along with famous Shiva and Parvati statue.

3. Beaches

Without the beaches the city of Visakhapatnam is nothing. Long coastline with sea beaches can be the ultimate destination for you to spend your soothing evenings. Most popular beaches including RK Beach, Bheemili Beach, Yarada Beach also adds to the reputation.

4. VUDA Park

If you find adventure interesting then skating rink and heli tourism are places that you cannot afford to miss. Loaded with amusement and entertainment, this beautiful tourist attraction is a real gift for all tourists visiting Visakhapatnam.

5. Simhachalam Temple

This pious temple is situated on the Simhachalam hill that is dedicated to God Vishnu, Varaha Narasimha avatar which is 500 metres above the sea level. On a daily basis thousands of devotees visit and pray here.

6. Dolphin's Nose

This dedicated tourist spot in Visakhapatnam situated between Yarada and Gangavaram Port is truly considered as natural wonders amongst others. Famous for the lighthouse, this ultimate tourist destination gives natural scenic beauty from the lighthouse.

7. Victory at Sea Memorial

Situated on the Beach Road at Visakhapatnam, this structure will take you back to the memory lane in the year of 1971 during Indo-Pakistan War. Visakhapatnam witnessed sinking of the INS Vikrant at this coast.

8. Matsyadarshini Aquarium

Located on the shore of RK Beach, under the initiative of the Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, this air-conditioned aquarium is full of different types of fishes both fresh and saltwater. You will find different sizes of tortoise too.

9. Lambasingi

Often referred to as the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh, Lambasingi awaits with its fog-covered forests and the rustic and classical landscape of the Indian villages. Enjoy the glow of intoxication in Lambasingi when the clouds descend to the earth, redrawing the mountain lines every day in the act of hugging and departing continuously. Walk the blessed paths that seem to merge into oblivion, making each step an acute existential experience.

Lambasingi is a village that is well known to the tourists as Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. Located at height of above 1000 meters, the climate is excellent and often receives snowfalls during the colder months. This is an ultimate destination for sightseeing.

10. Bojjannakonda

On the adjacent hillocks situated near a village called Sankaram, this Bojjannakonda and Lingalakonda which are a well known Buddhist rock-cut caves are situated. This place is one of the primary destination places for those visiting Visakhapatnam.

11. Araku Valley

This is one of the most famous hill stations in Visakhapatnam. This is located 110 km away from the city that is connected nicely. Places like coffee plantation, cascade waterfalls and tunnels are few other places of interests here.

12. Borra Caves

Do not forget to enter the Borra caves, which are one million years old, with splendid stalagmites and stalactites. The city is surrounded by ancient Buddhist centers, most of them recently discovered. The list includes places such as Thotlakonda, Bavikonda, Sankaram, Pavuralakonda and Gopalapatnam. Nagarjunasagar has a rich and interesting past.

Borra Caves is situated at the Ananthagiri hills of the Araku Valley. This is considered to be one of the largest caves in the country. The caves are over a million years old that was said to be discovered in the year 1807.

13. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is the third largest zoo in India. This is situated around the scenic Eastern Ghats of India. Experiencing unique wildlife scenery one can find different colored macaw, Egyptian vulture, Emu, White tiger, Giraffe and monkey as well.

14. Katiki Waterfalls

Tourists who visit Visakhapatnam often visit to one of the best destination places known as the Katiki Waterfalls. The waterfall mainly originates at river Gosthani near the Borra Caves. Often tourists do trek up to its base which will take around 15 minutes. Moreover if you are looking for Oriental Bank of Commerce recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it.

15. Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary

Visiting the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary can be fun. Covered with evergreen forest, with diversified flora and fauna can really make your day. Situated near Visakhapatnam, this place has much more to offer to the tourists than Indian leopard, changeable lizard, and different plants and herbs.

So next time you plan to visit Visakhapatnam with family do visit the above mentioned destination spots for sure.
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Summer is fast-approaching, and no one can stop travel nomads from having fun in the sun! Do you have your summer calendar filled to the brim? Good for you! You deserve to take a break, and summer is waiting just around the corner to meet you halfway. Whether you're travelling solo, with friends or with your family, it pays to be prepared and has all the things you might need for the trip.

It doesn't matter where you're heading - just out of town or out of the country. There are travel essentials everyone needs to have, and if you are anticipating a trip this summer, make sure you have the following summer must-haves.

best travel beauty products

1. Disposable wipes

When you need to wipe your face clean or your finger, or anything for that matter, it helps to have your wet wipes in handy. Whether you intend to use it as a makeup remover, an after-meal cleanup tool or anything in between, you can count on wet wipes to be your lifesaver.

2. Moisturiser

The summer can take a toll on your skin. When it's summertime, you can expect it to look dry and dull, so make sure to pack light and gentle moisturiser to keep your face rehydrated. There is a gentle moisturiser that's perfect for your needs - no matter your skin type.

3. Sunscreen

Always, always keep in your bag is your favourite sunscreen. Others prefer sunblock, but sunscreen and sunblock have different coverages. Sunblock works by shielding your skin against UVB rays. Sunscreen, on the other hand, can protect you against UVA. Choose a sunscreen that can protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

best travel beauty products

4. Waterproof Backpack

Backpacks are better than other types of carry-ons as they let you explore and enjoy an active vacation. You can easily move around with a comfortable, reliable and lightweight backpack, and using waterproof one takes away your worries about your stuff if in case your bag gets wet. Just make sure to find one with a waist strap and has tons of pockets.

5. Moisturising Lip Balm

The heat can cause your lips to dry, so make sure you have a moisturising lip balm with you always. It's best to find one with SPF. Your skin is not the only one that needs protection from the sun.

6. Rash Guards

No matter your age, there is always a rash guard that can fit you like a glove. They come in different styles and sizes making it so easy to choose one of your preferences. Womens rash vests can help you feel chic and stylish while offering sun protection. Now, you can enjoy having fun at the beach and not have to worry about comfort, style, sunburn, rashes, and abrasion. It can also keep you warm so you can stay on the water and extend the fun.

7. Sundress

Every woman needs a beautiful sundress you can rock every summer. This versatile dress can take you from morning till night. Plus, you won't have to worry about mixing and matching your clothes to look great. All you need is a cute blazer or cover up if you feel cold or you want to give it a new look.

8. Essential Oils

Didn't see this coming? Many are not a fan of essential oils, but some of these can be quite useful for travellers along with Bug Spray. For one, Citronella is an excellent natural insect repellent. If you have trouble falling asleep in new places, Lavender oil can help. Rose oil, on the other hand, can help alleviate the stress that comes with hectic travelling.

9. Comfy Sandals

It's hard to have fun in the sand when it's hot, and you're barefoot. Make sure you have a pair of comfy sandals that are lightweight, durable and anti-slip. Choose the one you can wear day and night, and you'll have more space in your bag for other essentials.

10. Microfibre Towels

Towels can take a lot of space, plus most don't dry as fast as you want them to. This is why we recommend microfibre towels. They are lightweight, dries you up fast, and all you need is to hang them up for a bit, and they'll dry more quickly than your average towel.

11. After Sun Lotion

Even with sunscreen on, you can feel that your skin needs a little bit more pampering after staying under the sun. Make sure to use your favourite after-sun lotion. This will help soothe any sunburn you may have, cool and hydrate your skin, stop any peeling and even preserve your natural tan.

12. Keep Sunglasses

With the sun scorching hot causing strain in your eyes, you'll need to keep a pair or two of your favourite sunglasses at hand. Not only will they help protect you from the sun, but you'll also look instantly fashionable by donning a cute sunglasses on the beach.

13. Cardigan

You need a cardigan, and you know it. These are perfect for your summer trip since they are lightweight, easy to pack and very easy to mix and match. Although clothing differs in terms of regionally but the following are the two must-haves.

best travel beauty products

Make sure you have all these summer essentials ready for your next trip! What other things do you keep in your bag during your summer trip? Let know in the comments down below!
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A charming city steeped in antiquity, Scotland's capital Edinburgh is a playground for creatives, dreamers, intellectuals and students which is well-versed in education and academia, making it the perfect stage for aspiring students in UK.

Along with having the cosmopolitan feel to it, the city has an equal blend of both European and Scottish culture in its diverse and safe, cultured and cobbled alleys, with enough student spots and entertainment to pack into your social calendar.

things to do in Edinburgh

1. Walking Tours around Edinburgh

For history buffs, walking through the medieval Old Town or exploring the Royal Mile will be an unforgettable journey through time. And those who seek, in addition, to relax and have fun, in bars and pubs with live music find the best place to end the day.

While the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is located in a hilly realm, getting around the town is easy with the convenient and well-connected transportation network. With most of the Universities in Edinburgh located reasonably close to the city centre as well as the central city student accommodation, the students could quickly get to the university by foot or by cycling or could even opt for the regular bus services.

Apart from this, if you want to venture out to the city's hot spots or simply want to explore the new city, hop into the city's tram or go for a comfortable coach journey which connects Edinburgh to the other significant cities in Scotland. And if travelling in public transport is a no-no for you, do not worry! Edinburgh also has the right amount of private transportation options out there for you, including private Taxies and Uber.

2. Restaurants in Edinburgh

The food scene in Edinburgh is as diverse as its population. Right from fine dining to budget-friendly street food to fried mars bars, the city has something or the other to cater as per different tastes. So treat yourself or your friends and family at the wide range of international as well as local eateries which serves plenty of vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian options located all across the city.

Some of the top picks among the lot includes:
  • Ting Thai Caravan
  • Lovercrumbs
  • Three Birds & Apiary
  • Cafe Piccante
  • Mother India's
  • Oink
Also, Edinburgh hosts a few of the prominent food festivals- like the Edinburgh Vegan Festival, Foodies Festival and the Edinburgh Food Festival, which takes place throughout the year.

3. Shopping in Edinburgh

Apart from being famous for its eating and music scenes, the town is also known for its famous shopping streets. For some high-end shopping brands and shops, head out to George Street and Princes Street, which occasionally offers student discounts for university students. Looking for something more vintage and out-of-the-box?

Then you should definitely check out Armstrongs, a local vintage store which offers a variety of retro dresses, cowboy boots, cool denim, something more customizable and antique! Apart from this, the city also has some great second-hand shops options, which have a vast range of quality and affordable items out for sale.

4. Ultimate Clubs and Bars in Edinburgh

Loaded with rave vibes and plenty of booze deals; The Bongo Club, Sneaky Pete's, Cabaret Voltaire, The Liquid Room, and Opium are all best choices for a night free of redundant whistles. Want to enjoy spellbinding live music while drinking your heart out in a cosy environment? Then the Jazz Bar surely has to be your destination.

A gem in itself, Sandy Bell's is an alluring pub which is particularly famous for its traditional Scottish music along with serving an impressive range of real malts and ales. And for someone who likes to dress up, head out to the New Town area and George Street which has the city’s finest clubs including Opal Lounge, Why Not, Lola Lo and Lulu.

5. Free things to do in Edinburgh

Getting to do something, that too without spending lavishly is hands down the best feeling of all. And the city of Edinburgh sure has a way to spoil you with a wide variety of choices. A paradise of art, the Scottish National Gallery and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern art is somewhere an art-lover can escape the reality into the artistic world.

For someone who is into history, The National Museum of Scotland is a place where novelty, history and anthropology collide.

Edinburgh Castle, situated on the top of a volcanic rock known as Castle Rock, in the heart of the English city, is one of the most visited places in Scotland. It was, over time, a royal residence, fortress and prison. The Royal Mile is the backbone of the Old City. Flanked by the homes of the Scottish nobles, it extends from the esplanade of the Castle to the Holyroodhouse Palace.

On this street also stands St. Giles, the Edinburgh cathedral, built in the fifteenth century and the only medieval church in the city. Old Edinburgh is a city of secrets, mysteries and ghosts. After touring every corner of Edinburgh, you can spend a few days exploring Dublin, capital of Ireland, the city founded by the Vikings that went through a stormy past to enjoy a modern and vibrant present.

6. Where to Stay in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a tourist as well as a student-friendly town which has a lot of accommodation options spread across the city. So if you are a student at the university or a tourist, do not panic about finding somewhere to live. The city offers a range of PBSA's as well as short term accommodation options for someone who wishes to stay in the city for a shorter duration.

Although the city of Edinburgh is entitled as the most desirable city in the world, there are few neighbourhoods in the city which are particularly famous as the best place to live in which includes Leith, Old Town, City Centre, Lothian Road, Morningside and Mayfield.

As for the best areas to stay in Edinburgh, if your priority is to sleep in the center, start looking for accommodation in Old Town and New Town, the two most important neighborhoods of the city. In addition to the Old Town and the New Town, there are other neighborhoods a little further away, such as Leith, Fountainbridge or Newington, which are very well connected to the center by bus and also offer a good selection of accommodation.

Edinburgh is a very tourist city, so it will not be difficult to find accommodation for all budgets from B&B and pensions to luxury hotels or hostels with shared rooms. The offer is very extensive throughout the year, although, if you travel in August to visit the Edinburgh Festival or Christmas.

In the supermarkets of Scotland, like Tesco or Sainsbury's, they sell many meals prepared for a few pounds. Lothian buses cover the entire city and surroundings. Is it possible to travel to Edinburgh in winter? Yes, it is possible and, with a good coat, it is not so much! In fact, more than the temperatures, what can pose a challenge for tourism at that time are the few hours of light.
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Mount Kailash is the most sacred mountain for four religions: Buddhist, Hindus, Jains and Bon followers. Mt. Kailash is located near Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rakshastal, and it has an elevation of 6.638 meters above sea level. This sacred mountain is part of the Transhimalaya in Tibet, the only mountain that is never climbed by humans.

The Buddhists believe that the Mt. Kailash is the home of the Buddha Cakrasamvara, who represents supreme bliss. In Hinduism religious, Mt. Kailas is home of Shiva, Parvati and their children, Ganesh and Kartikeya. Jainism followers believed that Mt. Kailash is the place where Tirthankara, Rishabhadeva attained liberation.

The Bon religion believes that the mountain is the home of the Sky Goddess Sipaimen. Every year thousands of pilgrims from Tibet, India and Nepal travel to Mt. Kailas to take a pilgrimage journey known as 'kora'. Many tourists around the world book a Mount Kailash tour at the same time when the pilgrims are going on a journey, to be part of this amazing trek and part of the tradition and religious culture of the Buddhists.

mount kailash mansarovar yatra

Best time to visit Kailash Mansarovar

When is the best time to visit Mt. Kailash is maybe the most often asked question from the travelers. To avoid the rainy season and muddy roads, the best time for Mt. Kailash tour is from April to June and September to October. The period from July and August is the rainy season, and from Middle October the roads are covered with thick snow which makes the trek more difficult.

Also, the small guest houses around Lake Manasarovar are closed during the winter, so if you attend to trek during this period, you'll need to stay in a tent, which is not such a good idea. However, the summer is the best period for trekking to Mt. Kailash, this time of the year many pilgrims both Buddhists and Hindus are visiting Mount Kailash, so it is such an excellent opportunity to be part of their journey.

How to choose the best Mount Kailash Tour

The travel agencies provide great packages for trekking to the Mt. Kailash. After you choose the period you want to visit Mt. Kailash you need to decide which is the best tour for you. You should consider that almost every Mt. Kailash tour is longer than seven days. However, some packages last even shorter, but if you want to have truly Mt. Kailash experience, you should book a tour longer than one week.

Also, a significant thing when booking Mount Kailash tour is the travel agency. Always choose the Chinese or local travel agency, because a local travel agent knows the place well. All the travel information comes from their first-hand experience. Also, a local Chinese travel agency is more likely to arrange local guides and drivers for you.

Mt Kailash tour during the Saga Dawa Festival

If you decide to go on Mt. Kailash tour in the summer, you should consider booking your trip to the mountain during the Saga Dawa Festival. Trekking with local pilgrims will give you for sure the best lifetime experience and incredible spiritual purification. Saga Dawa festival celebrates the birth, death and enlightenment of Buddha, a great time to experience Tibetan religion and culture.

After you arrive in Lhasa, you will have two days for acclimatization, and a great opportunity to visit the attractions near Lhasa, such as the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery and Norbulingka summer palace. On this Mt. Kailash tour you will visit the Yamdrok Lake- one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and famous stupa- Gyantse Kumbun, the most stunning architectural wonder in Tibet.

With your group, you will continue to Rongbuk, where you will have a magnificent view on Mount Everest.

• On the first day of the Saga Dawa celebrations, you will start trekking to Dira-Puk Monastery, which is 20 km or 6 hours trekking.

• The second day of trekking leads to the much higher side of the holy path just beneath the Mount Kailash. You'll be crossing Drolma-la Pass at 5 200 meters above sea level.

• The third day of this Mt Kailash tour is also trekking about 14 km back to Darchen. After a short break in Darchen, you will be arranged to drive about 50km to Lake Manasarovar, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. Enjoy your view over Lake Manasarovar when the sun will rise in the morning, then start driving back to Saga retracing the same route, you will have a last look of the Mt.Kailash on the way.

• Next day you will be driving back to Shigatse, and the next day you'll arrive in Lhasa, where your trip will end.

Mt. Kailash tour is just one of the many tours that travel agencies are offering but is one of the most wanted tours of the tourists. If your vacation days didn't match with Saga Dawa Festival dates, there are Mt. Kailash tours that are also one in a lifetime journey like this Mt. Kailash tour for example.

Required documents for Mt. Kailash Tour

To enter Tibet, you will need a Tibet Travel Permit. To apply for this document, you will need a valid passport and a approved Chinese visa. You will need to email a scanned copy of your passport and Chinese visa to your travel agent, and they will apply on your behalf.

For visiting Mt. Kailash, you will also need Alen's Travel Permit, Military Permit, Foreign Affair Permit and Frontier Pass, which your travel guide will get for you after you arrive in Lhasa. This is another reason to book a Mt. Kailash tour with a local Chinese travel agency. They surely know which is the best way to get all the necessary permits for you.

mount kailash mansarovar yatra

Final words

I hope that my experience will help you to choose easily Mt. Kailash tour for your journey in Tibet. Every traveler has his own experience about each trip, but for the Mt. Kailash journey is almost the same for everyone. Almost everyone experiences it the same way and returns home with a purified mind and inner peace. It's not easy to trek to Mt. Kailash but certainly is the most valuable journey.
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  • Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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When it comes to your wedding, you do not want to skip on even minor details. The same goes for the period right after your wedding, which is your honeymoon. Planning the best possible honeymoon is a trend these days, so that, couples can start their new life with positivity. But do you have additional funds lying around after your wedding expenses to plan a honeymoon on a budget?

If not, then a Wedding Loan can also help you with the same. Although it is a personal marriage loan, it can still be used for other things apart from the actual wedding. In this particular write-up, you will read about the places where you can actually spend your personal marriage loan amount during the honeymoon trip. Here are ways to plan a honeymoon on a budget.

how to plan a honeymoon on a budget

1. Flight Tickets

A lot of people like to plan an honeymoon abroad in places like Maldives, Mauritius, Italy, Europe, Greece, Hawaii. Therefore, flight tickets are one of the major expenses related to their trip. To fund your honeymoon flight tickets, you can easily use a marriage loan. Since the wedding loan for honeymoon eligibility is conveniently structured, you will be able to borrow the finance in time for your trip easily.

2. Hotels

Another thing that can prove to be a major part of your honeymoon budget is hotel or accommodation expense. Your marriage loan can help you pay off your accommodation of hotel expenses conveniently. Thus, even if you want to select 5 Star hotels in India for honeymoon, you can move ahead with bookings without worries.

3. Activities

While you are on your honeymoon, there are a number of different activities that you would participate in. It can either be visiting museums or even a theme park. All of this would cost you a lot of money. It is especially when you add up the expenses of your entire trip. For this as well, you can utilise your marriage loan amount without having to think twice.

4. Food and Drinks

The next on our list of expenses that you can cover under your marriage loan amount is pertaining to food and drinks. Since it is a personal loan for honeymoon, you do not have to give any explanation about how you are going to use the finance. This makes it easy for you to pay off these minor expenses while you are honeymooning.

5. Shopping

If you are a shopaholic who wants to collect souvenirs from your honeymoon planning, then it is possible with the help of a marriage loan. You can easily set aside a budget from the generated finance and spend it on buying items that you like. Therefore, you would not have to compromise on your urge for shopping while you are on your honeymoon.

6. Local Travel

Last but definitely not the least; local commuting can also be a significant expense. Hence, covering it up with your wedding loan is a good idea. This will make sure that you do not put any financial strain on yourself. It is especially when you have spent a large amount on your wedding ceremonies and festivities.

Bajaj Finserv offers financing services to borrowers like a personal loan, home loan, business loan, and more. For these services, you can find multiple pre-approved online deals as well. You can use these deals to cut the loan processing time in half and make it completely convenient.

You can submit your basic personal information like name and mobile number to check out your pre-approved loan offers today.
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Being in the middle class is the trickiest place to be. You seem to have your life well figured out but even so, you may not have enough money to do the things you dream about. Factors such as unfavorable economic conditions and inflation make life even harder for this class. But not everyone in the middle class is uncomfortable with life.

The key to surviving in this class without any stresses is to live in a city and by the standards your paycheck can guarantee. If you live in a city where buying a house is almost impossible, why not move to a smaller city with lower property costs? And by the way, you will be surprised to know that there are tons of major cities out there that are very affordable for the middle class.

In 2019 alone, the housing market in the USA has been rising by a steady 3-4 percent every month. But even with this trend, experts say that the house prices in America aren't too high for the middle class. The average price of an averagely-sized modern house is standing at around $300,000.

America's west coast has the hardest living standards for the middle class, particularly in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose. On the east coast, however, buying a house isn't too big a mountain to climb. Here are some famous cities that are affordable for middle class to visit and live in USA.

best cities to visit in usa

1. Des Moines, Iowa

The finance sector in this city has thrived in the recent past which means that the economy is looking up for the residents. Jobs are also in plenty here and the wages aren't that bad. For a middle-class family, therefore, you can do pretty well here. As a matter of fact, you will love this city if you are in science, engineering, and tech industries. Buying a house, residential or rental, is well within your means here and the cost of living isn't a big challenge per se.

2. Houston, Texas

The average income of a middle-class household in this region is about $63000. That is to say that you can make at least $5000 per month. Now, this is where things get interesting: The average cost of buying a house here is about $700 per month. That added to the cost of life totals to about $1500. That is to say that you will have enough money to buy a home, live comfortably, and still have a good retirement saving.

3. Madison, Wisconsin

If you can cope with the severe winter of Madison and Wisconsin as a whole, then you will be impressed by this city. The University of Wisconsin has made this city prime for new graduate and seasoned job seekers, so this city can even be great for business. Having a young population also means that you will never lack good, cheap entertainment options as well as good food and music. What’s more, you will have the best outdoor experience of your life living in this city.

4. Austin, Texas

Within the last decade or so, the finance industry in Texas has grown by over 45 percent. That makes this state an ideal place to live especially for those in the finance industry. In Austin specifically, finance jobs are paying tremendously well for the middle-income earners. And knowing that this city is famously known as The Live Music Capital of the World, you can be sure that the entertainment options here are many and appealing.

Hamilton Pool Preserve is a natural pool located on the outskirts of Austin. This place is so popular with travelers that you should make a reservation, if you want to take a dip in the summer months. The Santa Elena Canyon is one of the most popular options in the area for those who wish to move in kayak, canoe or raft quietly downstream. The high cliffs reach up to 305 meters. You can also camp along the road.

5. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Middle-income earners in Minneapolis make at least $75000. That is more than $6000 a month, which is probably the highest in this bracket for the entire USA. House prices average at about $30000, which is also higher than most cities in the country. But if you are to average the cost of houses in this region, you will be paying a little less than $1000 per month. That leaves you enough money to plan for your medical, retirement, and education plans.

6. Raleigh, North Carolina

This city is alive with young people, making it ideal for you if you have a young family. And of course, you understand that cities with a huge influx of job seekers and new graduates mostly have low costs of life and affordable housing.

7. Chicago, Illinois

The hub of the Midwest is not only an affordable destination but flights to its O'Hare and Midway airports are reasonable, too. Chicago is, at heart, a working-class town, where locals know how to have fun on a shoestring. It also has cheap public transit, and, since many of its trains are elevated, they allow for great and affordable neighborhood tours.

Don't miss trying the city's famous deep-dish pizza in one of the best places to eat in Chicago, and remember one slice of it is like two (or more) slices of a regular pie, saving you money, though not necessarily calories. Hot Tix sells discounted theater, comedy, and cabaret tickets, and cards such as Chicago CityPass or Go Chicago are worthwhile, flat-rate investments.

They get you discounts and head-of-the-line perks at the SkyDeck in the 103-story Willis Tower, the Chicago Art Institute, and other attractions.

8. Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is a city on the shore of the great lakes that has an important cultural offer. Bet on a visit in summer, as the weather in Cleveland can be particularly unpleasant during the other seasons. Cleveland offers its visitors numerous cultural attractions. It has two important museums, a zoo, numerous concert halls as well as impressive parks and green spaces. The city is not called "forest-city" without reason.

In addition, Cleveland hosts many festivals. As in Chicago, the Saint Patrick's Day is very famous. The famous Cleveland fashion week is the most famous in the United States after that of New York fashion week.

9. Columbia, South Carolina

The city of Columbia could say that it does not have a river. It has three rivers! At the height of the downtown, converge the Saluda and Broad rivers to give origin to the Congaree river. Stroll along the Three Rivers Greenway that runs between the confluence of the three rivers and the Columbia Channel. The Saluda River reaches Columbia from the east and flows here from Lake Murray.

Not only is it a leisure place to sail or fish, but it also has Dreher Island State Park. Among things to do in Columbia, in the rivers, canoeing is practiced or just walk or ride a bicycle. On the northeast, the Broad River, which rises in southwestern North Carolina, flows into the Columbia and flows southeast until it joins the Saluda River to form the Congaree River. And here we have Congaree National Park which protects bottomland hardwood forest.

The Congaree River together with the Wateree River form Lake Marion on the eastern bank of which is the Santee National Wildlife Refuge. This lake through a canal supplies Lake Moultrie, from which rises the Cooper River, to the east of which is the extensive Francis Marion National Forest. And finally, this river empties into the Atlantic Ocean north of the city of Charleston, where you can taste the delicious Lowcountry cuisine.

10. Williamsburg, Virginia

Visit the historic city of Williamsburg in Virginia. Among the things to do in Williamsburg is a mandatory stop within historic Williamsburg at the Governor's Palace.
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When it comes to shortlisting the best mountain bike destinations in the USA, feeling muddled is somewhat obvious. But fret not, we have got you covered with our scrupulously designed list of 8 such destinations that shall provide you with an unambiguous visuality while deciding about your next big biking expedition. Please read on to find the details.

best mountain bike trails in us

1. Moab

To begin with, we have this red-rock landscape. With its sunbaked desert riding, it happily boasts of being the epicenter of America's current riding culture. What further adds to its beauty is that it is easily reachable from Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, making it an absolute delight for anyone aiming to hit multiple hot spots on a single road trip.

Moab is favorably known for its trails like Slickrock, Porcupine Rim, and Enchilada, etc. But the ever-growing and expanding trails are also gaining recognition for gifting their riders, a bountiful of exhilaration.

2. Crested Butte, Colorado

Known for being one of the two birthplaces of the spunky sport of mountain biking, Crested Butte is extremely popular with mountain riders. It takes pride in having over 750 miles of sublime high-alpine trails, surrounded by lush green landscapes, that reward the riders with splendorous views to admire.

Though the actual climb may extend up to only 300 feet or so, peddling is still a tough grind, even for the intermediate riders. But the picturesque view at the top, and the mouth-watering eateries on the go help you to make the most of your excursion.

3. Sedona, Arizona

Famous for its mystical vortexes and the amazing red rock scenery, Sedona is now breaking all the preconceived notions and making honest efforts to multiply its trail count by building new trails every year and legalizing old ones as well.

Sedona scores high when it comes to considering the essence of the technical challenges and the fabulous singletrack interlaced through and around the town. To further add to its appeal, Sedona is easily accessible and leaves the riders in awe with its spectacular scenic beauty.

4. Brevard, North Carolina

Best known as the America's best-kept secret, Brevard in North Carolina, puts up well with old-school small-town charm and is home to around 8000 people. It is loved by the riders as it flatters them with matchless beer, delectable barbeque and a variety of mountain biking infrastructure, including bike shops, races, rentals, etc.

Famed for its hundreds of miles of the most technical single tracks and exquisite Appalachian Mountain views, this place takes pride in having hosted various cycling events through its rooted, rocky terrain.

5. Park City, Utah

Entitled as Ride Centers, Park City's highly functional and user-friendly network offers trail options ranging from backcountry epics to beginner-friendly singletracks. These include intermediate rolling terrains, long, flat cruises, and alpine singletrack with challenging climbs and overwhelming descents. You can go for lengthy tours here, in addition to lift-assisted riding.

The high scores of bars and restaurants, affordable accommodations and tons of kid activities, and cultural events (like concerts), promise to keep you occupied throughout. So think no more, settle your MTB on your land rover roof rack and get there NOW!

6. Sun Valley, Idaho

Owing to its past of being a downhill skiing destination, Sun Valley offers a well-developed infrastructure to the bikers, that also involves high-class restaurants, fun-loving locals, along with a variety of bike shops and breweries. You can ride down to big mountain terrains and nearby towns like Ketchum that delight you with bike parks for toddlers as well as seasoned riders.

With 30 miles of paved bike paths, lift-accessed biking, splendid alpine views and more than 400 miles of singletracks, the Sun Valley proves to be one of the most sought after riding destinations.

7. East Burke, Vermont

Put all your doubts to rest as East Burke is one of the best places for mountain biking in the entire country. Being a secluded mountain town, East Burke might be a little hard to get to, still, it is worth the effort. The best part about this destination is that it accommodates riders of all abilities.

On one side where there are impressive double tracks for beginners, on the other one, they have tight and fast-flowing single tracks for more experienced ones. Located near the Canadian border, it would take you around three hours to drive down here from Boston and an hour and a half from Burlington.

8. Bend, Oregon

Situated on the Deschutes River, to the east of the high peaks of the Cascade Mountains, Bend proudly offers a wide array of easily accessible network of trails with continuously adding to its hundreds of miles of trails every year. The recently opened Mount Bachelor Bike Park has further boost up its success rate, along with the area’s mountain bike infrastructure, 22 microbreweries, expert guidance from Cog Wild and an umpteen number of bike shops.

While some of these places may not be for the newbies or the kids, the craziness of this sport can't remain contained for long and needs to be unleashed. For that matter, it is highly recommended to follow all the safety rules and measures to ensure you enjoy your ride to the max.
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Rows upon rows of plantation trees with a small passage to walk. Pleasant scenery on all sides with rustic roads to roam; cool and pleasant weather that makes your rambles in forests even better. Munnar is a coastal wonderland! Munnar is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India.

Blessed with incredible natural beauty and pleasant weather all round the year, Munnar is a perfect honeymoon destination in Kerala. If you are also planning to visit the place for your honeymoon, then read the following post. It has the names of the best honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

Staying in the Honeymoon resorts in Munnar will make your honeymoon experience incredible. These resorts are dripping with luxury and comfort. From private cottages to private balconies, there are many ways to enjoy your time here. To have the best experience, we bring to you the top honeymoon resorts in Munnar. Go through the list and book the one you consider superb for your magical days. Here are some of the best honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

honeymoon resorts in munnar

1. Abad Copper Castle

This resort is one of the most excellent resorts in Munnar. This scenic resort in Pothamedu, Munnar is a 3-hour drive from Kochi Airport. The resort overlooks the valley and offers scintillating views to the visitors. Surrounded by tall trees, a gushing waterfall greets you with its might and brilliance.

The resort offers all kinds of plush services and amenities to make your honeymoon special. There is a valley-view restaurant which is surrounded by the lovely nature on all sides. There is an Ayurvedic Centre for traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Massages. You can enjoy campfires, and free parking is also available.

2. Ragamaya

Ragamaya is a scintillating resort and spa centre for honeymooners. It is located at Kallimali View Point that offers fantastic views to the visitors. This is an award-winning honeymoon resort in Munnar. There is a games room, lounge room, gym, full-fledged restaurant, swimming pool and many more things.

The swimming pool overlooks the Kallimali view point and just seems to hand over the trees. There is a lavish spa where you can indulge in luxurious therapies and spa treatments.

3. Tea Valley Resort

Tea Valley Resort is located in Pothamedu and is yet another fantastic place to stay. The resort has 29 semi-detached cottages that are drenched in luxury and comfort. The resort overlooks a sprawling tea valley which refreshes the nerves and senses. There is a tree hut, mini-convention hall, barbecue facility and indoor games facility.

4. Devonshire Greens Leisure Hotel

Devonshire Greens is a luxury resort surrounded by forests and trees on all sides. You can enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the balcony area while overlooking the sprawling green plantation. You can also enjoy a lot of activities here such as camping, tenting, jeep safari, mountain biking, trekking, rock climbing and bird watching etc. So, it is one of the best honeymoon resorts in Munnar for adventure lovers.

5. The Panoramic Getaway

Offering a luxurious stay and spectacular views of abundant nature all around, The panoramic getaway is luxury personified. There is a family heated pool, a heated infinity pool for the couples, helipad, restaurant, spa, gym and conference hall. There are executive suites, family rooms and panoramic suites that come with lots of facilities.

6. The Tall Trees

The Tall Trees is a place that is a perfect tangible rendition of its name. Nestled amidst nature on all the sides this place is a nest inside the Shola forest. There are 26 luxury cottages surrounded by exotic flora and fauna of the region. You can also enjoy Ayurvedic spa and therapies here. So, all in all, the place is perfect for nature lovers.

7. Windermere Estate

This is a private estate that is nestled amidst the hills and greenery. Being an intimate country retreat, it is a perfect place for honeymooners. There are rich cardamom and coffee plantations nearby. You can enjoy your stay at the Cottage Rooms Planter's Villa. You can enjoy many adventurous activities such as nature, walks and rock climbing.

8. Birds Valley Resort

This is also one of the most famous honeymoon resorts in Munnar where you can enjoy the surreal views. It is a paradise for birdwatchers where they can spot many species. You can enjoy roaming near a unique flower bed and enjoy delicious herbal food in the restaurant. You can also enjoy bathing in the nearby river and Jeep Safari here. For the best experience, you must book the rooms facing the forest or the Blueberry Cottage.

9. Forest Glade

This is also one of the best honeymoon resorts in Munnar. There are unique porticos, deck area overlooking the river and spacious balconies. If you want to book an affordable place that is full of natural beauty, then this is the place for you.

10. Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa

There is an excellent spa here that has received rave reviews. You can enjoy your vacation while relaxing on the sun-kissed balconies and lounge areas. The resort offers plush services and facilities.

This completes the list of the best honeymoon resorts in Munnar. Choose the one that appealed to you the most and make some fantastic memories to cherish for a lifetime!
Kalyan Kalyan Author
Everything about Paris oozes romance. The gorgeous curves of the river, the elegant architecture that reflects the enriching culture, the cuisine that leaves an undying impression, the weather that pleases your visit every moment, everything. When you step into this paradise of romance, a typical dinner plan in a great setting alone seems too dull and cliche.

Paris has more than just an elegant dinner to offer for a lovely and intimate romantic evening. So, if you would like to have a romantic time with your loved one, here are some ways to make a typical dinner night cozy and unique.

most romantic restaurants in paris

1. Benoit Paris

A lovely meal at Benoit and cozy movie night together at the Classic Parisian Cinema

Start your night with an exquisite dinner from Benoit. With its wooden interiors and brass fitting, this place is an olden beauty of the city. This bistro has a rich variety of dishes from authentic French cuisine lined up to delight you. The beef cheek and snails in garlic butter will make your day before you set out to explore the city.

From here you can extend the inspiration of old time to a lovely movie date. If you share the passion of watching old classic together, then this ethereal destination with the old and classic elegance is the perfect place to enjoy a great movie night. The old-school romance that will charm you with its rustic elegance, and you can enjoy a blissful evening together.

You are lucky if it's summertime here. You can cozy up in a blanket and enjoy some lovely contemporary classics at the Parc de la Villette outdoor theater, cuddled by stars and romance.

2. 58 Tour Eiffel

After a blissful meal at Le 58 Eiffel drench in the beauty of the majestic Eiffel Tower

What could be more romantic than holding your hands and enjoying a lovely meal together seated in the very own Eiffel tower? Le 58 Eiffel is a restaurant on the first floor of this romantic structure and offers a classic menu to enjoy a lovely dinner. The modern and chic interiors, paired with the lovely take on French cuisine, is a great start to the evening.

Follow this with strolling around the area of this breath-taking structure, soaking in its beauty in the night light. This Parisian icon lights up the city during the night that is visible from various places. Add a Champagne glass to your setting, and you can enjoy one lovely night with your partner.

most romantic restaurants in paris

3. 159 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine

Pasta dinner at the hidden alley passage and a warm evening stroll

One of the most "Movie-like" hidden wonders of Paris is the alley at No-159 in Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine. This cobblestone alleyway that stole your heart from Lady and the Tramp is the raw beauty of Paris and French culture. You can relish some of the most wonderful Italian recipes such as Homemade Pasta and Risotto, that will melt in your mouth and melt away your heart.

The charm of this place is unmatchable. You can continue this fabulous night with an energetic evening stroll through the local neighborhood around Rue Charonne. The streets brim with fancy bars you can enjoy all night long. You can grab the finest eagle rare with a side of French beauty here.

most romantic restaurants in paris

4. Au Bon Accueil

Take a bite at the Au Bon Accueil Bistro and get ready for some tango

Grab a seat outside at the Au Bon Accueil and grab some of the best food delivered from French cuisine, while you cherish the sight of the beautifully lit Eiffel tower through the streets. The bistro is in a street with the shadow of the Eiffel tower falling over it, and it is a great location with extravagant food to cherish on a lovely evening.

If the weather goes in your favor, then do not forget to walk up to the amphitheaters along the Seine, 5th arrondissement. The place brims with enthusiastic couples holding hands and dancing the tango all night until twilight. The sight of an old man by the river playing charming tango music and the entire place lit in beautiful lights is mesmerizing. You could even enjoy this setting sitting by the stairs with your loved one too.

most romantic restaurants in paris

5. Qui Plume La Lune

A gastronomic meal at La Plume qui Lune and a memorable Moulin Rouge Show

Plumi qui Lune is one of the few places where you can get recipes made from fresh products with a romantic setting. The stone walls and eclectic objects that cover the place can only depict the beauty of a simple and elegant dining setting. You are in for some surprises here as there is no pre-established menu and the chef promises to please you with an extravagant dish you will never forget.

After a charming dinner, you can take your time to enjoy one of the finest cabaret shows of this time. The relationship between Paris and Cabaret dates back to over a hundred years. This is an energetic place to spend a great evening with your loved one. The spectacle of glorious lights and colors set the base for the fabulous dancers to entice the audience with their ecstatic performance. The live orchestra light up this glamorous stage performance and will fill your evening with joy and energy.

6. Le Derrière

A sunset cruise at Seine with a side of bed and dinner at Derriere

Paris is at its peak beauty when drenched in the soft glamour of the dusk red falling on it. This is also the perfect time to go on a Bateaux Mouches ride along the Seine. The cruise takes you through the iconic structures of the city and lasts for about an hour. And while under Pont-Marie or the lover`s bridge, you could lean in and kiss your loved one for the tradition.

While the colors of the sky and the mind-numbing beauty of the city fills your heart with love, it is time to enjoy some bed and dinner at Derriere. This restaurant, hidden away behind huge double doors and an archway, will invite you into a courtyard lit in nothing but candles. You can enjoy the menu here, especially with so many varieties of cheese. A double bed seating, a ping pong table, and mind-blowing food all in one place. What could be more romantic?

You can also enjoy the lover's garden, the traditional Paris cafe, enjoy opera, enjoy the sunset at Butte Bergere, stroll the antique shopping streets, sip wine with a lovely romantic novel in hand or get drenched in the Paris beauty with a view from your rooftop. These dinner ideas will make sure you enjoy the best of French cuisine, and Frech beauty all in one with your wonderful loved one.
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Are you first time in Spain or looking for some travel tips for traveling in Spain? Summer is the best time to travel Spain. Plan a trip to Spain as among the best places to travel in Europe, Spain is a country with many facets and multiple faces, consisting of many peculiarities and characteristics, with different identities.

Its coastline consists of sandy beaches. It has a Mediterranean climate that is pleasant throughout the year. It has a warm and welcoming population. Spain has a gastronomy to the taste of the sun. It has contrast between rest and fiesta of the Balearic Islands, and it has lunar landscapes of the Canary Islands.

Is anything ever perfect in this world?

No, never.

If someone believes in the fact that everything is perfect than they are just fooling themselves into oblivion.

Growing up in a perfect home has its merits. You get the best of all, undoubtedly you are spoon fed but then what if you run out of it? Nothing ever lasts. Such is life.

Each thing has its merit and demerit. Nothing can be ever so superficial and yet so serene even when going on holidays. They can turn into a disaster themselves if not planned on properly or if your expectations aren't met.

High expectations lead to high disappointments so before your dreams turn into nightmares get to know about a place before actually visiting it. Each information researched is worth the while.

When it comes to travelling to other destinations you need to keep an open mind with respect to different factors so that high-end dreams never end.

Most people are attracted to European countries, and they have a strong opinion about it too. And why shouldn't they? It's a classic case of retro and holidays infused together. Spain is such an example, right?

Nothing beats the beauty of its iconic beach fronts and the city squares filled with authentic art style designs and performers making their moves know in the late night streets. It's pretty much an interesting way of getting into a holiday destination. Spain as a destination is a world-class holiday spot for all the sun lovers with just the right amount of heat and cosmic weather playing along with each other.

Spain holidays have always been an exciting part for tourists. People love to come here for food and views and what not but they are bound to have a bad experience as well. Many will argue with the facts but hey to each its own right?

Located in the Iberian Peninsula, Spain consists of 17 autonomous regions with diverse cultures, geography, and traditions. It's pretty, considering the view for the travellers and explorers alike who are interested in getting to know the country in a more peculiar way. Let's look into some major pros and cons of visiting Spain.

Crushing into Pros and Cons

Well, Spain is all wonderful and glorious with its best scenic views of beaches and natural perks but moving aside it has some of its not so popular moments as well.

summer holidays in Spain

Let's Talk About Food

Pros: without a doubt, Spain is known for its seasonal array of meals assorted with fruits and vegetables having a great taste. Seafood is popular among travellers. And don't forget the yummilicious cheeses that are more of a Spanish traditional wheel of the eatery.

For each meal, prices are decent enough and there is lots of food to go around with. You can easily go to the supermarket and buy your own fresh groceries and have a meal the way you want it. Cooking a meal with your own flavours can be mouthwatering in a foreign country and it’s a healthy way of travelling too.

Cons: Although the food of every country is enjoyable once you are tasting it for the first time but thrice a meal and you are done with it. It's not easy to get accustomed to the new flavours that easily and you are bound to find it more unappealing the more days pass by. Not all international products are available and you may find it inconvenient in the middle of your visit to Spain.

While some cafes or eateries are just the right prices many would seem to be unreasonably overpriced. How is it possible to taste a simple Spanish omelet for twice the price when you can preferably make it on your own?

summer holidays in Spain

Next, in Line are the Beaches

Pros: Spain is popular for its nudist beaches and over the year's private beach spots had gained popularity. Tourists all over the world enjoy the sunny set of palm induces beaches at Costa Del Sol, Majorca, Fuerteventura, and several other places.

Some beaches are even hidden and hard to find making it more fun and thrilling for the tourists to seek the ways for the cool vibrant underwater reservoir as well. Bars and restaurants are available and you can get yourself a cool drink to enjoy.

Cons: Beach sides are fun but unfortunately overcrowded as well. Summer holidays are prime time for the tourists to come visit Spain and beach is the prime spot that easily filled up. If in need of peaceful shorelines than visiting summer holidays in Spain can cost, you the so-called peace you came for.

You will get bumped into, crazy kids shouting and parents yelling and each of the good spots are easily covered by others so that you can't even find a place to lie down on the cozy sand. That much crowd on the beach is bound to get polluted easily. Trash is everywhere in after hours and it's not such a pretty sight either.

And About the Weather

Pros: Sunshine is heaven isn't it? How many of you actually look forward to the sunny side of Spain? every European does. Even in October, the weather changes. there you have to switch from shorts and tank tops to a full jacket and pants and no one would be the wiser here. Each month is blessed with a different seasonal change and it can be quite appealing too.

Cons: Doesn't sound anything amiss? Well, Spain holidays in summer are supposed to be fun and equally amazing but it's too hot!!! You can be sweating as hard and could easily get skin burned instead of getting a good ol' golden tan on your body you will get skin toned for worse.

Besides staying during the summer holidays is no fun without the air conditioner working at your head properly. And that tends to be quite expensive for some who have a limited budget as the five-star hotels and resorts have the best cooling aids. The low budget hotels often face with failure of their cooling systems.

Doesn't sound much of a holiday when you are all hot and bothered right? But giving a heads up of just a few basic factors was to let you realize that wherever you travel, it comes with all its perils and rewards.

Make your choices in the right direction and keep an open mind, then you are good to go on a vacay in Spain!
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The Lake District in England is one of the most popular camping and caravanning destinations in the UK. Located in Cumbria, England, this 912 square mile park attracts over 15 million visitors per year. By comparison, the most visited national park in the US is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which attracts only 11 million visitors per year.

To accommodate all those visitors heading to the Lake District there are a large number of campsites available. In this article we will look at lake district camping and how to locate those top campsites in lake district based on your needs. We'll take a look at a few specific locations which offer unique features.

Whether traveling for a weekend away or for a proper long adventure in the wilderness, the comfort and flexibility of an RV or campervan will add to any trip. One of the favorite destinations for any length of motorhome trip is the Lake District. This national park in North West England was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017.

The area is an extremely popular vacation destination and is particularly popular with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The internet is one of the best resources for locating campsites in the Lake District. Sites like are a great way to find camp sites in the lake district that fit your specific needs. The site allows you to narrow your search by many different parameters such as pitch type (tent, caravan, motorhome, etc.), site type, facilities and others.

The park offers several educational opportunities throughout the year. In the winter for example, they offer a course on the use of ice axes and crampons for winter trekking within the park. These programs can help sharpen your skills and make your time within this, or any other park, more enjoyable.

The park contains 16 lakes, several mountains and areas of flatter terrain. The varied landscapes create opportunities for a wide range of activities. Hiking and cycling are popular choices on land, while fishing, canoeing and kayaking are popular on the lakes during the lake district camping. The many mountains within the park offer mountain and rock-climbing opportunities for all skill levels.

A general search provides over 300 camping areas in the Cumbria region. From there, you can easily narrow down and find the perfect site for you. For example, there are 5 areas suitable for a motorhome with full hookups, internet and a pool. Other campsite location resources include the Lake District National Park Site, Freedom to Go, and Pitchup. Following are some specific camping sites in lake district which are worth noting.

campsites in lake district

1. Fisherground Campsite

The Fisherground Farm Campsite is located in the western area of the Lake District, not far from the coast. This is an extremely popular camping area which is consistently rated in the top 50 campgrounds in the world. It has a first rate adventure playground making it a great choice for camping families.

Other notable landmarks in the area include the Stanley Ghyll Force waterfall which falls over 60 feet into a rhododendron lined ravine. The campground is also a stop on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Narrow Gauge Railway. This allows access to the campground for those without other transportation. It also provides transport to other areas of the park without having to break camp.

The lake district is within a day's drive of most major cities in England, Wales and Scotland. London is only 434 km, with Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds being much closer at less than 170 km. From the north, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland are about 193 km. This close proximity makes the park easily accessible so that fun and relaxation are just a short drive away.

2. White Cross Bay Holiday Park

Among campsites near lake Windermere, White Cross Bay Holiday Park is a large park offering high end amenities located on the shores of Lake Windermere. For lakeside camping in lake district, here you will find hundreds of sites, many with full hookups along with a heated swimming pool, sauna, restaurants, children's play area, hot tub, steam room and gymnasium.

Couple that with outstanding views of the lake and access to a boat launch and you have a near perfect lakefront getaway location whether you are looking to relax or have an exciting day on the water.

At 2362 km2, The Lake District is the largest national park in England. The large size means visitors to the park will have plenty of options to fill out their days without ever doing the same thing twice. It also means that travelers have plenty of options to find or visit areas that meet their ideal level of interaction with other visitors, be it complete solitude or hiking with a large guided tour.

3. Eden Valley

If you are searching for that quiet retreat away from the crowds you may want to consider camping at Eden Valley. Located in Cumbria just outside the Lake District, this small collection of 6 or so camp sites in lake district offers solitude and amazing sunsets that are hard to find in the area. There is also a private wild camping site next to the main camping area that can be reserved for that extra level of privacy.

These are very basic sites with no amenities, but those who stay here don't come to be pampered. There are hundreds of hiking trails within the park covering a broad range of difficulty. From casual strolls along the lake shore to much more demanding hikes along several of the mountains within the park, there is something for every skill level. There are even a number of guided hikes offered throughout the park.

4. Syke Farm Campsite

Syke Farm Camping Ground is a similarly basic, albeit larger and busier campground located in the southwestern part of the Lake District. The amenities here are also fairly basic, but the nearby village of Buttermere does offer a few things for visitors to do as well as a source for some basic supplies.

All in all, this area provides visitors a relaxing step back in time where you can disconnect from modern society, reconnect with your family, and enjoy the simple life for a little bit. It is also a popular place for fell walking.

Whether you prefer to stay in a town like setting with all the comforts of modern life or isolated in the remote backcountry, the Lake District has you covered. There are a number of towns and villages within and adjoining the park, many of which are connected to each other through the park trail system. You can choose to stay entirely in the backcountry, or travel from campsite to campsite or do a little of both.

Motorhomes can be parked in the Lake District car parks overnight but staying in them is not permitted. This allows you to park and head off into the backcountry. If you wish to camp in your RV, you will have to find a spot in one of the many campgrounds located adjacent to the park. There are many options ranging from basic services to high end resorts.

5. Baysbrown Farm

If you would like to get away from the lakes and spend more time in the mountains then consider staying at Baysbrown Farm. Here, you'll find three large best camping areas in lake district that have no specific pitches designated. You simply pull in and find a spot which you find comfortable to set up on. You'll also find several mountain crags that are often covered mist at sunrise, giving the area a true mountain feel.

This is also a great place to do some fell walking. Visitors to the Lake District have the opportunity to view the many species of flora and fauna within the park. Birders can find buzzards, kestrels, osprey, hawfinch, auks, kittiwakes, fulmars, and the second largest bird of prey in the UK: the golden eagle. Mammals are common in the park as well, both on land and in the water with red deer, otters, lynx and grey seals calling the park home.

During wildflower season in the summer a large variety of butterflies can be found within the park. The Lake District is also home to the largest areas of woodland in England and is home to a broad range of trees, lichens, fungi, mosses and liverwort.

The Lake District in North West England is large and extremely popular park for camping getaways. The choices vary as much as the landscape itself. Wherever you end up, it will be an inspiring and adventurous trip.

For anyone looking for a nice trip away, the Lake District has so much to offer. Taking an RV to the camping sites in the lake district allows for comfort and convenience, so you can plan to suit your adventure. That way you can go for a few days, a week or a month and really get to experience the rolling hills and stark beauty of the wilderness.
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