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Food festivals have now become a part of modern Indian lifestyle. These days we come across lots of unique food festivals that feature a lot of food stalls and food trucks actively participating and getting huge footfalls. Here are a few upcoming food festivals that will take place in Delhi.

food festivals in delhi

1. Eat Right Mela

Every year, FSSAI organizes the National Eat Right Mela. This festival is held during December every year as part of FSSAI Eat Right India Movement. The main objective of this movement is to spread consciousness in the industry regarding the food safety & hygiene. Here are some main attractions of Eat Right Mela.

  • Regional Food items (State specialties)
  • Religious foods
  • Street Foods items
  • Organic Food
  • Orientation camps on food & health safety

Here all the visitors come to enjoy the relishing food that is healthy and safe. All the food vendors are basically required to have the FSSAI registration in order to participate in this festival.

2. NASVI National Street Food Festival

This is one more trendy food fest which is held by National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI). Various food vendors from different parts of the nation get together every year during this food festival to serve appetizing street food items at this event. This festival will be held during November this year.

Through this food-fest, NASVI has promoted the business of street food vendors and has sought to change the old notion regarding the street food being harmful and junk. Here are some features of National Street Food Festival.

  • Regional Food
  • Street Foods such as Golgappa, Vada pav, Bhelpuri, Aloo tikki, Chaat, etc

3. Great Indian Food Festival

This rare food event takes place during November every year when the most iconic street food vendors come to one place and spread the flavours of real India. This one day food fest is a dream destination of all foodies. It brings innovative street food variants from various parts of India.

India's famous food vendors with years and years of proficiency in their field participate with their unique skills in cooking. Here you can find unlimited street foods that you have always heard of but you can enjoy them in new ways. Being a part of this event is an experience worth life. So, if you are among those Delhiites who have a soft spot for the spicy Indian food, you must visit this place.

4. Asian Hawkers Market

The Asian Hawkers Market is one of those food fests that a foodie must mot miss at all. Taking place every year during October, this food fest takes place in full swing. It offers authentic and festive food options along with the musical vibes that gives the foodies the most welcoming experience with line celebration. Here you can find unique range of

  • Sichuan dosas
  • Chinese bhel
  • Chilli idlis

If you are a lover of Chinese food, you must visit this food fest at least once!

food festivals in delhi

5. Horn OK Please Festival

One of the happiest and lively food festivals of India, Horn OK Please food Fest is a 3-day long food-fest that offers all the yummilicious foods from all regions of Delhi. Over 150+ restaurants, food-trucks & food-carts and chatwalas bring the best dishes of Delhi for all the food loving Delhiites. Here are some unique features of this food festival.

  • Yummy Kebabs, Juicy chickens & BBQs.
  • Desserts such as Milk Shakes, Ice-creams
  • Chinese food such as Momos & Manchurians

Horn OK Please generally takes place during November or December every year.
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  1. Food festivals are so much fun. I wish this one was near me sounds so good.

  2. All the foods look very tasty and I will consider trying them all out.

  3. I am such a foodie! I wonder if I can find a food festival near me.


  4. oh i've never heard of these festivals but i loooooove indian food! I can't wait to attend a couple of these festivals, can't wait.

  5. I am sucha foodie. I love stuff like this. I will have to bookmark this.

  6. Great list! I would definitely love to have these foods one of these days.

  7. The Great Indian Food Festival sounds good. My son's gf is from India. I am sure he will go visit with her at some point too. She goes annually and they are pretty serious.

  8. I am a big foodies and never miss the food festivals held around the UK, hence reading about the food festivals in Delhi is so intriguing. I would love to attend all of these if I can.

  9. O my yum!!! I’m all about food festivals. Always such a yummy time that’s for sure


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