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Slovenia is a country in the South Eastern Europe, which is known by its beautiful and unspoiled nature. So it is not surprising that more and more tourists go there every year to explore its amazing beauties. Moreover, Slovenia is one of the greenest places in all Europe, since more than 50 % of its landscape is covered by woods and is one of those best places for canyoning.

A super beautiful small country just next to Italy and Austria, it has so much cool stuff. Highlights are the beautiful Slovenian Alps or walking around its small capital Ljubljana. Described on wikitravel as having no world famous landmarks, which is great, gives you time to wander and enjoy the relaxed city. It looks like a tiny Paris mixed with Edinburgh. Very Baroque.

OR visit Lake Bled with its stunning blue water and dotted castles and churches. To top it off the people are lovely and a lot of folk can speak Italian or English or German which makes communication easy. Slovenes have great food too and a cosmopolitan attitude. One of the best things about the country is that its small size makes getting around pretty easy and the whole countryside is beautiful, so taking a train will give you stunning views. The country is definitely underrated.

When the sun falls behind the hills surrounding Ljubljana and the lights of the streetlights dimly illuminate the city, you will cross the dragon bridge over the Ljubljanica River in search of the secret of the attractiveness of the old city, among its cobbled streets, under the castle that rises imposing over the city.

When you turn each corner it will seem that you have traveled in time to medieval times, and maybe you feel the magic that surrounds this wonderful city with the name of a woman, and that houses legends and mysteries in every corner. Located in the center of Slovenia, Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful small cities in Europe.

It is pure romanticism, and despite (or thanks to) being less well known, it has not yet been devoured by mass tourism and retains a wonderful essence. Stroll along the two banks of the river, crossing its historic bridges, from the mythical Dragon Bridge to the Zoisova Bridge. Its warm terraces are always full of people enjoying a beer while playing background music, either from an urban musician or from Some DJ from a bar.

Get lost in its streets, climb up to Tivoli Park, walk down the Castle Hill or sit in a square to watch life go by. Metelkova is a kind of Christiania in Copenhagen, but without having its charm or size. It was an old military barracks in the former Yugoslavia, now converted into an area where alternative artists create art in the form of graffiti, music or any other artistic expression.

The coast of the Adriatic Sea of ​​Slovenia is not well known, but if you have time you can not miss the chance to visit one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Europe: Piran, as well as its neighbors Koper, Izola or Portoroz.

The urban parts of the country also have a lot of green places. Therefore it is not a surprise that the country's capital received a title, the greenest capital of Europe. There are many places worth visiting in Slovenia. However in this article we will only cover the topic of outdoor sports in the west part of Slovenia, or canyoning Soca in Bovec area, to be more specific.

canyoning soca bovec rafting in slovenia

The area where canyoning in Soca takes place

The Soca River (gave its name also to the valley through which it flows) is considered to be the Europe’s most beautiful river and its magnificent emerald colour will amaze not only the nature lovers, but also everyone who comes in the area. The valley is surrounded by the Julian Alps, which consist of the highest Slovenian mountains.

Imagine spending a day in this beautiful scenery? It sounds like a fairy-tale, doesn't it? This is definitely the best place to practice water sports, especially canyoning in Soca. All you have to do, to be able to attend this best outdoor activity in Slovenia, is to contact a company and join them.

What to bring?

The best time for canyoning in Soca and best time to visit Soca valley is in spring or in summer when the water is warmer. In those parts of the year the water usually reaches 10 ℃ in summer, therefore a neoprene swimsuit is needed. If you book your canyoning adventure, they will prepare all the equipment and everything else needed for your safety.

You just bring a bottle of water, a swimsuit and a towel with you. One other thing you must not forget is good mood.

Duration of Canyoning in Soca

Canyoning in Soca usually lasts about 7 hours, since it take about an hour to get to the destination. When you reach the destination, the staff of the agency will first explain everything you need to know about canyoning Soca to avoid any possible accidents and mishaps. You will begin with smaller jumps to get accustomed to the feeling and activity.

In some cases you won't have to jump, but you will just slide down the natural slide. Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

The guides

The agency's staff will also contribute to this amazing experience. They are very friendly and funny and will definitely make you laugh. Moreover, the staff, the guides have all the licences needed to be able to perform this activity and they are also licensed lifeguards, will also encourage you during the whole canyoning of Soca.

Therefore, if at any point during the activity you feel scared of jumping into the river pool, the staff will offer you all the support and motivation needed. However, if you decide to pass a jump, because you are too afraid to take it, the team will lower you down by the rope.

canyoning soca bovec rafting in slovenia

Other activities that can be done in the area

As mentioned before, the western part of Slovenia offers many different possibilities to practice any other type of sports. For example rafting and kayaking are the best for water sports lovers. On the other hand, those who prefer solid ground under the feet might enjoy the hiking and trekking around the highest Slovenian mountains.

You can also join the company on one of their climbing Mount Triglav adventures. The highest Slovenian mountain is 2864 meters high and can be reached in one day (by very experienced hikers) or in two days (more common). It is also possible to book one of the multi pitch climbing tours on the Triglav's north face, which is, due to its difficulty, available for more experienced climbers.

However, in each case it will be an amazing experience. If the weather is nice and clear, you might be able to observe the ships floating on the Mediterranean Sea. This really is an experience that not a lot of people have been able to attain.

Each country has its own symbols of recognition and identity, and Slovenia is no exception. One of the best known is the proverb that you only become a true Slovenian when you have conquered Slovenia's highest mountain. Climbing Mt Triglav and the path that leads to it, is neither short nor easy.

However, when you reach the top of this beautiful peak, you feel the tremendous pride and accomplishment. The climb to the summit is, of course, possible not only for Slovenians, but also for all those who wants to visit Slovenia, provided that they are in good physical condition and have passion for this type of adventure.

The 2864 meters high peak is located in the centre of the beautiful national park, which consists of mountains, lakes and valleys. The name of the mount comes from the fact that there are three peaks that form it, the middle one is the highest.

The mountain is also represented on the Slovenian coat of arms with three yellow stars above the mount, representing the three counts of Celje, and the curves under the mount, representing Slovenian rivers and the Mediterranean see.

The best seasons for climbing Mt Triglav are the summer and the beginning of autumn, when it is not covered with snow, making the climb less dangerous. It is recommended to take two days to complete your trip. Most people make an even longer stop once they reach one of the largest huts before the final climb to the top.

The Slovenia's highest mountain hut is Dom na Kredarici (Lodge in Kredarica) at 2515 meters. From there it takes about an hour to reach the summit of climbing Mt Triglav. You can also spend another night at the lodge to rest and return to the valley the next day.

Once you reach the top of the mount, you must of course take a picture in front of the cultural and historical monument called the Aljaž's Tower and relax while enjoying the breathtaking view.

Insider Tip: Lake Bled is an hour or so by train or bus, and it is one of the typical excursions from Ljubljana. One of the typical products in Ljubljana are the Cevapcici, which are rolls of minced meat with many spices, and you will find them by many restaurants in the city. Do not fail to try Slovenia's wide range of craft beers, called Slovenian Pivo.

Where to book?

If you are convinced that canyoning in Soca, or any other above mentioned activity, is the adventure you want to experience this year, book your summer vacation in Slovenia. You will definitely be amazed by its beauties and don’t forget to bring your camera, since it is said that a photo can tell more than a thousand words.

The staff will also take pictures of you with their cameras, so you will have more photos from different angels. If you have any questions considering your canyoning adventure, the company will be happy to answer them.
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Linda (LD Holland) said...

On the travel wish list! Would love to visit Slovenia. And getting out into the country looks like a great idea. Good to know that the water is still very cold in the summer. I would come prepared. It sounds like canyoning in Soca would be a great thing to try.

Dreams Taking Wings said...

I didn't that canyoning is a thing. Had to google to understand what it is. Seems like adreanaline rush activity. Would love to try it some day.

Itsasweetsweetworld said...

This seems like such a fun activity. I have done rafting but had never even heard about canyoning. And Soca looks like the prefect place for it!

kat said...

OMG this makes me want to visit asap

Pamela said...

What a beautiful area to spend time in...I'd love to be on the water here!!

Shayan said...

I’ve always wanted to do some canyoning and from the sound of it, sounds like this would be a great place for it. You also managed to really describe the place and place a mental image even though there aren’t any pictures.

Katelyn Bossany said...

I love that Altitude prepares all the equipment and also arranges smaller practice jumps to ease you into canyoning. And I love that the staff is so nice and supportive even if you chicken out. I always love a good backup plan!

Dreams Taking Wings said...

Slovenia is generally not on everyone's wishlist for their Europe Trip. But it also means lesser tourists which has become a rarity in Europe nowdays. Canyoning looks fun and adventurous. I would love to visit Slovenia.

travelblogstories said...

Love Canyoning! This shots makes me want to visit this.

Katie said...

The colour of that water is so inviting! I'd love to go do this canyoning - I've done it in several places now and it's always so much fun.

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