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One thing everyone has on their bucket list is to travel solo. Traveling alone gives you a chance to get to know yourself better spiritually and emotionally. It is the perfect chance to trek a mountain or enjoy the beach. And you also don't have to worry about the plans or schedule set by your companion or fellow traveler.

A solo trip is a must for everyone as it gives you a different type of freedom. Also, when you step out of your comfort zone amazing things happen. It will give you a perfect chance to taste the local cuisine, meet new people, learn about that culture, and maybe make some new friends.

So, your next trip has to be a solo trip and trust me you will have amazing stories to tell others. One perfect location for your solo trip is India. It is a beautiful country, and its mesmerizing culture, cuisine, beaches, mountains, sunsets, and wildlife will definitely make your trip meaningful.

Not sure where to go in India? Through the ages, the rich diversity, natural beauty, culture, art and cuisine of India has enticed travellers from across the globe. However, often female travellers indulging in solo trips shun the thought of visiting several parts of India due to safety issues. Though few cities and parts of India are considered to be a bit daunting for solo female globetrotters, there are innumerable places that are not just safe but also invigorating to be in.

There are a lot of articles that would talk about travel tips and what to do in India, where to go, how to enjoy and so on. Here is a compilation of destinations in India which are noted for their charm and also reputed to be female friendly.

But, there will be less articles which will suggest you what should you not do in your trip to India. What are the points that are least recommended for anyone visiting India?

Keep reading to read the top tips for travel to India and things which you should keep in mind while traveling in India.

Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling in India

1. Public Display of Affection in India

Starting from honeymoon capitals of the country, the hill stations of Darjeeling and Shimla to the Venice of East, Kerala, to the Taj Mahal you are entitled to enjoy a Hollywood styled vacation. But, public display of affection is considered to be an offense by people in this country.

Public display of affection includes kissing and hugging of all kind. In some traditional spots, it is not a good idea to perform handshake with opposite gender. Public display of affection rule is also for couples and especially in public transport.

To be on safer land, do not show off any affection in physical action if you are in a traditional area. Ultra Modern Indian cities can approve certain form of display of affection, but when it comes from a foreigner, there are a lot of people who find it offensive.

2. The Right Rule in India

Blame it on superstition or culture shock, left hand and left foot are considered to be bad. You should not accept or give anything with your left hand. On the same rule, you are no supposed to enter a place with your left foot first.

If you are a left hander, you might find it a bit hard, but try to remember this rule. While talking about foot, you need to know that you are offending someone if your foot touches someone no matter whether it was intentional or whether the person is younger to you.

You are supposed to express apologies immediately. Touching foot of elders is considered as a blessing. Thus, do not expect apology when an elder’s foot touches you.

3. Dress Conservatively in India

You can find all kinds of womens dress in India especially in big cities. Starting from traditional wear like sari and dhoti to western styled dress like jean, jersey and so on, you can find diverse styled clothes in India. You can also find a lot of people wearing extremely glamorous dresses.

But, as a foreigner you should not be dressing in India in any way that is considered to be glamorous. You need not stick to traditional wear. You need to wear a dress that covers most of your body parts except hands, foot from knee below and no cleavage.

Some auspicious spots like temples would not allow most western wear. If you are wearing one, you would be requested to enter the premises after wearing a shawl over your upper body. Learn about rules in spots you are about to visit in prior to avoid any problems.

4. Smoking and Drinking in India

Among the tips for travelling to India do not smoke or drink in public. It is considered to be a legal offense to do so in public places. You are not supposed to smoke or drink in front of a minor. Smoking in front of women is also considered to be offensive by many.

There are a lot of bars and pubs where you are allowed to drink and smoke as you wish. But, remember it is an offensive to drink and drive in any part of India too. You are not allowed to enter any religious place while you are drunk or you have just smoked.

A pint in a brewery in India can cost around 50 or 100 rupees, although the most distinguished bars and restaurants can charge much more. Kingfisher beer is the most famous in the country. There is a milder variety, called Kingfisher Blue with 8% alcohol. There is also the Kingfisher Premium that has more flavor and 4.8% alcohol.

Stout beer lovers appreciate the Black Haywards, a strong dark beer with 8% alcohol, and a strong sweet malt flavor and, apparently, traces of caramel. There are different varieties such as Haywards (7% alcohol), Haywards 2000 (5% alcohol) and for the strongest Haywards 10000 (8% alcohol).

Royal Challenge Premium is quite a beer with a lot of body and flavor. Kalyani Black Label is another of the classic beers of the country and one of the oldest and most popular in East India, especially in the cities of Calcutta and Delhi. Its alcohol content is 7.8%, so it has a mild flavor without being too strong and also has a sweet taste.

Kings beer invites you to the beautiful beaches of Goa for a pint of Kings, since this beer is only manufactured and sold in the state of Goa. It is well known for its aroma of smoked malt. It has an alcohol content of 4.85% and it is quite economical, since a 375ml bottle costs around 50 rupees.

5. Gifting Rule in India

Visiting someone at their home without a gift is considered as a offense in many places. Do not pick up a bottle of wine for gift. It is offensive too. Find out whether they consume meat or not. Gifting something related to meat to someone who is vegan is considered offensive too. Do not gift white flowers or any object made of animal skin. They are considered to be bad omen by many.

It is always better to stick to basics and buy a box of chocolate when you visit someone's house. Also remember to remove your footwear before entering someone's house even if they insist on you putting it on. If they offer something to eat, do not refuse it. At least have a part of it. It is considered hostile to reject what they offer to eat.

6. Religious Discussions in India

Do not start a religious sensitive or politically sensitive topic.

Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling in India

7. Things to avoid in India

  • Cricket is religion. Do not express your dislike towards the sport.
  • Do not address your elders by their name unless you are in a business meeting.
  • Do not hurt a cow. Beef is available in many restaurants but, do not expect in every place.
  • Do not show pity on beggars. Stay away from the over friendly touts to avoid scams.
  • Avoid street food and tap water and drink only bottled water to stay healthy.

India can be a land of various superstition and rules. But, it is a land of love too. People understand that you are new to the Indian culture and they do not expect you to follow most of their culture. But, a very few consider that offensive. To be on safer side, it is better to avoid such acts and follow our tips for traveling to India.

Ladies! Engage in soul-searching, enjoy your independence and feel empowered as your embark on your solo trip. It’s your time to don your travelling shoes and explore the country all by yourself! Happy and safe travels! Tell me in the comments below, which place got you most excited and why?
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  1. Very interesting article. I would love to go to India and if I ever do these helpful tips would help a lot. Thanks!

  2. I am from Haryana and never knew if there was in any place named Rakhigarhi and that when I am interested in Geology. Thanks for the information.


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